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2012 Tattoos.

Do you ever think about 2012 in terms of Harry’s (and then Louis’) tattoos? When they got them and what they got in the context of what was going on around them during that time? Because it’ll knock you flat on your ass if you think about it too much. 

Harry’s star on 1 February 2012, perhaps a symbol more for himself that anyone else, as he got it 3 days after the official end of his “relationship” with Caroline, the first of his many public displays with women. 

Harry’s “won’t stop ‘til we surrender” in the middle of June when Eleanor had come and gone twice and would come again for a hastily planned public trip to France with Louis at the end of month. 

The hanger, “I can’t change” and birdcage with no door at the same time Harry and Louis were being publicly removed from each other’s lives, shopping for new houses as Eleanor and Louis went from flaunting their relationship to fans to flaunting it to the press. 

And that all hurts in ways that I can’t really articulate. But then I think about how Louis was with Harry at Shamrock in LA on 8 September 2012 when I think Harry was beginning to plan his birds and it was just a week before Bullshit 1.0. 

And I wonder how much they knew about what was coming with Taylor and Eleanor and the denials and the public stunts at public houses, and how the seemingly mad, emotional scramble to ink these things into their skin permanently was the best way they knew how to prepare and cope. 

I wonder what made Louis go “Ok, yes, I see how this helps you” and decide to start getting his own. And how pretty immediately after beginning to get his own, they were thinking in terms of couples tattoos. The “It is what it is” and butterfly appear to have been planned, and I wonder if it was initially the first set they were planning on getting together? 

That statement in the context of late 2012. “It is what it is” with that butterfly I think means you can’t turn back time and change. The knowledge and belief they were in it together, forever linked.

And then I inevitably wonder if the ship and compass was even planned at all. Or if it was an impulsive, emotional choice they had to make in order to make it through the next 4 weeks. 

I think a lot about how the ship and compass may have been their first really reckless, almost selfish declarations to each other, and how much joy and even relief they got from those tattoos in the first weeks after they got them. 

While a lot of us may think of 2012 with fondness, it was exceedingly difficult for them. And I think these first tattoos were an especially significant act.

scorpio compatibility
  • (this is done by most to least compatible!!)
  • scorpio and taurus: (complimentary signs!) they would each fall in love with each other's passion and they'd each get what they desire in a relationship. taurus gets a home of safety and comfort with someone who would be happy staying in or pulling them out if their comfort zone. taurus would be totally okay with scorpio's jealousy and theyd do anything to keep them from being jealous. scorpio would learn patience and taurus would learn to live in the moment!!
  • scorpio and capricorn: capricorn accepts scorpio's jealousy and devotes a lot of time and effort into making scorpio happy! scorpio has a shoulder to cry on and a person who will give them advice and teach them to think more realistically, while capricorn has someone to teach amd show off to which makes them really happy.
  • scorpio and pisces: they would each get the love and attention and affection that they both crave. pisces basically lives to love people and scorpio love that about them! neither would either feel lonely and scorpio would have no reason to ever feel jealous!!
  • scorpio and cancer: scorpio may have to pull cancer out of their comfort zones at times bc of fear. scorpio will tease cancer but in a loving way and cancer will give scorpio all the love they need and no reason to ever feel jealous. cancer may not be as passionate as scorpio at times and they both may be too moody. cancer will also have to teach scorpio to open up :)
  • scorpio and aries: scorpio's jealousy would either flatter or annoy aries and aries would get angry v easily in the relationship and that would make scorpio moody and it would just be one cycle. aries wouldnt like how secretive they are and how judgmental scorpio can be, especially if its them they're judging, but theyd think its hilarious when scorpio makes fun of people. their passion could probably light a room on fire and theyd most likely get arrested at least once in their relationship!!
  • scorpio and aquarius: (make or break signs!) this relationship coule either go ridiculously well or extremely awful!! (it mostly depends on the couple's moon signs or other signs in their charts!) if it went well, scorpio would be madly in love with aquarius' love of knowledge and life snd aquarius would be so attracted to scorpio's passion. aquarius would be accepting of scorpio's jealousy and all their little quirks and scorpio would learn that detachment doesnt mean no devotion!! theyd have all sorts of questionable adventures! if it went badly, aquarius would be really annoyed with how scorpio needs constant attention and scorpio would think aquarius' ego is far too big. they definitely could no be friends after a relationship and scorpio would probably seek revenge on aquarius.
  • scorpio and libra: libra would find scorpio's passion and jealousy intimidating but lowkey attractive although they can be scared of it at times. libra would be frustrated by scorpio's secretiveness and libra would make scorpio really jealous without knowing. scorpio finds libra's charm and class beautiful but boring at times.
  • scorpio and leo: they would be a very head turning couple and leo would really admire scorpio's jealousy which would most likely inflate their ego and cause them to play games with scorpio and make them even more jealous. scorpio would occasionally find leo very fake, but leo would really boost scorpio's confidence and easily cheer them up when theyre down.
  • scopio and scorpio: these two might actually have too much in common. they would cause each other to be really really jealous and their jealousy would just annoy each other. also there would be almost no communication bc they woupd bith hide their feelings from ech other. they would be madly attracted to each other for seemingly no reason at all and love each other's humor. most of their fun would be had by secretly judging everyone around them. they'd also easily cheer wach other up when they're sad within seconds!
  • scorpio and virgo: since virgo is very detail oriented and dedicated that would really please scorpio but scorpio would often feel that virgo is so much more dedicated to everything but them and scorpio would also hate how virgo turns their thoughts down for being too illogical. virgo wouldnt like how scorpio always needs attention and protecting and theyd be very annoyed by how unrealistic scorpio thinks. neither of them would share their feelings with each other and they would often be really bored by each other. during the relationship, virgo would learn that sometimes you need to take a break from things that are important to you to care for the ones you love and scorpio would learn that you shouldn't always need someone to look after you, somethings you have to do on your own. they probably wouldnt talk after a relationship.
  • scorpio and gemini: gemini's constant desire to be in action and to remain would tire scorpio out and cause them to become moody and scorpio's constant need of attention and affection would annoy gemini. scorpio would also think gemini is fake, but they would enjoy judging people together. gemini secretly seeks love the most in their life so once they accept scorpio it would turn out alright! gemini would also live to learn how scorpio feels and thinks so deeply!!
  • scorpio and sagittarius: scorpio would be hurt very easily by sagittarius' honesty and sagittarius would be annoyed a lot by scorpio's jealousy. sagittarius would learn to be more sensitive and that their actions will have consequences and scorpio will learn that people wont always censor themselves for you. the would also understand each others humor.
The differences matter.

