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‘’Some women like tall men, some like short men, some like hairy men and some like bald men. Gentle men, rough men, ugly men, pretty men, pretty girls.’’


The episode didn’t refute Jonsa, not at all. 

Jon called Sansa “sister”, so what? It honestly feels like D&D are desperatly trying to remind us of their “official” relationship status. If anything else, I take this as a sign for Jonsa still having a chance. 

They gave each other long meaningful glances. I know we were all rooting for angsty weirwood kiss 2k17, but hey, don’t be too sad. We’ll get our kiss once the truth comes out.

JON FUCKING WENT FOR LITTLEFINGERS LIVE THERE. Sorry, not sorry but brothers don’t completely lose their shit, when someone says they “love their sister”. That was angry, jealous, protective husband mode. “If you touch her, I’ll kill you” has as much romantic undertones as “I’ll never let him touch you again.” Remember how excited we were about that? There are stilling going for the not so subtle love-triangle here. 

Look at his face, look at it!

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I’m calling it, Littlefinger is onto Jonsa. He’s just as suspicious as we are. He’s seeing the same signs as we do. LOOK AT LITTLEFINGERS FACE: “What the hell did just happen? What’s going on with those two ?

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“That reminded me of something… this has happened to me before.” 

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“WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!” He just realized ~something~. 

Don’t be upset about the episode not full-on being jonsa-fanfiction, be happy about all the angsty jonsa-hints we got. We won’t get much more jonsa-interaction in season 7, that’s sadly true. But seaon 8 will belong to us. 



The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

sansa stark + motifs and themes | the north / home / house stark

lol jon is all confused about his feelings for sansa like he turns into an awkward fool in their unguarded moments and ultimate dickheads like ramsay and littlefinger would talk about how they like sansa and jon would be triggered af and all jon’s feelings would be so intense but everyone’s like “SISTER… you’re sister is a fine woman… i love your sister… sister SISTER siSter” and he’s like “yess sister, SISTERSISTERSISTERneverforget” and then boom he finds out they’re not siblings like lmaooo i honestly don’t know what jonny snowflake will do about it my boy knows nothing i’m excited

I can’t believe GOT season 6 concluded over a year ago now. We’ve been in Jon/Sansa (show verse) limbo for OVER A YEAR. Season 7 is still two and a half weeks away 😩😩😩 

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We’re Going Down by @alienor-woods- Instagram Au

She calls her mother, and it’s a shorter conversation than she’d expected. Her mother is silent for most of the five-minute phone call. Samwell Tarly had already found the marriage certificate in the databases, so Sansa doesn’t have to field the usual “is it true/how will we manage this fake story” questions. It’s almost like her mother is in shock, and Sansa sits on the side of her bed and sets her forehead into her hand in guilt over giving her mother yet another burden to bear. She’s already told her father, her lady mother tells her, since he’d have seen it on the television sooner rather than later, and yeah, Sansa feels pretty shitty about all of this. But then she thinks of the other option—leaving her family to live at Storm’s End with Edric Baratheon—and she tells herself that it’s really six of one and half a dozen of the other.

A (~shamefully~) late birthday gift for my bb @alienor-woods based on her brilliant fic As Long as We’re Going Down!


This is the most beautiful tribute to the Stark family I have ever seen.

Me: l want subtlety, l want angst, l want romanticism , l want to see jon courting sansa.

Also me: lmagine sansa joining jon in his bed to cuddle and seduce him “ l know you want to see me naked.You want  to see me in the nude and see my smock hit the floor jon. l want to be your lady, just say the word my lord and l’ll be all yours right here right now “

Sansa and Sandor

Y'all I feel like Sandor and the Brotherhood are gonna by pass Winterfell entirely and head to the Wall after that vision and due to the faster pace of this season so… My thoughts are that if SanSan reunite it won’t be until the end of the Season..if not, then we’ll have to wait another year for Season 8… BUT. I do firmly believe that we’ll get a SanSan reunion and that it will be fantastic, so heads up for that! We’ve waited so many years, what’s a little more time? At least it is within the not so far future.

