all the pictures of him and some of the members


It’s almost ASTRO Birthday season! In the span of two months, all 6 members of ASTRO will celebrate their birthdays! To increase activity on ASTRO’s birthday hashtags, astrofantastic has some twitter events you can join!

Note: Keep an eye on ASTRO’s Twitter (@offclastro) for the official birthday hashtag for each member!

January 26, 2017 - #HappyMoonbinDay

Since Moonbin loves to eat, for his birthday let’s all share a meal with Moonbin! Take a picture of a meal you are eating that you’d want to share with Moonbin and post it! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

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February 23, 2017 - #HappyRockyDay

Rocky is always giving AROHA song recommendations over twitter, so for Rocky’s birthday let’s post song recommendations for him! If you want you can do it Rocky style by posting a screenshot of the song from a music player such as spotify! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Tags: #RohaJ #RecsForRocky #HappyRockyDay

March 5, 2017 - #HappyMJDay

Since MJ is ASTRO’s resident artist, draw something for MJ and post it! Do everything and anything from drawings of MJ to wordart of MJ’s name! Even if you can’t draw, doodle! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Tags: #MasterpieceMJ #HappyMJDay

March 15, 2017 - #HappyJinjinDay

Jinjin is always posting pretty pictures of the sky for AROHA~ So for Jinjin’s birthday, let’s post some for him! Take a picture of the sky wherever you live! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Tags: #JourneyWithJinjin #로하작 #HappyJinjinDay

March 21, 2017 - #HappySanhaDay

Sanha is always asking for 5 hearts on VLIVE, so let’s send them to him! Add 5 hearts to your birthday post to Sanha, draw 5 hearts and post a picture of it, etc.! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Tags: #SomeHeartsForSanha #하트다섯개 #HappySanhaDay

March 30, 2017 - #HappyEunwooDay

Wanna go together~ Based on Eunwoo’s infamous “같이 갈래?” line, post a picture of somewhere in your area that you’d like to go together with Eunwoo! Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Tags: #ExploreWithEunwoo #같이_갈래 #HappyEunwooDay

DBSJ! 😭😍❤️💙

[!!! Edited]

Remember this picture? This was taken last winter 2005 for the joint single of DBSK (TVXQ) and Super Junior, “Show Me Your Love”. Look at how time flies sooooo fast. 😍😭


After 10 years…

DBSJ Bond is still VERY STRONG…

Some evidences are shown from 2014 until the present when…!

Eunhyuk cheered and supported Junsu by watching his musical ’December’. 😍💙❤️

Thanks to Jackie Chan’s Birthday! Siwon and Hangeng were able to meet publicly (with handshake and bump 😭). And don’t forget their smiles!

Photos of Hangeng and Heechul (HanChul 💞) were spread in different SNS.

Heechul commented on Kibum’s instagram post, “You’ve worked hard. Come when all of us meet up later I’ll bring you birthday cake 😀😀😀😀 ”, and members followed him where he also followed back!

Yunho greeted and talked with Jaejoong’s dad! 😍

Jaejoong and Yunho (YunJae 💞) are in the same event! Jaejoong even approached Yunho and his father in a tent where Yunjae also hugged! ㅠ.ㅠ

Donghae, Siwon and Changmin are together in the Seoul police department with all the musical & healing concerts and promotions! 😍💙❤️

And also they may have entered the army with different dates but Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Jaejoong has been performing together in many of the events in the army! 😍😘💙❤️

DBSJ is just really so special! No one (especially SMent) can stop them from seeing each other. Wherever they are. Whatever circumstances that could occur. And whenever it could be. We, Cassies and ELFs, are so happy to see you guys together. 

Always Keep the Faith and Promise to Believe still and will always be quoted

Thank you for showing us what REAL FRIENDSHIP is!!


ctto 💕 (photos and trans)

anonymous asked:

robin do we know anything about yoonmin during their break? I only read that jm and jk left for busan together and travelled by train but that's all. Anything that can make us think ym saw each other during the holidays?

i honestly have No idea where yoongi is but ! even if they are apart, consider:

