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This is the full photo for my new header, I found it on WeHeartIt and I wanted to post it with the watermark so everyone cash see the amazing artist. I believe that says if I am correct. All credit goes to that person on this amazing Schuyler Sisters x Disney crossover, the watermark got cut off from the positioning but THIS IS THEIR ART

EDIT: As pointed out by @prismatic-bell this is actually by @amymebberson not webberson and apparently you can @ people which is useful

Hey guys! :)

Just wanted to let you know (well those of you who aren’t aware of it’s existence yet) there’s this new #askarsedit tumblr tag, I recommend you all track, whether you’re an ASkars blog or an ‘admirer’ and you want to be able to have an easy access to original and unique edits/gif/graphic etc. Also if you want to avoid dozens of repetitive stuff, porntastic manips, fake photos, reposted edits, gifs, etc., and let’s not forget photos pulled from weheartit, pinterest and other places THAT ARE NOT SOURCES, as well as rpg stuff and whatnot. We’re all fed up with that, so there’s been an initiative in the ASkars fandom about creating our own ‘’edit tag’’. That way it’d be much easier for everyone, not to mention much much more enjoyable to browse through the tag page and find creations of people who actually invest time in making their own stuff. With that in mind, we now have #askarsedit  tag!

So how does this work? Simple.

  • It’s a special tag for edit/gif/graphic makers to use for all their Alexander Skarsgård edits

  • Things to tag as  #askarsedit - gifs, graphics, edited caps, your fanart, basically anything visual

  • Things NOT to tag as #askarsedit - text posts, personal stuff, reposted edits, gifs, etc. roleplay stuff, audio posts (just a note: DO NOT REMOVE THE WATERMARK from someone else’s work and then post it as your own because that is just deliberately being a douchebag thief who wants to show off his/her MS Paint skills or whatever)

  • So if you make Alexander Skarsgård edits/gifs/graphics, then along with the main #alexander skarsgard or #alexander skarsgård tag, also tag your edits with  #askarsedit 
    Be sure to put  #askarsedit as one of your first 5 tags (so it would be shown in that tag)

That being said, using and tracking this tag should really make finding and reblogging original ASkars edits easier, without having to deal with reposted edits, and it’s possibly the best way to discover new talented edit/gif/graphic makers. ;)


March Book Photo Challenge; Day 19:
Author - Edgar Allan Poe. His lovely and dreary short stories and poems got me through middle school. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t good his amazing literature. Thank you.
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I understand that sometimes you find a photo on weheartit and you don’t know where it came from, but you get excited and repost it. But if the owner of that photo actually sees it and lets you know that they don’t want people reposting it, please be classy about it.

Please understand that they are not accusing you of claiming to have taken the photo yourself. They just know that someone (not necessarily you) cropped off the watermark and reposted it without permission, and now they want to undo the damage.

And please don’t be like and post it AGAIN just to be “a rebel.” You are not a rebel. You are not fighting for a just cause. You are being a disrespectful jerk.

Respect photographers and artists. Don’t repost without permission.

And for goodness sake, don’t save photos from a den of thieves like weheartit and expect that all the photos there are shared with permission.

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can legally get photos and use them for edits?

ah i’m assuming this is the same anon? i answered on the ask my twin tagged me in but i’ll answer again so people can jump in if they have extra tips :)

i find my photos for edits from pinterest but some people also use weheartit. there might be others but those are the only two i’ve ever used.

i don’t know the legality of it all (so anyone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong) but i think it’s okay as long as you’re not selling, distributing, or claiming the photos as your own? when i first started making edits, that’s kinda what some edit makers told me.

hope this helps!