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With All My Heart - Part 8

Word Count: 3003

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Medical Situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome and encouraged

With All My Heart Masterlist

“You sure you’re gonna be ok with me gone?” Jensen asked for the 500th time. He was packing his bag to leave for PhoenixCon and while you didn’t really want him to go you knew he couldn’t disappoint the fans to stay behind with you.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine.” You reassured, wrapping your arms around him from behind and resting your head against his shoulder. “Emma will be here and Gen is gonna come by when Emma has to work so I’m pretty much covered. Plus, the dogs will keep me company.” You glanced over at Oscar and Icarus, who were both staring at you intently.

Jensen spun in your arms and put his arms around your neck, checking your face to see if you were lying. “Sorry the doctor said you couldn’t go. I really thought she’d say yes. You’re doing so well.”

“Yeah. Me too.” You sighed. “Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me on Twitter and stuff about singing since I did it in Rome. I was actually kinda hoping I’d get to do it again…”

“Wait.” Jensen stopped and blinked, pulling away from you while he continued to pack his clothes. “You actually…were planning on singing with me? Like on stage?”

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Detective Conan File 1001 [Japanese to English Translation]
  • This is just like the blood ceiling…

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Ace Attorney Narumitsu/Wrightworth Fanfiction Rec List

Currently I am not really in a writing mood, but in a reading mood! I promise I’ll write more fanfics soon, but these last few days I love to spend hours on finding and reading fanfics of others!

There are so many fantastic AA stories out there that need to be read by the fandom! :D

This list includes old and new written completed Narumitsu/Wrightworth fanfics! There are many amazing stories which are on hiatus or not completed, but I have not added them here.

There are a few 7-year-gap fics, this period is one of my favorites to read about!

Rated G-M. Summaries are taken from AO3 and are written by the original author.

Have fun!!!!!!!! :D


 Narumitsu (one-shots)

·         daisy test by kokiche

“Okay,” he acquiesces, lips turning up only a little. He sits up from the sofa and looks at Edgeworth, at his desk. “Back in fourth grade, toward the end of the year, Larry had told me of a way to figure out if your crush liked you back, right? It was called the daisy test.”

·         Compress by Gummysaur

Edgeworth didn’t know what he expected when he flew all the way from Europe to visit Phoenix Wright in the hospital. Certainly not this.

·         psycholocked by unsungillumination

*spoilers for trials and tribulations*
the missing hospital scene from case five (bridge to the turnabout) of trials and tribulations. edgeworth arrives at the hospital in a panic only to find that phoenix’s biggest immediate problem is with the pudding. edgeworth, on the other hand, is about to acquire a bigger problem - one shaped like an attorney’s badge.

·         Yours, Mine, and Maybe Ours by estelraca

Phoenix convinces Miles to bring Trucy in with him for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, despite Miles’ misgivings. Everything becomes even more complicated when Kay Faraday and Shi-Long Lang call on him for assistance. Set between the original trilogy and Apollo Justice; mild spoilers for both Investigations games.

·         The Walk to Tomorrow by Commander_Freddy

After all they’ve been through, it’s strange that something so important could be so simple, but for Miles and Phoenix, falling in love, at least, doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Some stress relief fluff that I wrote purely to cheer myself up - there is literally negative plot but there is a lot of lawyers falling into the bright and bitter kind of love that can only come from a lifetime of belligerent teamwork.

·         Remember, Remember, 5th November by Carazard

Quick fluffy oneshot. Phoenix and Miles are in London on a ‘work related trip’, however it just so happens to co-inside with the local celebrations of Bonfire Night.

·         At Your Pace by Tarma_Hartley for phoenxwright

Miles and Phoenix have been dating for awhile. Miles isn’t used to physical affection and Phoenix respects that, going at the pace that Miles, himself, sets…

·         always welcome by deiectus

After the events in Hazakurain, Phoenix, shaken by the case, needs someone to talk to. He goes to Edgeworth.

·         to whom do I owe the pleasure? (Smile For Me) by Loreley

In a time of crisis, Miles Edgeworth had chosen “death”– and yet, when he came back, Phoenix forgave him. Now, when faced of a crisis of his own, what will Phoenix Wright choose? Or, when Phoenix comes to visit Miles after his disbarment, and Miles does not receive the guest he expects to. He did not think he would be spending the evening with a handsome stranger in a mask.

·         Overdue by sugawara

Miles had made foolish decisions in the past. He was not about to make them again.

·         Things I Won’t Regret by withpractice_ff

Phoenix Wright keeps his promises.

·         As You Wish by howbadcanmyficsbe

December 3, 9:47AM. Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy. Phoenix and Edgeworth have a Roman holiday not long after Gavin’s conviction.

·         A Fool In Love (With You) by gen

Miles and Phoenix (finally, no really, after two years of being engaged) decide to tie the knot. On the day of the wedding, they are reminded of all the moments that got them there.

Narumitsu (several to many chapters)

·         Welcome Home by GouKanraku

[Occurs after the end of Trials and Tribulations] Phoenix’s apartment is getting torn down, and he is running fast out of options. However, instead of resorting to living in the woods of Kurain Valley or on Larry’s couch, he knows that there is a certain prosecutor that just might take him in. Just how hard was it for Phoenix to make himself comfortable in the home of the Demon Prosecutor? Surprisingly, it was easier than one would think…

·         Consequences by tastewithouttalent

“'Just stay for a few days,’ Phoenix pleads. ‘You don’t even have to get a hotel or anything, I have a couch you can stay on.’” Edgeworth stays on Phoenix’s couch for a few days and there are some unintended consequences.

·         To Turnabout Eternally by Ari_Alleyn

For years, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright have fought both singly and together to protect others from injustice. When the well-guarded secret of Edgeworth’s sexuality is exposed, however, it’s up to Phoenix to remind his long-time friend and rival that everyone deserves a happy ending. Phoenix/Edgeworth.

·         Promise You’ll Stay by Valethra

The story of how Miles came to secretly live with Phoenix every time he’s in LA.

