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The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

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This is the most beautiful tribute to the Stark family I have ever seen.


I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

Jon Snow Imagine

Hello! Could you do a GoT imagine for Jon X Reader where Jon blows up angrily at the reader for whatever reason then feels guilty and apologizes, admitting his feelings for her in the process? Thank you!!

The battle had ended. You were back home. Winterfell was yours again.

Jon had managed to beat Ramsey at his own game and had reclaimed the home that you and he, and all the Starks, had shared since childhood. You and Jon had grown up together in the castle and after all your years together you had fallen for him, although he didn’t know it. When he left for the Wall you were heartbroken. And after all the years of hardships you went through you were happy to be reunited with him at the wall when you rode in with Sansa and Brienne. All your feelings for him hit you like a train when you saw his face, the face you had thought you’d never see again.

He had wanted you to stay with Sansa during the fight. You begged him to fight but he said he wanted you with her incase things with South. You had done what he said, reluctantly, but he was your commander after all, but as you watched everything happen from above you fought off tears. It was bad.

“Go, Y/N.”

“What? I can’t I have to stay with you.”

“No, you don’t. I didn’t tell Jon but Lord Baelish is coming, I’ll be fine. Go, he needs you and your place it by his side.” Without another word you raced down on your horse and started taking out men from behind. Your horse went down and you were on foot fighting off attacks. Just when you thought two of the Bolton’s men were about to get the upperhand on you an army of horses came through and trampled over most of the remaining men.

You joined Jon’s army and fought off more troops until you got until Winterfell and had Ramsey’s men, and Ramsey, in the cells. You were beaten, bruised, and bloodied but when you saw Jon safe you couldn’t help but smile. “Jon,” you called out and ran to him.

“Y/N,” his face turned even colder than it had looked before he saw you and his voice became stern. “What are you doing here?”

“I joined the fight right before Lord Baelish came in. Are you ok?”

Your concern was met by his stern, dismissive, tone. “I’m fine. You and I will talk later,” he walked past you to his sister.


It felt weird to be back in your own room. Weird but comforting. Hours had passed since you took the castle and Jon managed to push passed you and ignore you whenever you were in the same room as him. Your door opened as you were sitting in front of your hearth with your furs on.

You looked expecting a fight, your body still on alert, but relaxed and looked back at the fire when you saw it was just Jon. “What in the 7 Hells did you think you were doing?”

“Looking into my fire…”

“Not now, Y/N, out there. On the field. What were you doing,” he yelled.

You stood up and took a defensive tone, “What was I doing? I was helping save your ass, that’s what I was doing!”

“You were to stay with Sansa. That is what I commanded you to do.”

“What you commanded me to do? Jon, Sansa was fine, she had an army behind her. You, on the other hand, had men dropping like flies. I’m a good fighter, Jon, you know this! I am just as good as you and Robb with a sword and you know it.”

“You were to stay and watch Sansa,” he yelled.

“And you were to not die! And guess what would have happened had I not gone down there. I wasn’t going to lose you over some stupid thing you ordered me to do.”

“Why do you think I told you to stay up there?! I knew it would be bloody and I didn’t want you in the middle of that! I didn’t want to watch as you were cut down like everyone else.”

“And why not, Jon? My life isn’t worth anymore than those men out there.”

“Your life is worth way more to me,” he yelled back.

“What do you mean, Jon,” this time your voice was nervous as you were trying to understand what he meant. His demeanor shifted and he looked down at his feet. “Jon?”

“I mean that I love you, Y/N. That I’ve been in love with you since before I left for the Wall. When I saw you at the Wall…I didn’t think I’d ever see you again but there you were. And the thought of having you on battle next to me…me seeing you as you got hurt. I couldn’t imagine. That’s why I put you with Sansa.”

“Jon,” you said softly.

“No, Y/N, it’s ok.”

“No, you don’t understand. I feel the same way about you. But I had to do something because I couldn’t imagine watching something happen to you from up on that hill knowing that I could have been there, that I could have done something, to protect you.”

He looked up with soft eyes, “You feel the same way?”

“I feel the same way,” you agreed and walked over to him, kissing him before he could realize what was going on. “Jon, will you sleep in here with me tonight? It feels spooky being in this room again.”

“Of course, on one condition. The Lords and Lady Mormont are coming tomorrow and I want you to be my right hand.”

“I will be seated right next to you. Always.”


“Why did you choose me tonight, Domina?” When she doesn’t answer, his hand comes up to cup her face. His skin is scarred and rough and hot, and Sansa suddenly wonders if she did not have too much wine tonight, for she feels giddy and confused all at once.
“Sansa,” he says, and her eyes fly to his, her breath coming fast now. Oh, this is madness of the first rate. She is to marry the emperor. She is a noble girl from a noble family, an unmarried girl, not a widow like Margaery who may do as she pleases. But when the gladiator’s lips touch hers, she does not pull away.

City of Illusions // honey_wheeler & thefairfleming

I just saw the episode of game of thrones when dany is asking about her brother  rhaegan targaryen, and they say how he loved to sing and how Lyanna loved to hear him play the harp and sing. Then it just came this jon’s quote to me:  “ Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself. You know nothing, Jon Snow.“   And now all I imagine is jon having feelings while listening to Sansa sing, just like his mother did with his father. 

We all keep saying things like please Sansa don’t let littlefinger drive a wedge between Jon and you. What about Jon though? Maybe Sansa is too smart to play with. She doesn’t trust anyone. Look at how she reacted to that creep. Maybe littlefinger will manipulate mini Ned instead. He trusts people way too easily. He knows LF is a scum but when it comes to mind games Jon can’t handle that man.

Jon will be Littlefinger’s new target. He wanted the north and Jon has it. There will be tension between Jon and Sansa in season 7 because despite all the staring Jon does at Sansa he doesn’t know how Sansa feels. There might be little conflicts between them like season 6. But when littlefinger comes for Jon it will be Sansa that saves him, and protects him. She LOVES Jon. People are not paying attention to what Sansa, Sophie and D&D are saying. Sansa haters keep saying stupid shit like she has tasted power, now she would want more. No! She wants to be safe in her home. She wants to be a Stark. She is going to do her best to hold on to what she has. She is not that stupid girl anymore who is dreaming of power.


For the @gameofshipschallenges  “Countdown to Wintertown”

artist: bex-morealli
ship: Jon x Sansa

summary: The prospect of staying in her parents home for two weeks at Chirstmastime is something Sansa has been dreading for months now, especially since she couldn’t convince a single friend from NYU to join her. Instead she is planning on wallowing in self pity at their family home in Maine until she gets on her flight to Atlanta to meet up with Margaery for their road trip to Miami.  

That is until her brother Robb brings home his grad school buddy Jon Snow, who is much cuter than expected for a guy who wants to teach high school history.

Blame it on the lights, presents or cookies her mother bakes. 

Blame it on the snow, decorations or the Winter Jack Daniels Robb spikes her hot apple cider with.

Blame it on the mistletoe they get caught under after a few days of embarrassingly awkward encounters, red faced blushes and longing glances.

Whatever it is, it’s enough to cause Sansa to call Margaery with a change in plans, to cancel her flight and to stay in Maine until her semester starts at NYU. 

Maybe being home for the holidays isn’t such a dreadful thing after all. 

I don’t ship broken characters. I think they are usually crappy people and they often make toxic pairs. But I have hope for Jon and Sansa. 

Jon was murdered then brought back from nothingness. Even if the show has not addressed it properly it is clear he has lost a bit of himself. He looks miserable all the time. Around Sansa I feel like he loosens up a little. He smiles, he softens up. He breathes. He fights with her but at least he allows himself to feel angry around her. 

Sansa has changed so much. Ramsay broke her. He made her bitter. He made her cold. He robbed her of her innocence, her warmth. All characters went through terrible things in the show and because of their experiences they have all changed. But with Sansa I feel like Ramsay killed her. Like Jon I feel like she died and in her resurrection she lost quite a bit of herself. She will never ever be the same Sansa she once was. But when she is with Jon I feel like there is hope. He gives her hope.  Like the first time when she asked him where will he go and he said where will we go. I think he has been her hope for a long time, from the time Ramsay mentioned he was the LC. He will never betray her, he will never risk her. He won’t play with her or use her as a pawn. She can’t open up yet but she is more herself around him than anyone else. 

They need each other. So I really hope they won’t separate.