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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

- Dating a legitimate genius, which means he helps you study, and you get great marks on all your exams
- Always sitting in between his legs, leaning your back against his chest
- Wearing Slytherin quidditch sweatshirts with his name and number on the back
- Whispering in each other’s ears
- Getting your hair played with and your back rubbed all the time
- Reading to each other while the other massages their back, plays with their hair, cuddles them, etc.
- Loving being with him when he wakes up
- like his husky/groggy morning voice
- and messy hair
- and super warm and sleepy cuddles
- just everything about morning Draco is great
- He literally just wants to touch you all the time
- Cute little smirks
- Being super flirty, secretively during class
- Chivalry at a whole new level - holding doors open, fetching things for you, always making sure you’re warm/full/happy enough, standing up for you against others, talking you up to his friends
- Hickies/love bites
- Stealing his socks when your feet get cold
- Him complaining about it
- Even though he secretly thinks it’s the most adorable thing on the planet
- Passing each other notes in the shape of different things during class
- Kisses upon kisses upon kisses on your neck, shoulder, cheek, temple, back of your hand, forehead, lips…anywhere, really
- Seriously so many kisses
- Sometimes he just needs to chill
- But maybe not
- Sass and sarcasm back and forth
- Seriously…All of the sarcasm. All. Of. The sass.
- Holding your hand or resting his hand on your leg underneath the table during class/meals
- Being kissed with your back against the wall
- Having the literal best smelling boyfriend on planet earth
- Firewhiskey
- Sneaking into each other’s rooms
- Him loving you despite your non-pureblood status, and you loving and helping him even through his difficulties with death eaters/Voldemort
- Baths in the prefect bathroom
- Warming your hands up underneath his shirt and him just smirking at you
- His black suit
- Receiving incredibly nice holiday/birthday gifts
- Being hopelessly in love with his rare, but precious true smile and laugh
- The best cuddles in the world
- Jealous Draco
- But that not being a bad thing at all, really
- Him carrying your books to class, shopping bags at Hogsmeade, etc. for you
- Being fiercely, fiercely protected
- Alone time in the common room consisting of a warm fire, two glasses of firewhiskey, soothing music playing on a crackly ancient record player, and him eventually tugging on your hand to slow dance and kiss you


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Things in Throne of Glass that are relatable:

1. Celeana’s/ Aelin’s period. I feel you girl, periods are a torture.

2. Lysandra complaining about her boobs. #same. I would make my boobs smaller if I had the chance. Too bad I’m not a shape-shifter.

3. Aelins love for chocolate and books. All you need in life

4. The sarcasm and the sass.

5. Wanting to have a Rowan or a Dorian. Like: now I need one

EXO as Dads

Xiumin: Calls all his daughters princesses, his sons are his princes. Is the dad every other mum wishes she found, makes them regret life choices, spoils his kids so much as if they’re actual royalty , makes stupid faces at them 24/7 and would put on a silly voice no matter what age they are, ‘No princess you can’t have candy yet~ Mummy’s making dinner.’

Luhan: Calls them his little deerlings, hates it when they call him cute so he picks them up and throw them around, loves taking them to parks and playing football with them, wants them to be the next soccer star. ‘One day you’ll be even better than me little deerling.’

Suho: Buys his kids a new toy everytime they cry because that’s the only way to shut them up, saw him burn money so any time they get their hands on some they throw it in the fireplace, living the stress life lowkey wants to die, dad jokes, loads of dad jokes.‘Just stop crying and daddy will buy you a new race car.’

Kris: The first word he teaches his kid is swag, lets them feature in his new music video,  his little swags, dresses them up so they look fly, won’t catch them without a small baby chain, teaches them english before speaking a word of chinese to them ‘You’re gonna be swag just like your dad and everything will be your style, even chicken.’

Lay: Would start crying if they cry, would be 100% confused when they speak gibberish, doesn’t know what he’s doing to be quite honest with you, but he gets through it anyway and is very good at playing with the kids, he’s lowkey their favourite. ‘Don’t cry because look now I’m crying, come give daddy a hug.’