·         Surviving You by pantswarrior

Phoenix’s life falls into disarray after Zak’s trial. Luckily, he’s found someone in the aftermath who will help him get back on his feet, who will support him and never leave him… and that might not be such a good thing after all.

·         Legal Partners by Miggy

Miles Edgeworth isn’t totally sure how he ended up in this bet to demonstrate the strength of his and Phoenix Wright’s (entirely professional and platonic! really!) relationship, but he knows it’s Klavier’s fault. (Full story on FF net!)

·         Nihil Dicit by wildfillysama

Miles Edgeworth has some figuring out to do, now that he’s back and officially not dead. He’s not the only one. Between Phoenix Wright getting his life back on track and Edgeworth now apparently moonlighting as a detective, some serious decisions need to be made without the assistance of alcohol or Larry Butz. Maybe even with a little bit of maturity on both of their parts. Or not.

·         School Daze by nerdyskeleton (this is an AU)

They say being a teacher is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. New art teacher Phoenix Wright isn’t sure who “they” are and what kind of angelic students they must have had, because the Themis Middle School students are really something else altogether.

Lastly, some completed Narumitsu fanfics by me, if you guys are interested :)

·         A Day We Will Never Forget by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

Phoenix and Miles visit Kurain village together, as Miles has decided it is time for him to finally meet his father. However, after the session he is comforted by Phoenix and it leads to more emotions than Miles had ever imagined. Sad but fluffy Narumitsu edited one-shot.

·         Actions Speak Louder Than Words by atarashiishousetsuka (one-shot)

‘I-I feel an urge…,’ the man with silver hair began. 'An urge?’ - 'A-an urge to… k-kiss you…’

Phoenix and Miles’ first kiss. Cute one-shot.

·         Thank You, My Turnabout by atarashiishousetsuka (21 chapters)

Phoenix Wright knows he depends too much on Miles Edgeworth ever since his disbarment. However, he has the feeling Miles relies more on him as well. This story revolves around the beginning of the disbarment of Phoenix, the adoption of Trucy, their trips to Europe, the regaining of his badge and Turnabout for Tomorrow. The friendship between the two men grows.

I’ll likely add more recs, I have read just a small part of all existing fanfics.

Perhaps I will make a recommendation list of domestic Narumitsu and platonic fanfics too :D

Please reblog and tag other AA fans who like to read Narumitsu fanfics as well!


Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: smut and violence

A/n: this is a short lil chapter, but next one will be action packed! Sorry this took so long to get out – I’ve been super unmotivated to write, but I hope you enjoy x

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anonymous asked:

Smth from my own experience and it might be silly but hear me out: "banging on their neighbour's door yelling: 'you're working out in your apartment almost every night and i can't concentrate/sleep. can you fucking find a gym alrea--... well hello there, it seems like it's paying off. never mind.'" percabeth au

dedicated to son-of-rome cause I know he likes this ship 

  • Jason could no longer deal 
  • he was in the middle of finals and the non stop noises coming from the apartment above him were too much 
  • every night from 9:30 to 11pm for three weeks there was non stop jumping and running around and things hitting the floor– it was anarchy 
  • Jason’s physics final was tomorrow and he could not afford to be distracted at all but he decided to wait to see if maybe tonight was the night the noise didn’t come 
  • but it did 
  • he tried to study through it but it was 10 and he had retained approximately 0% of what he had been reading for the past half hour 
  • next thing he knew he was practically flying up the stairs and before he could think better of it he was banging on the door 
  • after a couple minutes of knocking the door opened and behind it stood a beautiful man 
  • he was 6′3″, shirtless, sweaty, and had beautiful brown skin 
  • Jason’s mouth went dry 
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” 
  • “Uh.. yeah… I… uh…” Jason shook his head to clear it, “I live downstairs and I think you’re working out and the noise makes it really hard to study and I have a final tomorrow and you really should just get a gym membership or go running or something” he blurted out 
  • “Oh shit, I’m sorry man. I didn’t even think about if I was bothering you. I just got into boxing so I’ve been jump roping and doing weights at home when I can since being on call at the hospital makes it hard to get to a gym.” 
  • “You’re a doctor?” 
  • “I’m doing my residency, yeah.” 
  • “Sorry for barging up here like that, I just really need to do well on this final and I’m kind nervous about it.” 
  • “No problem, man. I totally get it. I’ll give it a rest for the remainder of the week okay? And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great on that final.” 
  • “Thanks, I appreciate that. I’m Jason by the way, nice to meet you.” Jason reached out to shake the stranger’s hand 
  • “Nice to meet you Jason, I’m Brick.” 
Tagging game

ASDFGHJK Thank you so much @oftrickstersandmoose for tagging me and saying that about my blog!! That’s sooo sweet <333

I am going to do this thing, even though no one probably cares that much… Still, I will use this opportunity to tell everyone that reads this that THEY ARE AWESOME AND SIMPLY SOME ADORABLE CUTE LITTLE ANGELS ^-^