  • jimin forcing yoongi to send him pictures of holly and then posting them to the bangtan gc
  • yoongi sending jimin some pictures he took that day and almost always ending the little collection with a funny picture of himself / a selfie jimin left on his phone
  • jimin meaning to facetime yoongi just to say goodnight before going to bed but ending up talking for hours, neither of them realising until one of them almost falls asleep
  • yoongi accidentally sending a cute good night selfie to the gc instead of jimin and all of the members mocking him by sending similar pictures of themselves
  • jimin randomly sending weird selfies throughout the day with the Worst captions (’wanna kiss u hyung’) and then when yoongi does the same, calling him up so he knows that jimin’s dying with laughter
  • regular i love yous and reminders to have a good day / eat properly / go to bed on time
  • both of them spending like 20 minutes straight just laughing during a video call because jimin started laughing in the middle of a funny story and it set yoongi off and then they just couldn’t stop
  • spending almost a whole night sexting and then being extra affectionate and cute in their messages the next morning
  • alternatively: one of them waking up to a whole load of messages and pouty/angry selcas because they fell asleep halfway through
  • babe, i really need–” “you’re on speaker hahaha say hello!!”
  • ‘tell your parents(/holly) i said hi’
  • yoongi sending jimin an ‘innocent’ post-shower selfie alongside a ‘good morning’ and then getting worried when he doesn’t respond for half a day

Johnny - Gryffindor

Johnny is the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain and one of the chasers. A natural leader, nobody expected less. He’s a popular guy in Hogwarts, everyone seems to like him, and he doesn’t hide how much he likes the attention he gets. When he’s not training quidditch or ordering people around, he’s drinking some butterbeer with his equally popular and housemate friend, Ten.

Click Here for the Masterlist to all of the NCT members Hogwarts House.

*I made the moodboard and the text, but I do not own any of these pictures. Credits for the Johnny picture goes to the fansite unphysical.

What Tobi/Obito gives the Akatsuki for christmas

(i will be doing this with each member and queing them everyday.Its what each member gives all the other members for christmas.)

Deidara:A kiss on the cheek and run away before falling on his face
Zetsu:Dead people, gallore:in other words a grave yard
Pein:A list of things to do while hes on his holiday vacation
Konan:Some fine paper for oragami?
Sasori:A poor drawing of him making fun lf how short he is
Itachi:A picture of konoha destroyed
Kisame:fish for my good guy
Kakuzu:Kakuzu gets nothing.“Tobi"spends all the money on candy

Madara:A trip to Hashiramas grave with a oujia board
Kakashi:A voodoo doll of him with needles stuck threw his chest and specifically his right eyeball.

Secret Valentines <3

Some happy V and MC’s wedding! We all know this boy deserves to be happy, and who better to make him happy than you! You would have a very color coordinated wedding and everything would match his hair of course! Each member of the wedding party would get a polaroid camera to take pictures during the night and then you and V would compile them into a scrapbook!

Next we got Jumin and MC traveling! Oh man, so many fancy hotels! Imagine traveling and staying in EVERY RITZ CARLTON!!! But sometimes you two would just go to the beach and enjoy each other's company. Either Jaehee is stuck watching Elizabeth the 3rd or she is on the plane with you two in a first class seat. Because it’s Elizabeth. Duh. He loves to take you to art museums and palaces~ 

In short, this was my contribution to @mysmesecretvalentines ! To @buttercupandwestley who has a great url and I wish I had thought of it first! Happy V-Day!!!!

Yoongi natural skin colour appreciation post !

Yoongi is naturally really pale and doesn’t have much of a tan like other members but there is a difference between whitewashed pics like this —>

And these pictures who show his natural skin ! 

He is pale ! 

But he most definitly does not look like a ghosts like some pics show him lol

Smiiiile ^^

Originally posted by coffeewithbts

He has nice skin just like all the other members <3

Taeyong - Hufflepuff

Taeyong is a sucessful wizard in the divination class, he can foresee the future. He tried several types of divination methods, but he likes cartomancy and crystal-gazing the best. At first glance, his appearence and gaze can be a little intimidating, because of that some students are afraid of him, but he’s actually a sensitive and nice guy who likes to drink tea.

Click Here for the Masterlist to all of the NCT members Hogwarts House.

*I made the moodboard and the text, but I do not own any of these pictures.

anonymous asked:

love your art and your replies. One question tho, why do you colour Jimin so dark ( skin tone ) i mean

Thank you so much. Well idk the thing is that there are photos where they White wash the members ( literally all of them) and I took a picture of jimin and sampled the skin tone ( midtone). Also, if I were to draw him whiter, it wouldn’t be that milky color that some people do ( in my opinion I wouldn’t use it cuz ya know, jimin’s actual skin tone is golden ish and I love it) and it’s their art and I respect it and I still love it. :^)

