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EXO Reaction to you and them being childhood friends

This was requested by @sekailover​ Thank you!!
I wasn’t sure how you wanted it to be, like just friends or their S/O being also a childhood friend so I did a little bit of both. Xoxo, Admin A~

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*He’d be that kind of friend that has a spare key of your place and just comes in to get food* “Y/N hasn’t seen me… good, she might notice I ate the whole fridge”


*He’ll be the softest boy only with you* “Why did I tell you all my secrets… why…”


*SO much trust here. Probably too much. SO much that sometimes people think you are dating. Or maybe you are, who knows*


*You’d be fools together tbh* “I want you to do my make up two! Maybe we can go out like this and say we are in a weird date!”


*He’ll take you anywhere tbh. You’ll always be with him and he’ll always be with you* “We are going on an adventure today Y/N. We’ll be picking you up at 5AM xD”


*Probably would be eternally in love with you* “You came! I’m glad you could make it… I was looking forward to meeting you today… come I prepared a surprise”


*That kind of friend that will surprise you at 2AM with the last thing you would think of* “Hey there! Open, I brought you someone… yeah you bias. You better hook up already, please”


*Partners in crime… for literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G* “Wanna be  naughty today???”


*There are no boundaries between you too….* “The Eve, special dance for Y/N. Here we go!”


“Don’t look at me like that… you are making me blush!” *You’ll probably know everything about each other and might as well be in love with each other in secret*


*The person he treasures the most. Sometimes looks like a brotherly-friendship, sometimes more like a love thing* “Have I told you how nice that sweater looks on you? You smell nice, are you seeing someone today? OR just going out with me?”


*He’ll be the one you can truly count on, even if you two had a fight. He’ll be there, because he just loves you too much* “You know… I love seeing you happy… it makes my heart content”

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Is it normal to have doubts about witchcraft?

This turned into a lot of ramble and personal opinion, so please keep that in mind when reading. Some people may not agree with what I’ve written here, but this is a matter of my perspective and views on things, and may not be relatable to all, and that is also fine. If anyone wants to share their thoughts or feelings on the topic, feel free to as well, or tag / mention me in a post if you want to do that.

I am going to do my best to answer this, because when it comes to doubting myself and my magic, I’ve just brushed it off and continued, so I don’t necessarily have all-encompassing experience on which to base my advice from. I am going to try to present as much as I can think of, but I can’t guarantee I’ll remember everything, or even know what to suggest if it’s outside of my perspective in the first place. 

If you were to ask this question to a handful of magic users, I’m sure most will tell you they have doubted witchcraft and magic at some point during their craft. Even still, for me, it sometimes seems pretty surreal that I can change the wind by untying a knot in string, or that I can change how people see and think of me with a random symbol. I think it happens to most of us, that we look at what we’re doing and go, “is this for real? Am I really doing these things or is it just coincidence?” 

So, I may not say it is “normal” to have doubts about witchcraft, but it is definitely common. I also feel it is important that we work through those doubts on our own as best as we can if we want to continue along these paths. It isn’t always easy, I know, but I feel it’s absolutely worthwhile. Who we are as magic users, where we stand in regards to our craft and practices, will be all the better off for it - stronger, more resilient to even other people trying to shoot us down for doing this or believing it works. And I know a lot of people say, “who gives a fuck what others think?” but sometimes it isn’t as easy to let go of as that.

When you take a look at other magic users who don’t have doubts about what they’re doing, who likely seem utterly comfortable and confident with themselves as witches and what they do with magic, it’s more than likely because they’ve already worked through those doubts themselves. Since each path and practice is different and unique to each magic user, so too would be if and when you start to doubt what you’re doing, and also the methods you use in which to work through that scepticism.

Of course, there are likely some magic users who never doubted what they were doing from the get-go, and honestly that doesn’t make them any less for not having to go through this sort of thing to strengthen themselves and their magic. Certain people just “fit” well into certain hobbies or lifestyles, without questioning themselves or what they’re doing in that place, and that is fine as well. There is strength in that on its own, but I also see there to be strength in having the self doubt and working through it too. 