Nickname: Riri (no one actually calls me like that, but I found out it’s another abbreviation of my name so I love it =)) )
Gender: Fangirl (that’s it. That’s my gender. Forget about female, I am a fan-femme ❤︎)   
Star Sign: Libra ^^ (the most indecisive person ever, I admit it) 
Height: a bit more than 5ft 1′ I think? (I know, I know… I am literally a shrimp! But at least I get to stay in front of tall people and watch better everything XD)
Time: time…time is irreversible.. the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole… But, yeah, it’s about midnight here, if that’s the question =)  
Birthday: Oct 1st  ❤︎
Favourite Bands: *pulls out powerpoint project* Are you sure of this?? *brings pictures and merchandise* jk XD My favorite band EVER will forever be Fall out boy I love them SO much,my wonderful adorable obsession!! <333 I also love mcr (my babies asdfghjk), p!atd, bvb, Green Day, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, The Offspring, The Beatles, Journey, Metallica, Gnr, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Boston,CCR, Van Halen, BOC, Asia, lynyrd skynyrd, alice cooper, Eagles… The list can go on till tomorrow :)) Also, a special mentioning would be Abba and Modern Talking <333 and, of course, my second favorite band (I shamelessly admit I have 90 songs of them on my phone device), QUEEN XD
Favourite Solo Artists: hard to choose, uggh… My favorite singer used to be Celine Dion, so… I also love Kylie Minogue, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Barbra streisand, Amy Grant, Bob Dylan, Elvis, too many to think of right now… Could I add Richard too?? =)) (even though he always says he is NOT a musician, his voice is wonderful aaaahh *sighs*) 
Song Stuck in My Head: “All star” by Smash Mouth! It’s kind of making me feel more confident though, but it’s annoyingly catchy… Oh and yeah, how could I forget about “anyway you want it” by Journey, it got stuck in my mind for a whole week, I am so glad I got over it 
Last Movie I Watched: Forrest Gump =) (watched it today, I admit I have cried a lot to it, and now I have only southern accents stuck in my head heeelp)
Last Show I Watched: Big Bang Theory <33 (I adore sitcoms) I was trying to see if I can get to watch more Star Trek on tv, but instead I saw this :)
When did I create my blog?: umm…My main one, I think around October last year?? And this secondary little thing that made my life better, I think sometime in May :))
What do I post? Post or reblog?: Both? =)) I reblog brilliant posts and I write anything that comes into my mind about Gabe <3 Also, I just simply adore making photo edits, gifs and stuff like that with him, so…
Last Thing I Googled: it’s actually “sunburnt” because I got one during hiking yesterday, so I needed to know how to treat it better XD (I am so glad I didn’t have to do this game earlier, when my last thing was “how to burn people”, I assure you I am not a psychopath hehhe… Even though it was annoying that google was showing results for “good comebacks”, not actually burning people alive…)
Any other blogs?: Hells yeah. Not many though. My main one where I haven’t posted anything for six months, a side blog with nice book quotes and nature landscapes that finally turned into a fandom one (oops!!) and one with song lyrics where I make photo edits and post mostly fob and mcr lyrics because when I don’t find them on google I must make them by myself :D  But here I have most of my followers <33
Do you get asks?: Umm…Nope, never got one, only messages, but happily waiting for some =) 
The Story Behind My Username: *coughs*……it was, my darlings, the summer of 2017 when me meets the other inner me and I’m like “yo, I know about music” and the other me is like “yo, I know more about music!! ”, “that’s impossible! Do you wanna start a side blog? We’ll call it after your new favorite song ever that makes your heart sing and melt in the same time because of the most adorable mellow sweet feathered golden angel, that small tiny muffin who ruined your life” and I was like “yeah that’s cool” and that’s it XD Actually, I came up with the idea of this blog when I realized how obsessed I was with Gabe and at 2 AM I was creating gifs just to post them here, and the only logical username that came in my mind was this, I just love the heat of the moment!!! <33 *starts humming while eating a candy bar and sobbing in a corner*
Following: 155! ;D
Favourite Color: GREEN! Grass green, cyclam, turquoise, that coral red-orange wonderful thing, blue violet, sunflower bright yellow (guess why ;)))…
Average Hours of Sleep: probably eight hours. Sometimes 6, sometimes 11… Two weeks ago I slept only one hour, yesterday 12, so it depends XD
Lucky Number: 111 <3 Not lucky, but favorite one I guess :)) But usually all my lucky numbers contain “1” so… I also love 21, dunno why
Instruments: Fountain pen. JUST KIDDING! If it means musical instruments, I used to play piano and violin, but now I only know a bit to play the national anthem, that’s all… Currently I am into guitar, I have been trying for six months to learn how to play it from youtube tutorials, I can play couple of chords ;D
What I’m wearing right now: whoa easy there, tagging game! (just a joke again, sorry ^-^) It’s actually only a dress with green and pink floral print because summer nights when you don’t want to go to sleep, just to stare at the stars, hum songs and spend time on tumblr, that’s why :) I just find dresses easier to wear when the heat outside overwhelms you
How many blankets do I sleep with?: umm… Like now, during summer? Only a white sheet, it’s too hot (even though I sometimes want to go back to my warm blanket in case of monster night attacks). But on winter I can sleep with two wool blankets or even more… :) 
Dream Job: Cardiothoracic Surgeon or any kind of doctor in general :)) It’s been my dream since I was two, I just love anatomy…<3 (probably I shouldn’t add my temporary dreams too, like becoming an actress, a Broadway singer, a detective or a novel writer and artist, should I?^^) 
Dream Trip: aaah hard to say, but I think it would be a road trip in Arizona or any western desert part in general, while driving an old rusty convertible car (preferably an impala, of course), watching the ruby sun going down into the lakes painted on the azure sky and the stars sparkling brightly at night, feeling the freedom air and humming old rock songs (and singing “take it easy” when I get to Winslow, AZ :D)… Also, another dream trip would be in my favorite cities: NYC (to see Tiffany’s and Broadway :)), Paris (mainly the opera house and get to sing “bonjour Paris” like in Funny Face) and Rome (driving  a scouter or riding a vintage bike on the old streets, while picking ruby geraniums and singing Dean Martin songs aahh). Also, a trip to provence where I can dance through the lavender fields, the Alpes with warm small cottages or Greece would be wonderful (as long as I can admire the landscapes and the local culture with not so many people around… ^^)
Favourite Food: grilled chicken with french fries and any kind of dessert (chocolate especially)<33 Also a bunch of sour soups, pasta, fish, meat, pizza and hamburgers, jam with butter and honey, cereals with milk, bacon and eggs, meatballs, chicken soup with dumplings, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, pancakes, and this list could go on and on…. (now I got hungry ugh…)
Nationality: Romanian :) (this should explain the “sour soup” thing) 
Favourite Song Right Now: umm…*trying to make up my mind while sweating nervously* Probably still the heat of the moment, or Tiffany Blews by fob… But right now, I mean really RIGHT NOW, I think it would be “don’t stop believing” it’s so uplifting and purely…gorgeous :)

Sorry for the long post, in real life I never speak up, yet, here, I am a chatter box oops >.<

Now, the ceremony of tagging people! *drums beating*… Aaaand the nominees are….LEONARDO DiCAPRIO!! (SOORY just a silly joke ^^) Now, for real, I am tagging :  @scarlettwinchester23  ( ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ) , @sabriel-fanboy-83, @akhuna01, @hunters-hiraeth, @tricksterxangel, @lisiblack, @chaotictrickster, @quaker-wtf-lass and any other cinnamon roll that wants to do this, but I know you won’t do it unless I tag you, so, here you are : @that-sweet-person-who-read-my-ramblings-and-wants-to-do-this-game-too  ❤︎  You have been officially tagged ;) 

I love you all so much!! <3

Peter Doherty, interview for Plugged France, dec 2016

Peter: “Hi! Who’s speaking?

Hello Peter, it’s Thomas, from Plugged Magazine
 Hi Thomas. I’m waiting for the soundcheck for tonight’s gig. We have about 20 minutes.

I’m glad I’m finally able to talk to you because… [Peter interrupts me]
 Can you remember your dream, Tony?

[Silence, we think he’s talking to someone else]
 Tony? Tony are you still here?

Tony? No, I’m Thomas.
 Oh… Sorry. Can you remember your dream from last night Thomas?

Hum… No… Sorry. Why?
 Because I had a horrible dream. I’m still upset about it.

What kind of dream was it?
 Oh believe me, you don’t want to know!

Why did you tell me about it then?
 I don’t know.

Ok. Let’s talk about the Bataclan then, if you don’t mind. The first gig was very emotional for the audience. Was it emotional for you too?
 Yeah… Honestly, I was very anxious towards this gig. I didn’t know if I could make it. I was less into it the second night, but the first show was amazing. Many emotions, and also many good vibes. Are you French?

PD: How old are you?

35, why?
PD: Oh, we’re almost the same age! That’s cool.

Hum…Yes. Back to the Bataclan, you’ve always had a special relationship with France. Is that the reason you wanted to be one of the first artists to play there?
PD: Yeah, fuck yeah! It’s hard to talk about this. It was important for me, so important I didn’t want to fuck it up. It was a big honour to be on that stage, especially after what happened. I couldn’t believe it when I’d been asked. So many people died in Paris these last few years. And I love Paris you know. I could die for Paris! Love and Paris are the only things I’m ready to die for.

There was a very good atmosphere at your gig, very positive, really.
PD: Yes, I had never seen something like that. Many times, I stopped to watch the audience. I couldn’t believe my eyes. People were laughing and dancing… To be honest, I had never witnessed something like this in Paris. That’s not a very Parisian attitude.

Generally speaking, do you think the Parisian audience is cold?
PD: Not cold, I would say worried. Usually, you can see the audience half into the gig and half lost in thoughts. But that night, it was beautiful. My grandfather fought in Paris during the war.. He was wearing a uniform and was looking for a man. Have I told you this story yet?

Not at all!
PD: Well, he found the man! I’ll tell you another time.

Hum… Ok.
PD: Do you have some other questions? I’d like to stop talking about the Bataclan please.

Let’s talk about your new album, Hamburg Demonstrations. It’s hard to date the creation of the album, it has songs you’ve been playing for years. Was it written before, during or after the Libertines reunion?PD: No, no, no,no! Listen to me [He speaks louder, a bit irritated]. I just recorded some acoustic songs. Then I got back with the Libertines, with the tour and the new album. Then I went back to the studio and the producer had rearranged it. Hamburg Demonstrations, it’s… difficult. I don’t know what else to say. 

To make this record, you spent several months in Hamburg. How was it?
PD: I don’t know. It was horrible. I’m still an addict… In Hamburg, it was a daily struggle aganst a 98-tentacles octopus. (long pause)
Fuck, shut up. (pause)
Ok, can you call me back in 5 minutes? Bye!

[He hangs up, and 5 minutes later, we call his manager back.]

PD: Sorry, there’s been a big shower, I had to find a shelter.

Weren’t you inside the venue, waiting for the soundcheck?
 What were we talking about?

 Fuck it, I don’t want to talk about Hamburg anymore!

Let’s talk about the musicians who played on the record. Who are they?
 Seriously? What the fuck? I don’t know actually. Like I said, I recorded some acoustic drafts. So I have no idea. But it’s ok, it sounds good. [He asks his manager who the musicians are, but the story seems rather complicated.] Do you know the song Good Times by the Stone Roses?

Hum… Yes. Why?
PD: What’s the name of the song I’ve just quoted?

Good Times by the Stones Roses.
PD: Bravo! It was to make sure you were listening.

What’s the link?
PD: [He starts talking in French] Today, on my way to the venue, I had this song by the Stone Roses stuck in my head. That’s it. Next question!

Your record starts with Kolly Kibber. The title is a reference to Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, published in 1938. After Morrissey, Queen and some other English musicians, it seems it’s your turn to be inspired by this book.
PD: Yes, but the spelling is different, it’s originally Kolley Kibber. But that’s not very important. Have you seen the movie Control?

By Anton Corbijn about Joy Division? Yes of course!
PD: What’s the name of the main actor?

Sam Riley.
PD: Yes, that’s it, Sam Riley! He plays Pinkie in Brighton Rock. This movie is outrageous! I should have played this role! I know Sam Riley well, we went to school together.

Really? He’s a good actor.
PD: No, I’m kidding. We didn’t go to school together. It was a joke!

Hum… Ok. Back to the record then. On Birdcage, we can hear a female voice. Who is this girl?
PD: Ah thank you Thomas! Thank you very much!

Hum… You’re welcome.
PD: Seriously, thank you. It’s the first time I’m asked.

Ok, but who is she?
PD: It’s Suzie Martin. It’s a call girl I met in the Far West [laugh]. No I’m kidding. She’s an artist from Camden. Can you take a picture of me Thomas?

PD: Could you take a picture of me?

It’s complicated, I’m in Paris, you’re in Toulouse!
PD: Yeah! Do you own a microwave?

A microwave? Yes, like everyone.
PD: Ah yes, that’s it! I knew it. Finally, the truth is out!

You don’t have a microwave?
PD: A microwave? Why are you talking about microwaves? I need to speak to my press secretary! (pause) I had one on the tourbus but it drove me crazy.

You’re hard to follow!
PD:  Anyway, I think you are very polite.

I try.
PD: Where do you live?

In Paris.
PD: Which arrondissement?

The 19th.
PD: Is it near rue de Rome?

PD: Then I don’t know it.

It’s in the north of Paris.
PD: Oh, I have to stay away from the north of Paris, you know. It’s the place of temptations… Shit! I’ve just hurt my finger!

PD: It’s my nail. It hurts!  [A long monologue ensues, he makes a lot of bad jokes and asks us about the history of French Guiana, we don’t know why.]

On the first night at the Bataclan, we had the chance to see Carl Barât!
PD: Yes I know, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It wasn’t planned at all! Carl came at the last minute, it was totally improvised. It was magnificent [in French]. But I really had too many drinks after the show.

Carl is currently in theatres, in the movie For This Is My Body. Have you seen it?
PD: Not yet, but I saw some bits. Car is a great actor!  He’s brilliant! The first time I saw him, I knew he’d be a great actor!

A few years ago, you played alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg in Confessions of a Child of the Century. How was it?
PD: It was way too short. The director wanted to make a second movie but she didn’t get the money. It’s a pity, I was ready to do it! The story was about a postman and a prostitute, it was cool. Where are you?

Still in Paris!
PD: Is there a TV on?

No, why?
PD: I can hear noises. From behind you.

Well yeah, your manager called me unannounced, I’m in a hotel lobby, waiting to do another interview.
PD: I don’t like phone interviews. I would have preferred to meet you!

Are you joking? We’ve been trying to meet you for weeks, we were at the Bataclan for that!
PD: I suggest you come to Marseille tomorrow, we’ll finish this interview nicely.

I’m a bit skeptic. Six years ago, I went to Lille to meet you and you cancelled. I don’t really want to go to Marseille for nothing.
PD: Yes, but now we know each other! I don’t feel very well. Bye! [He hangs up]

An Unconventional Office Christmas Party

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You hadn’t been with the team long, but they were already starting to feel like family. Intrusive, nosey family. You didn’t mind though, they had all been amazingly welcoming and kind since you had started a few months ago. When JJ was made a profiler, they needed a new communications liaison. That’s where you came in. You easily transitioned from the academy to working with one of the best teams the FBI had assembled.

You had… rather unexpectedly developed a crush on the BAU’s resident genius Spencer Reid. You had been pretty great at hiding. However, you were surrounded by people who were trained in reading people’s behavior, and they were bound to figure it out eventually. You were honestly surprised that they hadn’t figured it out yet. Oftentimes, you found yourself asking questions that didn’t really matter, just to see if you could set him off on one of his information rambles. You loved the way he smiled, or got excited by one of his mother’s letters, or the way he scrunched up his nose when he was reading. You were head over heels, and there wasn’t anything that you could do about it.

You had just gotten back from your last missions, and had been on your way out. You were waiting for the elevator when you were practically tackled by one of your favorite people in the whole world. Penelope Garcia had not exactly been happy about a new person joining her family, but you had managed to win her over when you offered to stay late with her to finish up some paper work. You two were fast friends, and constantly finding new things for the team to do together.

“My darling, you look absolutely lovely today” Garcia laughed, after releasing you from a typical bone crushing hug. “You are coming to the party tomorrow, right?” you sighed, and attempted to avoid her eyes. “Y/N, you have to” she protested, softly punching you in the shoulder. “It’s going to be so much fun! I have a bunch of games planned, and we are going to eat a bunch of Christmas cookies, and I know for sure a certain Dr. will be there- oh no” she gasped, putting her hand over her mouth.

Your eyes widened, and you let out a gasp of your own. “W-what?”

“I’m so sorry. I just noticed you staring sometimes and I just want you to be happy and” Garcia rushed out, stumbling over her words.

“I just can’t believe you figured it out before all of the professionally trained profilers.” You noted, before stepping into the elevator.

“Yeah, that’s right I’m the only one that figured it out. Mm-hmm” she muttered as the doors closed. “Be here at six tomorrow!” she called before the doors finally closed.

You couldn’t believe it, your entire team knew, and tomorrow you didn’t know how you were going to act. You couldn’t not go to the party. Garcia had spent a really long time trying to put everything together to make it perfect. And besides that, if you didn’t show up, it would look awfully suspicious to your co-workers, especially after how enthusiastic you had been when convincing Morgan and Reid that they both had to come.

Sleep had not come easy. You had been too preoccupied with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring to manage to get much. Granted, this job didn’t really let you sleep too much, but it was typically more than what you had gotten.

After managing to not leave your bed for most of the day, you sighed and began to get ready for the party. After scrutinizing over your appearance for what was probably an unhealthy amount of time, you grabbed your tin of cookies and headed out of the door.

When you arrived at the Bureau, you found the party in full swing. You made your way over to the refreshment table to set your cookies down. Garcia really had done a great job, the office was decorated beautifully and festive music drifted out of the speakers, filling the room with sounds of the season. You glanced around the room, praying that the hope on your face wasn’t too obvious. Unfortunately, you didn’t see specer anywhere. Sighing, you reigned yourself to a glass of punch.

“Wow Y/N, you look really great” a familiar voice said from behind.

“Spence!” you exclaimed, spinning around to smile at him. “Wow, I like your sweater!” you laughed. Spencer was wearing his typical cardigan, but this one was decorated with prancing reindeer and other various Christmas symbols.

“Thanks, did you know that In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ. And… what?” Reid stopped mid-sentence, and inquisitive sparkle appearing in his eyes.

“Nothing, I just thought that was really interesting” you said, trying to keep your small smile from turning into a full on grin.

Spencer didn’t saying anything, choosing only to smile back at you. Just as you were struggling to find something to say, Garcia appeared right behind your shoulder. “Hey Y/N,” she said pulling you in for a hug. “Genius boy,” she said, nodding at Reid. There’s plenty of egg nog, so have fun you too!” she said, with thankfully only mild eyebrow wiggling, before prancing off to go find Morgan.