It really makes me upset that Jimin thinks we only like him for his body
That’s not true
Obviously not gonna lie him having an amazing body is nice but that’s not all that matters
I biassed him cuz he’s so cute and adorable, this is the picture that made me bias him
He’s a literal angel, he has the sweetest smile, the cutest laugh, the kindest heart, the most beautiful eyes, the most amazing voice, and he’s such a good dancer. He’s always there for the members when they feel down, he always thinks about the fans. He loves and works so hard for us. And for some “fans” to go around and say dumb things like “show us your nipples” or “show us your abs” is just disgusting. It makes me so angry. Cuz he’s more then just his looks. I love him so much, he’s so tiny and squishy and omg my baby ❤️ Saranghae Jimin oppa💖


jongkey/fluff/drabble/pg (because of one curse word;;)

a/n: i’m really not confident in my writing, but with all the delusional jongkey shipper scenarios i’ve been getting from key’s recent insta posts, i had to write something. this is inspired by these two posts (1, 2) and key’s new camera. thank you very much @blingblingisjonghyun for listening to my ideas and editing this for me ;;; 


“Seriously, Jonghyun?” Key snapped his head up to glare at his fellow band member lying on the bed beside him, with the camera - that in fact, belonged to the younger male, in hand again.

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Ten - Gryffindor

Ten is the Gryffindor Quidditch team seeker, currently, he’s the best one in Hogwarts. This guy has a lot of admirers, he’s always joking around and people seem to like him just as much as they like his friend and housemate Johnny. Some even call them the golden duo. (but why golden? tbh I don’t know LOL)

Click Here for the Masterlist to all of the NCT members Hogwarts House.

*I made the moodboard and the text, but I do not own any of these pictures. 

  • always laughing because of some dorky ass thing he said
  • a lot of couple selfies
  • him asking you a million questions a day
  • how are you, what do you want for supper, do you think aliens are real?
  • having him siNg to you oh my god
  • ‘i wrote this new song listen to it!’ and then it would just be a song about what he loves about you please
  • building forts in the dorm and spending the night in there with him
  • you not being able to sleep because he steals all the blankets
  • him apologizing in the morning profusely
  • making you breakfast to make up for it
  • you telling him its ok because he does it every time
  • him still feeling bad 
  • LOTS of kisses before either of you leave
  • him whining ‘just one more’
  • one more would end up being three more
  • three more would end up being twelve more
  • when he’s at work he’d sneak in some dorky ass pictures of him during a break and send them to you
  • him taking pictures of the other members looking funny and sending them to you
  • being friends with hyungwon because him and minhyuk are close
  • minhyuk pretending to be jealous of it
  • only to get praise and kisses from you
  • he actually wouldnt be really jealous at all almost ever
  • hes very confident as your boyfriend
  • but not confident in himself
  • would feed off your compliments a lot of the time
  • would need to know you approve of something he’s done, a dance or a song
  • when he’s upset you’d have to sit him down and remind him that he’s doing his best 
  • he’d be cuddled up with you and would whisper ‘tell me im the most handsome member’ and then you’d know he was feeling better
  • you’d tell him
  • he’d agree 
  • he’d love you more than anything in the entire world
  • he’d be the cutest boyfriend ever please love him

The original,then the edited versions. This is a bit of a picture with a lyric from Undertale the Musical: Memory. Y'all have to listen to some of these songs there amazing!! Anyway Memory is one of my favs. The songs are by @manontheinternet and the cast members of the songs. Credit to him and the lyrics that were a bit changed but are by Cami-cat. I hope y'all like it and more will come soon,if I can finish this since it’s a pretty big project for me at least.

