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Moffat Appreciation Week Day Two: Favourite Theme: There is always a way out.

“Why does the Doctor always survive?”

“Because he always assumes he’s going to win. He always knows there’s a way to survive. He just has to go and find it.”

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what if Anti was just a regular guy who had a YouTube channel that sucked him in in the ether just like James Aulder in Simulacra (or so it seems) and made him all glitchy and evil? And his only chance to get out is sucking someone else in who could take his place so that’s why he killed Jack and took his place? Would explain why Jack’s face appears to be slightly glitchy (like in the thumbnail) and why Schneep couldn’t save him since you can’t save a file (Jack) that’s been deleted?

… or can you?

You can always go to the bin and restore the file… or do a backup..


Part 2:

To say the team was surprised when Allura and coran walked into the lounge carrying a baby would be an understatement.

Shiro pretend he didn’t notice the accusing looks he received from his fellow paladins who seemed for a moment at least convince he had fathered a secret love child.

“I’m sure you all have questions?” Allura asked as she adjusted Lance’s blanket to better show him to the others.

“Yeah like where did the baby come from.” Pidge asked slowly backing away from the undeniably cute creature but also a creature known for being loud and messy.

“I found him in a cryo pod, i believe he was placed in there before the fall of Altea… from what we can tell he is the only Altean child in the universe.” Allura explained smiling softly.

“Are you going to keep him? I mean he’s a baby and babies need a lot of care and well… we are kinda fighting a war.” Hunk rambled worriedly. It was bad enough that pidge was here and she was 15, but a baby… a baby had no place in war.

“He has nowhere else, he has no one. I understand your concerns but we really don’t have any other options.” Allura held Lance close like he may be snatched from her arms at any moment.

“Ok, its ok we’ll figure something out.” Shiro stepped forwards smiling down at the baby Altean as he giggled and grabbed at the tuft of white hair. “Does the little guy have a name yet?” he asked looking up at Allura.

Allura smiled “he does, everyone meet Lance from this day forwards i name him my brother and prince of Altea.”


Allura had hoped that raising Lance would be easy, after all she had the support of the entire team and the promise of Coran to watch him during the nights.

However it soon became clear that Lance wanted Allura and no one else.

Whenever she put him down or tried to hand him over to someone else he would start to cry. Long and hard not stopping until he was back in the safety of her arms.

At first she assumed it was because she merely shared characteristics with his old family and found her appearance comforting.

However after she shifted Lance still wanted her.

“I do not understand why he won’t go with Coran… he’s altean so shouldn’t that be enough?” Allura sighed as she rocked the sleeping infant in her arms.

“That’s not really how babies work, my little sister would start screaming if the door was left open.” Hunk shrugged “They just like things a certain way.”

“Still this situation is less than ideal, i haven’t been able to train with the rest of you since he was fond.” Allura frowned as she gently brushed a finger across his chubby cheek, her heart melting as he nuzzled closer to her in his sleep.

“I may have a solution to that” Pidge announced herself as she came marching into the room pushing a large metal box in front of her.

“SHH!” Allura hissed as all eyes fell on Lance.

His eyes had scrunched up in his sleep and his body tensed. Thankfully after a couple of seconds he relaxed again and began to suck his thumb.

“Sorry” she whispered sheepishly.

Allura waved her hand to say it was fine, but Pidge seemed to of already moved on. She shoved the box so that it was right in front of Allura and pressed a button that slid open the top.

“May i present the greatest idea i’ve ever had, this is a gyroscope controlled, temperature regulated, practically indestructible playpen. This way lance can just sit in Blue with you during training and be perfectly safe.”

“Erm are you sure Pidge?” Hunk asked as he poked at the light blue cushioning that lined the inside of the box reminding him vaguely of a padded cell “i mean what if he bounces around in there and hurts his head?” his brow creased.

Pidge merely laughed him off “He’ll be fine, i just went for a ride with green and the space mellon was fine.”

“A baby and a purple thing vaguely resembling a melon are not the same thing.” Hunk frowned looking to Allura for some help.

She really wanted to give it to him as well but a part of her knew that unless they found a solution she wouldn’t be able to train. If she liked it or not they were fighting a war and they couldn’t afford for Lance to get in the way.

“I suppose we can try it. If it doesn’t work then that will be it, the most important thing is that Lance is not harmed.”

Pidge punched the air victoriously “YES!” she yelled realising a moment too late just how loud she was.

