all the people that help her 'serve' her

The umpteenth post on Pudding’s character

Shipping or not, it was intentional for Oda to make Sanji and Nami smile at each other: so that Pudding would react to it, and in that way. Sanji asked her just a few chapters ago if one the person she’s been lying to all her life wasn’t herself. 

Of course the answer is yes, but in which ways? Could Pudding have been lying to herself by being wicked? I don’t think so; she wouldn’t go as far as stabbing children. Could it involve her true wishes for her life? Yes. I definitely think so.

Lying or not, some of the truth slipped through what she said. And I think it was her admiration for Lola, her courage in following her wishes. There’s a ton of evil characters who do follow their wishes, being evil doesn’t mean in op that you don’t have a soul or a character altogether.

And now seeing how her own act was dismantle by Sanji and how he has used it to make his own happiness, represented by the smile he shares with Nami - and so idealistically with all the crew -, she’s upset and faces her own reality where she is acting too, but is not, andshe has just realized now, will never be, happy.

Other than that, they’re fricking smiling at each other. Usually Nami would be fricking scared, like she is later along with Chopper, but here she simply seems happy. It may also not be false that Pudding fantasizes about marriage

… she’s always known that she was nothing more than a doll to her mother, and a monster to all other people. She’s also always known she would never be able to marry whom she wanted, both because she must serve a purpose first, and secondly, because who would think her third eyes “to be beautiful”?

At this point she may even have a true crush on Sanji. He saw her an honest man, someone she’s never knew and never had respect for. And even though a part of her is definitely naturally wicked, she can’t help seeing what being good brings. He was the first to compliment her on her eye - and though he was acting, I don’t think he was lying. And now she sees him “elope” with another woman, carrying her chivalrously in her arms. Something she’s learned to despise but that she may, after all, long for, in one word “love”, not political opportunism. 


What makes Min Hyuk so extraordinary is that whether Bong Soon wants to hide her powers or use them, he is fine with her either way. However, since she chose to fight, instead of preventing her from it, he decides to prepare her so she would be strong enough to face. It’s such a touching, utterly selfless gesture on MH’s part because apart from bruises, light fractures and time spend with her, he has nothing to gain from it - IT’S ALL FOR DO BONG SOON. 

“Strength can only shine if you can control it…Until you can perfectly blend into a crowd, learn to prevent any kind of danger, and reach full security potential.”

It makes complete sense that MH, the man who’s been misjudged by people all his life, would be the one to understand that if BS really wants to use her powers to help people, she needs to restrain them to a level that wouldn’t draw attention. Nowadays, anyone can film her on their phone and there are only so many times MH can commit perjury before he ends up serving a sentence for it.

Min Hyuk sees Bong Soon as a diamond in the rough and considers her strength as something to be admired; not an oddity, but an immense talent, but one which LIKE ALL TALENTS NEEDS TO BE NURTURED, GUIDED, SHAPED, TRAINED AND CONTROLLED. Even the greatest virtuosi needed to practice their skills. And MH wants to adapt it not change it because the way she is right now BS is a little bit like a loose canon.

When Min Hyuk takes it on himself to train Bong Soon, HE IS BASICALLY TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER AND HER POWERS AND ALL THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COME WITH IT. AND HE ISN’T ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. Nor does he want to use it for his own gain. All he wants is to PROTECT THEM and in that way protect BS.


Till the End of Time: Sometimes a boy just needs his dad.

Words 3.4k - Second Person

Warnings: few swear words

“You don’t think I care,” Harry scoffed his eyebrows shooting up into his hair line. “I always see when you’re upset, but you go to your mum first before I even get the chance to talk to you and by then she tells me that you’re fine. I heard your voice in that voicemail, I could have called your mum and told her that you left a message for her but that wasn’t my first thought. My first thought was to come here and see if I my son was okay and if I could help him and it wasn’t just because I was few doors away it was because I could feel your pain and I wanted to make it go away.”


Eli’s ears were ringing as he walked into his New York hotel. Sunglasses’ were covering his stinging eyes although the sun had gone down long ago and there were small tufts of his brown curls peeking out from under his dark hoodie.