Before Louis knows if it’s a Harry/older women joke:

After Louis hears it’s a Niall/older women joke:

How is that different than when Louis reacts to Harry and women references, you might ask?

Louis when Dan Wooten asked Harry if he was on Tinder:

Louis when an interviewer talked about her connection with Harry:

Louis when he had to physically get out of the way so Harry could kiss an interviewer on the cheek:

Louis when Barbara Walters called Harry “the flirt” who was linked to older women:

Louis when an interviewer asks them about Harry’s “womanizer reputation” and seeing his “lothario thing” in action:

Louis when Harry gets asked if it’s annoying he’s linked to every woman he’s photographed with:

Louis when Mario Lopez asked Harry if he’d been “naughty or nice” that year:

Louis after an interviewer told Harry to come back because she “NEEDED HIM.”

Louis watching an interviewer give Harry her number:

Louis when an interviewer asked Harry about going for drinks with Ed and Taylor:

That’s how it’s different.

Harry’s Couple Tattoo Instagram Post

I noticed that the URL to the list of “couples tattoos” that Harry Googled to find the one he posted on his Instagram is dead. 

Here’s the original picture as it appeared in the list:

Here’s Harry’s instagram post from 17 October 2012:

He took a close up picture of the hands on a computer monitor.

This was a slideshow of 75 pictures. This was the 62nd picture on the 5th page. That’s how invested Harry was in this concept.

What sparked his sudden interest, you might ask?

In the 5 days before Harry posted this instagram, Louis got his first 4 tattoos.

The reactions of my family when I told them I'm going to the Netherlands
  • Sister: Oh no, alone? (Then she called me one week early and when I said I was going next week *today*) Ah, you made me being all worried too early.
  • Mother: Be careful, call me then and then.(Making me all nervous since I really never were before I spoke to her)
  • Father: What are you gonna do there, get high?
Saf at Military Equestrian Exam
  • My family members: looking great!
  • Soldiers: you nailed it. totally. textbook.
  • My equestrian friends: why are you riding with a double bridle? and spurs? and a saddle? why are you riding????