Baekhyun: The type of dad to pull pranks on his kids to make them tough, really just turns them into little shits, his whole plan back fires and he went from the prankster to the prankee, one big tease, lives to embarrass the kids, loves them to bits though and hates seeing them cry, is really good at cheering them up ‘No no don’t cry it was only a joke little one~’

Chen: The sweetest dad out there tbfh, sings his kids to sleep if they’re restless or had a nightmare, takes them everywhere with him, they got his loud ass voice that kinda makes him think he needs to shut up or have some volume control, constant smile on his face when he’s with them, on his mind all day, always comes home with sweet treats for them. ‘Another nightmare? It’s okay dad will sing you a lullaby.’

Chanyeol: Is he the dad or is he the child nobody knows, he broke the rocking horse in 0.5 seconds of having built it, multiple tickle fights with the kids, he probably plays on the park more than the actual kids, got himself stuck in the baby swings once but don’t ask, loads of forts and playing with the kids, loves his job as dad ‘Come on we need to save princess mummy from the evil dish washer, let’s go!’

Kyungsoo: Definitely would bake treats for the children everyday, tells them to eat their damn greens, gives them knives to play with and tells them to go chase uncle Chanyeol or Baekhyun with them, turns them into his evil minions, but makes sure they look cute on the outside so nothing looks suspicious, pure satansoo ‘Hey kids remember what I told you, don’t tell mummy that you’re chasing your uncles with knives okay?’

Tao: Turns all his kids into little ninjas and puts them into competitions, they’ve all won ribbons but he takes all the credit, walking the streets with rolex on their wrists and a gucci belt, his children wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing at least one thing gucci, calls them his little pandas and he’s daddy panda, actually makes them call him daddy panda. ‘Here little pandas, this is a present from daddy panda and mummy panda…New gucci socks!’

Kai: Can’t get enough of his kids, demands selfies of them when he’s at work or on tour cuz he misses them, would face time every night so he can say goodnight to them, turns them into little dance machines, they now know every exo choreography there is thanks to him, doesn’t ever let them out of his sight, got them each a new puppy each, that was just an excuse to get more dogs though. ‘Look little ones a dog for each of you, they’re definitely yours and not secretly mine haha.’

Sehun: Those who share the same blood together judge together, he taught them the ways of sarcasm and sass, now they’re all little shits who back chat all the time, he’s so proud of them, his kids share the same resting bitch face so they just look like a bitchy family, don’t mess with them, doesn’t let the kids anywhere near his precious Vivi no matter how many times they ask, just no. ‘For the last time, no you can not touch my dog. Don’t touch what you can’t afford.’

i was really depressed in the beginning of the summer and then i saw a wynonna earp post on tumblr and decided to give in and watch it. since then i have felt 927366281 times better. i am so grateful for this show



- Lena is literally the cutest, because she’s a big CEO and all that, full of sarcasm and sass but she adores attention from you and becomes a pile of mush at home

- After a big day at work she just lays on top of you on the couch, your fingers tracing up and down her spine. You love hearing her just sigh in content and you kiss her cheek

- If you have to get up to pee or anything though, expect a very large pout and for her to jump on you as soon as you come out of the bathroom.

- Even making dinner, you can’t go a few minutes without her holding you from behind, kisses trailing up the back of your neck towards behind your ear

- Of course when it’s time to sleep, and Lena’s in a clingy mood, she loves being held. Usually you swap it around but Lena just melts when she’s the little spoon, a kiss to the back of her head making her nearly start sobbing because she’s never had someone quite so loving towards her. And in these times especially, she’ll constantly remind you.

- “I love you so much Y/N.”

- You’d grin, before replying “I love you so much too Lee, sleep well babe.”


- Being with Lena obviously meant working with her, so you saw each other often which was lucky for literally everyone who ever had to deal with Lena while she was missing you

- Usually she’d just tell you that you’re spending the day with her, now that she’s at CatCo you just happily follow. She’d hold your hand, regardless of any looks because she’s their boss, she can do what she wants

- Lunch breaks, Kara joins the two of you which is nice and Lena always has a hand on your thigh.

- If there’s a meeting or something that you can’t go to, expect another pout and a kiss before she leaves

- “Lee, it’ll only be like an hour… you’ll be fine”

- She’ll scowl, because you have that patronising voice on, but you’ll smile, showing that you really do love it when she’s clingy and she’ll blush.

- Expect texts constantly when you aren’t together

- ‘I love you Lena ❤’

“Ever since I started using Marcurio as a follower with my first dragonborn, I immediately fell in love with his sarcasm and sass. All my other dragonborns have had him as a follower, too, but when I made a female redguard dovahkiin, I decided not to hire Marcurio simply for a change, so I hired Vorstag, the mercenary at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. Directly after hiring him I had to complete a quest in a dwarven ruin and the entire time I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Marcurio would have enjoyed seeing it and kept picking up random dwemer artifacts wanting to give them to him later. I ended up dismissing Vorstag right after that and running back to Riften to hire Marcurio again, and I was so happy to hear his snarky little voice.“

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Reaction (Vixx): When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

Ravi: *Tries to stay mad, but thinks your comeback is funny*

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Leo: “Girl, are you sure you want to escalate this fight?”

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N: “Why must you hurt me like this?”

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Hyuk: “Girl, did you just sass me?”

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Hongbin: “Where did all that sarcasm come from?”

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Ken: “I find this not funny. You can’t out-sass me.”

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A/N: an anon requested me to post a oneshot inspired by the song by hozier - cherry wine

this song was my fav last year, but i got sick of hearing it bc it was constantly on repeat, but then i added it back to my playlist once i got this request lol

  • PAIRING: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader
  • SUMMARY: {requested by anon} In which a fierce and sassy girl, has a soft spot for a shy boy that is infatuated with her. Not knowing what she was getting into. 
  • WORDS: 291

Her eyes and words are so icy. 

Remus couldn’t help but notice whenever Y/N would talk to his close friends, essentially bickering with James back and forth, throwing all the sass and sarcasm she could muster. 

Oh but she burns. Like rum on the fire. Hot and fast and angry as she can be. I walk my days on a wire. 

Even with her icy words, her words burned. She burned more than the other girls did, with her fiery persona, somewhat similar to a bottle of firewhiskey. The moment that the person drinking it downs it, it feels icy at first, then burns the throat leaving it hot. With a hint of a smile on his face, he would walk his way. 

Although, having a soft spot for the bashful boy, they got together. Much to his surprise. She found out that he was a werewolf through the Marauders. Y/N helped him through his transformations every full moon, much to his protests, they practiced turning into an animagi in order to help out their friend. 

It looks ugly, but it’s clean. Oh momma, don’t fuss over me. The way she tells me I’m hers and she is mine. Open hand or closed fist would be fine.

Utmost nights, they would be on his bed. His head would be on her stomach, she would run her fingers through his head, he would constantly say how ugly his scars were. She would cheer him up by telling him his insecurities are what makes Remus, Remus. 

The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine. 

Calls of guilt would be thrown at one another, how she would help him through his transformations and how he doesn’t want her to get hurt. 

And it’s worth it, it’s divine.

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“I come bearing gifts!“ You exclaimed as you burst into your father’s office, setting the bag of goodies on his table. Kissing his cheek, you left quickly, putting a similar bag on Jordan’s desk as he wasn’t around before leaving the station altogether.

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If you have the time, how about some papa head canons for Denmark, Netherlands, France, England and Spain? Dankie <3


  • Outdoor activities aLL THE TIME
  • He bakes with them. And he does it amazingly.
  • May be one of the most supportive dads ever to live


  • acutally chill af
  • the art of economy will be introduced to his child
  • an actual Sweetheart when it comes to his child


  • he’s incredibly tolerant.
  • he really enjoyes to spend much time with them
  • c’mon we all know he is amazing with People, including children


  • teaches the art of sass and sarcasm from day one, I’m telling you
  • protective af
  • he actually Shows affection towards them. that’s a lot for him XD


  • also, protective as hell
  • Football will be played if their child is a Girl or a Boy, he just wants to play, man xD
  • He sings to and with them all the time

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Captain canary + fluff + 31 & 34

Here you go dear!
I’ll admit neither quote is used exactly as it is on the prompt list (just couldn’t get it to flow with this two) but I think I kept the spirit of them well enough.
Fluff all around!!

Hope you enjoy!

Captain Canary - Established
Goldenvibe - Established
WestAllen - Established
Olicity - Implied

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               Sara sits at one of the many decorated tables, watching the people of Central City talk and dance at the reception around her. Barry and Iris’ wedding had been lovely, and despite her initial hesitancy she was glad Leonard had asked her to come. If for no other reason than getting to see Team Flash, as well as Ollie and his group. Most of which they hadn’t had time to talk with about saving Leonard, aberrations and the aftershocks of broken time keeping them busy.