Lance woke up and began to cry.

“Thanks pidge.” Allura sighed as she stood up and began to bounce the baby in her arms praying to whoever was listening to let the god awful screeching to end soon.

Though soon she would come to long for his cries.

For anything.

Once she lost him in what was meant to be a simple training exercises.

Traffic / Dacre Montgomery Headcanon

*requested by taty & anonymous
*i want an imagine with dacre just fingering y/n in a car while driving. Ummmm daddy kink with dacre headcannons? Please?
*in which dacre and y/n are stuck in traffic and dacre loves to tease his girl
*warning: sex lolz, daddy kink YEE
*PLEASE send me requests!!!!! i can do whoever :)


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Stop Supporting a Criminal

SO, it has recently come to my attention that the all famous James has literally committed a crime. This isn’t based on any bullshit rumor going around either. He snuck into the anti server, which was full of mostly minors nonetheless, and has gotten the “information he needed.” He hacked it and has gotten pictures of the antis’ houses and their other social media.

Now, it was always evident that James is a piece of shit but this draws the line. Why on earth would you need all this information in the first place? For more criminal activity no doubt because what else are you gonna fucking do with it? You’re a grown ass man living in the UK hacking social media of minors. Are you taking it to the police? “LOOK AT THIS!!! THESE PEOPLE HATE ME BECAUSE IM A SELF PROCLAIMED PEDOPHILE AND THEY’RE TELLING ME TO PISS MY PANTS! BY HACKING THEM I GOT THEUR INFO SO YOU CAN GO AND ARREST THEM!” That’s a one way ticket for you in hand cuffs.

I’m personally tired of this shit too. There have been MAPs that I have talked to argued with who in one way or another support or have supported James to some extent and honestly, some of those MAPs seemed like genuinely less shit of a person. Like, if they had the choice to get rid of their attraction then they would (so not Dean. Dean can get fucking rekt) but you cannot support James in any of this. He is a full blown criminal at this point. Now it might not have been what we expected it to be but it’s still illegal. He impersonated a minor to get another minor’s information. A murderer is still a murderer even if he shop lifts. So honestly, if you still wanna defend James in any of this on any of his other social media or even if he comes back here, you have successfully proved that you don’t give a single fuck about children than what you claim to but we knew that already anyways so do us all a favor and get hit in the head with a 2x4.

anonymous asked:

So are you against both Democrats and Republicans? They’re both right winged, after all.

Against both, yeah. They’re both right-wing capitalist parties that act in the interests of the rich and powerful. I think anti-capitalists should work with the Green and Socialist Parties when it comes to already established outlets, and if necessary I’m not opposed to building a new party that takes a different rhetorical approach (“Democratic Labor Party”, “Economic Democracy Party”, etc.). I don’t really have a firm stance on the party question as THE answer to overthrowing capitalism, but I do think political parties can serve as helpful orgs for advocacy and such (because let’s face it: a Green/Socialist/Democratic Labor Party is never going to carry actual political influence in the US through the electoral system).
In short, do what you can and understand that this battle will take place on multiple fronts. We’re all fighting for the same liberated future.

According to Jason Kidd, Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo called to warn him about the team firing him 15 minutes before it happened.

Kidd said, “He called me and said, ‘Coach, this isn’t right what they’re about to do, but [they] are gonna let you go.’ ”

Kidd also said he told Antetokounmpo that “I had a feeling that was gonna take place.”

Antetokounmpo replied, “'What can I do? I’ll call the owners, I’ll call my agent.”

Kidd said he told him, “There’s nothing you can do. All you can do is tell the truth. That’s it.”

Kidd said he thanked Antetokounmpo for his loyalty and that he was “thankful to be able to coach him.”

Professor!FFXV AU Night

This AU Night will take place this Saturday, January 27 @ 7:30pm EST and will end at 12 PST. The following are just some things to keep in mind.

  • SFW and NSFW is welcome during this AU night but please make sure to tag things accordingly. We wanna keep this a nice and positive experience for everyone!
  • Your pieces can be as short or as long as you want! Whether it’s 1 paragraph or 20+, so long as it’s a professor AU you’re good to go
  • You can write as many pieces as you want!!
  • All characters are welcome
  • Make sure to tag me in your pieces so I can reblog them! If it’s easier for you just copy and paste the following at the beginning or end of your work: written for Professor!FFXV night with @ffxvhoe

Please reblog to help spread the word, and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask!!