I wanna have a discussion with y'all

So I literally was writing a NOVEL on how Richonne is my OTP of all otps, how I shipped them from the start of them meeting at the prison, and how although I KNEW they were going to get together, I just wish they had written in a scene or two more that would have gave the audience a hint that they were going to become a couple in 6x10. But then I deleted it all cuz I got to thinking that that was just nonsense. I didn’t need another scene letting me know what was gonna happen with their relationship because the hints were written out for me plain as day in the show itself. I realize that all the hints I ever neede were the reasons why I loved Richonne in the way that I did. They were spread out in every interaction, every look, every smile, every touch, and every amount of trust that I saw on my screen between the two. The forming of their relationship wasn’t something thrown together to make a good storyline; their relationship was a storyline made in and of itself that goes along with the characters journeys, it’s not an added something to give their character depth.

That’s what makes them beautiful/flawless/ and effortless. Richonne is love.

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Richonne is passion.

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Richonne is the reason why The Walking Dead is a beautiful as it is. Because it shows how powerful love can be in the middle of the end of the world ❤️


I think we could all use a little pick-me-up. So here’s a video I found recently. 

This was 17 March 2012 in New Jersey, same day and meet and greet as “Are you and Louis dating?” 

This girl gave them all homemade fan art of the boys as characters on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Niall was J.Wow

Liam was Snookie.

Zayn was Deena.

Harry and Louis were Sam and Ronnie.

Ronnie and Sam were a couple on the show and in real life.

Harry had seen the show and knew of Ronnie and Sam’s relationship status before this meet and greet, as he tweeted about them in July 2011.

Liam and Niall were polite but confused when they took their pictures.

Louis takes the picture of him and Harry and says “Perfect!” and promptly puts it in the box, so I don’t know if he got what was going on.

Zayn is too busy spraying fans with silly string to pay much attention to his picture.

And then there’s Harry. The girl hands him the picture and says “It’s you and Louis.”

She then goes on to explain “That’s Ron and Sam from Jersey Shore.”

Harry’s instinct is to immediately show Louis.

He says “Lou-eh” twice in a very Zayn-like inflection.

Louis says “I know!”

Then Harry puts the picture down, and the guy on the end takes it. Harry looks serious as he looks down and then back up at the girl who did the picture. 

And he decides to say “GREAT job” and is very serious about it.

His serious face reminds me of the face he made when he nodded in the affirmative motion when asked if he and Louis were dating this same day.

So basically, Harry was pleased two times on this day when someone thought he and Louis were dating, and he was not disgusted by the thought of it.


“Get To Know Me” Meme

Favorite Movie [2/5] - A Walk To Remember

“Jamie has faith in me. She makes me want to be different, better”


TITLE: Bruna
CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Ch 3 of 5- In Which a Friendship is Tested
AUTHOR: staria
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine working in a coffee shop and having Loki as a regular customer. You screwed up his order the first time you ever prepared a coffee for him a few months ago so he really dislikes you but as time passes by he starts talking more to you and doesn’t seem to hold that big of a grudge anymore.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Once more, language. There’s not a lot of Loki on this one, but other things unfold.


After a few months of seeing Loki regularly at the coffee shop, things had fallen into a regular pattern were he would come in, get a drink, and talk to all of us for a bit. He was now talking to me as well and didn’t mind me preparing his coffee but he still prefered Jessica’s over mine, which was fine by me. I was mostly glad that we were over the awkward I-think-you’re-the-worst-barista-ever phase, because there’s nothing worse than having an annoying customer bitching about you all the time.

One day, me and Jessica were talking after the morning rush when Loki came for his coffee. He approached us and greeted us in the usual way.

“Good morning, my lovely beauties.”

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aaaaaa there's so many good prompts, but how about “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.” ❤️

ahahaha I know XDDD I really love that list, there’s not a single bad prompt on it…

High school au ‘cause those are always fun~

“I’m being annoying, aren’t I?” Gon asks aloud and heat floods his cheek at the light snickering he gets in response.

“Well, I dunno, you’re always annoying to some degree, Gon-”

“Killua!” Gon whines and Killua only laughs harder. Gon can hear his tiny gasps of air through the crackling static, the kind that Killua only makes when he’s really- genuinely- laughing. The sound makes Gon’s heart flutter helplessly in response and Gon closes his eyes with a quiet sigh.

Killua’s laughter really is the best sound in the world. Even if he is laughing at Gon’s expense.

“Killua,” he grumbles again into his cell phone’s speaker, eyes still shut, and Killua’s chuckling finally dies down.

