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Saizo accidentally baby Asugi with him during a mission and craziness ensues XD

[well it got a little angsty but it’s okay because this is something I really really enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy it too :”D]

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He didn’t really think too much on his pack being heavier than normal. It was bamboo, of course, so naturally the wooden structure plus supplies would be weighty. Despite knowing this, he didn’t realize there was something in there that shouldn’t be.

At least, not until they finally stopped. “I think it’s best we take a break.” Kaze said after hours of non-stop travel, their mission having them go farther than normal. A recon mission was plenty dangerous, but if they stuck to what they knew, it’d be fine.

“Very well.” Saizo conceded, and the two of them set up camp. Saizo dropped his pack on the ground, starting for the forest in search of some firewood. That is, until an annoyed cry erupted from the carrier.

“…What was that?” Saizo and Kaze froze stock still, and stared at each other. Slowly, they turned to the pack, only to find it was moving. Saizo grabbed his kunai, prepared to kill whatever fell out of it. That is, until the baby crawled out.

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