He gave a quick wave to the girls that were waiting behind a barrier and they screamed an assortment of ‘I love you’ back at him, making his ears ring even more. He had been used to this his whole life though you had done your best to protect him from all the media and fans imposing in on his childhood. Now he was twenty and about to release his second album and all these girls were there for him instead of his father.

Eli was grateful for the way that you had protected him growing up, he remembered a number of times where he cuddled against your chest, his ears hurting as all the girls screamed his dad’s name. You were the one that held him when he was upset, his three sisters preferred their dad’s hold but he always found that when he was upset, scared or needed something you were the one he sought.

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idk if anythings been said but

Okay has anyone else noticed that there were three witches putting their hands together: red, green and blue.

Akko - Red

Amanda - Green

Diana - Blue

I love colour coding, but also it’s interesting seeing what each character brings to the table.

Within their own groups, Amanda has perfect harmony, Diana has loyal followers and Akko has friends who don’t always see eye to eye but still in the end help Akko. Each have their own mechanics to the friendships, one group is in sync, another is in conflict with each other because it’s still new and growing while the last does not question it’s designated leader.

Akko has all the odds stacked against her, constantly put down, underestimated and picked on.

Diana is a prodigy with so many expectations to meet, all eyes are on her, she’s not allowed to fail.

Amanda isn’t under these same pressures but takes life as it goes, letting her interests dictate her actions rather than serve other peoples demands.

All three have an inner determination, when they set their mind on something they get it done.

Akko achieves her goals by trying so hard and pushing herself until she burns out. Using her emotions to push onward rather than hinder her.

Amanda has the mind set of, who cares how it gets done as long as it’s done. Thus she employs unorthodox approaches which still garner the same results

Diana is more practical, using her natural talents and advanced skills to solve problems.

tl;dr: look at these brilliant children cause they’re gunna do something awesome

The Agreement: Part 1

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I read this prompt somewhere, and if anyone knows the person name let me know so I can give them credit, that Diana would make a deal with Hades to retrieve Steve. And I kinda wanted to make a full story for it.

Diana prays to Zeus for the opportunity to see Steve again. After hearing her cries for decades, Zeus decides that Diana’s sacrifice and duty warrants her the path to Hades. He can’t help her get Steve out from the Underworld, but with her determination, he won’t have to.

Rating: M (eventually)

Word Count: 1,170


She stood staring at the larger than life painting before her. The Last Day of Pompeii served as her reminder of all the destruction the world can hold, but how good people can still find it in their hearts to help one another. Diana let out a deep sigh before continuing closing up the museum. As head curator of the Department of Antiquities at the Louvre, it wasn’t unusual for her to spend late nights working. The six years she spent there were enjoyable. The work, while challenging and time-consuming, kept her mind busy. But she knew she couldn’t stay much longer. Coworkers would start to notice that she didn’t age or get sick like everyone else, and would begin to ask questions. She was considering a position at the British Museum. But every time she thought of returning to London, it brought on a rush of emotions. It was her first home amongst men and she had such fond memories of adventures and love, but also very sad ones.

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Would you mind if you write angst? RFA cheating on reader with MC? Maybe it doesnt make sense but i was disscussing this with some people What if they were 2 dif persons? Like the reader is a person who is open minded strong sensible cute while the MC is a pretty face and always wants whatever they want without thinking what she wants and lets them choose her options Is this even making sense? Idk...

I got waaaay too into this to the point where I was planning in class on what to write haha. I always saw MC and Reader as the same person since… y’know…it’s you playing a base character with your personal choices. However, I see what you mean and I had fun writing this so thank you! This did end up long but I am not putting it under cut for mobile readers 

RFA Cheating on Reader with MC

Yoosung Kim

It was embarrassing to admit but you don’t understand Lolol. Every time Yoosung handed you a controler, you would feel like a drag because the controls were more wonky than other games and the plot was more complicated to catch onto. Especially since Yoosung was all over the map about it and would explain things from the middle than the beginning. That was alright, you were fine with just sitting and watching him play.