a list of why kim taehyung makes me emotional
  • his satoori
  • he makes sure to call his parents once a week no matter what and he called his dad before he left for Norway
  • he treasures the watch his dad gave to him when he became a trainee and always wears it
  • he loves his grandma and makes sure to stay chubby because his grandma likes him chubby
  • when he makes v broadcasts just to show us the songs he likes and sing along to them
  • when he got sad because he thought all the members left him when he had to film alone in the water for the Run MV
  • when he saw a bunch of little kids walk by the beach in a line in America and randomly joined them
  • when he posted the videos of him wrestling his little nephews and running with them (and his dog) in Daegu
  • when he said that if he wasn’t idol, he’d probably be farming with his grandma
  • when he writes lyrics/composes some of the BTS songs
  • when he uploads song covers
  • when he posted pictures of Van Gogh’s works and chet baker songs saying that it gave him strength
  • when he played sick and drunk at fan signs
  • when he talks to his fan’s
  • when he looks at his fans as if they were the most beautiful woman in the world
  • when he saw that there was a baby behind him at the airport and moved to sit by her and her mother even though he couldn’t speak their language
  • when he holds puppies and babies
  • his current twitter photo series
  • when he said that he’d rather have his fans call him Kim Tae Hyung than V because Kim Tae Hyung is who he is.
  • when he play fights with the bts members.
  • Kim Tae hyung
  • how his eyes are a little uneven and he got really surprised when he formed a double eye lid on one eye and it wouldn’t go away
  • how curved his cupids bow is 
  • when he got scared after they had to hide his eyebrows with makeup for a photoshoot 
  • when he biked all the way to the dance studio from hwarang filming just so that he can join the last minutes of hope on the street and say hi to the fans 
  • when he wore Namjoon’s hoodie and took photos like him 
  • how excited he gets when he raps to cypher 3 
  • his adlibs 
  • when bts performs dope how rough his voice can be but at the same time so smooth when he harmonizes with other members and take the deeper notes
  • when he talked to the scuba divers that were at inu filming and walked back to the cameras with an abalone he got with them
  • when he was worried for army’s throats because they were screaming so loud so he told them to speak softly at the concert
  • when he picked up trash at the airport even though there were no fans around him
  • when he wiped away the tears of his fan when she started crying
  • when he calls his fans pretty face to face
  • when fans asked him if he got taller he shouted (with no mic) “No! Look at my shoes! Plus 5 centimeters! I wore flats during I Need U”
  • when he wanted to get away from the mcs of a music show because they were doing the closing comments so he bent down and waddled his way through the crowds
  • and more

thank you.

Minseok and static

So yup, I’m still trying to figure out about Monster’s teaser and…Do you guys remember that Minseok is always near a television and then there’s some kind of magnetism or weirdass static?


Love Me Right

And look here, there’s a television next to him and everything seems to be fine 

But seconds afterwards

Also in the japanese ver. of Love Me Right

In the last picture, the televisions show what the other members are doing and Minseok is talking to someone. 

So I guess Minseok definitely knows something…

Now on Monster, I couldn’t see a full shot of his face in the teaser, I literally can just see his back or a side of his face when they’re all reunited around that table.

And the static remains 

So yeah, I’m prety sure Minseok is the cause of this static, which is known to be a trigger for the members to use their powers without noticing it (remember Minseok’s and Yixing’s pathcode). The main theory of the fandom is that he either is one of the monsters or the scientist that made them all turn into monsters (that would also make him The Lucky One?), but since he couldn’t be seen in this teaser, I would go for the scientist one. 

As I said before, in Love Right (romantic universe~) he was watching the rest of the members and talking on the phone. He knows something’s up, and he’s telling someone else. If he is that important, a kind of messenger, he could totally be the one that’s making the substances that make people turn into monsters, just like he was kind of playing with those narcotics in Love Me Right… 

  • having such a snuggly boyfriend oh my godddddddd
  • he’d love to hold you with you on his lap having your back resting on his chest and to be able to kiss your neck please
  • the members make fun of your skinship sometimes but he completely ignores it because damn he loves being close to you
  • he’ll always text you in the morning to see your plans for the day and tell you his own
  • would sing under his breath all the time
  • but you’d encourage him to sing louder so everyone could hear him
  • and he’d blush and be like okkkkkk 
  • and so he would and his voice would melt your heart because it’s so damn beautiful
  • would have some random, blurry picture he took of you on one of your dates as his homescreen 
  • he’d be that boyfriend to screenshot your instagram posts or something and send it to you like “you look nice in this picture” or “what was this post about?” 
  • sometimes he over worries and it causes some arguments but they never last long
  • he just really cares about you, like a lot
  • would like feeding you or something if you’re on a date he’d take a piece of his food and nudge you like here try this
  • you’d always get one soda at the movies and share it
  • he really loves you a lot ok 
  • he actually hates couple items and prefers to not have them
  • but you really liked these matching phone cases and with weeks of begging he surprised you with them
  • just to see you smile
  • he’d practice a lot but that never stops him from asking if YOU slept enough or if YOU had eaten that day
  • he literally puts you before himself 24/7
  • and you’re like babe you need rest, i’m okay, just like i was ten minutes ago, please rest
  • he would love to lay his head in your lap and have you run your fingers through his hair
  • would take you to water parks and arcades as a date
  • he loves to have fun with you
  • but he’d also really like late night walks after his practice is over
  • and they’re always so calming and quiet and it’s just you and him together holding hands under the stars
  • he said i love you first on accident
  • he was hanging up a facetime call with you and he was like get some rest, i love you
  • and he was like :o
  • and you were like :o
  • but he cleared his throat and said it more confidentially
  • now he says it every other sentence
  • he would take such good care of you he really truly would