I don’t know if I’m conveying the point I wanted to correctly here or not tbh… Basically - I don’t see it as bad if you doubt your magic; as long as you work through it if that’s what you wanna do to keep doing magic. I also don’t see it as bad if you don’t doubt your magic. Neither magic user is necessarily stronger than the other for doubting or not. They just go through different things at different times, but I don’t see it as those trials necessarily make you stronger, or you’re lesser for not needing to go through that particular scenario in the first place. Does that make sense? Idk, I’ll let that point lie for now, lol.

There are some magic users that believe that doubting your magical power or your spellwork can actually take an effect on how they work - in regards to this, I mean that doubt can be seen by some as “negative” energy, and it can clash with your original intent and energies, and nullify them. Belief is pretty key, though, so if you believe that is the case, that will likely be the case. If you don’t believe self doubt will take any role on your magic, then it likely won’t. However, it is still something I like to put out there for those that do fall into that line of thinking, just in case. Not all magical paths or paradigms require you to 279568% believe in what you’re doing all the time, or even a little bit, in order for them to work - like I said, it comes down to what you think and believe in the end, what sort of magic your’re using, etc.

Regardless, doubting witchcraft certainly can make it harder to practice it, whether you think the doubt will impact spell effectiveness or not. By that I mean, if you’re questioning if it even works or not, you’re likely wondering why you’re wasting time and energy doing the thing. The entire time you’re doing it, you could be going, “this is stupid, this isn’t going to work, why am I bothering?” And it can bring about negative connotations with witchcraft over time, or you could even end up just dropping the entire thing altogether out of frustration. And in the end if that’s what you wanna do, that’s also okay -  just because you start doing witchcraft, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it forever, if you find you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. 

But, if you wanna keep going with witchcraft, and you wanna work through those doubts, it is absolutely possible to do so. It may take some time and work, but if you want to keep working with witchcraft, I’d say it’s pretty important you work out those doubts for yourself. Like, I can try to explain and convince you all I want that magic is real, but if you can’t work through that scepticism on your own, you won’t believe me, what I say won’t matter, and your doubts will still remain. You have to let yourself be open to believing it works. 

Different things work for different people in this regard, but I will try to give some pointers or share some things that may help you.

Try to find out where the doubt is coming from, and try to work through it that way. Look for the stem, the source, of why you may be feeling that way. Is it just that you don’t think magic works in general? Do you think you don’t have enough power? Are you maybe just scared that it might? If you are able and willing, try to write down some of these thoughts, really figure out what it is that is causing the doubt. Having a better understanding of it may help be the key to working it out, because then you will know precisely what it is you need to work on, and the methods may be different for each reason of doubt.

When casting spells, try to ignore any of those doubtful thoughts. And yes, that can be hard, really hard sometimes, but when you recognize those thoughts, try to think “no, that is not the case,” and keep doing the spell. Draw your focus back to what you’re doing, repeat your intent over and over in your mind if you need to in order to keep the sceptical thoughts out of it. Sometimes it comes down to “fake it till you make it,” or, as one of my old roommates said, “believe it till you see it.” 

Why do I say to do that? Because, for a lot of people, seeing their direct success from casting spells and doing magic is enough to erase the doubt of it in the first place. If you can look at your life and say “this happened because of this spell, and I brought that about with that magic,” then it definitely helps you in seeing that what you’re doing is valid, is working for you, is real, and I feel that is where a lot of the doubt about witchcraft really comes from - that it doesn’t work at all.

Of course, with that there still might be problems of “well it was just a coincidence.” But how can you *really* know for sure that was a coincidence? Magic is not always screaming in your face obvious, it may not be instantaneous results. Sometimes it is subtle, gradual, takes some time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because we may not be able to see a spell’s effects immediately, doesn’t mean it isn’t working. For instance, doing protection spells, it isn’t like I notice that I’ve just avoided a huge catastrophe; the catastrophe just never presents itself at all in the first place, because of the spell. It isn’t like I avoid anything that would harm me, there just wasn’t anything for me to avoid, nothing of danger had opportunity to present itself to me from the start. Does that make sense?