He was so cute when he was focused like this. He would nibble on his bottom lip and furrow his eyebrows while staring intensly at the screen in front of him. He would shout random commands at his teammates as he jerked his arms around like it would actually help. Yoosung’s actions were way more entertaining than what was being played on the screen.

“MC! Back me up!” Oh? Your ears perked up at this new name. You knew all the names of his teammates except this one. Maybe he was a new player?

Yoosung’s cheeks turned slightly pink as someone said something through his headphones. He kept them loud enough to hear words being tossed around but it was never clear on what they were saying.

“T-That’s not what I meant..” He mumbled but he didn’t sound angry. Woah wait, was this new player hitting on him? Your expression turned to discomfort and you moved closer to your boyfriend to cuddle. She could try to win him over, but you knew that there was no competition in the first place. You both loved each other silly and just feeling him relax in your arms cleared any insecurity she brought up.

That day didn’t really change anything. Yoosung still stayed after school later for studying purposes and you would prepare him meals for when he gets home. You missed him on the days he stayed for hours at the school’s library but you never tried to guilt him back home. He had a goal in mind and you want to support him in anyway you could and if that was to act like a stay at home wife then so be it.

You were cleaning up the ingredients when your bubbly boyfriend came home. You quickly left the kitchen to greet him but he blew past you in a hurry. Dumbfounded, you watched as he made a Beeline to the bathroom. The action left you confused and a little hurt but you just went back to the task at hand. That is, until you tripped over his hoodie.

“Geez, so desperate to shower he stripped on his way?” You giggled and picked up the blue clothing. You hugged it tightly like a teddy bear before smelling a whiff of chemicals. You scrunched your nose in disgust and brought it closer to your nose to double check. Good God, it smelled like he broke a bottle of perfume all over him it was super strong.

You tossed the hoodie back on the couch and the bathroom door swung open. Yoosung awkwardly came out and looked around before getting his phone out from the hoodie.

“Welcome home.” You said with a slight bitter tone. You were kinda upset he didn’t bother to even greet you.

“Oh! Hello _____!”

“How was your classes today? “ You smiled and went to grab his hand. Yoosung awkwardly held your hand and avoided your gaze but still replied saying the same old things. You didn’t mind, you were glad you had him all to yourself now.

“I made dinner, so if you want some-”

“I already ate! Thank you though!” Yoosung said and kissed your cheek. Your expression changed from happy to confused. The cheek kiss felt forced and he didn’t bother to text you not to make dinner.

“I-I see.. What did you eat?” You asked as you made your way into the kitchen to clean up what was suppose to be eaten.

“I just went to a fast food place with MC!” You nearly dropped the plates. You forgot all about her but the jealousy swarm back through you. You stayed silent as he went on and on about how funny and great she was but stopped himself a couple of times from saying more.

“She sounds lovely I guess. “ You spit out before turning to him. It would explain the smell on his hoodie but it was too strong just for the sake of having a quick dinner.

“She is… but not as lovely as you of course! “ There he goes with his cheerful smile that never failed to make your heart race. You smiled back and went over to embrace him. It’s silly to get jealous over a friend so you forced yourself to ignore the dark thoughts.

He willingly wrapped his arms around your hips and you nuzzled your face into his neck. You opened your eyes slightly before seeing the dark red mark that was on his collarbone. You didn’t remember leaving a hickey there and you sucked in your breath sharply.

“_____, what’s wrong?” Yoosung’s concerned voice brought you back to the moment and you gulped.

“Nothing.” You said coldly. Yoosung would never betray you like that, right?

Jaehee Kang

Your trust with Jaehee is gold. It’s laced in white lace and pure laughter over morning coffee. The secrets and stories that were told over the counter during breaks is something you wouldn’t change for the world. Neither of your friends understood the unspoken communication you two shared and the long affection filled eye contact that would be held for hours. You were someone Jaehee could lean against when her days were beating down on her and she was always there for you for the same. It was a sweet clouded fog full of romance that won’t be cleared till the two of you are 6 feet under.