Can you be in 2 places at once?

Caution,Trance-y language.

Can you be in two places at once? Here or there?
Can you imagine what that might be like? There or here?
Or perhaps you can imagine that there is a place inside you
that you can go to which is not the place you are physically now,
where (there?) a part of you can go to while simultaneously
remaining right here. Are you here or are you there now? Will you be aware of where you are at any given moment when I as your unconscious self sends your conscious self far, far away? Are you there or are you here? Will your conscious self recognise where you’ve been, or will your unconconsious, while your all of you remains right here, reading this, have created a brand new space in the infinity of your unconscious mind and sent your conscious self there. or here. Where are you now? Perhaps your unconscious will go with you, perhaps it just stays right here, paying attention to my words, enjoying the attention, enjoying the control and power it has for your conscious self to enjoy here and now. What kind of wondrous and amazing place can your unconscious now mind create for your conscious self to enjoy, now and at other points in the future? at other places in the future? While you’re right here, and also there, can you enjoy knowing how capable you are at being in more than once space at a time, in this space and at this time. While you ponder this, can you sink there, and rise up here? Can you feel how good it has become to be multi dimensional and sink here and rise there to new heights and new perspectives here? when you realise how good it feels to be in more than once place at at time, and also how good it feels to be in one place at a time, come back to this current here and now, consciously and unconsciously on five - one, two, three, four, five!

TF Fanfiction List

Been thinking about doing this since new years, so here we go! I figured I’d make a complete masterpost of fanfics I’ve written for tf so they’re all in one place and easy to find. You can of course also check out my AO3, though there will be some ficlets that are tumblr exclusive. Also some of these link to my nsfw tf blog.

Fics that are nsfw will be marked as such. For more details on rating/warnings, click through the link – I always list the relevant info at the beginning of posts.

Transformers Prime/Aligned

Optimus/Ratchet fics:

Chemically Altered (nsfw for recreational drugs)

Worship (body worship, nsfw for sex)

Available (request for claiming/markingwith optiratch)

Clever Lines (pre-war, Orion meets the Party Ambulance)

Smoke Break (old gays share a robo-cigarette)

Lesbian AU Request Fic (human AU)

Reproductive Drive (Heat fic/breeding kink, nsfw for sex)

Second Chances

Multi, complete, amnesia AU, nsfw for sex: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Other fics:

Friends and Kisses (Ratchet & June)

Gossip (Ratchet & June with side Ratchet/OP)

Empty (nsfw for horror/death)

Chat (Megatron/Ratchet with mentioned Meg/Op and Ratch/OP)

Samsara (Wildbreak/Knockout)

  • Multi, incomplete, Reincarnation AU, nsfw for sex: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Knocked Out (Knockout/Breakdown)

Arrangement (Megatron/Bumblebee)

  • Multi, incomplete and on hiatus, arranged marriage AU: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 |

IDW Transformers

First Date (Soundwave/Cosmos, first date obvi)

Whose Sail Do You Fly Under (Deadlock/Hot Rod)

Early (Megatron/Minimus, nsfw)

Pining (Swerve/Whirl/Tailgate/Cyclonus, pining and also paintball)

Request (Swerve/Megatron, heat fic so nsfw for sex)

Pin-Up (Minimus/Swerve, lingerie kink, nsfw for sex)

Thank You Letters (Swerve/Ultra Magnus, nsfw for sex)

The Matchmaker (Swerve/Tailgate/Cyclonus)

Kissing Experiments (Swerve/Tailgate/Cyclonus)

First Time (Swerve/Rewind/Chromedome, nsfw for sex)

Also (Chromedome/Rewind)

G1 Transformers

Side By Side (Sideswipe/Side Burn because Side Burn loves a red sports car, cross-over with RID2001)

Ironhide/Sunstreaker Request (college AU)

Bite the Bullet (Cliffjumper/Megatron, Gun play, nsfw for sex)

Transformers Animated 

Wall (Optimus/Sentinel, stuck in a wall/sex work kink, nsfw for sex)

Beautiful as Usual (Optimus/Ultra Magnus, softbody, nsfw)

That One Crossover Fic

Sir (Optimus Prime/Optimus Prime/Optimus Prime, aka tfa/tfp/g1, nsfw for sex and also nonsense)


