all the photos are from weheartit

I feel like this should go without saying, but since so many folks in the tags continue doing this, I feel like it’s worth talking about so none of our followers ever commit this crime, so to speak.

Do not repost art. That’s incredibly disrespectful to the artist, who puts so much time and effort into every piece they create. If you find it on a site other than Tumblr or DeviantArt or Twitter, and/or the signature on the picture is different from the person posting it, that’s a sign it’s a repost. Don’t grab photos from WeHeartIt and other reposting sites. And don’t do any of this “credit to the original artist” bullshit either, fam. You either link to the original artist or you don’t post it at all. Many artists don’t want you reposting period; they’d much prefer you reblog their original post. All it takes is a quick Google Reverse Image Search and sorting through the results to find the original. And if you can’t find the original? You still should not fucking repost the art!

Do not repost fanfics. If you see a fic on AO3, don’t copy+paste it onto Fanfiction.Net or Wattpad. If the author wanted them on those sites, they’d put them there themselves. Don’t even repost and then link to the author/original fic in the descriptions/notes; that’s still really disrespectful since you did not get permission from the author. And if you’d like to translate the fic into another language for others to enjoy, simply ask the author and they’ll probably be okay with it if you give them the proper credits. A lot goes into writing fics and it’s a slap in the face to repost fics so you can get recognition for something you didn’t even write. 

There is literally no excuse to reposting work. Period. I’m really disappointed when I see reposted art or fics around the web, so I hope none of our followers are guilty of doing this. If you are, please cut it out and try to show more love to your fandom artists/authors, who go out of their way to create content for the community.


(i saw many people making these intro things so i thought i would too!)

my name is elizabeth (or betsy) and i am new to the studyblr community and would love some new friends n people to follow :^)

i am doing maths, psychology, government + politics, and religion, philosophy + ethics as a-levels in the uk. 

i made this bc i constantly found myself procrastinating (lol) and then i made some study collections on my weheartit but all the photos were from tumblr so i made a tumblr.

my main insp:

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This is the full photo for my new header, I found it on WeHeartIt and I wanted to post it with the watermark so everyone cash see the amazing artist. I believe that says if I am correct. All credit goes to that person on this amazing Schuyler Sisters x Disney crossover, the watermark got cut off from the positioning but THIS IS THEIR ART

EDIT: As pointed out by @prismatic-bell this is actually by @amymebberson not webberson and apparently you can @ people which is useful

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm curious, how do you make cool aesthetic moodboards like yours? Like, where would you find the images, and how big should you make them for all of them to look like that, what editing software do you use (if any), etc! I want to make cool moodboards for Jack and Mark too, but I don't know where to start! Thanks in advance! <3

Well to find the “aesthetic” photos I usually use an app called weheartit and for the photos of youtubers I take my own screencaps from videos and I edit them in apps called vsco and Polarr and crop them so that they’re all square! :)

I understand that sometimes you find a photo on weheartit and you don’t know where it came from, but you get excited and repost it. But if the owner of that photo actually sees it and lets you know that they don’t want people reposting it, please be classy about it.

Please understand that they are not accusing you of claiming to have taken the photo yourself. They just know that someone (not necessarily you) cropped off the watermark and reposted it without permission, and now they want to undo the damage.

And please don’t be like and post it AGAIN just to be “a rebel.” You are not a rebel. You are not fighting for a just cause. You are being a disrespectful jerk.

Respect photographers and artists. Don’t repost without permission.

And for goodness sake, don’t save photos from a den of thieves like weheartit and expect that all the photos there are shared with permission.