You love to help her with the coffee shop. Jaehee had worked hard enough under Jumin and it was about time for her to pursue her passions with the help of another. Her shoulders were tense enough from holding all that weight and you were flexible enough to give her a helping hand by being a waitress.

The coffee shop was very peaceful at times but it still held it’s usual customers. The three people that had yet to miss a day of visiting were an old couple and a beautiful young woman. The elderly were very kind to you and would always tip well but the young adult would always request for Jaehee to serve her. Which was fine for a while but then you felt a slight rejection to it. You wanted to make friends with the brunette that sat by Jaehee’s register since those two would always giggle and have their own inside jokes. But the rude glares you get when you come near is enough to send you away and get the orders from anyone else.

One time you brought up their friendship to Jaehee when you were closing for the night. She only brushed it off saying that MC, which you later learned was the girl’s name, was only trying to kill time and humoring her with the idea of friendship.

That made the situation a bit better for a couple more days until MC was brought up more during your dates or late night cuddling. It felt gross. You weren’t the kind of significant other that would isolate their girlfriend or boyfriend from their friends but MC was slowly making her way into the relationship. Yet, Jaehee looked so happy to have someone other than you or the RFA to talk to so you didn’t say anything.

One night, the two of you were discussing the next day’s plan for the shop then she was brought up again.

“MC wants to help out a bit. She doesn’t want a full time or even a part time job but she wants to be  just a friendly hand, you know what I mean?” You bit the inside of your cheek to tell yourself not to frown at that. So you smiled and encouraged her to continue talking.

“Kinda like what Yoosung does sometimes?” You asked while taking the glass of water that was in front of you up to your lips. Jaehee hummed and nodded while writing things down on a notepad.

“Exactly. She wants to help open tomorrow if that’s alright. You can finally sleep in!” She looked up and smiled. It was like she was trying to sell the idea out to a client more than talking to her lover but you nodded in agreement and claimed that it was a good idea before heading to bed.

You wanted to, but couldn’t sleep in. You pretended to be asleep while Jaehee got ready for the day quietly in the background. When she headed into the bathroom to apply makeup, you furrowed your eyebrows a bit and watched in silence. The only time Jaehee wore makeup was when you two were going out on a date or when she wanted to impress you. It was only an average Thursday so there was no need and it was counted suspicious.

Something just didn’t sit right the moment she left the apartment and you sat up. You trusted Jaehee but you didn’t fully trust MC yet. It was probably because you never had a solid conversation with her but it wouldn’t hurt if you went to the shop anyways. Jaehee would probably have a hard time explaining your morning routine to her so it would be best to go.

You threw on your uniform before making your way outside. The sun was just rising so the sky was still dark but orange clouds mixed with the grey. There was a slight breeze as your shoes clicked against the sidewalk and nobody crowded you. It was kinda lonely walking to work without your girlfriend to enjoy the sights with and it made your heart sink a little at the thought of those two getting closer and closer by the minute. Jealousy ran through your veins as you picked up your pace. You held a hand against your cheek to feel them warm and your mind fumbled with words of discouragement.

When you made it, you stood on your toes to peek through the blinds to see what they were up to. Your hands touched the cold glass and your breath kept fogging up your vision but you couldn’t see movement. You huffed and wiped off the fog before digging through your pockets to find the keys.

“Good morning you tw-” You began to say as you walked in but immediately cut yourself off. MC’s golden eyes gleamed back at yours with mischievousness as a flustered Jaehee backed more into the counter. Jaehee’s lipstick was smeared with some of a different color on her neck. Both of the girls’ shirts were unbuttoned and wrinkled. You could’ve sworn your heart stopped beating but Jaehee’s was. It was shown through her heavy breathing and pink cheeks. Your eyes fell down to where MC placed her hands tightly on Jaehee’s hip and a smirk on her lips. You backed up into the door that closed behind you. You felt tears streaming down your face while your brain congratulated itself for predicting correctly.

“______, wait it’s not-” Jaehee started to say but stopped herself seeing that there was no other way to transform this scenario into something else. Something other than her looking like a jerk for betraying your love like she did.