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The Grand Delusion : A love story written in Petyr Baelish head.

Back in season 6 Petyr revealed what he dreams about to Sansa.

And i found it kind of interesting, not because what he dreams about is that interesting or surprising but because on this show, people knowing what  you desire, makes your dream dangerous.

There has been a long list of characters who have had their dreams crushed : Cersei wanted her children on the throne, House Tyrell wanted to be part of the royal family, Sansa wanted to be Queen, Theon wanted to be a member of house Stark, Oberyn wanted justice for his murdered family. All of these characters were teased with their dreams coming true before their worlds came crashing down around them.

Now that Petyr’s are out, i think, it’s only a matter of time before his world comes crashing down around him.

And if it follows the same pattern as the others, then it should seem like Petyr is getting everything he’s ever dreamed of before it all gets ripped away and whats interesting about this is that they’ve already reviled how it’s going to happen.

By Sansa “betraying” Jon.

Let’s be real, Petyr didn’t hold Jon to account for anything in plans  but since returning Sansa to Winterfell, Jon has messed up all of Petyr plans.

It starts like this :

To me, it’s always seemed like he’s writing this epic tale of two lovers who will do anything to be together.

After witnessing Sansa strength in Kings Landing, everything she’s been through she managed to escape the vipers nest and still be a person, is really admirable. This is also where Petyrs delusional love story begins.

After making her a unknowing accomplice in Joffery’s murder by making her the poison mule, then he “saves” her and whisks her off to the vale. I think the point of them going to the Vale was other then getting rid of Lysa was to

A) “show” Sansa she’s not safe anywhere, not even with her family - although an insane aunt who holds a years long grudge against her mother wouldn’t be a safe place to begin with

B) to reiterate the fact that she’s not safe with anyone but him

But it’s also act two of the story of two lovers who will do anything to be together, even get rid of family members in their way.

He totally knew that Lysa was watching them when he kissed Sansa, he also knew that Lysa was crazy and would try something against Sansa or was it just a coincidence that he was there when she was almost pushed out the moon door ?

Again he makes Sansa his accomplice, by “saving” her again, an then having her lie to the lords of the Vale.

See aside from his grand delusions about love he’s also trying to make Sansa feel like she owes him for all these times he’s “saved” her but putting someone in danger and then taking credit for saving them isn’t really helping them, is it?

Even after her latest near death experience, Sansa’s strength in unwavering, she evolves and adapts like the true survivor she is, so what is someone like Petyr to do ? How do you make someone feel like you’re the only safe place they can turn to in a world full of monsters?

By giving her to the biggest monster of all.

Ramsey is the most vile character on this show and i know Sansa choose to marry him. I also know that the only reason she agreed was so that she could go home, after everything she’s been through, no one can blame her for wanting that. Petyr certainly didn’t. In fact he lied to her saying that if she played the game right she could control him, like Margery did to Joffery.

We as viewers of the show know thats not going to happen, just like we know he lied when he told Sansa he didn’t know what kind of monster Ramsey, the fact that Rasmey was such a monster is exactly why Petry choose him.

He was really hoping that Ramsey would finally be the one to break Sansa, he doesn’t need someone strong, he wants a shell that like Catelyn Tulley, someone who he could mold to be totally reliant on him, someone who CHOSE him (unlike her mother).

It’s seemed for awhile now that Petyr’s plans for the iron throne were going to start in the north and work there way south. But then the lords name Jon king and the easy route to the northern crown is ruined, once again unknowingly, by Jon. So that’s twice now that his time sensitive plan has been messed with so whats he to do?

Thus the Sansa will “betray” Jon plot is born.

That some fans think that Petry will still be able to play Sansa after all this and the things he’s confessed to, baffles me.

Confessing to Sansa some of the things he’s done in order to fufill his dreams is another power play, seeing as everyone who out lives their purpose in his plans dies - except of Lady Olenna Tyrell, which is no coincidence - it’s like he’s he’s taunting her with the truth that can never be proven and it also says that i could do anything i wanted to you and no one could keep you safe. He’s trying to prove he’s “all powerful” and that Sansa is powerless.