This week’s post was going to be a ‘week in the life’ kind of thing, but something that’s always on my mind is the importance of self-care, especially while trying to maintain the standard of work required from me at a place such as Oxford. It’s no lie that this place is intense, but it is manageable if one looks after oneself as well as possible. This line of thinking led me to want to write this post - a post on how I make sure I am looking after myself that you can hopefully all apply to your days as you go about studying:)


  • Some of these are fairly obvious, but it seems that the most obvious ones are those that are given little importance and are thus not carried out. I’d also like to add that these are things that I try and do every day, but if you can just manage even one then that’s a grand old thing.
  • I’ve tried to talk about the benfits for studying that these means of self-care can result in, but ultimately these should be carried out primarily for your mental and physical health!

1. Fresh air every day

  • This can be sitting and studying on a bench outside for an hour, or as simple as walking to the shops to buy some bread.
  • Fresh air has so many benefits, but most importantly in relation to studying, it leads to more energy and a sharper mind - the perfect combination for a productive day of studying!

2. Sleep

  • Sleep for me is by far the most important element of self-care that I try to incorporate into my life.

  • Getting to sleep before 12pm is something I always try to stick to, but find a time that works for you and stick to it!
  • I’m sure you’re all aware of the HUGE benefits that getting a good sleep regularly can have, but in terms of study benefits, sleep sharpens attention, improves memory, spurs creativity, decreases stress etc etc
  • Having a set bedtime routine, including things in this list, is also self-care for me and really helps me to wind down at the end of the day.

3. Exercise

  • I find exercise to be of huge benefit for my anxiety and productivity levels; it seems to increase positive energy, and provide an outlet for any nervous energy consuming me. 
  • Personally, sports just aren’t my cuppa (my co-ordination levels are not those to be desired haha), and nor are perhaps more traditional forms of exercise such as running or taking part in exercise classes. I, therefore, choose to skip! I have a bright pink skipping rope and skip for about 5 minutes every morning as part of my morning routine (just like having a set bedtime routine, having a set morning routine in which I incorporate some of these self-care things is also a means of self-care for me!).

4. Speak to family/friends

  • This is especially important for me during my time at Oxford - speaking to family back home, or making sure I talk to my friends at Oxford (or the few I have back home), is a really great way to make sure I step outside the bubble of what can feel like constant work.
  • This for me reduces stress and is my favourite way to take a break from studying.

5. Plan the following day the night before

  • This can be as simple as writing a (realistic! - if you want to be ambitious highlight the things you HAVE to get done and have the rest as optional goals) to-do list, or planning your day hour by hour. 
  • The option I go for depends on what I need to get done the following day/how I’m feeling, but having some kind of plan really increases my productivity and motivation levels! 
  • This also falls into the category of self-care for me as when I don’t have some kind of plan my mental health takes a dip.

6. Meditation

  • I use an app called Headspace to meditate morning and night and I’d highly recommend it, whether you use the free or paid-for version. 
  • Meditation is incredible for self-care - it improves concentration, reduces stress and irritation, increases confidence, fosters a positive outlook, and just in general improves your mental and physical health!
  • It’s a great way to start the day in terms of productivity levels and end the day to create a nice sense of calm.

7. Note good things that happen during the day

  • This is a new one for me this year but I’m really enjoying it.
  • You could use a notebook to make your notes or, like myself, use the notes app in your phone!
  • I note down literally anything that brings a smile to my face, that I’m grateful for that day, something that I’m proud of etc etc.
  • It’s really nice to look back on and has resulted in a far more positive outlook for me; it also makes me realise just how many good things are going on in my life, no matter how small!

8. 3 meals a day and as much water as possible 

  • Your body needs food, your body needs water, that is all, please eat and drink.
  • Nah but seriously, eating 3 meals a day and drinking water provides me with way more energy than I would have otherwise - don’t forget these things just because you’re so focused on your studying!

9. Lacking motivation for work? Try and be productive in ways other than studying!

  • Sometimes you just don’t feel like studying, and that’s perfectly okay!
  • As long as it’s not a constant occurrence, sometimes I’ll just take some time off to be productive in other ways - maybe I’ll read a book I enjoy, or do my laundry, or tidy my room, or see friends, and so on and so forth.
  • There may even be the odd day where you just want to stay cuddled up in bed and watch a film, and as long as this doesn’t happen all the time either, that’s fine too!

