all the reasons ever needed

i was tagged by the lovely @rosegoldeyelids to put my music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag ten people! Thanks bub:)

-18 by One Direction

-Close to you by Rihanna

-Perfect by Ed Sheeran

-Wait for you by Elliott Yamin

-Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars

-Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

-All i ever need by Austin Mahone

-How deep is your love by Bee Gees

-You make It real by James Morrison

-All I ask by Adele

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THEY DIDN’T CALL THE DRIVER!!!!LDSJf;ladskjf;alsdfkj

That’s why they had to do it again!!!


Pap: Tomlinson, let’s do it.

Louis: Yeah? [gets set up and begins to walk]

Other pap [to Oli off camera]: Hey, did you call your driver?

Oli: Say again?

Pap: Did you call your driver?

Oli: [comes into frame and tells Louis they didn’t call the car and had to do the walk again]

Louis: [does it again]

The second walk included the pictures that were released.

Daily Horoscopes - January 14th, 2017

Aries: You’re familiar with the concept of impulsive action, and that’s a good thing. Today’s astrological buffet will give you all the reasons you ever needed to act out, especially if you’ve been feeling romantically repressed.

Taurus: You’ve never needed a reason to throw a party, but you’ll have one tonight. This would be the perfect evening to host an impromptu fiesta at your place. Order some food and pick out some music.

Gemini: Have your dreams been giving you something to think about during the day? Well, start paying attention! All those weird signals and crazy scenarios might be sending you a signal about your daily life.

Cancer: You may feel that you’re being badgered into action, but that’s not the case. In reality, you’re chomping at the bit to get started, and dying for someone to finalize your plans.

Leo: You’ve probably made it abundantly clear that you’d never date a friend, or an old ex. Today however, you’ll be moved to change that. Be sure they’re really available before you agree to meet for drinks.

Virgo: When – not if – a dear one attempts to gently hint that you might be taking things a bit too seriously, don’t overreact. First of all, that would be proving them right. And they just might be.

Libra: Your sweetie may be acting a bit out of sorts. Sit down and ask them point-blank to talk with you about it, you can iron it out with surprising quickness. Oh, go ahead. It can’t hurt.

Scorpio: You’ve been thinking quite differently about the issue of commitment lately, haven’t you? Think it might be because of a certain someone who’s just as intelligent and rebellious enough to keep you interested, hmmm?

Sagittarius: Don’t be surprised if you’re less likely to express your feelings than usual. You may be in a place or with people you’re not quite sure of. It’s okay. Save it all until you’re home.

Capricorn: A certain someone has been thinking about you nonstop since your last meeting, which really isn’t all that hard to believe. Who could ever resist you when you turn that seductive gaze their way?

Aquarius: Whatever you’ve been holding back will absolutely demand to be expressed, starting tonight. Don’t suppress yourself any further, but don’t say anything you might want to take back either.

Pisces: Starting tomorrow, you’ll be busier than you can remember being in a long while. You won’t be upset about it though, especially since you’ll have today to prepare yourself. Take a break while you can.

it’s 2am and your clinging on to bare sheets and thin pillows. Your breath shaky and your fingers trembling. your mind is scattered into pieces and little snippets of what happened and what could happen;

only if he was beside you.

but he isn’t and this is how it always ends for you and you’re wishing that it will change and it will take a turn. You’ll see his body and he will drunkenly knock on your door at any second and he will be a mess, tugging on his hair, dried roses in his hands, and tears stinging his eyes; “i love you,” he will say. And you know that you should not believe him, and you should slam the door on his weary body- but you won’t. Because it’s him and it’s his scent again. And his voice again. It’s him again. And that’s all in a million reasons would you ever need; him.

—  2am

troye sivan & amandla stenberg // #YOUTHISYOURS

i want to forget all the things you said to me. i want to forget the times you said you loved me, the times you said i was all you’d ever need. i wish i could erase all the reasons you said you were happy, now that you use them against me.
i wish i could leave behind the words you said that hurt me, all the times you never cared enough to spare a dose of compassion
but most of all i wish i could take back all the love i ever fucking gave you, all the effort i put into you, all the sappy words i spun together into beautiful lace for you. you don’t deserve them anymore, and i wish they would burn with every fond memory of you my heart ever carried
you’re dead to me and i wouldn’t have it any other way


The differences matter.

Before Louis knows if it’s a Harry/older women joke:

After Louis hears it’s a Niall/older women joke:

How is that different than when Louis reacts to Harry and women references, you might ask?

