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A Not So Normal Family

Open rp))

A child.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly…legal, to look after a kid that isn’t his, that was obvious. But after three months of living by himself and getting along with the few decent neighbours on his floor, Bucky figured it was the best time to introduce Thomas, the two year old that had been left behind by and on the metal steps of his apartment building out in Brooklyn, to the team.

When the kid was first found, of course there had been some freaking out, asking the few neighbours he actually had if they’d seen anyone, Bucky had ended up with illegal custody of the kid. Until he’d informed Hill, who was a little pissed at the entire situation, but had ultimately ended up asking some contacts and getting the legal and medical documents sorted and swore Barnes to secrecy unless he wanted his balls ripped off.

So, yeah, he had a kid. Even got to name them.

He paced around in the large seating area of the communal floor in the tower, Thomas stubbornly snuggled up against his metal arm and chubby arms hugging around Bucky’s neck, babbling on about the TV show ‘Little Einsteins’ that the boy had recently become obsessed with. What if they didn’t like him? Or tried to convince Bucky into handing the kid over to another agent/superhero? Ugh. Bucky had kept them alive so far, right? Shouldn’t be that different in the future.

The super soldier’s head snapped up, coming to stand still, at the sound of footsteps and then another person’s presence in the room. His shoulders slumped in relief at who it was, metal hand idly patting Thomas’ side.



//She looks like she’s in awe of this new information

Aw, man, shiny sounds so pretty! But yellow would be pretty too, ahh.. Now Umbreon is near the top of my list! I wonder if it’s the same as my uncle espeon’s evolution…

Oh, sorry bout that! Hmm.. you could be the new star!! Like the sun! They could call you… uhm…

What is your name

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Pokemon Go 'imagine your otp’ ideas
  • It’s 3 in the morning and I’m supposed to be finishing a paper due tomorrow, but you just activated a lure across campus and I need fresh air.
  • ‘where the hell have you been for the last couple hours, what do you mean you went on a 10km walk?’
  • We live in the suburbs and you’re going into the city for work/shopping/ect. There are zero pokestops or gyms near here, please take me with you.
  • We’re not on the same team, and this is the third time you’ve put a Pokemon into a gym after I defeated it, explain yourself right now.
  • ‘do you have a charger? my phone just died and i need to evolve my pikachu.’
  • The servers just went down as we were camped out by this Pokestop, now we either have to acknowledge each other or sit in awkward silence.
  • I have a car, you somehow have 10 lures, and there are a bunch of Pokestops clustered together at the park. We should go right now.
  • I haven’t seen anything that isn’t a Weedle, Pidgey, or Rattata in an hour and- where the hell did you get that Onix?
  • Our boss has just banned Pokemon Go because there’s a Pokestop in our building, but I see you playing under your desk. Pop a lure on the Pokestop and I’ll keep your secret.
  • I’m so glad you finally got Pokemon Go now we can play together and… that is not the team I joined, what have you done.

“With great power comes… a ton of weird crap.”

AU - Reporter Sebastian Smythe just wants to cover real stories - corrupt politicians, scandals in City Hall. Instead, his boss, J. Jonah Jameson has him doing a story on the new Spiderman that’s appeared in town. Frustrated with this turn of events, Sebastian seems to be the only one in the city not charmed by this slightly goofy superhero. 

Sam Evans might have some great power, but the responsibility thing might not be his thing. He’s just trying to finish college, save the city from superpowered freaks, and make sure that his brother and sister get their homework done. He doesn’t need a annoyingly serious reporter following him everywhere.

Until suddenly he does. 


Shop Vibes

with my girls @babyzappy @qxeenkj and my baby sister Yaya! Just a few pics from when all my girls where here helping me set up my shop and get things together. One day at a time it’s coming together. I am so blessed, and thankful. I’m ready to gt this shop open.. and i figured out a name

Beauty by Janay
Roo's Roleplays
Roo’s Terms and Conditions: - Pick a prompt and AU from my list of saved prompts or message me with an idea. If Roleplay slots are OPEN, please submit your starter. NSFW welcome. - My muses are Jack...

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t already, that all my roleplay threads are posted for your reading pleasure! You can scroll over the titles for the plot summaries, I hope you enjoy and I hope this makes it a little easier to read and follow them!  Thank you all so much again for your support!  ~ Roo

                ❝ I’ve literally got blue balls… ❞

The mental image probably wasn’t warranted, but it was the truth. “I know you’re just trying to help out your friend by coming to talk to me, but I’m not going to change my mind…” he shrugged. Malcolm had dumped his now ex-girlfriend, Genevieve over three days ago. After dating for three years, Eve had promised that they’d ‘do the dirty’ on prom night. But the magical evening had come and gone and now here he was, still with his V-plates in tact. “I’m not going to force her, so I thought it best I just dump her, I mean, we were practically just friends that kissed for three years,” he complained, knowing that the female beside him was probably the wrong person to confess such things to. He knew the whole school thought he was a dick, but Malcolm had grown tired of just holding hands and goodnight texts months ago, in fact, it was amazing he’d stayed with her so long. “We’re eighteen, I’m sure she’ll find someone else who wants to whisper sweet nothings in her ear all damn day, but me…” he paused. “I want a good fuck, preferably before college.”

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“Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.”

ships: blam, fabrevans (formerly), samchel (friendship)

inspired by: Her (2013 film)

Sam Evans had lost most of the direction in his life - his albeit brief marriage has fallen apart, his job as an artist doesn’t seem as fulfilling as it once had, and he finds himself alienated from the life he once had when he was married. Sam’s only connection to the outside world is his neighbor and childhood friend, Rachel - a small time actress. 

After seeing an advertisement for a new Operating System or OS, Sam - with the enthusiastic encouragement of Rachel - purchases the upgrade. Sam is immediately surprised by the enthusiastic AI, who names himself Blaine (he just liked it, he informs Sam, sounding rather pleased with himself that he actually had a name now). Slowly, Sam begins to adjust to having Blaine be a part of his life, and the OS becomes more of a companion than an electronic presence. 

Blaine’s enthusiasm for life and learning reignites something in Sam, who dedicates his time to helping Blaine experience what he can from Sam’s pocket. Slowly, their relationship changes from assistant, to friendship, to even a relationship. While Sam deals with the cultural stigmas of dating someone that some - like his ex-wife Quinn - say doesn’t actually exist and the lack of physical relationship that he and Blaine cannot have, Sam finds that love is just as challenging and fulfilling with an OS as it was with a person. 

“Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It’s like a socially acceptable form of insanity.”

Everyone who Betty wants gets a fantasy au..

@fluffybanner “What are you doing here?” She snapped, glaring at the other in order to look threatening, she wasn’t ready to tell him about their children, she wasn’t sure if she would ever be. She loved them, and she wasn’t ashamed of them. She only hid them from him. She was known to most as an adulterer for she had two children and no wedding band she had always hoped he would never put the two together

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