10. Breaks

  • I cannot stress the importance of breaks enough.
  • They improve your learning ability, relax the mind, enhance the amount of information you take in…and as a result of all this, lead to better results!
  • You should take a break when you start to feel restless and unable to concentrate, when you aren’t taking in anything that you’re studying or honestly, when you feel like you just need to take a break!
  • Ideally I’d say to try and study for at least 25 minutes before having a break (google the Pomodoro technique if you struggle to focus on your studies!), but if you need to start with less time and build your way up, that’s perfectly fine too - find what works for you!
  • Examples of things I do on my breaks include all of the things on this list (although be careful with getting some sleep - take a little nap if you need to, but try not to nap for too long!).

I hope this post is helpful my dears! Take care of yourselves!

Mollie xxx

p.s. if you have anything to add to this list, please do feel free!

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hopelessromanticlass  asked:

Would love a fic about Jancy dealing with their insecurities?? Love your fics! Happy Writing!

A/N: Thanks for the great prompt, sorry it took awhile!

Also on Ao3 and FFNet.

She says it in the car on the drive back to Hawkins from Murray’s place.

“I’m not retreating… anymore. I mean… I just want you to know that I’m… when we’re back home I’m not going anywhere. I want to hang out with you all the time. Not just when the world is ending.”

He nods.

”I’d like that,” is all he can think to say. It might be the understatement of the century.

She smiles shyly but they don’t talk about it anymore for the rest of the way. Opting instead for smalltalk about Murray or their story and listening to his latest mix tape instead. He can’t let go of the fact that no one’s answering at home. It doesn’t feel right. Borrowing the phone at a gas station just past the border back in Indiana and still getting no answer does it for him. He doesn’t say anything and speeds the rest of the way. She seems to understand.

And then they get home and the world is ending once again. His little brother is possessed by a demonic monster, other monsters walk the earth and there’s a gate from their world to the Upside Down. And through it all she’s with him. She comes home with him to find his house wrecked. She goes with him to get their loved one’s out of the Lab. She puts her hand on his shoulder, strengthening him when he’s apologizing to Will’s unconscious body. She shields her brother, but also him and his mom, with a shotgun. He clings to her when he can’t bear Will’s screaming. She gets the monster out of his brother.

So he feels pretty damn close to her after everything. Trust issues? What trust issues? He trusts Nancy. Then again… he still don’t fully understand why she would want to be with him when the world’s not ending. He’s the weird loner with no money or social capabilities and a deadbeat dad who walked out. And she is Nancy Wheeler. She is perfect. And yet she knows all that stuff about him and still said that she wanted to be with him.

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maxinatorwrites  asked:

Hello. So, I just posted about this on my blog, but you have more of an audience than I do. Can we remind people how absolutely not cool it is to out people, like, ever?

Yeah, for sure, happy to go ahead and amplify that message because coming out is a personal decision that can take place in stages (and sometimes not at all for a while). Just because someone looks like they’re happily out doesn’t mean they are in all situations or to all people, and outing someone can seriously jeopardize their personal safety and financial/job security, as well as take away their right to privacy and coming out on their terms if and when they choose to do so. And as a reminder, if you do out someone without realizing it (because mistakes can happen, and sometimes it’s as small as talking about someone’s partner in front of new friends and using pronouns without thinking about it), apologize. Maybe they’re cool with being out or that person already knew, but if you didn’t have a way of knowing that in advance, just be a mature person and apologize anyway. And as a reminder on the other side of that equation, you don’t owe anyone your coming out. It’s something rooted in trust that’s earned, not owed, and it’s okay if it takes a while to get to a point of comfort and safety with other people. I’ve written about this before, but you get to come first–and that doesn’t just mean basic safety, but your sense of well-being and comfort levels too. But anyhow, yeah, let’s all (myself included bc I’m far from perfect) remember to treat everyone with basic common courtesy and not make assumptions about what may or may not be okay

Had the most infuriating conversation at Mandatory Team Bonding, Shikhar is telling me about how his son is creating this blockchain protocol that allows for automatic removal of owed money from someone’s account, like, if you don’t repay it, it doesn’t matter, because it’d automatically be removed.

I said that’s scary, but he and Barry kept insisting “But it’s a contract.” so I insist “It’s still scary, that’s so abusable.” “But it’s a contract.” “Contracts can be abusive, especially if there’s no one there to regulate them. We go to creditors and banks for loans because there are protections in place just in case.” “Well, it’s all futuristic, it’s conceptual.” “If you’re bringing a concept to life then you still need to think about the possibilities.” “Well it’s all futuristic anyway.” “You think people in the future won’t need protections?” “It’s futuristic.”

