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dimmelsodo | original character | Dimmel

Another advertisement for an oc. :> Again it’s someone I haven’t had exenstive rps with, but I’ve enjoyed the rps we have had.

Dimmel is an ex-mercenary (Eclipse, specifically) who has retired and gone into the exciting world of business. He’s more on the harsh, emotionally repressed side of things. I think I commented to the mun about how well they pull that off: we know how Dimmel feels, but Dimmel doesn’t. It’s not an easy thing to do and they do it flawlessly. I’d say follow him for that alone. He may not be as friendly or outgoing as the other characters I’ve advertised, but just as easy to rp with.

The art is great, too, though I feel like I’m misleading everyone with the picture I chose. He’s not actually this sassy. Oh, and they have neat headcanons, too. Follow them. You won’t regret it, I promise. * u*



(Disclaimer: If anyone is upset or bothered by these promotions please let me know and I’ll stop them immediately. <3 It can be anon if you choose.)