Unfortunately for Petyr, knowing all Sansa does about him makes her very will informed and knowing who your enemy is, is the first step in destroying them.

She’ll know that the lords crowing Jon wasn’t part of his plans, that it will make Jon a threat to him, which will put a target on Jon’s back. She knows that he’s going to try and drive them apart to serve his own purposes.

I know a lot of people except Sansa to “betray” Jon but i really think that he’ll be a much easier target for Petyr to manipulate. Not sure how it will go down but he’ll likely try and make Jon think Sansa is “betraying” him and that’s how they show us the betrayal plot line.

He’ll also likely try to be playing both of them at the same time, for Sansa, he’ll likely trying and convince her Jon’s going to sell her off in another marriage.

But i don’t think it will work. I don’t think that either of them will fall for it, everyone around them will and Sansa will bear all of the hate (not surprising) but her and Jon will remain true to each other.

And the third act of Petyrs delusional love story ends with him realizing all his dreams were for naught, while he bleeds out in the snow as the world continues on without him cause no one cares that he has died.

See, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die but that’s not really an apt description, It should be :

When you play the game of thrones you win till you die.

Last words ( Game of Thrones)

To be honest I don’t know where to start, I’ve never felt such a disappointment before. Obviously after facing these things I’m seriously at the point where I made a decision to stop caring and won’t waste my free time anymore on trying to resolve, to puzzle out the reasons why these senseless things are happening in the show.

1. Sophie Turner’s change of opinion ( no more creepyship )

Sophie Turner has given some interviews at the San Diego Comic Con which were contained some never before heard facts about the relationship between sansa and baelish. This was kind of shocking to me, not only because In the previous years she told completely the opposite of it, but aslo these things are not true for the Show!version. Maybe I was watching a totally different show?? Because if I remember correctly Sansa had never been Baelish’s abused prisoner in the serie, although  Sophie described the situation almost like that! He’s not flawless of course, none of them are, but As I remember he saved her life several times, he has a huge part in Joffrey’s death, he gave her useful lessons to survive that cut-throat world, and he NEVER forced himself on her, although he had several chances! Baelish might be one of those few men who has no any enjoyment in torturing a woman. He was always respectful towards her, he always listened her opinions and let her made her own decisions! Sansa lied Jon that Baelish sold her to the Boltons, but she did not mention what kind of dress she has made to seduce LF. He didn’t keep her there by force, what the hell is she talking about?! Well, according to this I completely misunderstood the whole situation, I had know any idea Sansa was suffering all along in Petyr’s company. I didn’t know it was so terrible  like in Kings Landing, where she was beaten everyday besides the humiliations and the daily terror! 

Comparing him to Cersei, to Joffrey and Ramsay..whoa, well, thanks Sophie, thanks D&D, good to know that! :)

Sophie also said how amazing that Sansa can dismiss Littlefinger whenever she wants ( you basically sent him to fuck off after he saved you and winterfell…). So it also means that Sansa was disgusted by him,she had to accept his kisses because she was his prisoner……UM..RIGHT…..

“As Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these manipulators, she’s been learning and adapting. Now she’s as good at playing the game as he is at this point,” Turner on Littlefinger

Sansa didn’t trust Davos in s6, because if Stannis, but Sophie has said a totally different thing again. (GoT s1-6 and s7 are two different things I belive)

2.  Sansa being in Petyr’s level aka destroying Baelish’s character to make the audience belive Sansa in a master manipulator and Jon is Ned 2 ( :DDD )

“As Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these manipulators, she’s been learning and adapting. Now she’s as good at playing the game as he is at this point,”  and the being similar to Cersei thing = Adorable, but not true

Just imagine Petyr saying Lysa before their wedding to fuck off, it would be a strong comfirmation of his manipulation skills, right? 

No, being manipulative is a completely different thing, and Sansa is very far from that, especially after ep1.