Like it reached a point where it was a broken record, “It’s futuristic, it’s futuristic,” as if that absolved the whole concept of “I can program a coin to automatically return to me and invent unregulated loans” isn’t ripe for abuse. 

Of course, this is also the man who doesn’t see what sort of damage a person could do if all they have is a name, a birthday, and a home address so this clearly isn’t a man who thinks about lasting damages BUT I DO.


Originally posted by kuresoto

“Pain will hurt even more if you hide it… find a way to let it all go.. or find someone to let it all go with.”

“Belonging can be found in the most unusual and dangerous places.”

“Whoever you’re waiting for at Jakku.. they’re never coming back. But there is someone who still could.”

“I’ve sensed this raw strength once before.. in Ben Solo.”

“Light. Darkness. A balance.”

anonymous asked:

you probably get this a lot, but where do you get your clothes? i'm around the same size as you and i basically only wear men's clothes :(

I wear a size 18, sometimes 16, and I thrift a whole lot– which is usually hit or miss and a wild card when it comes to results. But I also shop at Fashion Nova and other stores online. Check out Forever 21, Rebdolls, various sellers on ebay and AliExpress, etc. There is also Lindybop. Check out their social media for promise codes, especially Fashion Nova. It sucks though because most of these places usually only go up to a 3X, making it harder for bigger people.

These aren’t all the places that you can get clothes but they’re certainly more budget friendly. There’s still standard fare like ASOS, Torrid and any other boutiques supported/hyped by plus fashion bloggers.

That is the short answer, however it’s quite simplified about the process. Within all of this, I’m regularly and diligently searching all the time, scouring the Internet high and low. Same with thrift stores. I browse/“window shop” online just to pass the time because it’s more than just finding cute clothes for me, it’s a legit hobby at this point.

And the many hours I put in yield the fruit that you see. By no means am I saying you must do the same, just giving you context. I look a lot and shop a decent amount and some pieces in my collection I’ve had for years. When I got a real full-time job and finally experienced some regularity to my income, I budgeted out money for rent and utilities, groceries, debts, charity and the excess basically goes to my clothing habit lol. I also have a really strong ability to envision outfits without having a board or seeing it all together on a screen. It comes together in my head sometimes.

If you can afford the time/energy/money, try to pay attention to the market every season too. Some places offer styles for a limited time so getting it while you can, can make the difference in your closet. We hear too often when we ask where someone got something, that it was from a popular online store but last year ago or even longer.

Great wardrobes are time and usually financial investments, especially for fat folks. Takes a lot of dedication.


“yeah mom, i’m listening to you. It’s just the TV in the background, I promise i’m not having a party please calm down.” 

“mhm, yeah all set for my job interview in the morning. you know i’ve been working hard for this, my resume is as close to perfection as it can be. It’s at this place called Walrus Books, just a short train ride to the business district from here. I’m really hoping my resume and GPA will wow them enough to give me the assistants position.. One can only dream I guess.”

“.. my brother? sigh.. yeah he’s still moonlighting and DJing at the club. mom you have to let it go, he’s doing what he loves and plus can you honestly see him as a lawyer or doctor?” laughs “yeah, me neither. he’ll be okay mom, he’s actually pulling in some big bucks from his gigs. tho i can’t say i’m a fan of the.. well, fans. we need to come up with a better signal than the nasty sock on the door method. I am NOT touching another one of his dirty socks again”
pulls phone away from ear “breathe mom, breathe. you can have the sex talk with him later, i really need to go to bed if i want to look fresh for my interview tomorrow. I love you too mom, bye.”

The Right Door | 2

“It wasn’t your place to do so, but you couldn’t help but ask. ‘Is everything okay?’

‘Yeah uh—well no. My ex-girlfriend’s friend won’t leave me alone.’ Namjoon answered without looking up from his notes.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’”

↠universityAU, the softest angst ever tbh↞

word count: 1.6k

↠series: 1

A/N: hey everyone! sorry if everything for this series seems a bit slow and i apologize bc that’s what i’m going for T__T but nonetheless, i hope you all enjoy this ^_^

[3:24] Kim Namjoon: We can meet in half an hour. I’m currently in class.

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