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allnightstalker  asked:

make an imagine where you get harassed by a jock and eric helps you btw good luck starting your imagine blog

Of course! Here it is :) sorry if it’s boring :( but enjoy!

‘’It won’t be that bad’’ You said as you were with your boyfriend Eric at the cafeteria, sitting down. He was telling you about how he had to go to a family wedding on Saturday and he had to wear a fancy tuxedo throughout the whole day.

‘’Yes it will, I have to wear a dumb tuxedo the whole entire day. You know what? I’m changing into my normal clothes on with my hat on backward right after the church service’’ Eric grumbled. You giggled softly at him. Eric could be adorable and funny sometimes especially when he was mad.

The bell rang for lunch to be dismissed. You and Eric got up from your seats. He threw away your trash and his trash. You thanked him as you gave him a kiss on the cheek. He gave you a grin and then you two begin holding hands.

As you two made it to the hallways, three jocks were in the hallway, fooling around and talking.

They suddenly stopped talking and all of them looked at you with disgust. You knew one of them. Harrison was his name. He made fun of you, picked on you and called you names. He hated your guts a lot.

‘’Ew look! she’s so ugly’’ Harrison started to laugh at you as his friends join in also.

You felt your face turn bright red as Harrison kept on making fun of you.

‘’She’s so ugly’’

‘’I can’t stand seeing her, I get blind every time I see her’’

‘’She smells too’’

‘’I don’t know why anyone would like her, she’s just… blech’’

‘’She looks like a fucking dyke’’

Eric heard the insults that Harris was calling you and boy did he get pissed. Really pissed off. You could feel his hands gripping on yours so tightly that you thought that he was going to break your hand.

Harrison didn’t notice that Eric was really angry at him. He was too busy laughing his head off and saying goodbye to both of his buddies as they headed off to the gym. Harrison opened his locker and dug through his stuff, still laughing at the insults that he called you.

You hated getting picked on by him, the jocks and the popular girls at the school. You mostly got picked on Harrison and his friends since he couldn’t leave you alone.

A pissed off Eric suddenly let go of your hand and walked towards Harrison. ‘’Eric, wait please’’ You said as you followed behind him. You had a feeling of what was going to happen. You saw Eric pissed off before, but never pissed off like this.

‘’Hey asshole, you better leave my girlfriend alone before I break that fake looking plastic surgery nose of yours, do you understand me, you little worthless piece of crap? Don’t ever fucking call her insults, I will slam that little head of yours and break your damn head open. Don’t you ever pick on her or even make fun of her, you piece of shithead, if I hear you picking on my girlfriend like that again, you’ll see what’s going to happen.’’ Eric threaten him in a scary way and got close to Harrison’s face.

You never saw Eric getting near someone’s face or even threaten someone like that.

‘’If I was Harrison, I would definitely be scared of Eric threaten me like that ‘’You thought. You didn’t know if Harrison was scared by Eric’s threat or not.

Harrison took one look at him and laughed. ‘’Ooo I’m scared’’ Harrison said. ‘’I’m telling my mommy on you’’ He added with a high pitch voice as he joked.

Eric could tell that Harrison wasn’t taking this seriously. ‘’That’s it’’ Eric growled and started punching Harrison on the face.

‘’Eric stop!’’ You said as you watched Eric and Harrison fight each other. You didn’t know what to do except for watch them beat up on each other.

You knew if you got a teacher into this, You and Eric would be the ones getting in trouble expect for Harrison just because he was a jock. Stupid and unfair right? It happens all the time and the teachers favorited the athletes more than anyone else in the school.

Eric and Harrison threw punches at each other and then Eric got on top of Harrison, grabbed him by the throat and started choking him while he started punching him on the other hand.

Harrison’s face started turning purple and his nose bled all over as Eric was choking him and punching him at the same time. He was really full of anger.

‘’Eric that’s enough!’’ You pulled Eric off of Harrison and hugged him tightly as you took peek at Harrison who was coughing and his blood spalted all over his face. His lip was torn open and his nose was bleeding heavily. You couldn’t believe that Eric did that to him even though Harrison was one inch taller than Eric and weight a little more than him.

Eric’s mouth was bleeding and he had a small bruise on his cheek. But Harrison looked worse.

You wiped off the blood that was spread on Eric’s lips with your long sleeve and pecked him on the lips.

‘’Are you okay?’’ You asked him as you watched Eric licked his lips, trying to get the blood away from his mouth.

‘’I’m okay y/n, It doesn’t matter if I got beat up or not, all it matters if that asshole leaves you alone. I don’t want anyone picking on you ever again, especially if I’m around you or not. Don’t believe what those shitheads say about you. You are beautiful to me and I love you for who you are. That’s why I fall in love with you every single day y/n’’ Eric stroked your cheek as he lean in to kiss you. You kissed him back.

‘’You are such a weirdo, you almost killed me!’’ Harrison yelled at Eric as he held his nose. You and Eric both pulled away from the kiss and looked at him. ‘’You broke my nose! ‘’ He cried out. He got up and made his way to the boy’s bathroom.

‘’Looks like he won’t be messing with you anymore’’ Eric smirked.

‘’I hope not’’ You said with an exhausted yawn.

‘’Don’t worry he won’t, I’ll make sure he won’t. If he does, I’ll give him another thing to cry about’’ Eric said and chuckled at the last part. You chuckled also.

‘’You wanna skip class and go somewhere to eat ? You deserve to not go to any of your classes today’’ Eric said, pulling an arm around you and pulling you close to him.

‘’Of course Eric, and thank you for protecting me. You’re my hero’’ You giggled as you kissed Eric on the lips.

‘’Anything for my beautiful little angel’’ Eric grinned, kissing you back.

You two went walking out of the school and enjoying skipping school for the rest of the day.