all the photos from this part of the tour are poop

Yuri on Ice Barcelona Tour. Part 2

Hi there! I have some more photos to show you ;D!

First of all, let’s return to the Catedral. Do you remember the choir singing? At first I thought: “That’s weird, I don’t recall any choir with white coats and santa hats or deer antlers… Usually they are more elegant…” I discarded this ‘cause I thought it was an artistic license to make THE MOMENT more romantic… But you know what? These people don’t do anything without a reason! Yesterday I was strolling around looking for an Starbucks to lay my butt and work in my laptop with a coffee (and a cake) and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

YEAH! It’s them! It turns out they’re Medicine students from my old college! It was wild luck for me to be there to find them singing. This is the GPF weekend so, Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei where just here a year ago attending the Barcelona GPF. You can see in the photo that they are not in the same place as in the anime, they are a few meters to the right of the Catedral. There is a lot of people in the plaza in front of the Catedral because there is a special Christmas Market called Fira de Santa Llúcia (in the photo I was standing with my back to the market).

See? I love how they captured the lights and respected the name of the market. It is something very traditional and it is done weeks before Christmas in every town of Catalonia. There you can buy decorations, Christmas’ trees, and the cherished Caga Tió and Caganer ( Christmas pooping log and the Pooping guy, roughly translated, we catalans love poop… don’t ask, but we find it funny :P ).

Yeah, full of Tiós, those logs with faces and hats (barretina in fact, typical catalan, the real one has the strip black and not white as in the anime, I think the thought they were wearing santa’s hats). When you are a kid one day (first days of December) the Tió appears magically at your home. You have to feed him (he will eat whatever you offer him when you are not looking) and the day before Christmas (or the actual day, it depends on the family) you and the other family kids have to sing and beat him with a stick so he poops you presents… Said out loud it sounds ridiculous, but, I SWEAR that as a kid it feels magical XD.

Yeah I love it too Yuuri! <3

And the last for this post! This street it’s called El Portal de l’Àngel, and connects the Catedral with Plaza Catalunya (the central square of Barcelona). You can see the Christmas lights are slightly different, and that’s because they try to change it every few years so it is not always the same. I actually like more the ones from last year :P.

For my wife and me, and many fans from Barcelona, it was new and nice to see our OTP walking the same streets we use to walk and enjoy the Christmas feeling as we do!

More to come in a Part 3 and maybe with some additions in the meantime! :P 

the type of boyfriend i think CALUM would be!

in general: overall, calum would be really protective. he’d try to keep it under wraps but really he would just be looking out for you and your relationship. he’d want the relationship to just be about you two, he’d never let anyone else’s opinion effect your relationship together. his main priority was making sure you were happy, not caring about what anyone else had to say about the two of you.

in public: when out in front of others, he would just carry on with you like he would alone. although he’d probably keep the kissing and butt squeezes to minimal, but still would sneak them in when no one was paying attention or around. i think he’d like to be quite social with you, hanging out in large groups and such. he’d love to listen you talk to your friends, just to get a little insight to how you were around them versus with him. and he’d get a giddy feeling when he noticed that you were always more open with him than your friends. he’d also love to have you around with the guys and his other friends. it would make him really ecstatic to know that you got along with the other really important people in his life besides you. 

behind closed doors: when alone, he’d want to have your full attention. he’d pretty much do everything to get it. he’d call your name a thousand times, bug you by prodding your stomach with his fingers, text you from another room, lay across your lap etc. but typically he didn’t have to do any of this since you also wanted all his attention. so basically it was a win win for both of you. time spent alone together would be pretty lazy. you’d either be watching some show or just unwinding together. alone time wasn’t too often because the both of you were always up for a day out or a night out rather than staying in. but either way, both times were always enjoyable since you were together.

