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its like three sizes bigger than hers, so no worry she has plenty of room in there to stay as far away from the bullshit as possible 


hi i’d like to confess that i was almost late for work today bc i was reading the new chapter of “until my feet bleed and my heart aches” when i was supposed to be getting ready

Kay so, in Canada if ur over 18 and flying you need to present a photo ID and

My younger brother, who’s only 16, got asked if he was 18 every time. And, every single time, I had to force my passport on some poor unsuspecting Flight Attendant

Birthday Sex

Jimin x reader smut (his POV)

A/N: Since it’s my birthday today I thought I’d treat myself (and all of you) to a Jimin smut, I hope you like it! Don’t be afraid to tell me your opinion, it means a lot to me and always makes me happy!


Today was my girlfriends birthday. First, I had taken her out for fancy dinner, I had skipped practice for her. She looked incredible. Her hair looked incredibly soft, her eyes were sparkling the whole time and the way she looked at me as we spoke had me falling for her all over again. I had told her she would get another secret present once we’d get home. During the car ride there she had been begging me to tell her what the surprise I had planned for her was. Of course I had refused to tell her, I wanted this to be perfect after all. Right now, we were sitting on our king sized bed as I felt her curious look on me.

“Anything?” she asked curiously, an innocent smile plastered on her face.

“Anything you want, baby girl. Just tell me what you want me to do to you, I’m all yours.” I leaned over to her, whispering the last part in her ear.

I could see her shiver slightly, smiling at the ground. After some seconds her previously shy smile turned into a cheeky one before she turned her head to look at me. She shifted around, resting her hands on my thighs, staring deeply into my eyes.

“Then… I wanna taste you…” she answered, her gentle hands stroking over my thighs, wandering dangerously close towards my crotch.

“Wait-“, I stopped her, “it’s your birthday. And you wanna suck me off? I mean, it’s not that I don’t like that pretty little mouth of yours on me…, but this was supposed to be all about yo- ”, I was cut off by her finger lingering on my lips.

“I wasn’t finished, Jimin. First, I wanna taste your cock”, her hands went over my chest, down to reach the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head swiftly, “and then, I wanna sit on your face. And lastly, I want you to fuck me. And don’t hold back.”

By the time she had finished talking, her lips were about an inch away from mine and her hands were grabbing my dick, palming me slowly through my pants. My breath hitched in my throat just from the intensity of her look and the simple touch she gave me. She slowly started working on my belt, fumbling around a little.

“You think you can do that for me, baby?” she breathed against my skin before she pulled away, helping me out of my pants, along with my briefs.

I had goose bumps all over my body when the cold air hit my skin and my semi-hard erection sprung against my stomach. After that, she took off her dress, her eyes eyeing me hungrily. I practically felt the blood flowing into my cock when I discovered the black lacy lingerie Y/N wore.

“Baby girl, please hurry”, I groaned.

Her mouth shut me up a second later and when she ran he tongue over my lips, I instantly parted my lips, letting it explore my mouth. I kissed back passionately, biting her lower lip softly, causing her to moan softly. I felt her hands running over my abs as she moved her hasty lips downwards, leaving bites and kisses all over my neck, making sure to suck for a couple seconds. I knew the hyungs were gonna tease me the next day, but I could never stop her in such a situation.

She licked a stripe down my abs, making me shift my upper body weight up on my arms so I could look at her as she worked her magic on me. My heart was racing by the time she had reached my hips and my throat left a low groan.

Carefully, at first, her tongue slid from my shaft up to the head of my cock, where she sucked softly. All of a sudden she bobbed her head down, taking in more of me, only to move her head upwards then. With time her movement sped up, her hands came to help her, pumping the part of my member that wouldn’t fit in her mouth. I was a mess by then, breathing heavily, moaning here and then.

My reaction must have contented her, because she hummed against my cock, sending vibrations through my whole body. It was hard controlling my body with her heavenly mouth wrapped around my cock as my hips jerked up, shoving myself deeper into her. She didn’t seem to care, because she just sped up her movements even more, guiding me closer and closer to the edge.

“Baby girl, I’m gonna come”, I managed to choke out before another deep groan left my mouth.

Her eyes locked with mine for a second, her innocent look in combination with her mouth sucking me off driving me completely into bliss and I came, desperately moaning out her name. My head fell back into the pillows, my hands gripping the bedsheets tightly. She swallowed my cum, licking off every last drop as I came down from my high.