Louis when Dan Wooten asked Harry if he was on Tinder:

Louis when an interviewer talked about her connection with Harry:

Louis when he had to physically get out of the way so Harry could kiss an interviewer on the cheek:

Louis when Barbara Walters called Harry “the flirt” who was linked to older women:

Louis when an interviewer asks them about Harry’s “womanizer reputation” and seeing his “lothario thing” in action:

Louis when Harry gets asked if it’s annoying he’s linked to every woman he’s photographed with:

Louis when Mario Lopez asked Harry if he’d been “naughty or nice” that year:

Louis after an interviewer told Harry to come back because she “NEEDED HIM.”

Louis watching an interviewer give Harry her number:

Louis when an interviewer asked Harry about going for drinks with Ed and Taylor:

That’s how it’s different.

NTB Scanpix

Ok, because we can’t have a nice thing that isn’t a little shady, let’s talk about the source of this footage.

NTB Scanpix is not an American photo agency. 

We enhance your message – whatever the platform

NTB Scanpix is a provider of visual content. In addition to stills, one of our main areas of expertise is producing video content for web and television.

Our photo archives contain more than 20 million pictures spanning from the early 20th century through to today’s news photos – if you want moving images our stock archive holds more than 104 years of screentime. We represent ITN Source, Corbis Motion and the historical Norwegian newsreel Filmavisen, to name but a few.

We represent more than 50 picture agencies worldwide, the majority of them on an exclusive basis.

Our 12 staff photographers cover all major events in Norway, and we have 25 of Norway’s best photographers delivering Scandinavian illustrative images to our Scanpix Creative collection featuring the Scandinavian Colour Palette. Popular themes in our images include people, lifestyle, industry, office, home & family, design and sports.

We also do commissioned work. Editorial and commercial customers expect to find what they need in the Scanpix database. In order to exceed our customers expectations Scanpix is always looking for ways to improve ourselves and to create new relationships.

So, basically, I don’t think Scanpix was one of the paps at the club that night. I think this is just a dumping ground for the video that someone released/leaked. The question is, as always, WHY.


There’s no way I could pass to you. You’re too hopeless. That gives me one less player to pass to. Joining the club was your choice. Putting you on the roster was Coach’s choice. But, in all honesty, I see absolutely no reason why you would ever be needed on the field of play. I won’t pass to you. My job is to help Seiseki win. And as such, none of my choices include passing to you.


Wayne is in New York for Kinky Boots today so Jeff and Brad have both joined Colin and Ryan for the taping. {source}

Let's talk about the mic stand mix-up of 2013.

Someone on my dash tonight reblogged this moment from the last show at the Staples Center on 10 August 2013 and asked in their tags “Why is this so blurry?” I got curious if there was any other new/unseen footage of it so I went digging around. 

What I found was fascinating and changed the nature of the moment a lot for me. 

  1. It wasn’t intentional on Harry’s part to mix up the stands. 
  2. Louis honestly had no idea how to handle the situation.
  3. Liam had an existential crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen before.
  4. Louis was reprimanded by someone off stage (I think).
  5. Harry apologized.

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I think we could all use a little pick-me-up. So here’s a video I found recently. 

This was 17 March 2012 in New Jersey, same day and meet and greet as “Are you and Louis dating?” 

This girl gave them all homemade fan art of the boys as characters on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Niall was J.Wow

Liam was Snookie.

Zayn was Deena.

Harry and Louis were Sam and Ronnie.

Ronnie and Sam were a couple on the show and in real life.

Harry had seen the show and knew of Ronnie and Sam’s relationship status before this meet and greet, as he tweeted about them in July 2011.

Liam and Niall were polite but confused when they took their pictures.

Louis takes the picture of him and Harry and says “Perfect!” and promptly puts it in the box, so I don’t know if he got what was going on.

Zayn is too busy spraying fans with silly string to pay much attention to his picture.

And then there’s Harry. The girl hands him the picture and says “It’s you and Louis.”

She then goes on to explain “That’s Ron and Sam from Jersey Shore.”

Harry’s instinct is to immediately show Louis.

He says “Lou-eh” twice in a very Zayn-like inflection.

Louis says “I know!”

Then Harry puts the picture down, and the guy on the end takes it. Harry looks serious as he looks down and then back up at the girl who did the picture. 

And he decides to say “GREAT job” and is very serious about it.

His serious face reminds me of the face he made when he nodded in the affirmative motion when asked if he and Louis were dating this same day.

So basically, Harry was pleased two times on this day when someone thought he and Louis were dating, and he was not disgusted by the thought of it.

A Haylor Time Capsule

I get irrationally and selfishly sad about those few months before Haylor when making fun of the idea of Harry & Taylor was a game that Harry & Louis and the rest of the boys all played. They all willingly and happily let Louis turn it into a self-defense mechanism to take the sting out of it.

They thought it was going to be so easy, mildly annoying, another Haroline, but it was so much worse than that. Having experienced the firestorm that was Haylor, however, they (and we) now know what a toll it did take on them both. 

Before all of that profound heartache, however, there was this interview

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