Since Sansa has such a huge power over Petyr, the smart step would be to make him belive he’s gonna get what he wants, to manipulate him, to keep him close so he cannot do any unpredictable as long as she needs his skills, as long as he can be useful for her. ( she could gorgive him as well, ‘theon’ thing…) Baelish was on the edge of death in his youth, he isn’t afraid of dying, in season 4 he confessed he would do anything to get what he wants, no matters what it costs, he would risk anything. So making him feel he’s an enemy of hers tells Sansa hasn’t learnt anything. We all know what happens when he feels himself in danger, when he feels his plan won’t work. I thought this was the whole point of Sansa getting lessons from him. To use these knowledge against him if it needs be. But being rude as hell, Sansa spoiled it. Now he knows she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to give him what he wants. I can totally see he will do something against her family members or maybe against her since he hates being humiliated and she basically told him he has no chance to win her affections.

 You know humiliation is an important thing in his life: He has created a life for himself by using the Littlefinger mask where nobody can humiliate him again. **

( By the way I’m not saying she has to be nice - there is a difference between being nice, being civil and being outright rude and ungrateful.

Acting like a brat to someone who just saved your life isn’t exactly wise. I would have thought Sansa knew how to play the game a bit better than she is. You can let someone know you’re displeased without resorting to acting like a spoilt teenager. )

Sansa just made him her enemy! I’m sure this is where this storyline will go! Aidan said it well, it’s gonna be a new thing : they have never been each other’s enemy before, right?

Let’s just see what happened:

( I have no idea how could anyone say he enjoyed being treated like a useless shit )

- He wanted to know if he has any chance to reach Sansa through her feelings. ( In s6 he proved his loyality to her by bringing the knights of the vale, and she promised a reward as well. In the Godswood scene it looked like Sansa belived he didn’t know about Ramsay, he forgave him,but she needed time to decide what to do to him and her new life, she managed the situation perfectly well)

- Being arrogant, hateful and disrespectful to him, Sansa told without words that she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t need him, she doesn’t trust him, she won’t give him what he wants, she using his love confess to treat him like a garbage whom she can do whatever she wants

- I do belive he closed the “ Petyr “ door in front of her. Look at his wounded face, he’s full with tension. I think he had a similar expression when Cat and Lysa used him for their games. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable again.

It was Pety’s face and when he changed and started smiling, he became Littlefinger. No more “pleasesansailoveyou”

- Now he’s gonna talk to Jon. I know from the leaks that he’s gonna say sg like He (jon) should thank him for saving Winterfell , Sansa and his life as well. I think he’s gonna ask Sansa’s hand for exchange and Jon will choke him because of that. ( Even show!Baelish would never be so stupid to tell Jon about his weakness, I mean why is he telking Jon he’s in love with sansa??? It doesn’t make sense: Oh, I forgot, D&D wants Jon to be similar to Ned so they sacrifice Pety’s character for that….great)

- Now he’s aware that everyone thinks him as a kind of enemy,and nobody wants to give him his rewards

- I think the knights will want to leave in ep3 because of the Dany plan. And Petyr will take a part in it. Maybe he will manipulate Royce to leave? Idk yet, but I belive lord Royce is gonna die by Baelish’s hands. And maybe he will blackmail Sansa to be his wife or else he’s gonna leave Winterfell with the vale soliders. And maybe this conflict will be the reason why he will try to turn arya and bran against her. Or D&D made him a vulnerable retard whom sansa will use whenever she wants. Both of the possible  versions are pointless, Baelish is completely out of character. He was well written until s5.