You covered your mouth to cover up the hiccuped sobs and left the shop quickly. Your trust with Jahee is rust. Laced with humilation and the slow beating of a broken heart.


Acting was a big part of Zen’s life and that is obvious. You would hate to ever get in the way of his career so you only cheered from the sidelines and never spoke a complaint about the over affection fans. After all, you had celebrity crushes yourself so you know that it would cause more of a problem if you interfered. You held faith in Zen anyways. You knew he would never cheat on you or take advantage of your patience. That is what love was all about.

You will never forget how excited he looked about getting that role. If you could describe the moment in a color, it would be yellow. His red eyes light up and he spun you around until you both got so dizzy you fell. The room was full of laughter and beaming pride.

“So, when do you get your script? I can help you practise!” You volunteered whilst laying on him. He was breathing heavily due to the rushed adrenaline and staring up at the ceiling.

“That would be wonderful! I have to stop by the director’s office tomorrow morning to get it so if later that night you’re willing…”

“Anything for you!” You cheered. He laughed and gave you a tight squeeze before kissing all over your face.  

The next morning, you wished Zen good luck and told him to leave a good impression on the director before seeing him off. You watched him get on his motorcycle through the window and stirred your coffee. You were incredibly proud of your boyfriend. Zen had his sights on this particular role for months and practised daily just to perfect it. You heard that the director was very strict and getting through his head would be challenging but of course, Zen made it. You smiled and took a drink while your white haired boyfriend drove off.

You didn’t know how long it would take to get a script but you wanted to keep yourself busy in the meantime. You settle for cleaning up the cramped apartment a bit to congratulate Zen on his hard work. You made you way over to the coat rack and picked up the coat he threw off yesterday before announcing the good news. You giggled and picked it up but something fell out of it’s coat pocket. You raised an eyebrow and curiously picked up the fabric from the ground. Your dropped his coat and gasped in shock of the bright pink panties that you held up. You threw the pair down like it was on fire and blinked rapidly. No way. Your body went freezing cold as you backed up away from the fallen clothing. It couldn’t be what your thinking. Zen would never… would he?

After many days of finding the unwanted undergarment, you still stayed by his side. You were afraid to ask about the panties since you might hear an answer you truly didn’t want to hear. One night, Zen told you he wanted to eat dinner with the cast and director to discuss more about the production. You were alright with it and told him he could go without you since you went to one before and you almost crashed due to how boring they were.

Once he left, the house was quiet. You sat down on the couch and heaved a heavy sigh. Your mind was racing again with bothersome thoughts of how you are dragging this out longer than needed. Your eyes scanned the room before seeing Zen’s phone light up. You sit up quickly, realizing that he probably left it and is texting you through someone else’s phone to find it. You took ahold of it and unlocked it to see to text back.


Zenny sweetie~ Are you coming? You know I don’t like to wait..

[ Mc sent a photo ]

Like what you see? I’m so wet.. I can’t wait much longer. Meet me in my office.

Your eyes read the messages in horror. Your eyes started to water realizing that name belonged to the director. All this time you thought it was a man! Not a pretty blonde with lustful blue eyes! You swallowed heavily before locking the phone and sinking into the couch. On the bright side, you wouldn’t have to interrogate Zen. On the downside, the man you loved with all your heart is fucking the director behind your back. You frowned and got up to pack up your things. You didn’t have time to be sad, you can drink it out later. For now, you needed to get out of this house. It’s not like he would miss you anyways. He had a different woman to crawl to while you will settle for hotel hopping.

You picked up your bags after laying out the panties and open phone messages on the couch. You turned off the light and slammed the door behind you as hard as you could. You never wanted to see that white haired cheater for the rest of your days.

Jumin Han

“Hey, Jumin? Can I express a fear to you?”  Purple eyes glanced up to meet yours across the kitchen counter. You insisted on cooking dinner for the two of you to express how deeply you feel for him. Jumin, of course agreed and let you do as you pleased. He was a sucker for the meals you prepared anyways.

“Of course you can, my love.” He spoke with a soothing tone while he shifted positions to face you better. The quiet crinkling sound from his suit as he moved substituted the silence while you tried to gain the courage to come out and say what’s been haunting your mind.