Honestly, yes it is scary putting so much trust into something that is so unknown as magic still is. As humans we like to know and understand, so of course we might get worried or scared or don’t know what to think when something comes into our lives with not a lot of solid explanation. How do we know what to think, if it’s real? Well, it comes down to finding faith to put in yourself, and also really trying it out and seeing for yourself the truth of it for you. Because, I don’t think there are any absolute truths, especially in regards to magic. It all comes down to you, what you decide to do, how you do it. Those things will also react in different ways for other people, manifest in different ways. So of course the doubts will be different too.

I feel like I left a lot out of this tbh. There is a lot to say on this topic, and I really am just one person. My view on this matter is largely shaped by the path I’ve had to walk, and I know that no two paths are identical. It is formed by my view on things, what I’ve gone through on my own, so it may not also be possible for all to relate to what I’ve said here. Like I said, this is such a personal thing, working through your doubts on magic, if you have any. I can kind of tell you what my help, but in the end, you really need to figure out on your own what to do about it - if you wanna work through it and then how, if you’re even going to try to work through it or just keep doing magic with the doubt still in place, or if you don’t think it’s worth the effort in the end and stop practicing altogether.

Because I’m not sure I answered this properly, or provided anything useful, I’m gonna give a couple of links to other posts that may prove useful as well. This was a lot to read, I know, but I think you should read the other links as well, to get other people’s views on the topic, because again, it comes down to being something unique to each of us.

I hope this helped you, or at the very least made sense, because I’m starting to doubt I did xD But yeah, if you have any more questions I’ll do my best.

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so you're saying jeremy apologizing was the pr team, but katie apologizing is 100% genuine? sure.

She did not even HAVE to apologize. She was NOT the one saying homophobic shit. She was the ONLY ONE who actually spoke against it. Not to mention they are all around 30 yet somehow it felt like Katie was the only adult there. She should not have been put in a position where she had to try and save the show and defend lgbt fans and STILL BE MOCKED FOR DOING SO. Jeremy clearly did not think it was a big deal and wrote an half-assed apology that was basically him acting like a victim and saying we can not take a joke and then said he would go back in time and redo it and you could tell that second post was after the PR team got involved. Because he had already seen how much that had affected people yet all he did was place the blame on the fans yet somehow he magically realizes it’s his fault minutes later? PLEASE.

First Date with Zach Includes

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

  • Your first date would 100% be at an aquarium
  • He gets all excited over the different creatures and tells you all these facts
  • “Did you know catfish have over 100,00 taste buds?”
  • Him dragging you to and from all the different tanks telling you about all the different fishes
  • Standing in front of the shark tank with his arms wrapped around you as he stares in awe at the sharks
  • Watching him run around like a little kid
  • Being in awe of how cute and nerdy he is
  • He would probably pay more attention to the fish than you
  • But you’d just kinda laugh and love how cute he can be
  • Afterwards instead of going out to dinner you go to his place and eat pizza
  • The two of you curl up on his couch watching some movie neither of you are paying attention
  • Him really nervously kissing you for the first time and smiling into the kiss
  • “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

It says a lot that you go on that Alec better not get hate for not saying anything about the soul sword in 2x17. Which…I agree. But then you say critique against Magnus is okay(but not for Alec, apparently). Then I look at your blog and you say, “from interviews, Magnus is the ignorant one in all of this! Alec is in between a rock and a hard place.”

Listen…I get both views on the situation. I get why Alec says nothing and why Magnus feels betrayed. I do not get how you can idiotically call Magnus ignorant when the soul sword missing affects him and the entire downworld since it can kill them and the clave doesn’t care.