None of the characters are pure/evil, they are complex. None of them are better, than Petyr Baelish. Everybody has betrayed everyone if it helped them to reach their aims, if it suited their morlas. If it was good from their point of view. And almost every character had a part in Ned’s death. Sansa, Varys, Sandor, Cersei..ect. Cersei’s opinion was more important for Sansa, than her own family, and it was not the first time. She has been lying perfectly since her childhood, she enjoys manipulating people. Varys could have help him to escape from the jail, but let just say he had other plans for the future king (queen). Sandor could have helped him, but instead of that he killed Ned’s soliders and protected Joffrey. The original plan was to send him to the Wall, but Joffrey ordered his execution, even Cersei tried to stop it. Petyr did try to help him, but he was way too naive to this harsh cut throat world, where you can only survive if you play the game. Baelish has learnt this lesson to his sorrow when he was a naive little boy with dreams. This is the reason why he wears the Littlefinger mask when he needs it. He’s not flawless, but he was always respectful towards Sansa, he saved her several times, gave her useful lessons, and he never forced himself on her! Jamie has become a cute hero after his love interest in Brienne. But everybody forgot he wanted to kill Bran, because that little boy was a witness of his aberrant relationship with his own!sister! Not to mention he raped his own sibling in front of their dead child’s body! What a sick shit does things like that??! Rape is rape! Or Sandor, he served the Lannisters, when cersei asked him to bring her the stark girls, he obeyed again! He killed Arya’s child friend..ect! But you forgave him because he looked after Arya! Like every sick shit can be a saint after good doings except Baelsih who had a terrible childhood as well and he saved Sansa, Jon, and Winterfell and in exchange everybody tearted him like a piece of shit! GoT fans are very strange people.

for me their storyline has ended there:

Do you see it now? It’s him using his cold manipulator mask.

They have destroyed his character and the amazing relationship between sansa and petyr. It feels like a terrible fanfiction or a parody! 

(” father” Sandor, Saint Jamie….)

Thank you D&D!

( Obviously I won’t be able to handle this ridiculous shit, so I’m leaving,  PxS is the best fandom I have ever been in, thank you for the fun times and the kidness ❤❤❤ )

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Jonsa pink please!

Anonny, you won the lottery! Well, no, but you get a super long ass one-shot because I have 0 chill. Congratulations! Lol. I hope you enjoy it though, joking aside <3 

Ever since Sansa learned about soulmates, she’d been fantasising about the day she would meet hers and see the matching soul mark. She used to stay up, duvet pulled over her head, and draw images of herself with some unknown figure. Sometimes he’d be tall, sometimes he’d be short, but no matter who she imagined in the place of her soulmate, he would always be a knight and herself a princess in a tower. As she got older, her fantasies involved more daring feats with dragons he’d have to slay or evil witches he’d have to outsmart. It never mattered what stood in his way because he always overcame it. He was her soulmate after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be valiant, charming and honourable.

Like a prince, a young Sansa would muse to her mother, or anyone who would listen.

“He’ll have blonde hair,” Sansa decided when she was seven. She followed Robb out to the back garden. “All princes have blonde hair, right?” Her brother shrugged. “I bet he’ll be so handsome.”

“How do you know he’ll be handsome?” Robb finally asked after trying for some time to ignore her.

Sansa scoffed. “Of course he’s going to be handsome. He’s my soulmate.”

Her brother rolled his eyes, but it didn’t stop Sansa from believing it.

At twelve, Sansa was forced to reconsider everything she had ever thought about soulmates the moment she actually met her soulmate. She didn’t know it was him at first. There was no blinding flash of light as he stepped into the room; no singing angels in the background when he first said hello to her; and definitely no spark between them.

In fact, Jon Snow had become her least favourite friend of Robb’s within ten minutes of meeting him. He didn’t smile when he greeted her, he barely even looked at her, and then to make matters worse, he had the audacity to snort when she brought up the topic of soulmates.

What?” Sansa snapped, begrudgingly meeting Jon’s dull, boring grey eyes. “You don’t believe in soulmates or something?”

“No, they’re stupid,” he said, meeting her speculative gaze head on. Even though he was the quietest one of Robb’s friends, he had defiance in his stance, in the way his shoulders pulled back to make him appear taller than he was. She likened it to a cat bristling its tail.

Robb and Arya laughed loudly, which only angered her more, because they’ve both mocked her for her steadfast obsession with soulmates. Sansa placed her hands on her hips. “How can you say that? Soulmates are romantic!”

“It’s forcing two people to be together,” Jon said, not matching her anger with his own. He was practically impassive as he spoke to her. God, she wanted to hit him.