sex: there wouldn’t be a recurring way the two of you had sex. sex would always depend on the mood you both were in. it was typical that you’d be in the same or at least similar mood sexually. like in the morning, you’d both be totally down for it to be slow and lazy but after a concert or a night out you’d both be aching for something rough. of course there would also be passionate times, like after planned dates and such. during those passionate times, he’d be sure to make it all about you. he’d go out of his way to make sure you were pleasured to the fullest extent. also during these times i think he’d either want to be in missionary position or have you ride him. with missionary, he would be able to constantly have his lips against yours and he could watch your face contort in pleasure. with you riding him, he could also watch your many faces of pleasure as well as just watch you let loose on top of him. during rough times, majority of the time he’d prefer doggy style, and he’d love to loop your hair around his fist and occasionally pull you back against his chest. but he also wouldn’t mind occasionally being dominated either. he would just like the thought that one of you was at the others mercy. i also think foreplay would be something that he loved and was really important to him, he’d love to see you so riled up before much even happened. sex would also be quite random and spontaneous. it wouldn’t take much for you to do to turn in him on, and vicea versa. this would result in random acts of needing to head home or stall sex. overall, sex would be a fun at times and intimate during others, making for a well rounded sex life.

cuddling: no matter what, he’d love to be the one shielding you. he’d always want to be the big spoon or have his arms wrapped around you while you laid on top of him. also, being quite the cuddly guy, he’d always be bugging you for cuddles, especially when tired. if you were out in pubic and he was tired, he’d lean his head against your shoulder and wrap his arms loosely around your waist. but of course, at the most inconvenient times he’d be asking you for cuddles. for example when you were studying or working. he’d start out by whining out, “babeee.” and eventually would some how would get his way by using neck kisses, which would transfer over into the cuddles. he’d love to play with your hair or kiss your neck while you traced the patches of ink littering his skin.

romantic gestures: he wouldn’t really know what to do so i think he’d try all sorts of things, constantly pampering you. some days it would be little simple things like cute texts all throughout the day, but other times he’d splurge a bit and buy you something. but of course, the thing he would buy would benefit himself too, lingerie. but whatever it was, as long as it put a smile on your face, down the line, he’d end up doing it again just to see that smile.

on tour with you: i think if on tour together, he’d want to spend all the time he could with you. so from the start of the day to the end, all the time in between when he was available, he’d make sure to be with you. the constant interviews and events made it a little difficult but as long as he got his cuddles before bed he was happy. of course, you’d attend every show that you could, either being front row or backstage. typically backstage to avoid being constantly noticed by fans. but for the times when you were in the crowd, he would throw in little intros dedicating the song to you. although when not on tour, you’d love to go out as much as you could together, i think on tour, you’d both prefer to stay in. just because you had so much to catch up on that texts and calls just wouldn’t cover. also, you both just liked as much alone time as possible, knowing that you’d soon be gone again. and of course, there was a lot of sexual frustration that would’ve built up over the time of being apart that would need tending to.

on tour without you: similar to the times when you were apart only for a day, he’d pull out his extroverted side, trying to ignore the fact that he was without you. it may not have been the healthiest way to cope, but it seemed to work for him. you on the other hand would just get immediately sad by the thought of being without him, so of course large chunks of tour were difficult. this would immediately weigh him down as well, knowing that you were sad. as much as he would try to ignore his sadness, when exposed to yours, he couldn’t help but fall into a slump. of course, skyping, texting and calling would play such a huge part during this time, being the only way of communication. he’d often send texts when it was 3 am and he couldn’t sleep because you weren’t beside him. the boys would also play a big part in keeping the two of you connected. they’d always be texting and snap chatting you when calum wasn’t, just to let you know what was going on.

social media: most of your relationship would be kept off the internet. of course there would the occasionally instagram photo or tweet, but overall all, you both thought of your relationship as something between you two, not thousands of strangers on the internet. also being very aware of all the potential and regardless hate, you both thought it was best if most of your relationship was kept under wraps. this way there was less drama and less to worry about.