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hi.. so im pan but.. why are you hating on all heteros? not all of them repressed gays even way back when. sorry if that's ... annoying

its not annoying and i dont rlly have an answer to this question i just….don’t want them on my blog?

i coexist with straight people constantly…im constantly living in THEIR society….i just want a place i can go where there are none

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I can't think of anyone who let the fame get to their head more than Harry. He's burned bridges with everyone who doesn't own something he can use to advance his career. All his powerful industry friends wow great... his only friends. No one he knows back home, none of the boys - no one. He only keeps around the people who help his career. Nick, Ben, James, Jeff, Irving(who manages Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks btw), Chelsea, etc. Where did everyone else go? Humble my ass. He's a snob.

Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for someone to agree with you on this, you’ve absolutely come to the wrong place. There are blogs out there happy to participate in hating on Harry. This is not one of them.

I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but it’s very clearly from sources who have bought into a lot of nonsense and only want to see the absolute worst in Harry.

I’m not aware of any bridges burned. I’ve never heard anyone speak poorly of him - outside of people in this fandom who don’t know him personally. The media (and perhaps his team) love to show him hanging out with other famous people, but that’s a big, “so what?” to me. Why does that make you so angry? One thing I’ve learned in my life is that when I’ve got a reaction to something that seems disproportionately big, I’m most likely reacting to something below the surface - a triggered memory, a reminder of something else that makes me uncomfortable etc. I’d be curious, if I were you, about why his image sets you off so much.

We’ve rarely EVER seen Harry’s friends from back home. In 7 years I can only think of a few times and a few people. Does that mean he doesn’t have any or that he never sees them? I doubt it. But even if it’s true…why does that equate with snobbery or being a user? Don’t you think it might be nice for Harry to hang out with people who understand what his current life is like? I equate it to me hanging out with other people who have kids - they just get where I’m at. That doesn’t mean I don’t have friends I love who don’t have kids, but there’s a level of understanding when you’re with someone who’s been where you are or who is going through what you’re going through. Think about it in context of your own life.

Do you honestly think he never has contact with any of the other 1D guys? He actually just mentioned that they had all been in contact recently. Just because we don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

I don’t follow Niall and Liam closely, but in the last few days I’ve seen quotes about Niall hanging with Katy Perry and Shania Twain teasing him for not texting her back. Does that mean he’s a snob too? No, no one thinks that about him because the narrative around Niall is that he’s super down to earth and sweet and easy going. You might want to question why you so willingly believe nasty opinions about Harry that play into a warped version of a narrative being pushed.

Louis is very much the exception among the boys as far as having childhood friends around 24/7 and, as much as it may be real, it’s also very clearly part of his PR. As is his “down to earth/working class lad” image. All of the comments I’ve ever read from people who have met these boys say the same thing: they’re remarkably down to earth and nice. They’re also nuanced, multi-faceted people who shouldn’t be pigeon holes as a “type”. But that’s marketing for you.

I find it interesting that you’ve decided that Harry is a snob based on who he hangs out with is. Laughably, that’s really quite snobbish of you.

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Hc for Thor and his S/O on their honeymoon ?

You can kiss sleep goodbye, Imma tell you that much. You might get like four hours if he lets you sleep in the next day.

I’m not just talking about sex either (though I was mostly talking about sex) Thor has a lot to show you too. He wants you to experience the wonders of Asgard so you can better understand where he comes from and you can appreciate its beauty.

He’ll also want to see more of your favorite places on Earth and maybe go places on Earth that you’ve never been before so the two of you can make all new memories together.

He’s into PDA and honestly he’s so happy to have you and so honored that you are willing to spend the rest of your short life with him. He never wants to be without you for a second.

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I know this story isn't meant to be lighthearted but DAMMIT I really want a happy ending. I want Nate to survive/not be corrupted and (assuming that Dark/Anti are actually corrupted Mark/Jack) for Mark and Jack to remember who they once were and let all four of us go home...but I know this isn't a happy story. Just, please be gentle? With the ending, I mean. Or as gentle as you can be. Love you and the story❤️

Sweet talking will get you many places.