“It’s not forcing, it’s destiny!”

Jon chuckled, shrugging. “Same thing, isn’t it?”

When she finally realised he was her soulmate, it was some weeks later at the Starks’ annual summer barbecue. She was feeling particularly confident in her new pink and white striped bikini, proudly showing off the intricate lines of her soul mark at the base of her neck. The sun was high in the cloudless sky, a rarity for Scottish weather, and all of her friends were here. It was a perfect day.

But her good mood abruptly came to a halt when she walked past Robb and his group of friends and overheard their conversation.

“Dude, why do you have a tattoo of a snowflake on your chest?”

“That’s not a tattoo, you pillock, that’s a soul mark.”

“Oh. Wait, your soul mark is a snowflake? That’s a bit lame, isn’t it?”

“Fuck off, Theon.”

“What?” her brother shouted. “Your soul mark is a snowflake?”

At this point, Sansa’s heart was ramming painfully in her chest. She couldn’t believe it. After everything she had imagined about her soulmate, it had to be with someone who didn’t even believe in it? Jon wasn’t even blonde. He was lanky with muddy brown hair and boring grey eyes. That was the opposite of what princes looked like.

Before she could think about what she was doing, Sansa ran over to her brother and punched him hard in the shoulder to shut him up. “Robb,” she said breathily, feeling her panic rise and rise up her throat. “Mum needs you!”

He glared at her, groaning and rubbing his shoulder, but he knew. Out out of all of her siblings, Robb could read her the best and she didn’t need to say any more. He would even cut Jon out of his circle of friends if it was what she wanted, but what kind of person would she be if she let him do that? Sansa grabbed his forearm and nodded infinitesimally. Her brother sighed and walked off, despite probably knowing their mum hadn’t called for him at all.

Now alone with Robb’s friends, Sansa turned and found Jon staring at her with wide eyes. She flushed under his gaze. That was great; now he knew too. She pulled her bun loose and let her hair cover the soul mark as subtly as she could. Thankfully, Theon, Edd and Sam had already moved onto a new topic, but Jon was still staring resolutely at her, like he was trying to figure something out. Well, she didn’t need him to figure her out.

What?” she snapped, hoping the familiarity of being annoyed with him will ground her from the realisation that this stupid, gangly boy before her was her soulmate.

“I, uh… Nothing,” Jon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

It surprised her to feel her neck tingle as if he was running his fingers along her soul mark there. She swallowed tightly and leveled a glare at him, one that she hoped he would be able to interpret as ‘do not tell anyone about this’, before stalking off.

On her fifteenth birthday, Sansa was completely over soulmates. She didn’t need some stupid mark to dictate who she’d end up with, not when there were boys like Joffrey Baratheon, who were blonde, charming and valiant. He made her feel special and loved; he was everything that Jon wasn’t and she had to admit that was kind of the appeal of him. Where Joffrey was talkative and outgoing, Jon only seemed to get broodier with age and more solemn. Didn’t he know that girls didn’t want to date someone like that? Least of all Sansa?

Well, at least the feeling was mutual. By the way that Jon actively avoided her, he was as determined as her to forget that they were soulmates. And maybe sometimes it stung a bit because he was such good friends with all of her family, but Sansa wasn’t going to let that get to her., She was not going to care or even spare a thought for him. Jon may share the same soul mark as her, but he was not her soulmate.

Maybe Joffrey could be.

“Have you seen my boyfriend?” Sansa asked Jeyne, still feeling a little thrill at being able to call him that.

“No, but check the kitchen. I heard him asking Margaery where the drinks were.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said, squeezing her best friend’s shoulder as she passed her by on the way to the kitchen.

The Starks’ kitchen was a beautiful work of art. Granite countertops, mahogany wood, and state-of-the-art appliances occupied the room. Her mum had slaved away for months and months designing it herself, and since she helped a little, Sansa was quite proud of it too. It had been fun to imagine cooking wonderful, mouth-watering dishes in a room she was helping create. Only in all of her imaginations, Sansa had never expected to see her boyfriend and her friend snogging up against the stainless steel refrigerator she picked out.