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Justice League Christmas headcanons? I'd prefer some lighter ones because I've been in a sucky mood lately, but whatever works! (I'm also sorry if this is too early in the season, I'm just really looking forward to December ><)

  • the watchtower has seen all kinds of christmas parties. from the whole station being deserted because each hero’s spending time with their families, to only a couple of members sticking around to either get some quiet down time or because there’s hell on earth and they’re monitoring for the rest of the team still on the planet fending off the bad guys. to hal getting completely smashed while every hero family has arrived and barry’s trying to keep him on a leash. unsuccesfully. hal’s now projecting pictures of his naked baby self using his ring. please stop him
  • diana proposed the idea of recording messages in various languages about various holidays (kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas etc) wishing a happy celebratory time, so every year from december 1st until a week or two after new year’s eve (unless brainiac or darkseid got an itch again), wayne industries funds these short video recordings that play all around the world, on big screens, the radio, tv, internet etc. batman may or may not be smiling in some of them too? (gasp)
  • one year, it somehow happened that two nights before christmas alfred managed to get clark and diana under the same roof with the batfam for dinner and not only was there no crime in gotham that night, jason randomly popped up near diana and started chatting her up. she always replied with a big smile to his wide-eyed questions and by the time everyone left, jason was sure he had fallen in love
  • cue early days justice league mission at the end of december, hal asking arthur if, when he sets up a christmas tree under the sea, all the ornaments keep floating upwards and then trying to get him to sing the little mermaid’s under the sea tune. until arthur randomly mutters it in the middle of a battle and when hal turns around like “DID YOU JUST”, arthur pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
  • barry. hanging special, speed-resistant pompoms at the end of his cowl’s bolts. kids seeing him and going WILD
  • children hospitals buzzing all over the states even two months before the holidays start because they know the justice league will make their yearly rounds and spend some time with them. the first time batman started giving out christmas pouches filled with small toys and presents “endorsed by wayne inc.” one of the kids just hugged him out of the blue because “you’re my present”
  • victor getting tired of his team’s bullshit and playing “last christmas” on repeat 24/7. every cover and edition that’s ever been posted online. several members try to override the console; vic just turns on the volume. half of the heroes want to jump off the station and straight into the empty vacuum of dead cold space, and the other half enjoy the first half being annoyed
  • secret santa. maybe someone arranges it so, maybe (and more likely) it’s hal’s nonexistent luck, but he’s got batman. after careful thinking and meticulous planning, he comes up with an onion on the 25th. just an onion. he actually hands it to him. “family should be with family during the holidays”
  • (bruce actually smiles to him, a full, earnest smile—maybe he finds it legitimately funny—and hal jumps two steps back because a) this shit’s creepy b) he’ll have to spend the next four months with his back against the wall because he can feel the payback coming. you done fucked up again)
  • the team just generally saving christmas day. not necessarily from a big bad, but simply allowing people to get the christmas they want, to be with their families and have fun, even if they just stopped a small bodega robbery. they start clapping and wooing and most of the crowd lets them know their homes are always open to them, to their heroes
Bangtan - A Review by my Mom

“Is that another kpop group of yours? Darby you’ve already showed me so many-” “Mom that was EXO these guys are different.” “Okay fine. Let’s do this.”

So, I asked my mom a few questions about BTS and what they were like to her. The results were….. unique. To say the least. I might have to delete a few pictures off of my computer. OTL

I showed her each member’s best picture (in my opinion) as well a group picture, and asked her some questions, based on appearance only.

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Imagine in 40 years

You are on the internet when you see a news article. Your favorite band member has just died. Some of these reactions might be:

Gerard Way: You put on your black parade jacket, you cuddle your killjoy mask, Welcome To The Black parade plays. You sob, remembering the first time your father took you to the city.

Frank Iero: Listening to Stomachaches you tattoo yourself, you cuddle any dog around, and you watch all of his interviews remembering how cute he was. 

Mikey Way: You look at pictures of Mikey, remembering petekey and how real it was, you cry at that one picture of him in drag.

Ray Toro: You remember how unappreciated he was, how he stood up for Trans people, and how majestic his fro was.

Patrick Stump: You hold a fedora closely to your chest, you listen to What A Catch, Donnie on repeat while drawing fake sideburns onto your face.

Pete Wentz: You put on your eyeliner, listening to before hiatus Fall Out Boy, thinking about how a makeup wearing emo changed your life.

Joe Trohman: You cry over a picture of him saying over and over “Not Bad, Joe.

Andy Hurley: How did a straightedge, jacked, vegan find their way into you heart? You don’t know but you sob as you hear his cute little voice in old fall out boy interviews.