But horror stories don’t really give you happy endings.

(Though I would not be surprised if the Toto fanatics didn’t come up with an alternate ending)

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I'm I the only female reader who is fangirling over Yona which is a female instead of fangirling over other male characters ? O_O Even my friend told me that I crossed the stage of love for Yona lol

Well, Yona is the main character so I’m sure a lot of people like her! She definitely has quite a number of fans here on tumblr ^^ But if we go by the popularity vote, you’re right, she “only” placed 2nd behind Hak. I believe the series has gotten quite a wide range of readers thanks to its various themes and arcs that have comedy, romance, drama, etc. You can’t expect all of them to enjoy the series the exact same way you do, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone in your fangirling ;-) Just look at how many fanarts, fanfics and cosplays there are of her ^_~

TalesFromRetail: "Can I hold that?"

I haven’t posted her in a while, so I thought I’d tell y'all about something that happened yesterday. A little background info: When us cashiers start our shift, we have to go count our till and grab some papers to fill out later. The booth we do this in is attached to the cigarette ‘room’ and is all placed between two of the registers.

Terrible placement, because if the register by the booth door is being used, you have to walk by several people with a tray full of money in your hands.

Yesterday, as I was manoeuvring through a line of people to get to the booth, an older man grins and, in all seriousness, asks if he could hold my till.

The customer behind him gaped, but, for some reason, I wasn’t caught off guard.

OM: Can I hold that while you get that door open?“

Me: Haha, no.

I shut the door in his face, and at least three people laughed. Best part was, the walls for the booth are only shoulder height, and there’s two feet of clear plastic on top. He got to see me ignoring his repeated attempts while I counted the cash.

By: AttackDoughnut

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When you finish creating the comic are you going to put all the pages together and organised so we can read it. Hey also can you give us a little background about the story of Genji.

Hey! :D Right now it’s easiest to read on tapastic -

I was working on a wordpress website, but I find it a bit unwieldy / annoying to work with. I might try another hosting site someday, but idk. So yeah! Tapastic is your best bet for finding it all in one place >_< I’ll get better at that eventually lol

Love in Contrast

eyes askance,
trembling, holding tea,
pouring, mumbling, hoping,
praying there’s no judging,
biting on her bottom lip,
thinking of just folding,
firms her grip, and let’s slip
secrets, like her time at Yale,
how she wanted to teach,
a name, a face out of reach,
her change, a shift in color,
her register lift from bass
to tenor (with a crass laugh),
and as the day wore on,
the light, it got brighter,
in contrast to nature,
like everything else,
it fit like a glove,
as did her love:
a wonder.

“You can only lie about who you are for so long without going crazy.”
― Ellen Wittlinger

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
Maya Angelou, All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

“What sexual preference do you hope she has?” “Happiness.” Isnt that cool?”
― Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat

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Hi Emma! So, I'm still in freshman year, but it has aways been a dream of mine (and my sister's) to go to England or the USA for college. She's currently planning with my parents on going to a city in Wales. They told me that when I go away, I will go there too as it is easir since she will be there. I don't like that city, and none of my dream universities are there. What can I do? PS: love your blog, you're so kind (and helpful)

Hi! I don’t want to shatter a dream but I’ll be honest here since studying overseas does involve a lot of different things. I have a friend, who is English, but has lived in since she was very young. Ever since high school she planned to go back to the UK for university. Last year she said goodbye to us all and took off! She was living with family for a while but I believe ended up getting a place with a friend. When it came to applying for university, it got very complicated. Since she hadn’t lived in England for a certain period, she was unable to get any form of financial aid/student loans to offset her degrees cost. Her options were to pay each semester, which she couldn’t afford, or wait 5 years to become eligible to apply for the loan. She recently came back to Australia because it just wasn’t viable for her. If you’re able to pay upfront, you shouldn’t face the same problem but it is definitely a big thing to look into. This could be the same for America, but I’m not 100% sure. I know their costs can be extremely high so being able to pay is fundamental. I can’t speak for all of American colleges but in England, a lot of universities require you to ‘live in’ for the first year which would mean you wouldn’t live with your sister at that point. This might be something worth considering in terms of picking your uni. If there is none you want to go close by, you can extend your search since you’d possibly be moving out anyway. I honestly think if you’re going to go overseas you need to be going to a college/university that you really want to go too. Hope this helps! Best of luck with everything. Thank you! :-) x

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Runner up question from my last about telepathy :) I was talking about spirit telepathy!! But I thought if you could do that you could communicate with another human who is developed in telepathy as well?

Ahh perfect. So with spirit telepathy, I have posted this exercise here, which is a great place to start when working with a particular spirit to enhance your telepathy skills. Practice in all forms is going to be the best way to improve it. Sounds boring, but it works.

I personally have never tried to communicate telepathically with another human - its not something that interests me (probably because I have empathy and I can already feel what they are feeling) but maybe a follower can chime in on that aspect of it!

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Can I choose something else? "Oops friend looks like the only place to sleep in this house is this small, twin-sized bed, guess we’ll have to share" for MadaTobi

I dunno if you’re just sharing possibilities again or actually making a request but damnit stop inspiring me I got shit to do xD

Screw that, never stop inspiring me, just don’t expect all the stories to come this fast, yeah?

Also available on AO3, as usual.


“If you think for even one second that I am going to share a bed with you then I am having Hashirama check your head when we return to Konoha.” Madara’s left eye twitched worryingly. “Which cannot be soon enough.”

Tobirama shrugged and rolled his eyes, flopping down on the twin mattress before him, the only bed in the only shelter they had managed to stumble across in the middle of this freak blizzard. 

“Then sleep on the floor for all I care. I, on the other hand, am going to enjoy the comfort of a soft mattress and the warmth of an actually half-decent blanket.” With that said, Tobirama rolled on to his side to face the wall, pulling the soft wool covers up to to neck. They’d been sleeping on the ground and in caves for more than a week; having a bed again felt like a luxury. 

He wanted to curse his brother for sending only the two of them on this stupid wild goose chase but he understood why they had been chosen. The mission required strength but stealth, which meant sending as few people as possible while still maintaining enough strength to deal with any trouble that might crop up. Madara and Izuna might have been sent, they worked well together, only Hashirama had insisted that a sensor would be needed to track the man they were trying to find.

Tobirama hated being logical sometimes. Being able to understand his brother’s reasoning made it a lot harder to be mad at him. 

Madara could be heard huffing and stomping, muttering to himself under his breath like he usually did when he was grumpy and outmaneuvered. He probably wished he’d been smart enough to claim the bed first and now had too much pride (or hatred for Tobirama, perhaps) to crawl in to the bed beside his companion. He settled himself on the floor with the thin travel blanket most shinobi carried on longer missions. 

The minutes ticked by slowly while the storm raged outside. The silence of the room was broken only by Madara‘s tossing and turning, the discomfort of a hard floor exacerbated by the welcoming bed only a few feet away. Tobirama could almost hear the other man’s teeth chattering. They would have built a fire but there hadn’t been time to gather wood before they found somewhere to get out of the snow. Madara could create fire with a simple jutsu but that was useless when there was no wood to keep it burning. 

The younger of the two smirked to himself and nuzzled his face down in to the blankets keeping him nice and toasty. Served Madara right for being an incorrigible ass. How he had ever developed a crush on the idiot, Tobirama would never know. 

It took exactly forty-three minutes for Madara to finally lose feeling in his toes and give up. He did so loudly, with a huff and grumpy, “Fine, then.” He rolled to his feet and stomped over to the bed. “Move over!” 

“If I move any farther over I will merge in to the wall,” Tobirama responded coolly, not moving an inch. Madara thumped down on to the bed behind him, facing the opposite direction but forced to lie close enough that their backs were flush together. 

Awkward silence descended once more over the one room hut they occupied. Tobirama laid perfectly still, trying to ignore the warmth behind him and the burgeoning erection in front of him. Understanding or not he was reconsidering murdering his brother when he got home. Madara twitched and shifted, obviously trying to get comfortable, until at last he sighed loudly. 

“I hate this,” the older man grumbled. Tobirama rolled his eyes. 

“I’m aware.” 

“No I mean…I can’t sleep on my left side.” 

“You - wait, what?” 

Tobirama turned his head a little, thinking he might have heard that wrong.

Madara sounded a little sheepish as he replied, “I said I can’t sleep on my left side. Haven’t been able to since I had all the ribs on that side shattered when I was fourteen. They were haled improperly.” 

“Oh.” Tobirama laid his head back down and thanked the kami for the darkness which covered the blush creeping up on his cheeks. “So turn over.” 

“Then I would be spooning you,” Madara growled. “There isn’t exactly much room on this bed.”

“If it’ll get you to shut up and let me sleep, then just do it. I won’t tell if you don’t.” Tobirama conveniently did not mention that he found this arrangement a lot less undesirable than his companion. Spooning with the man he’d had some rather racy fantasies about? Not exactly a hardship. 

Madara hesitated - and Tobirama didn’t really blame him for that - but he did roll himself over until they were both facing the same direction. The bed was indeed rather small and they were both rather large men, tall and generously muscled. The lack of space kept them so close that Tobirama’s ass was cradled in the curve of Madara’s groin. The older man curled his arms in front of himself defensively, seemingly because he didn’t know what else to do with them. This lasted for only a couple of minutes. 

“Get your elbows out of my back, Uchiha. They’re pointy and I’m tired.” Tobirama squirmed a bit, trying to dislodge the pressure from his spine. Madara squawked indignantly. 

“Quit moving around!” he cried. 

“Then get your bony arms out of my back!”

“Where else should I put them!?” 

Tobirama shifted about some more. “I don’t care, that hurts!” 

“Would you quit squirming!” Madara sounded a little hysterical but Tobirama could not have cared less. He continued, pressing himself backwards in an effort to shove Madara away from himself even though he knew there was nowhere for the other man to go. 

“I’ll quit when you get your - oh.” 

Silence fell again as both men went stiff, Tobirama with shock and Madara with embarrassment. 

Evidently the older man had wanted him to stop moving because now his cock was hard against Tobirama’s ass. The younger man stared at the wall in front of him with wide eyes, trying to decide if he should blush or shove a hand down his own trousers and get off. Uchiha Madara was hard. Because of him. And it was pressed right up against a place he could only wish was less clothed at the moment. He swallowed thickly. 

“Ah.” For a genius, he could think of nothing smart to say. 

“I’m noticing a very distinct lack of you attempting to murder me,” Madara noted once a few minutes had passed. “But when you do get around to that, if you would be so good as to tell my brother I was thinking of him in my last hour.” 

“I certainly hope you’re not thinking of Izuna,” Tobirama said, his brain to mouth filter failing him momentarily due to all the blood gathering in his nether regions. Behind him, Madara choked. 


Something not a lot of people knew about Tobirama was that when aroused he tended to lose the ability to think clearly. Which is why the next thing that fell out of his mouth was, “I’d much rather you be thinking of me with that.” 


“…is there any way we can both pretend I didn’t just say that?”

“No! There is not! Did you honestly just - are you attracted to me?” 

“Shut up!” 

Madara’s elbows gave him a pointed shove. “That’s not an answer!” 

“It wasn’t supposed to be!” Tobirama curled in on himself a little. “Now shut up! Just…go to sleep! This never happened! Nothing is happening!” 

He was slightly relieved not to receive an answer right away. Some part of him hoped that they could actually just go to sleep and never ever ever ever speak of this night again. How hard could it be to avoid one person for the rest of his life?

The larger part of him, however, knew that Madara was a very stubborn man and waited with trepidation for the other shoe to fall. He sort of expected it to come as a blow to the exposed base of his spinal cord or something like that. Maybe Madara attempting to throw him off the bed to sleep on the floor by himself. He did not expect the tentative flat palm against his back. 

“Nothing?” a quiet voice asked. 

“I…huh?” Tobirama was so hard it was nearly painful from having Madara pressed up against him for so long, hot breath on the back of his neck and a deep voice rumbling in his ear. It made it very difficult to process what was happening. Especially when that palm slid questioningly down the small of his back, fingers wrapping lightly around the dip of his waist.

“Nothing is happening or nothing…could happen?” 

“Quit talking in riddles,” he breathed. The fingers tightened their grip and pulled his hip backwards. They were already touching so all this did was grind his ass back against Madara’s erection, making his own twitch with interest. Madara rolled his own hips forward in to the motion in a move that was very hard to misinterpret. 

“Get it now, Senju?”

“Not yet but I’m working on that.”

Madara choked but Tobirama was too busy to be embarrassed by the drivel coming from his mouth. He was occupied with shoving the blankets away from himself so he could turn around and throw a leg over Madara’s waist, straddling him. 

The older man stopped choking and moaned instead as Tobirama leaned down to kiss him, rocking their hips together again and reaching down a hand to trace his fingers over the shape their cocks made together. 

As Madara sat up with Tobirama still perched in his lap, hands already trying to divest them of their clothing, the younger man had the fleeting thought that he should get himself a smaller bed at home. Somehow this one had worked out for him. 

halelikehell  asked:

(I apologize for the many sudden prompts i have been sending you but I just found your blog and ... <333) luck (buck and lux) + “Please pretend to be my boyfriend."

prompt me to pieces (NO LONGER ACCEPTING)

AN: don’t apologize for any of your prompts! i love them all, and i just hope i can do them justice!

Luz figures he’s got a fifty-fifty shot here. Buck is either going to think this is hilarious and be all for it, or he’s gonna toss him out on his ass. Either one isn’t quite what he wants, but Luz figures it’s exactly what he deserves. He’s the one who got himself into this stupid mess in the first place. He’s the one who just had to go blabbing to his sister that his love life is doing “just fine, thanks a lot, no, I don’t need you to set me up on a double date.” When she asked for details, Luz panicked – he just spit out the first face that popped into his head.

Unfortunately, that person was Buck.

Now he’s got Victoria visiting in a few days, fully expecting to find “Gorgeous, Blond, and Built Like A Tank” hanging off of George’s arm, and George is kinda out of any other options.

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anonymous asked:

I have no idea where to even start looking for a place to go to college. I have an idea of what I want to do but I'm not certain. Do you have any tips on how to start researching colleges and what to look for?

If you’re in the US, this website is a great tool. Start by figuring out what you want – do you want to be close to home for that in state tuition? Would you prefer a private school? Do you know what you want to major in? You can enter all of your preferences in and it will give you a list of schools that may be a good fit. From there, research the schools individually to narrow down your list!

If you’re not in the US or are looking to go to school abroad, that site won’t help much but make a list of preferences anyway! From there you can search on your own by using terms like “best colleges for xyz major” or “best private universities”. 

You can also talk to people at your current school for suggestions. Good luck with your search!

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It's stunning how there are still so many places without vegetarian/vegan options, especially considering how the number of vegans is rising rapidly, and products marketed to vegans are soaring in popularity. I find myself muttering "it's for the animals" under my breath whenever I go out anywhere and find myself eating a 'naked salad' with a measly side of grilled asparagus or french fries (or any vegan piecemeal concoction), knowing that I'm going to be hungry the rest of the day.

I think it really depends on where you are, I’ve only ever been to one place that doesn’t have at least an option that can be put together from sides, and new places are opening all the time. I can see it becoming even more popular over the next few years and us having even more options because of it. All I’d suggest is calling ahead of time, often they’ll be willing to prepare something especially, or at least talk you through your options before you get there.