They were unaware of her presence and she wanted so desperately to scream and shout, but Sansa stood frozen in the doorway, one hand braced against the wooden frame, while the other fisted in her pale pink dress. In that moment, she wished she could borrow Arya’s ferocity for one second and punch Joffrey in the face, but Sansa wasn’t that girl. She had never been that girl. Instead, she was the type to stand dumbly by as she continued to watch her boyfriend kiss another girl.

The backdoor to the kitchen abruptly slammed open. Jon stood there with his fingers running through his rain-soaked hair, but he froze as soon as he caught sight of Joffrey and Margaery, and then Sansa. For a long second, no one did anything. Tense silence expanded to every nook and cranny, until without warning, everything was in motion. Jon slammed his fist into Joffrey’s nose, while Margaery screamed, jumping away. Joffrey tried to push back, but the lanky blonde had nothing on Jon’s superior strength. The boy wasn’t captain of the football team for nothing.

“Sansa, do something! He’s gonna kill him!” Margaery pleaded, tugging on Sansa’s dress.

She shrugged, finding her voice to be calm and steady when she felt so far from it. “Why should I care? He’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

When her ex-friend whimpered and pleaded some more, Sansa sighed and walked over to Jon to place a hand on his shoulder. He immediately stilled. He searched her face, watching her carefully – maybe to make sure she was okay or maybe to silently ask if she didn’t want to punch the tosser herself. Eventually, Jon stepped away, but he only moved so he could circle an arm around Sansa’s waist. She tried to ignore the shot of electricity that raced up her spine from the contact. Now was not the time to think on stupid things like that.

“C’mon, Sans, let’s get out of here,” he murmured to her. “Leave him.”

Sansa nodded, but before she allowed Jon to steer her away, she bent over so she was face to face with Joffrey. “Clean this up and then get out of my house. Take your new girlfriend with you, and if you ever try to talk to me again, I’ll tell my brother what happened tonight.”

The blonde paled. Jon may have stood up in her defence tonight, but Robb was the one all of the boys at school were frightened of. It wasn’t that her brother was stronger than Jon, he was simply far more reckless and far less inhibited in how he dealt with anyone who hurt his family. For once, she was glad for that reputation.

At seventeen, Sansa still didn’t believe in soulmates. After Joffrey, she met Harry, and when that ended in disaster too, she decided to stop believing in relationships altogether. They were messy and painful and not worth her time. The knights and princes of her past had been shattered by the reality that chivalrous and honourable boys did not exist.

Besides, her actual soulmate had gone off to university, and last she heard, Jon had a girlfriend, so clearly he was over it as well. Not that she cared but she couldn’t help wondering about his new girlfriend. In all the years Sansa had known Jon, he’s never really been with anyone, at least never seriously enough to call them his girlfriend. Sansa sincerely hoped she never had to meet her. It was an awful thing to think, and Jon could have as many girlfriends as he wanted, but she didn’t want to meet any of them.

The night before Christmas, Sansa was in the den by herself reading Wuthering Heights for her English A Levels. If she wasn’t going to have a real soulmate, then she was going to have a real job with real influence. She was going to be a teacher.

At a quarter to one in the morning, she heard the creak of a door open and someone attempting to walk silently through the house to the kitchen, which was just past the den. Sansa smiled to herself. “I didn’t realise Santa was a nineteen-year-old boy.”

Jesus, shit!” he exclaimed. There was a clatter of some kind of object falling to the ground, before he then appeared at the threshold, his dark curls all mussed up from sleep. “You scared the crap out of me, Sansa. What are you doing up?”

She raised her book towards him. “Reading.”

Jon nodded and then smirked. “Aren’t you a little old to be waiting up for Santa?”

“Aren’t you a little old to be dressed like one?” she asked, arching her brow and gesturing towards his Santa-printed pyjamas and full beard.

He flushed, pink colouring his cheeks and neck. It was sweet. “It was a gag gift from Theon, but it’s surprisingly soft.”

“And the beard?”