It seemed that Garcia had informed the entire team about how she slipped up and that now you know, because they were all acting a bit awkward throughout the party if you were being honest. Garcia frequently came to check on you two, often guiding you back to Spencer if you had drifted away from him. JJ had managed to bring up Spence about five times in the short two minute conversation you two had while Will was with Henry. Not even Rossi or Hotch were innocent, both of the dropping subtle hints and glances towards the two of you. Morgan had “accidentally” pushed you into Spencer, causing him to catch you before you hit the ground. Even poor Henry wasn’t spared from these antics. He wandered over to his godfather and very loudly ‘whispered’ in his ear when he was going to ask ‘Auntie Y/N to marry him, causing a blush to spread over both of your faces.

It was nearing the end of the night, and Garcia had volunteered you and Spencer to help her clean up. Neither of you objected, and the three of you worked in a comfortable silence, until Garica’s phone rang and she quickly excused herself. Before she had slipped out of the room, you had caught a glimpse of Morgan’s name on the caller I.D.

You rolled your eyes and continued to pack up the various table decorations into a box, to be stored until next year. You could feel a bit of tension in the air. That was unusual, you were both accustomed to a comfortable silence between yourselves.

You made a snap decision that the team’s actions shouldn’t affect the way that you were around Spence, you decided to break the silence, albeit carefully. “I’m sorry that the team was acting so weird tonight. I don’t know what got into them.”

“Well, they have never exactly been ones to let something develop on it’s own.” He replied, nonchalantly.

“What?” you asked, the decorations suddenly the last thing on your mind.

“Well, they have been teasing me since your first day about how much I like you. I kept telling them that it is stupid. I’m really sorry if the made you uncomfortable.”

“You know for someone with an I.Q of 187 you sure can miss a lot.” You sighed. He didn’t say anything, simply cocking his head a bit to the left with a questioning look on his face. “They have been messing with me for quite some time about how I really like you.”

“You do?”

“Why would that be so hard to believe?”

“Well, I just never thought that someone as intelligent, and beautiful as you could ever fall for, well, me.”

“Spencer Reid, I have liked you since the first time you managed to talk to me for an hour on the jet about different kinds of toothpaste. Come here, you idiot.” You smiled, reaching up to carefully place your lips on his.

The fireworks did not last long, however, when you heard the whooping and hollering coming from outside of the glass doors. You broke away from Spencer to see the rest of your team grinning broadly at you.

You couldn’t say that you were surprised, but that definitely did not stop the blush that was happening all over your face. Spencer wrapped you up in a hug, and in that moment, with your head buried in the crook of his neck and him letting out a carefree laugh, you didn’t know if anything would honestly ever make you feel happier than the man standing right in front of you, and the rest of your family just outside of the door.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 24/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 23

“Она имеет свою красоту, (she has your beauty)” Bucky said quietly, his arm wrapped around Natasha’s shoulder as they watched the new Barton get her first bath from one of the nurses.

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Jared Leto Joker x OFC: Cold as Ice - Part 5: Wreak Havoc (Final Chapter)

When Batman can’t catch the Joker, he asks a new meta-human to step in and go under-cover to gain Mister J’s trust. Andromeda accepts the Bat’s offer, but finds herself struggling to walk the fine line between pretending to love the infamous Mr. J, and actually falling for him.

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Rated M for Strong and Suggestive Language.

Disclaimer: Gifs not mine. All rights to Batman, Joker, Suicide Squad, DC Characters, etc. go to their respective creators. All rights to each chapter’s title song lyrics quoted (as dialogue or otherwise) within the chapters belong to their respective writers/performers.

Author’s Note: Each of this story’s five sections and their titles will be based on a song off the Suicide Squad Album. This fanfic comes with a built in soundtrack. Phrases in bold italics are lines quoted from each section’s title song.


Thanks for reading, guys! This is the end! Hope you all enjoy it. There will be one final Author’s Note at the end.


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All My Tomorrows - Part One. Italy.

Hello to anyone reading this!

I created this little sideblog for the purpose of just writing about anything and everything. Currently, I got inspiration to write short stories again after having seen the beach candids of Tom and Taylor *swoons*. But seriously. I’ve written stories before for fun and this is my first attempt at fan fiction.

I’ve been planning this story since they were first papped in Rhode Island and began writing it three days ago. I imagined a jet-setting couple going on an adventure around the world for fun. A cinematic love story similar to that of “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Eat Pray Love.” Believe it or not, but a lot of research went into the descriptions of the places I write about in this story. What you read about the city I choose to write about our favorite couple temporarily residing in is all true. I’ve also decided to add in some of the pictures that helped me set the tone of my story and I hope you guys can get a feel—even the tiniest sliver—of the beauty of it all. All credit goes to the owners of the photos! *UPDATE: I CAN’T BELIEVE HIDDLESWIFT HAS GONE TO ROME!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING AS MY STORY FIRST BEGINS IN ITALY*

This is sort of an AU romance, I guess, but only in the sense that the only altered thing is that neither Taylor nor Tom are famous —they are still the same people we love living their lives just not under the imposing glare of shuttering camera lenses. I plan on this being a little series taking place in different parts of the world and so this is just the first part :)

Enough of me blabbering on! I hope you guys enjoy the story <3 (A/N: This piece of fiction is quite long (8 pages to be exact) so if you’re on a computer, feel free to open this story in a new tab so you can continue to scroll lol.

A sense of tranquility draped over the measure of land when the evening chill sighed its last breath. Light crawled upon each rolling hill in the estate as sunrise began to wake, making each grass blade glaze with morning dew. It was there in the middle of the vast green blanket that a two story cottage rested with its red brick chimney releasing the warm smoke of dying embers.