If you knew it was going to rain then you would have brought a heavier coat. Your left hand fiddled with it’s sleeve as your right hand tightened it’s hold on the bundle of roses. The wind was intense and you feared that if you loosened your grip the flowers would float off into traffic. You moved with caution around the people that were clearly in a rush and couldn’t care less about the others on the sidewalk. Your bit your bottom lip to hold back a goofy smile as you pictured your beloved in his office and his shock but delighted expression he would show when you enter. You planned to surprise Jumin with his favorite kind of flowers since he had been spending more time at work. It pained you to see him all tense and too tired to go through with the dates he promised the day before. The denied dates were never an issue it was more that he looked like he ran a mile every night and you hoped that maybe if you go to his work then he could relax a little.

I am afraid that you will fall out of love with me.” You said quietly and regretting saying it in the first place. It sounded silly and weak but you trusted Jumin not to taunt you. You avoided his gaze that you felt burning down on you. You were embarrassed so you continued to cut carrots.

“Good morning ______!” The receptionist called out and you waved politely back at her. The employees of C&R were always kind to you which eased up your nerves. When you first started to date Jumin, you were uncomfortable going into this giant building because you didn’t act like everyone in it. You were slower when you walked and didn’t talk in proper terms. Despite all this, they all appreciated your peaceful atmosphere you bring. Never once had an employee speak rudely to you or mock and it have you more confidence to visit Jumin whenever.

You pressed the button on the elevator to the top floor where Jumin’s office was. You rocked with nervous excitement as you glanced over every single flower to make sure the wind didn’t shred them to pieces or the rain drowned them.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean.” Your fiance said with confusion. You ceased your chopping as you looked in his direction. You stared at his clean suit and bit your lip in thought.

“I am never afraid of you cheating on me. I am terrified of the idea that one day you will wake up and realize that I am not all that you make out to be. That you will realize that you hate the way I speak or that my smile is odd or hate the little things I do that you treasure now. I am scared of that day.”

The elevator bell rang, signalling that it arrived. The doors smoothly opened and you walked out to meet another receptionist that was behind a giant desk outside of two golden doors. She clicked away on her computer while occasionally taking a drink of her coffee. You stood there for a bit not wanting to interrupt but once you saw there was a possibility that she won’t pause for a while, you rang the bell.

“That is not possible. I love you and everything you do. I can assure you, that there is nothing to fear.” Jumin walked around the counter and gently pulled you into a warm embrace. Your heart raced as you wiped the tears that started to well up in your eyes. He leaned down and kissed your cheek while rocking you gently.

“Good morning, Jaehee!” You said when she looked away from the computer. Jaehee pushed up her glasses and smiled warmly at you.

“Good morning, _____. Are you here to visit?” You nodded with enthusiasm and held up the bouquet in your hand.

“He would love those. You can go right in. He is meeting with a client but they should’ve been done a while ago so I am sure they are just chatting freely. It’s very kind of you to visit Mr. Han.” You listened as she talked and you walked up to the big doors and looked over your shoulder.

“Thank you, Jaehee. I will try to talk him into giving you a break, alright?” You giggled out as you pushed them open.

“You never know, there is always someone better. That’s how the world works, sweetie. You can do anything but there will always be someone else that can do it better. There will always be someone who will look better than me or even say words you want to hear that I can’t say.”

His reaction to seeing you wasn’t what you imagined at all. One part of you wondered if he would be upset that you disturbed his work. But the idea of his mouth moving in his alluring smile while leaning back in his chair with thankful eyes that you wanted to see him is what made you want deal with the horrid weather outside. In all honesty, you would much rather take an angry Jumin than this. She was beautiful, you would give her that. Her long and curly red hair swayed with grace as she grinded against Jumin’s lap. Her head was turned to an angle with her bright green eyes closed and rosey red lips bitten down on to hold her moans. The roses you held fell to the tiled ground along with her skirt your fiance tugged down. Your guts twisted as you heard the moans shared between the two. You wanted to cry and run or yell and cause a scene- anything. Anything but stand there and watch the man you love whisper words like ‘She won’t know.’ to a coworker.