around friends: he’d get along with all your friends seamlessly. even if he was a bit skeptical of them, he’d put up with it because he knew it made you happy to know that he was friends with your friends. but for the most part, that wouldn’t even be the case. having similar personalities, you’d get along with the same type of people, so he’d just naturally get along with all your friends. i think the group would be quite large and he’d mesh his friends in as well, forming one large group basically. it was easy in a large group, since you would’ve met through mutual friends anyway, you’d have one large group where everyone knew each other but would break off into smaller groups at times.

around your family: being a brother himself, he’d for sure get along with your siblings relatively well. it’d be easier for him to get along with them then it would be your parents. if you had a sister, i think he’d get along best with her, considering he has a sister as well. for a brother, he’d be a bit worry of him unless he was younger than him, then they’d click easily and your little brother would take an interest in him, most likely asking for some bass or soccer lessons. he wouldn’t necessarily be nervous the first time meeting your parents but he'd definitely be cautious. but similar to with your friends, i think he’d like to watch you with your family, just being curious to your relationship with your parents and siblings. i think he’d be a bit of kiss up to your mother, knowing that your father probably wouldn’t be the biggest fan of him. and of course your father would have the “talk” with him and he’d come to you later that night after their chat with the widest eyes.

around paps/fans: since most of your relationship is kept away from social media, it’d also be kept away from the public. if he could, he’d make sure you wouldn’t be in a situation that involved paps. which of course would be hard with their growing success but he would try his hardest. for the times when you were exposed to paps, he would never leave your side, trying to get out of wherever you two were as fast as possible. with fans, it would be a bit harder to ignore the masses but you really didn’t mind, since for the most part the fans were nice and supportive. but for the ones who weren’t you would typically not let it bother you. and if things were getting out of hand and an excessive amount of hate was being sent your way, he would take your phone and delete twitter and what ever other social media it was coming from and you’d have a disconnected day together just so he could repeatedly remind you how amazing and beautiful you were to him.

living together: it would have been a bit over a year before the two of you decided to move in together but once you did you realized it was one of the best decisions of your young lives. living together would include a lot of walking around the house naked, butt slapping, cooking and failing, making him kill bugs, him screaming when it moved, dance parties, listening/watching him play bass/sing, watching him work out, bugging him while he’s working out, teasing each other, pounding on the door excessively when one of you was in the bathroom, taking care of each other when one of you was sick, making faces at each other when on opposite sides of the couch, ordering take out, singing loud and obnoxiously, messing with each other if you or he was the first to wake up, cuddling, sex on the couch, him constantly begging for a puppy, screwing with the sinks when one of you was in the shower, pranks, making up for the pranks with kisses, arguing over what to watch, settling on a show neither of you care for and making out instead, taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of each other and together, getting drunk together quite often, giving each other massages after a rough day, showering together, stealing his clothes and so many more things that would make living together so worth while.

(Ashton / Michael / Luke / Calum)

The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour is back … and so is the chorus of disappointed woman metal fans who feel they deserve better. At what point does does embracing and celebrating one’s sexuality go from empowering to exploitative? Do you think it is fair to condemn the women who choose to take part?

Ugh … speaking of A Little Bit Better! I reject reducing music to sex and reducing people to sex. There is nothing wrong WITH sex, but it’s only a very small part of a whole identity and, as a physiological function, makes as much sense to define people and art with as “Chicks Who Poop Good Tour.” (I’m really hoping that one takes off!) I would also reject “Chicks That Kick Ass” even though that, at least, implies some kind of talent beyond good genes. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until everybody gets it: Gender is not a genre. Theme tours based around femaleness are awful, to me, because they reinforce the TOTALLY WRONG AND SILLY idea that “female” is a legitimate genre or quantifier of creative style.

Though well-intentioned, I dislike all-woman tours and fests run by feminists for their focus on gender, too. I don’t want a “special place” in the world. I want a human-sized piece of the general space.

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Photo: F. Mullin