Small rays of sunshine filtered through a semi-open window causing the soft curtains to move about in the breeze. Their warm and glowing hands caressed her supple cheek as she sought to burrow beneath the covers before peeking out from beneath with one squinted eye. The warmth basking her in comfort was cradling her back to sleep until a whiff of roasted coffee grounds replaced her desire for slumber. Long legs slowly placed themselves on the shiny wooden floors as she fastened the lingering cardigan by her lamplight. Looking out the large rustic window once more, she could see from afar as the town locals began to make their morning rounds in the town square.

Crazy love, people say I’m crazy in love / Just a fool, sighing sighs to the skies up above

She couldn’t help but let out a small smile as the sultry notes of music stemming from the radio downstairs made their ascent to her ears. Padding along to the bedroom door, she prepared to ready herself for the day as she tucked her golden strands behind her ears.

“Paprika? Oh no, no, no,” she heard him frustratingly exhale. “This won’t do. Where on earth is that damn pepper?”

Dishes and utensils clattered around in the kitchen as she came around the corner. Peeking into the kitchen she saw him as his lean yet firm body moved around with such choreographed grace that paradoxically clashed with the raucous noise his nimble fingers created. Patiently, she glanced at the counter before moving her hand to grab the precious condiment he was on a quest to find.

“Tom?” Her voice quivered as the amusement was difficult to contain from her voice.

In a millisecond or so it seemed, Tom turned around in shock as he took in the scene before him—well, two really: The first being how captivating her bare face was. The serenity in her  bodily composure extended to the tenderness in her clear blue water eyes as she fixed her gaze upon him. The second being the red ceramic canister containing his missing recipe.

“Taylor! Ah, well… I see that you have finally awakened. Mind giving me a hand, love?” His request came out in a breathy sigh as he willed to calm his rushing mind and avoid further embarrassment.

His surprise breakfast would not be coming to fruition he supposed, but he could take pleasure instead in her eagerness to cook for the both of them. One of the many delightful skills he had discovered she was just as talented at aside from story writing was her knack for cooking.

Making her way over where he stood, she stood slightly on the tips of her toes as she laid a tender kiss on his chin. “I think we both know we should leave the food preparation to me, hmm. Wouldn’t want to burn this place down, now would we?” She cheekily remarked.

Barely withholding a grin, he snaked an arm around her waist and caught her off guard as she was brought closer to his chest. Flustered, she brought her two palms onto his chest in an attempt to keep her knees from buckling as an onslaught of lively butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

“Well, don’t let me stop you or your early morning banter. I’m positive our meal will be ready to eat as fast as those words come out of your mouth, won’t it, my love?”

Two could play this game of sarcastic rapport.

He figured out early on that his touch alone sent her mind into a haywire as she would attend to her tasks; her words would come out in a jumble as he would delicately clasp the back of her neck to soothe her anxiety; her skin would arise in pleasing goosebumps when his hands would play with the ends of her hair; her heart would skip a beat and accelerate as he whispered sweet nothings into her ears, paying close attention that his lips never fully touched nor abandoned the outer shell; her breaths would come in a rhythmic tempo as he placed kisses in the hollow of her throat while holding their hands above her head; but most of all, indeed the best sight he could ever provoke from her would be when he put himself on the line just to see those sapphire eyes look at him as if though he was the only one in a room with her.

“Tom?” Her hands playfully thumping his chest interrupted his line of thoughts as he was brought back down to earth.

“Tom! Are you listening to me? Or are you really having that hard of a time between choosing either scrambled eggs or an omelette?” Chuckling, he let go of her waist as he pivoted to stand behind her and push her towards the counter near the fancy looking stove he had no desire of handling.

“I shall leave you to your kingdom, love. Whatever you have I don’t mind as well. Real men do not complain,” he winked. Gathering two small handcrafted mugs, he reached for the steaming coffee pot and poured them both a decent amount of the hot liquid.

They had both just arrived to Italy the previous night and the differing time zones from Rhode Island to Tuscany wrought a special form of hell upon them both. This would be the first of many locations they planned to visit in an attempt to explore the world and test their comfort levels, to find inspiration from new channels, and fortify a blossoming romance.

“I should probably prepare the toast. Seems simple enough,” he laughed as he reached out to unhook a frilly-looking apron from the wall. Wrapping it around his waist, he looked down to see bold black lettering amidst the simple white: “Real Men do the Dishes.”

Booming laughter could be heard all the way from their cozy kitchen to the town square, Tom thought surely.

Smirking, he looked to see Taylor holding the steel whisk she was using to scramble the eggs near her chest in an endeavor to calm her hysterics. With her nose scrunched and trimmed bangs falling forward from their resting place behind her ears, he swore he had never before seen a more beautiful sight. He couldn’t help but think how he would always put himself on the line just to see her smile.

“I guess my man won’t complain about cleaning up, now will he?”

No, he thought. He would do anything to make sure she was always smiling.

“It isn’t normal or real, to feel heaven’s right inside your door / But somehow that’s how I feel, and I’ve never felt this way before”

Stepping outside their rented home, the couple took their time walking down the pebbled pathways leading to the the nearest village named Chianti. Known for its rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards, this romantic region in Tuscany was looking to be one full of adventures yet to be uncovered. Along the way, there was not a moment in which her hands were left lonely. Seeking for more intimacy, she interlocked her left arm through his right elbow and continued to keep their hands intertwined as he held their limbs against his chest near his heart— his long, elegant fingers protecting hers.

Ruins of ancient churches and stone farmhouses lined the streets until they arrived at their first stop, which happened to be one of the most famous attractions in the area— the Castello di Nipozzano. Though neither her nor Tom were avid drinkers, they were not foolish enough to ever turn down sampling the ever abundant ambrosia of wine the region famously produced.  

Built over ten centuries ago, the winery they were presented with still held such a magnificent presence as it towered over the village from where they began their walk. An array of warmly colored foliage —reds to oranges to yellows and fading greens—grew all around, signifying the fertility and vibrance of the fresh summer. Rooted at the top of the tallest hill stood the grand wooden entrance door leading to their destined orientation.