She sat up straight then, reaching back to take her bra off, her panties following shortly after. I looked at her body in admiration, wondering how in the world I deserved someone this breathtakingly gorgeous.

“Come here, princess”, I demanded, my voice still husky.

I grabbed her hand, pulling her up to straddle my face with her thighs. She looked like an angel above me, her messy hair surrounding her beautiful face as she looked down at me in anticipation.

“Happy birthday, baby girl”, I breathed against her center, making her whimper a little.

My tongue ran over her slit, tasting her already soaking folds. Adding some pressure, I pressed my tongue flat against her clit. She squealed, pressing her thighs together involuntarily, but I held them apart using my arms.

Since it was her special day, I decided not to tease her as much as usually, quickening my moves, flicking her clit over and over, knowing it would drive her insane. I sucked and bit her soft spot roughly, earning a weak whimper from her.

“Hmm… you taste good, baby”, I spoke, my mouth not leaving her swollen clit, knowing she loved the effect my voice had on her, especially when it vibrated against her, speeding up the approach of her orgasm.

I never dared to slow down, her moans only encouraging me to suck her clit even more merciless. Her hands gripped my hair, something she always did when she got close to her much wanted release. I had to remind myself what she had asked me for earlier, so I slowed down before pulling away completely. Her needy sigh signalled me how much she wanted me that moment.

“I want us to come together”, I explained, signalling her to move over, sitting next to me on the bed. My heart fluttered at the sight of her, rosy cheeks, messily sexy hair, her chest rising and falling heavily. She lay down flat on her stomach, sticking her ass up in the air, looking at me pleadingly.

All I wanted to do was squeeze her little face between my hands, but at the same time I wanted nothing more than to fuck her, leaving her whole body trembling underneath mine. Deciding on the last option, I positioned myself behind her, pumping my cock a couple last times before running it over her sensitive, delicious looking clit, earning a whimper from her. “Someone’s eager, huh? What do you want me to do now, baby girl?” I teased. “I- Please just fuck me Jimin, please!”, she begged, her voice weakening towards the end.

As her hips moved back, trying to create more friction, I slid into her, pushing in completely. Knowing I had let her wait long enough for this, I didn’t wait before I pulled out slightly, shoving my cock into her roughly and rapidly. My hips smashed against her pretty ass, making her body rock into the soft mattress. She screamed out, gripping the sheets in desperation for something to hold onto.

“You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you, princess?” I half-groaned, earning nothing but a quick nod and another whimper from her as she bit one of her fists, trying to control her feelings somehow, but there was no chance.

My hands held her hips, fingers digging into her flesh, guiding my hard thrusts. As my second high came nearer I let my mind get completely lost in my lust, my movements gaining speed and getting less controlled. I could tell Y/N was close, because she kept moaning my name, her breath becoming even more unsteady than before.

“You gonna come for me now, huh baby?” I leaned down, caressing her back, moving one hand to her boobs, massaging them roughly.

Instead of answering she just moaned loudly, her legs shaking against my thrusts as she came undone, her body collapsing underneath mine. I held her up as I managed to fuck her for another couple seconds. My movements became sloppier and the sound of her angelic moans made me cum inside of her, groaning at how good she had made me feel. Riding out both hers and my orgasm, I slowed down before pulling out completely.

Seeing as Y/N was still catching her breath, unable to move a muscle yet, I leaned down and moved her hair out of the way so I could kiss the soft skin on her neck.

“Thank you Jiminah”, she smiled weakly at me, rubbing her head against mine lovingly.

“Anything for you, princess”, I replied before locking our lips in a long kiss.


The universe has a wonderful gift for you today – the ability to appreciate the smaller things in life! Big fancy cars are fine, but that crazy little two-seater in the parking lot is what will stay imprinted on your mind all day long. Size isn’t nearly as important to you right now as style, and this fresh outlook is something you should cultivate. Too many people are focused on quantity, not quality, right now, and they really need to hear what you have to say.

i think the spraypaint might just wash outta these but im gonna do some tests and then some real silkscreened ones once i get shirts in uniform sizes!! right now all ive got are random goodwill tshirts but stay tuned im working on a bunch of designs and i’ll have some for sale soon!!!