“Sorry, sorry.” Gon can practically hear his best friend grinning. “It’s just, you kind of walked into that one, you know.”

Gon sticks out his tongue. Killua can’t see him, but the move feels appropriate, somehow. “I was being serious! I know I’ve been calling you a lot, lately…”

“Mm, that’s true. You really didn’t need to call me about your math homework. I think even you know the answer to two plus two.”

“Hey!” Gon says loudly and Killua’s laughter is back. “That’s mean, Killua! If it really bothered you, you don’t have to pick up!”

“Nah, I do. Who else would tell you what the powerhouse of the cell is and all that wonderful crap they try to shove into our brains on a daily basis?”

Gon rolls his eyes. “I know what the mitochondria is, Killua.”

“Are you sure it’s the mitochondria?”

“Yes,” he says immediately, then sits up straight. “Wait. It is, isn’t it? I’m sure Mr. Wing said that last class-”

“I dunno, I guess you’ll just have to look it up, won’t you?”

Gon slumps back into his desk chair with a drawn-out groan. He really doesn’t want to look that up. Killua’s probably just messing with him, but he can’t be sure and Aunt Mito says he has to get better grades or else he’ll get stuck behind a grade, and that can’t happen because Killua would go ahead and Gon doesn’t want to be anywhere that Killua isn’t, and-

“Gon,” Killua says, tone soft and warm, and Gon’s breath catches in his throat.


“You’re never annoying, okay? You can call me whenever you want, even if you don’t have a reason to.”

Gon swallows thickly. He clutches the phone tighter, blood suddenly roaring in his ears.

“That’s not it,” he says quietly and Killua makes a confused sound. 

“What is it then?”

“Well…I always have a reason to call you,” he says honestly. “I love your voice, Killua. That’s all the reason I’ll ever need.”

Let's talk about the mic stand mix-up of 2013.

Someone on my dash tonight reblogged this moment from the last show at the Staples Center on 10 August 2013 and asked in their tags “Why is this so blurry?” I got curious if there was any other new/unseen footage of it so I went digging around. 

What I found was fascinating and changed the nature of the moment a lot for me. 

  1. It wasn’t intentional on Harry’s part to mix up the stands. 
  2. Louis honestly had no idea how to handle the situation.
  3. Liam had an existential crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen before.
  4. Louis was reprimanded by someone off stage (I think).
  5. Harry apologized.

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Let Her Go // H.S.

Harry’s P.O.V

I don’t think you fully know what you have till it’s gone. Especially when it your fault their gone. My heart rips each time I think of her. Each time someone mentions he’s. Each time I examine the old pictures snapped by a sneaky paparazzi of us, holding hands, the lights catching in her wavy hair and glittering in her eyes. My mum once said her eyes were even brighter than mine. I see that now.

The other day, while making my bed, I found one of her quirky tube socks. It was rainbow colored. Striped. She loved them. She wore them religiously, ever since her friend got bullied for being gay. I wonder if she’s still terrified of cats, automatically leaving the room as soon as my cat, Dusty, slinked in. I wonder if she still listens to tour music before she shuts her eyes at night. I wonder if she moved on. I wonder if she still loves me

The door to my room opens and clicks shut, someone sits on my bed. My back is turned to them, and I shut the lid to my laptop. I’m positive its Gemma, and I’m just as sure that she doesn’t want to watch me down in a sea of nostalgia and regret like I’ve been doing for the past 2 months.

“You ok H?” Gemma asks from her spot on my bed. The same bed y/n would lie next to me in while we listened to oldie albums and talked about aliens and dinosaurs and zombies. I can’t think of impossible things anymore. Well I can think of one- getting the chance to go back in time and change what I did. I wish I had a redo button.

“No I’m not ok,” I answer, my voice muffled by my hands. “I miss her. I’m so stupid. When people say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, they had a really good point.”

Silence. I think I can even hear the gears turning in Gemma’s head as she struggles to figure out what to say. Or maybe I’m going insane. That could very well explain why I took her heart  and mangled it in my hands. along with my own. The absence of a properly functioning brain.

“You should talk to her” she suggest quietly. As if the slightest increase in volume could shatter me into a million shards of Harry. I might as well glue a “CAUTION BREAKABLE” sign on my head. “Go find her. Call her up or something. It’s depressing to see you mope around. You didn’t leave things right between you two. Go fix it. Or at least make it better.

