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you tagged on that post that you have a theory as to why joss whedon is sort of going backwards with his writing and I'm super interested to hear it?

oh I mean it’s not that deep/insightful but essentially I feel like what happened is that he was putting out this content which was like really progressive and groundbreaking for its time and people noticed that and went ‘wow! What a feminist! Can this guy write women or WHAT!’ etc etc etc and Whedon took all that praise to heart and then didn’t feel the need to grow anymore as a writer.

Honestly? If you look at his writing then and now a lot hasn’t changed. It’s not like he’s getting that much worse with storylines. His Big Feminist Stories have always had moments like his WW script is full of. It’s just that now we’ve got so much better intersectional content that’s progressed past the point Whedon’s stuck on that we notice his failings more. The bar (still very low) has been raised, and Whedon doesn’t think he needs to catch up because he has been declared the ultimate in male nerd writing feminist stories. He hasn’t become a worse storyteller, everyone around him has become better. And he can’t realize that he needs to raise his standards as well.

Anyway this has gotten really long but I hope this answers your question! I do like his stuff but man has it got problems

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I love Steve (in all forms) dearly, but the only thing he needs protecting from is the rampant amount of people putting him on a pedestal as their flawless beacon of goodness and morality. It's not good for him, or anyone else.

thank u and god bless.