“Left over from Movember,” Jon said, shrugging. He walked over to sit on the opposite end of the sofa from her and grabbed her book despite her protests. “Please tell me you’re reading Wuthering Heights for school.”

She was, but she scoffed anyways. “What’s wrong with Wuthering Heights?”

“Everything’s wrong with it,” Jon said, bewildered. “It gives the complete wrong idea about soulmates; you know that, right? They were so bad for each other.”

Sansa giggled, and she nudged him with her fuzzy sock-clad foot. “I didn’t realise you were so passionate about Heathcliffe and Catherine’s relationship, Jon. What are your opinions on Elizabeth and Mr Darcy? How about Jane and Mr Rochester?”

“Oh, shut up,” he said, but he was smiling, so that was a win in her books. “I had to read it for school too, and all the girls in my class were mooning over Heathcliffe. It was scary. If that’s what people think soulmates should be like then…” He glanced at her and flushed again. “It’s just dumb.”

“Well, for once, I agree with you,” Sansa said, grabbing her book back. “But I think people like the idea of being passionately in love with someone. That’s why people want a soulmate. Being in love and being loved? That’s not a bad thing to want.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked gently, but Sansa was staring resolutely at the glass coffee table in front of her instead of at him.

She shrugged. “Maybe once, but not anymore. It’s not worth all the other stuff.”

“Hey,” Jon said, taking her hand in his. “Is it because of what Joffrey did? Because he’s a prick, you know? Not all guys cheat on their –”

“It’s not just him,” she interrupted, finally meeting his eyes. “It’s us too. We’re supposed to be soulmates, Jon, but it’s not exactly like we’re compatible…” She sighed, trying to feign nonchalance, even though this was the first time either of them had brought up their soul marks. “So I don’t know. I guess you were right. It’s all just pointless.”

He pulled his hand back, and for some reason, that hurt more than if he had just agreed with her and said she was the last person he’d ever want to date. He might as well have, she thought. It wasn’t as if she was clambering to date him or anything, but was she not even an option?

As the silence drew on, Sansa started to become more and more irritable. “If you’re not going to say anything then you should just go. I have a lot of reading left to do and –”

This time, it was Jon who interrupted her, and as his lips pressed insistently against hers, Sansa wound her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and closer, until he was lying flushed on top of her. It was everything and nothing like how she imagined her first kiss with her soulmate to be. There were no exploding fireworks; no instantaneous magical connection, but there was heat and lust and desperation. It was as if the longer they kissed, the more she needed him near. Her hand roamed through his hair, feeling the softness of his curls and tugging just to hear him moan against her lips. The sound sent a pool of desire to the pit of her stomach and Sansa shifted so she could tangle her legs in between his.

“Sansa,” he breathed against her neck. “We should stop.”

She murmured her acquiescence by nipping at his lower lip, to which he groaned and swiped his tongue along the hollow of her neck in retaliation. Sansa didn’t even try to hide the mewl of pleasure that that elicited out of her.

But just as Jon was beginning to kiss a trail across her collarbone, nosing away the loose jumper, something horrible occurred to Sansa and she shove him away with a hard push.

“Ow, what the hell?”

“You have a girlfriend!” she seethed. “How could you do that to her! How could you do that to me! I can’t –”

“We broke up in October, Sansa,” Jon interrupted, as he furrowed his brows.

Oh,” and just like that all of the indignation and anger whittled away, and soon she was pulling nim back to her, kissing him as desperately and heatedly as she was before.

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‘Let me count the ways’: All the ways JonSa could evolve in S.7 ep. 1 or 2

I shall but love thee better after death. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until recently the possibility of anything happening physically between Jon and Sansa early in s.7 seemed remote. I really thought (still kinda do) that we will get them coming together in s.8 after Jon gets disillusioned by Dany. But based on a few posts, plot leaks I’ve tried to avoid, and actors comments, I’ve upped the potential for a f*ck plot in episode 1 or 2 to a solid 50/50. (Excuse my language I don’t know what else to call a f*ck plot but a f*ck plot.)

**SPOILERS**  maybe…

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