“Impossible. I hope one day you will see that you–”

“–Are the only woman for me.”

Saeyoung Choi

You knew. You know everything about Saeyoung so the minute something in him turns differently, you are well aware. He wasn’t the best at lying and some part of you wished that he was so this whole thing wouldn’t be as painful as it actually was.

You turned to your side as you looked at your husband’s back. He was brave enough to not wear a shirt to bed like the old days but now you are forced to see at the scratches that were dragged up from his mid back to his shoulders. It was disgusting and it made you sick. You tried to close your eyes to avoid staring but your mind wouldn’t give it a rest. It never let you sleep. You either had to stare at Saeyoung or have nightmares of the way he would embrace the brunette while proclaiming his love for her and assuring that you will never find out. The perfume that clouded his whole body was one you were too familiar with. It didn’t have a real smell to it after a while, it all was just chemicals.

Mornings were always the same. You would make breakfast for the twins in your cheery attitude and Saeyoung would leave to ‘visit Yoosung’. Once the door made a loud slam and the sound of gears turning and security locking, you let out a big sigh.

“Why are you still here?” A rough voice asked from the couch while you stared at the door. Your mouth felt dry and you wanted to laugh about this. Saeyoung sucked at lying so much, even his brother knows what is going on.

“I love him.” You replied. You mentally cursed yourself for sounding like a robot. Saeran gave you a sympathetic look before pushing himself onto his feet.

“He doesn’t love you.”

“He does!” You snapped at the man behind you before taking a second to recollect yourself. “He tells me it everyday.” You turned around and looked at your brother in law. You knew that didn’t mean anything but why else are you there? Were you really that hung up over the sweet memories he spent with you? Or is it the illusion that he will leave her for you? Whatever it is, you are still wearing the ring he gave you. You still tell him you love him and treat him the same as when you began dating.

“When someone cheats, it’s not always just sex y’know. He could be taking her out on dates too.”

“Stop.” You mumbled.

“Driving her in one of his cars, taking her out to fast food restaurants and telling jokes you probably laughed at before. I wouldn’t doubt he takes her to see the stars and points at the brightest one saying ‘There’s yo-’”

Stop!” You yelled. Saeran saw the sadness in your eyes and sighed. He was right, who knows what Saeyoung could be doing with Mc. Whatever it is, you’re in the past to him and to yourself.

“Sorry.” Saeran said quietly but he saw your attitude shifted. The tears you held so long in your eyes started to pour as you excused yourself to the shared bedroom. Maybe, just maybe, you might just pack your things.

@rahatsizyazilar asked for15. A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore.

Soo…I know I said I was going to bed… but then I wrote this from Hiccup’s perspective… and then wrote another from Astrid’s because of reasons. So now I really am going to bed.

Both set somewhere before HTTYD 2 and both happen at different times.


Hiccup watched as Astrid’s fingers toyed with the rim of the cup. Her face was a picture of concentration as she listened to the tale of how Sven’s sheep got loose - again. The once Silent Sven claimed the whole ordeal to be a mystery, but Astrid had caught the twins dismantling the fences.

Not that Hiccup heard a word of this, too distracted by the way the torchlight reflected in Astrid’s golden hair and the way she tugged on her braid when she was concentrating hard on something.

Raising his tankard to his lips, Hiccup finished the last of his ale. His eyes never left Astrid.

Gods, she was beautiful and she was so good with the people of Berk, as much as she complained about it. She took the time to listen to them and worked to help solve their problems. Hiccup knew that most of the villagers were just as comfortable going to Astrid for advice as they were going to him. It relieved some of the pressure, but Hiccup felt a little guilty.

This life of being Chief, of serving the village, he’d been born into it, but Astrid… well, she was Astrid. She took it all in her stride and Hiccup loved her.
He noticed Astrid was returning his state and realised belatedly that she had asked him a question.

“Hmm, what?”