“It’s not simple” I groan, pulling at my curls in frustration. Mainly because, part of my brain actually believed tracking her down and apologizing for what happened could work. I failed to believe I could risk seeing her in hand with someone else without falling apart. Or worse, not finding her at all.

“Why not? You said you miss her,” the bed creaks and her hand places my phone in the desk next to my laptop. On the screen, Gemma pulled up her number. Her name on the screen mocks me. Torture my heart mercilessly. We used to talk on the phone for hours. She always had a terrible habit of nodding while on the phone, as if I could see her, I want to see her.

The air in the room is too thick and I can’t breathe. Grabbing my phone, I stalk out in to the late April breeze. Outside my house, I stop for a second to stare at her name on my phone again. My thumbs hit ‘Call’ without my permission. I swear at myself, then press the phone to my ear.

Dial tone, Dial tone, Dial tone, Dial tone. “I’m sorry but the number you wish to concoct to is no longer serviceable. Please retype the number and try again.”

I’m numb. I don’t feel my feet carry me down the road of Holmes Chapel. I don’t hear fans calling my name. Instead I stumble on, blind, deaf, mute, and entirely numb. Feeling this disappointed is dangerous.

I don’t realize I’m standing at the edge of the pond until I’m there, gazing out at the murky water with its moss and lily pads floating delicately on top. I bet its a hard job. To remain floating no matter what pushes you down. Unless you’re equipped to float despite the circumstances.

What am I talking about?

On the other end of the pond, a girl is hugging her legs to her chest, watching the pond just as closely as I had her. Her hair cascaded down her back in messy waves. The light catches her eyes. I almost stop breathing.

With every step I take, I remember the time we would visit this pond, our safe haven, skipping rocks or climbing trees that surround it. For a girl who trips over her own feet, she scaled trees gracefully and nimbly. Trees always fascinated her. According to her, I reminded her of them, reaching higher and higher to better things in life. Apparently, I don’t know when to stop reaching.

I stop 3 years away from her. I can’t do it. I am a coward. She hates me. I’ll say hi or something stupid and the she rattles off the long list of horrible things I did to her that day. And I’ll break.

I absently kicked a rock and it rolled into the pond, producing ripples. One movement resulting in many more, many more. Her trance broke. A pair of eyes meet mine and my chest burst into flames as her lips form a perfect ‘O’. Her bright yellow shorts dirty from sitting on the ground.

She isn’t smiling. Neither am I.

“What are you doing her? she asks so quietly, the chirping of the birds nearly over power her voice.

Shoving her hands into my pockets, I decide to tell the truth. “I… uhhhh.. don’t really know. I just… came here” I step closer hesitantly. She doesn’t protest. Although she appears wary, she does quite the opposite.

“You can sit down” she says. So I do. And we stare at each other, memorizing our faces just in case this never happens again. Last time I saw her, she was in tears, her face blotchy from sobbing. Not only had I made a girl cry, I made her sob, and she wasn’t the crying type.

My mouth opens up without my consent. “I’ve been thinking about what life would be like if we could have a redo button. That way when we screw up, we can just redo it, so it’ll never happen again. The ugly scars would be gone for good. Life would be much easier.”

“Typical Harry, always wanting the easy way out.” Her words stung and she knows it. She takes a deep breath. “Look, we need mistakes to learn if we hit a redo button, that’s like getting off for free and pretending everything’s okay when it’s not” she glanced up and I’m lost. Eyes this beautiful can’t be real. But they are.

“How about this then,” I start, her eyes filling me with strength to say what I should’ve said from the start. “Bringing that girl Home was the worst mistake of my life. And saying that you weren’t good enough and saying that I needed to get away from you was equally bad. I’ve been regretting it everyday since then. All I can ever do is remember the good times we had and all the reasons I love you. You’re all I’ve ever wanted and needed. If anything, you’re too good for me. I still have your socks. I sleep with them. That’s how insane missing you has driven me. I can’t think without your name, or face or voice haunting me at night and I don’t think all the “I’m sorry” can fix what I did to you.”

Somehow our bodies are closer, almost touching. The entire countryside of Cheshire is silent, holding its breath for her response. A train of thought is chugging through her brain on a windy, precarious track. Caution in mandatory.

 Meanwhile, I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff, hoping she’d forgive me. She thought fully traces stick people into the dirt with a stick. A slight gust of wind dances through, causing the trees to whisper their encouragement. She closes her eyes and listens to their voices and after an agonizing silence, she opens them. And smiles at me.

 “You’re not easy to stay mad at Styles,” she admits, and laughs weakly. The wind blows strands of her hair into her eyes and she scrunches her face the way she does when she’s annoyed. I brush it away and she stares up at me. And I’m staring back. And those stupid little butterflies I get whenever I’m around her come back. Before I know it, we’re both leaning in ever so slowly. My hands lift up to caress her face and she places her smaller ones over mine. My lips just barely graze hers. She shakes her head and whispers “I can’t do this.” 

I slid my lips down to her neck instead. Her pulse is racing, just like mine. “Why not” I whispered back. Again I don’t know why we’re whispering, but we do.

“I’m not ready to be in a relationship with you again Harry. Maybe I will sooner or later, but not know.” My hopes are falling from the high place I put them. How stupid I was to think an apology could make everything better again. I guess life doesn’t work that way.

 I remove my lips from the skin on her neck and she uses her tiny fingers to life my head back up, to where she can fully see me. She twirls one of my curls around her index finger like she used to and I feel a little more at ease. 

“That doesn’t mean I don’t love you” she says as reassurance. I grinned wide, flashing my dimples. She poked them and laugh. She still loves me, y/n still loves me. 

“Then I’ll wait,” I decide, laying down on the ground. She lies next to me at a friendly distance. “Because I’ll do anything to make you happy” 

So we lied there, talking about used-to-be’s while watching frogs leap from one lily pad to another. Not one sank.

There are a few aphobic arguments that are actually worth a little thought, but the “A stands for Ally” one does not

That one is possibly the most ridiculous one i’ve ever heard

There is no reason AT ALL for cishet allies to need a letter. They’re not LGBT. You can walk around in circles arguing whether or not “straight” aces or aromantics belong, but like. I think we can all agree that cishet people who aren’t ace/aro don’t belong there. They don’t need a letter. Putting “i support the gays” in your blog description doesn’t make you an honorary gay, try again.

“But it’s useful to have the letter stand for Ally if you’re closeted,” you say. But like. No? It’s not? Tell me, if you’re in the closet, because you fear for your life or your livelihood or just don’t want to come out, are you going to go around telling people you’re a part of the LGBT community? You’re absolutely not going to do that. That makes no sense. Even if the person you’re talking to thinks that A stands for Ally, they’re not going to assume that’s what you meant.

“But in school clubs–” At my school, we have a Gay Straight Trans Alliance. Straight is included for straight people who want to learn how to be an ally, and also for closeted people who don’t want to come out. It doesn’t mention all the other letters in the acronym, but like, it’s a club, not a label describing all the members of a specific community. You can call yourself a member of the GSTA and not be gay, but you can’t call yourself a member of the LGBT community if you aren’t actually.

So like, if your go-to argument is “A stands for Ally”, consider not using it? Because it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter that the person who put the A in there designated it for allies. Allies aren’t a part of the LGBT community, no matter how much they put forth to keep us safe or whatever. 

A stands for Asexual.

i want to forget all the things you said to me. i want to forget the times you said you loved me, the times you said i was all you’d ever need. i wish i could erase all the reasons you said you were happy, now that you use them against me.
i wish i could leave behind the words you said that hurt me, all the times you never cared enough to spare a dose of compassion
but most of all i wish i could take back all the love i ever fucking gave you, all the effort i put into you, all the sappy words i spun together into beautiful lace for you. you don’t deserve them anymore, and i wish they would burn with every fond memory of you my heart ever carried
you’re dead to me and i wouldn’t have it any other way

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shush friends 4 or 5? Also, why do you call them shush friends?

“Shush friends” comes from this post.

5. A kiss that was never given

Shouto sat alone in a waiting room, dreading the sight and sound of his father. He still smarted from the last fight, and his fading burns from Bakugou’s quirk still stung. His head still swam with the same syrupy fog that had kept him from calling up fire. He probably could have won, if he had. Or at least he could have given a better account of himself than that mess.

The disorder in his mind played merry hell on his attention, which was why he didn’t notice that he wasn’t alone until Midoriya was already sitting down next to him.

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A/N – Oh my thi took so long but it was so worth it to get it out of the way. remind me to keep it updated in the future to save myself hours of doing this. I added summaries for you guys, thought it might come in handy, ill be updating the master list in my bio tomorrow with summaries too so yeah. Love you all x

- E x


KEY: * means sad imagines, because I know some people aren’t really into reading sad one’s, so thought id include a warning.


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