With the midday sun in the background, the sight of it all left the couple silent as the antiquity of the romantic city they were roaming upon finally registered. Here they were creating their own version of history— just as countless of others before them had and undoubtedly would after as well. They were adding their own chapters to the infinite narrative that Tuscany inspired.

The poetic notion rendered Taylor speechless and thus left Tom to charmingly commence conversation with their tour guide.

“This is absolutely striking,” she could hear him begin in his alluring accent. “I can see how this building reflects revivalist influences. The Renaissance is such a fascinating subject to me, friend. I avidly recall that great artists such as Donatello and Michelozzo Michelozzi regularly procured wine from this estate…”

Shyly looking between the two men, she took notice of how everyone in the grand wine cellar seemed to gather around Tom as he began his storytelling.

Smiling, she couldn’t help but blush at the extra attention and pride stemming from her core that this man with her held such unabridged knowledge that even the tour guide looked to him for more details about the history of the vineyard and the city it arose from. How beautiful, she thought, as she heard him enthusiastically engage people of all different backgrounds— locals and foreigners.

“Darling, would you like to try this selection?” Tom happily asked as he crouched to peruse the row of wine bottles lining the bottom shelf.

“I believe this one right here is right up your valley. Questo uno è un gioiello speciale,” he ran his fingers along the name of the bottle as he plucked it from the rest. This one is a special gem.

Looking at the bottle, it seemed no different from the rest aside from it’s reddish tint, but then again her knowledge of the Italian language was nonexistent compared to Tom’s.

“How are you so sure I will like it?” She rivetingly inspected the dark glass bottle.

Wrapping his hands around her curious ones to stall her actions, he mischievously replied, “Red is the color of passion, is it not? Are you willing to testify on the contrary before me that the way you screamed last ni—”

A swift kiss on the lips stole his breath before he could finish his sentence. Taylor sighed mockingly, “You have a point it seems. A woman is in her right to become passionate over a game of Scrabble when there is no other activity left to fawn over.” Standing still, Tom was left clinging to the vacant space where her body had been and watched as his lover left to purchase the red wine with a smirk on her lips and victory in her eyes.

Crazy dreams, keep me clinging to this affair / I’m insane to keep dreaming that you could care / But I am a kind of fool who stayed after school / I’ve learned my lessons well”

Carrying the somewhat heavy box containing the gifts they purchased back at the vineyard made Tom work up an appetite he wished to placate with a hearty meal of pasta and a side order of sugary sweets chill enough to combat the leftover Chianti heat slowly evaporating into the night. Twilight was approaching as the Tuscan sun was setting behind the regal evergreen trees that called the rolling hills their home. The inhabitants of the peaceful town were strolling about in the enchantingly quaint ‘mom and pop’ stores that were so popular.

Slowing down his stride, he took notice of a terra-cotta stonewall store shrouded in twisting green vines climbing their way up to an open roof consisting of modern wooden beams. On the glass window panes were neatly pressed posters advertising scoops of numbingly good gelato treats. Feeling his stomach about to grumble, Tom pointed out the store when Taylor turned to question him about his sudden lack of movement.

“A little dessert before dinner never hurt anyone, right?” his eyes sparkled in merriment.

Giggling, Taylor let herself be led to the store. A melodic pattern of golden chiming bells sang away as Tom opened the door. The place was apparently packed tonight with children and adults alike looking to relieve their heat induced restlessness.

Aided by the twinkling strings of lights hanging from the make-shift ceiling and moonlight flooding through the wooden beams, Taylor made her way over to the counter in order to scour for her choice of flavor. She knew without a doubt that Tom would desire to indulge in the flavor of chocolate, and so coming to her choosing of mellow lemon gelato, she looked over her shoulder in search of a free table to rest. All she was greeted with were teenagers laughing at childish jokes in the bar stool area and families conversing loudly in all the tables.

Disappointed, she became startled when she felt a warm hand centered at the back of her waist. “Don’t fret, love. I know a place we can relax. Follow me— it’s outside,” he gently pried his gelato from her hand and led her outside the energetic atmosphere. It was only a short distance before she understood that he was leading her to a more secluded quarter.

A small glass roundtable stood in the center of the square with two black metallic chairs accompanying the piece. Setting down their belongings beside their seats, the two could finally relax in the cooling air the nighttime was providing.  

Spooning her first bite, Taylor looked up to see Tom halfway done with his scoop. Laughing, she lightly kicked his calf as he retaliated by trying to steal bites here and there of her food. Giving in, she spoon fed him a taste and stared in amusement as he exhaled the most satisfying sound from his throat.

Taylor leaned back into her chair as she thought about her life in that moment. Not one to exaggerate, but this was the first time in her life she could truly admit how free and at peace she felt. She didn’t want to place the sole reason for her happiness onto the man next to her, but glancing at him as he was looking at her with expressive eyes and a relaxed smile, it would be a lie to deny he was a sizable factor contributing to her joy. In fact, it was his idea to explore the world this summer—“it would be something different for the both of us. Just you and I, Taylor,”— she recalled him telling her of his plans while he skipped rocks across the lake they were sitting around. With their feet dipped into the fresh water swinging back and forth, she felt a feeling similar to a revival as she thought about his proposal. Feeling a surge of excitement, she stood up as she began to slip down the shoulder strands holding her dress to her body over her arms.

Tom sat still in surprise as he took in the sudden change. “Wait—What are you doing?” he stood up laughing as he began to fumble around trying to rid of the belt on his trousers.

“I’m having fun!” Taylor responded as she ran back a few wide steps to get enough room to jump into the water. “Tom! Come on— I want to do this with you! It’s no fun if you’re not with me.”

Cold water splashed onto the wooden bridge as the two submerged beneath the surface of the water. Both eyes remained open as they looked to one another. She couldn’t help but feel overwhelming elation as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed a deep kiss to his lips until they both had to resurface from their little world back above the sloshing surface of the water.

Thinking back, she was proud for taking this chance, happy for the beginning of their adventures, and utterly in love with the man whose crinkled eyes and animated hands spoke of promises of endless years of bliss and laughter.

“And if this crazy love is such a crazy love / I’m glad I fell”