Astrid got that little crinkle between her eyes, the one where she was laughing silently at something he’d done. She shook her head in disbelief, turning back to the conversation.

It was too much. Hiccup had been watching Astrid all night, hanging back from the crowds and the conversation and just… watching. She was so easy to watch.

“Sorry, can I just borrow her for one moment?” He caught the fingers playing with the braid and pulled Astrid through the crowd.

“Hiccup? Where are you taking-”

Hiccup pulled Astrid just outside the doors to the Great Hall. He wrapped his arms around her and his mouth was on hers.

He could taste the wine on her lips and wondered briefly if she could taste the ale on his. It wasn’t worth another thought though, because Astrid was tangling her hands in his hair, pulling him close and her mouth was oh so eager on his.

Finally they pulled apart.

“What was that for?” Astrid asked. She kept Hiccup close, his body heat welcome in the cold.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Hiccup grinned. He was giddy from joy the alcohol.

Astrid gave him a playful shove. “Want to do it again?” She asked.


The people of Berk loved Hiccup.

Astrid didn’t blame them. She loved Hiccup. He was smart and funny and Gods, did he look good in leather.

She watched him from across the Great Hall. He was standing with his father, discussing something with the foreign Viking’s visiting Berk.

Astrid assumed they were talking about dragons. It was Hiccup’s favourite subject. His face would light up with excitement every time. Astrid didn’t even mind him geeking out over some new dragon ability when she got to watch the way his face shone.

Given the expression Hiccup was wearing now, she was betting the conversation was dragon related. Astrid couldn’t actually hear what they were saying over the buzz of the crowd.

Stoick had put on a massive feast to welcome the new Viking’s. Every one was celebrating. Eating and drinking and talking and laughing.

Astrid had sat with her family and had been unable to get near Hiccup, distracted and interrupted by the well-meaning villagers who knew of her relationship with the Chief’s son.

Tuning out of the conversation at her own table, Astrid stared over and Hiccup and his father. From the looks of it, Stoick had banned Hiccup from wearing his flying leathers. Instead he was wearing dark brown trousers and a deep green tunic. A fur cloak draped across his broad shoulders. Astrid couldn’t help but admire her boyfriend from a distance.

She smirked as Hiccup threw his hand up in one of his wild gestures. His talking was always so animated, involving his whole body. He knocked a cup over and Astrid stifled a laugh.

Hiccup had grown up and filled out over the last five years, but the awkward, clumsy fifteen year old was still in there.

She wanted to talk to him. Astrid was sure he’d already have stories about their visitors. Would it be rude for her to go over? Stoick knew about her and Hiccup, she was sure of it, though they hadn’t come out and told him yet. Honestly, their relationship was the worst kept secret on Berk.

Hiccup was laughing at something. Astrid couldn’t just make it out over the swirling conversation around her. He was running his hand through his hair - Astrid loved Hiccup’s hair, even if she did tease him about it - and turning. He’d kept the two braids she’d twisted earlier that day.

Making up her mind, Astrid stood.

She wound through the tables, avoiding eye contact with anyone lest they attempt to strike up a conversation. She came to a stop just behind Hiccup.

“Ah Astrid, there you are.” Stoick introduced her to the group. “You know we were just talking about you lass.”

Astrid felt her cheeks heating up. “Oh,” she glanced at Hiccup. “Can I uh, borrow you for a moment?”
Stoick let out a booming laugh.

“Go lad,” he told his son. “We’ve kept you here long enough. Go enjoy the celebration.” He waved the two off.

Astrid pulled Hiccup through the hall.

“Is everything alright?” He asked when Astrid directed him to one of the smaller side entrances.

He tugged her into a corner when she didn’t respond. A callused hand cupped her cheek.

“I’m fine,” Astrid told him. “Really, I was just watching you and I-” She wasn’t sure how to put her thoughts into words, so instead she reached up, twisting her hands into Hiccup’s hair and kissed him.

His mouth was parted slightly in surprise, but Hiccup was quick to recover his composure. His hands went to Astrid’s waist as they made out in the shadows.

Astrid broke away first. “We should go back.”
Hiccup’s hair was a complete mess. