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This is the most beautiful tribute to the Stark family I have ever seen.

The Grand Delusion : A love story written in Petyr Baelish head.

Back in season 6 Petyr revealed what he dreams about to Sansa.

And i found it kind of interesting, not because what he dreams about is that interesting or surprising but because on this show, people knowing what  you desire, makes your dream dangerous.

There has been a long list of characters who have had their dreams crushed : Cersei wanted her children on the throne, House Tyrell wanted to be part of the royal family, Sansa wanted to be Queen, Theon wanted to be a member of house Stark, Oberyn wanted justice for his murdered family. All of these characters were teased with their dreams coming true before their worlds came crashing down around them.

Now that Petyr’s are out, i think, it’s only a matter of time before his world comes crashing down around him.

And if it follows the same pattern as the others, then it should seem like Petyr is getting everything he’s ever dreamed of before it all gets ripped away and whats interesting about this is that they’ve already reviled how it’s going to happen.

By Sansa “betraying” Jon.

Let’s be real, Petyr didn’t hold Jon to account for anything in plans  but since returning Sansa to Winterfell, Jon has messed up all of Petyr plans.

It starts like this :

To me, it’s always seemed like he’s writing this epic tale of two lovers who will do anything to be together.

After witnessing Sansa strength in Kings Landing, everything she’s been through she managed to escape the vipers nest and still be a person, is really admirable. This is also where Petyrs delusional love story begins.

After making her a unknowing accomplice in Joffery’s murder by making her the poison mule, then he “saves” her and whisks her off to the vale. I think the point of them going to the Vale was other then getting rid of Lysa was to

A) “show” Sansa she’s not safe anywhere, not even with her family - although an insane aunt who holds a years long grudge against her mother wouldn’t be a safe place to begin with

B) to reiterate the fact that she’s not safe with anyone but him

But it’s also act two of the story of two lovers who will do anything to be together, even get rid of family members in their way.

He totally knew that Lysa was watching them when he kissed Sansa, he also knew that Lysa was crazy and would try something against Sansa or was it just a coincidence that he was there when she was almost pushed out the moon door ?

Again he makes Sansa his accomplice, by “saving” her again, an then having her lie to the lords of the Vale.

See aside from his grand delusions about love he’s also trying to make Sansa feel like she owes him for all these times he’s “saved” her but putting someone in danger and then taking credit for saving them isn’t really helping them, is it?

Even after her latest near death experience, Sansa’s strength in unwavering, she evolves and adapts like the true survivor she is, so what is someone like Petyr to do ? How do you make someone feel like you’re the only safe place they can turn to in a world full of monsters?

By giving her to the biggest monster of all.

Ramsey is the most vile character on this show and i know Sansa choose to marry him. I also know that the only reason she agreed was so that she could go home, after everything she’s been through, no one can blame her for wanting that. Petyr certainly didn’t. In fact he lied to her saying that if she played the game right she could control him, like Margery did to Joffery.

We as viewers of the show know thats not going to happen, just like we know he lied when he told Sansa he didn’t know what kind of monster Ramsey, the fact that Rasmey was such a monster is exactly why Petry choose him.

He was really hoping that Ramsey would finally be the one to break Sansa, he doesn’t need someone strong, he wants a shell that like Catelyn Tulley, someone who he could mold to be totally reliant on him, someone who CHOSE him (unlike her mother).

It’s seemed for awhile now that Petyr’s plans for the iron throne were going to start in the north and work there way south. But then the lords name Jon king and the easy route to the northern crown is ruined, once again unknowingly, by Jon. So that’s twice now that his time sensitive plan has been messed with so whats he to do?

Thus the Sansa will “betray” Jon plot is born.

That some fans think that Petry will still be able to play Sansa after all this and the things he’s confessed to, baffles me.

Confessing to Sansa some of the things he’s done in order to fufill his dreams is another power play, seeing as everyone who out lives their purpose in his plans dies - except of Lady Olenna Tyrell, which is no coincidence - it’s like he’s he’s taunting her with the truth that can never be proven and it also says that i could do anything i wanted to you and no one could keep you safe. He’s trying to prove he’s “all powerful” and that Sansa is powerless.

Unfortunately for Petyr, knowing all Sansa does about him makes her very will informed and knowing who your enemy is, is the first step in destroying them.

She’ll know that the lords crowing Jon wasn’t part of his plans, that it will make Jon a threat to him, which will put a target on Jon’s back. She knows that he’s going to try and drive them apart to serve his own purposes.

I know a lot of people except Sansa to “betray” Jon but i really think that he’ll be a much easier target for Petyr to manipulate. Not sure how it will go down but he’ll likely try and make Jon think Sansa is “betraying” him and that’s how they show us the betrayal plot line.

He’ll also likely try to be playing both of them at the same time, for Sansa, he’ll likely trying and convince her Jon’s going to sell her off in another marriage.

But i don’t think it will work. I don’t think that either of them will fall for it, everyone around them will and Sansa will bear all of the hate (not surprising) but her and Jon will remain true to each other.

