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OK. So I have to share this news because I’m so excited. Yesterday, I showed my film to my class and they all really loved it (including my professor). Then my professor tells me that if I make a couple of little tweaks to it that he wants me to enter it into this film festival that is happening next week. GUYS HE ACTUALLY TOLD ME IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO GET ACCEPTED AND HES A JUDGE SO HE WOULD KNOW. And the best part is that if it does get accepted then it will be shown in a movie theater and people from Hollywood will be there watching the films.

So I’m actually freaking out. Please cross your fingers for me. This would be a dream come true!

People need to stop calling Himchan fat. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs to lose weight. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs diet. People need to understand that this makes Himchan sick.

Himchan is a singer, his weight is not important to me or to you. Stop making him feel bad, stop belittling him.

Himchan is a great artist in every way, but people are closing their eyes to him, almost all comments on his instagram is about weight and diet (even the comments with good intentions), and never about how amazing and special he is.

Can you think for a minute?

His weight is none of our business. What he eats is none of our business.

Jokes about weight are not funny. These jokes made Himchan have excessive weight loss and go to the hospital. Have people forgotten that?

Let’s be realistic and don’t fantasize or romanticize any situation here. People will continue doing this with Himchan until his situation is irreversible? Until he gets very sick?

This is a great psychological preassure. And psychological pressure is aggression, violence.

For God’s sake, leave Himchan alone. He is a adult man who takes care of his own life.

And please stop defending and supporting “jokes” about Himchan’s weight (even if the one who made the “joke” was a friend of his, or even a BAP member). 

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Your art is so damn beautiful and you need to know that you are loved and appreciated. That is all. Have a wonderful day.

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omgosh thank you so much ;___;

I feel really wretched that I don’t frequent my tumblr as often as I used to - it’s not for lack of wanting, I just don’t have as many hours at my disposal to browse my dash and answer messages (that and my time management has gotten lax since university), but I’m gonna try and improve on that!!

YOU are loved and appreciated too Anon, by me and many many others im certain ;u;

So do you guys remember how I freaked out about that research paper being approved for publishing sometime last October? Well, after extensive review, a few resubmissions with revisions, and essentially 6 months waiting on bated breath for a confirmatory email, I can finally say that our reviewers are satisfied by our revisions. After we email this final revision, it should be given the green-light for publishing.

Now I can feel confident saying that I’ll be a published author :)

You’re the only man who’s ever touched me. The only one.
– Moonlight (2016)

Unpopular Opinion

I actually wouldn’t mind if Matt replaced Lance as the blue Paladdin IF AND ONLY IF it meant that Lance would become a major antagonist. And I want a scene when he faces off against Matt, where everyone expects him to be furious about being replaced, but instead he just laughs and says “You talk about the Blue lion like she’s worth piloting!“ before proceeding to completely decimate it and wreck Matt’s pasty backside


@etonia, a neutral party to Once fandom, laying out one of the simplest truths about Captain Swan and $q right here (For context, we were discussing the 50 Most Popular Ships in Fandom Culture list, which Captain Swan is on if y'all recall).

I’m looking at all those sjws against so called abusive and pedophilic fictional relationships and I’m like: “When will they start yelling that GTA makes our children into murderers and that a boy that plays with dolls will turn into a gay man?”

It makes me so mad. Years of trying to make people understand that fiction is just fiction and now I have to see such bullshit.

i’m so fucking exhausted i’ve been at uni for almost 12 hours straight and my brain feels like wool or jelly or something 

BUT the good news is that I got allocated a place in an otherwise overbooked seminar! it’s in the second week of summer break which means that I might even be able to go on holidays before with my mum, i’d just have to drive back two days early but that’s alright i guess

and i also got full marks on my first algebra homework and i have a lovely study group for it! now i only need a study group for calc 2 and the semester should be going fine

You know what just makes me so angry? the fact that I’m not allowed to be angry or to have off days in my house. I had a long exhausting day at school and I come home to be bombarded with questions and nagged at and I get frustrated you know? I shut down the interrogations and, yeah, maybe I raised my voice and was cranky but I am cranky. It happens sometimes, I’m human.

When people I know get in a mood, you know what I do? I give them space, let them work out what they need to, I don’t blame them for acting like a bit of a jerk. I’m sitting here trying to get some homework done early so I can fucking sleep tonight as I listen to my parents tell me over and over again that that everyone had a long day and there’s no reason for me to be rude and why are you like this I thought only teenagers were supposed to be assholes. I finally got a minute’s rest and my mom just popped in my room to ask if I was, and I quote, “still being a bitch” she didn’t even need anything, just wanted to antagonize me.

Ug sorry I’m just so frustrated cause this happens every time I get cranky. And like it’s not every goddamn day but it’s coming up on finals and I’m so tired I want to cry and I’m stressed and I let out a little of my frustration and get shut down and written off as a bitchy menstruating (oh and you FUCKING BETTER BELIEVE my mom asked loudly if I had my period about 8 or 9 times cause that’s the ONLY reason a woman can be upset) asshole.

I’m done, continue with your day, hope it’s better than mine.

did you know you’re worth everything, every breath, every moment of hesitation, every struggle, every step towards the light, it’s all worth it, it all matters, it all means something, we’re just too close to see it, we haven’t lived it yet, we haven’t been who we need to be to see who we will be, but we’ll get there, we’ll see it, we’ll touch it with our fingers and teeth and skin suffused with light, and you are worth every damn moment in that light, you are worth every mile that light has traveled to come here to this place and touch you, and oh how i envy the sun, it gets to touch you every day, forever, and seeing you glow in its light is worth every moment of pain, every heartbreak, every step back, you are worth it all and i will never stop reaching for the moment when i can say “i hold your body like something holy in my hands, and you are mine”