               “You’re looking lovely, and dangerous as ever.” Cisco states, motioning to the knife she’s absently twirling. “May I?” he motions to the seat next to her.

               “Of course,” she smiles, shifting to face the younger man. “You’re quite dashing yourself Ramone, Lisa has good taste.”

               He flushes slightly at that, then lifts his chin slightly. “She does, doesn’t she?” At this the pair laugh, and he drops into the seat beside her. “My feet are killing me though.”

               “Been there,” she nods sympathetically.

               “So, where is your date?” he glances around the room, “I’m still not sure it’s safe to leave him unsupervised.”

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Badass taekwondo cousin here! Upon realizing how large this family is, and how many people are sassy (including me, the sass is strong with this group), I wonder how the Dark!boys would handle it?

Dark would not handle it well. Considering how a lot of us would probably make jokes and poke fun at him, he’d get very irritated and probably just leave. Not before having a stern word with all of us. 

Natemare would just sass back. His sarcasm demolishes our combined powers and he’d leave us in a laughing fit and slightly shocked by what he was saying. 

Anti would pull pranks to get revenge. Some are really obvious but a few of us would still stumble into them. 
Others take days leading up too, but once the trap is sprung the person caught will see about four more pranks unfold before them as they just tripped the chain reaction of screams. 

A and Gear are banned from the house. I’m making that a rule! I don’t want none of my kids and family harmed! 

Wilford would sass back.  Not as much as Mare, but enough to rival alot of us. Then when he got fed up, he’d wave a gun and Light would probably have to tackle him to stop any one of us from getting hurt.

Host would find the whole thing amusing. Narrating everything that was going on, but adding his own little voices to each of our actions just to make it a little funnier.

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Can you do ereannie?

Sure I can!!!!

  1. Eren and Annie’s relationship grew out of a strong admiration for each other as people. Eren admired Annie’s physical strength, her ability to defy all expectations. Annie loved Eren’s persistence, his unwillingness to give up, and his eternal drive to improve. This prompted an unlikely friendship that opened them up to a closer friendship and once they saw the inner workings of Eren and Annie, the admiration only grew into something more. And here we are.
  2. Eren loves to make Annie blush. He’ll give her compliments at just the right moment to catch her off guard. He’ll grab her hand under the table as a restaurant, with an air of secrecy as if they were doing something forbidden. He’ll profess his love to her loudly in public. He just loves to see her just a little bit flustered cause she’s cute when she blushes.
  3. They make fun of each other all the time. The amount of sass and sarcasm in their apartment is unreal. 
  4. They both get really bad nightmares sometimes. Annie is both a light sleeper and a borderline insomniac, so she’ll always wake up/be up to help Eren through a panic attack and get him back to sleep. Eren, on the other hand, doesn’t often wake up when Annie has a nightmare unless she wakes up screaming. He feels bad about it, but Annie tell him not to worry and that just having him there to cuddle helps. 
  5. Annie like to take pictures of the two of them. She’ll document all their adventures from dates to a night spent at home, and puts them all in scrapbooks. 
  6. They could talk to each other for hours, or be completely silent and still comfortable. They really understand each other, and feel comfortable baring their soul to the other. They know they can trust the other with their whole heart and it won’t even get a smudge on it. 
  7. Whenever Eren gets stressed or sad, Annie will make him mac and cheese. She did it before she knew it was what his mom always made for him at home. She’d observed that mac and cheese was his comfort food, and took it upon herself to provide him with that source of comfort. Eren cried the first time it happened. 
  8. On that note, Eren is one of the only people Annie will openly cry around. She is so protective of her emotions and hates to be seen as vulnerable. But it doesn’t matter with Eren; he’ll love her anyway. 
  9. Whenever they get really excited about something together, Eren will pick Annie up and spin her around. He was terrified that she’d slap him the first time it happened, but she was so happy that she didn’t care, and it became a tradition. 
  10. Annie steals Eren’s shirts and sweatshirts all the time. 
  11. They both always get really sick once a winter, and it usually happens at the same time, and they have to call in Mikasa or Reiner or Bertholdt to make sure they don’t die. But they justify it and say that at least they’d die together. 
  12. Eren writes songs for Annie. Annie writes poems for Eren. It’s all very artsy and cute. 
  13. They have matching tattoos: a bird on the ankle.