And the third act of Petyrs delusional love story ends with him realizing all his dreams were for naught, while he bleeds out in the snow as the world continues on without him cause no one cares that he has died.

See, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die but that’s not really an apt description, It should be :

When you play the game of thrones you win till you die.

‘Let me count the ways’: All the ways JonSa could evolve in S.7 ep. 1 or 2

I shall but love thee better after death. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until recently the possibility of anything happening physically between Jon and Sansa early in s.7 seemed remote. I really thought (still kinda do) that we will get them coming together in s.8 after Jon gets disillusioned by Dany. But based on a few posts, plot leaks I’ve tried to avoid, and actors comments, I’ve upped the potential for a f*ck plot in episode 1 or 2 to a solid 50/50. (Excuse my language I don’t know what else to call a f*ck plot but a f*ck plot.)

**SPOILERS**  maybe…

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Get to know me! Hopefully this will save a lot of time.

Teehee.  I decided to backtrack to one of the incidents that Missandei overheard.  SMUT AHEAD!

(seriously though, there are few lines in this that some people might find graphic)

Winterfell was packed with the Queen and her company.  Sansa insisted that Dany take her chambers, and Jon was sharing a room with several other men.  So when Sansa had pressed a slip of paper into Jon’s hand that simply read Second bell, the library, he knew exactly what it meant.  Jon found her in the back of the library, behind the last shelf of books.

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The Starks gather to take back what is theirs. The wolves will come again.

Victorian AU because I’m a mess

Chapter 1

Jon knows people say it’s destiny, but it’s not. If anything, it’s karma. He and Robb has spent so much time looking for her that it’s only right she shows up. It’s not like Jon wasn’t trying to find her. Just not there, not then.

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The Three Daughters of Jon and Sansa

The three daughters of Lady Sansa and Lord Jon – also known as the Fates – broke the boundaries and were essential to the development of a renewed and broken Westeros. While such a legacy is unsurprising with the family they were born into. Their own mother was known as a Mother to the nations and a bringer of peace and their father was a living legend. This is not considering her aunts and uncles. King Bran the Divine, Commander Arya Stark the Bold and of course Daenerys Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains. 

The eldest Isra, also known as Isra the Conqueror and Isra the Wandering Wolf, took after her paternal great aunt and ancestor Aegon the Conqueror himself. However, beyond her conquests, she discovered many formally unknown lands and travelled the seas and lands of places avoided. She is the reason that we have most of the World Map as it is today. 

However, her sudden leave meant that The King of the North had no heir (his own son and heir having died), the crown would, therefore, be passed down to Largertha, known as Dark Heart. It was said by many that she knew the ways of magic and could communicate with the dead. She is the first woman to have held the North solely by her own right. She faced much opposition due to her gender and unusual accession. Her enemies dubbed her as a witch but instead of opposing these rumours, she openly accepted it. This tactic led to many of her enemies being weary of her. This alongside her numerous victories and her apparent lack of mercy made her name synonymous with magic, the supernatural and treachery. 

The last and youngest child Alvatia the Beloved was adored by all. She is the one described to take most after her mother in appearance and temperament. Unlike her sisters, she was not involved in battles or conquest but rather remained a part of the people. She was considered one of the best healers to ever exist, even surpassing her own mother. She was integral to the development of medicine. However, it is her relationship and love for animals that she is most well-known and loved for. It is said that wherever she went, packs of animals followed. The stories that she tamed and befriend the brown bear, one of the most dangerous animals that one could encounter, in her girlhood. Stories and songs of her healing powers and the animals that loved her were spread far and wide and were known by all.


For supernovas-gods-and-monsters’s brilliant mafia AU Gods & Monsters.

A few weeks shy of her 18th birthday, Sansa Stark, daughter of District Attorney Ned Stark, has lived a charmed, quiet life. That is until one fateful night when her life is turned into a nightmare and she becomes entranced by a mysterious man, propelling her into the dark paradise of his world. Pulled deeper into the underworld of the crime syndicate of which he’s both god and monster, Sansa fights to hold onto her innocence and come to terms with an unlikely connection- both troubling and exhilarating- to this man she knows nothing about.

Whispered Words - Part 1 -Jon x Sansa MAJOR FLUFF!!!

Sansa’s mind was foggy from both slumber and the recent lack of sleep her babe was putting her through, but an unknown entity within urged her forward towards the land of the wakeful. Something was amiss in her chambers in the small hours of the morning. The fire crackled low in the darkness, her room was filled with warmth.

It wasn’t noises from her daughter that awoke her but the low murmuring of a man. A man - in her chambers, at this hour - with her and the babe - when Jon was not due back from his long trip to Kings Landing for another week.

Sansa held her breath and slowly opened her eyes, willing them to focus into the darkness. She knew her dagger was hidden just an arms reach away, tucked behind her headboard. She would have to move slowly and quietly though, so as not to alert the intruder and give him the advantage.

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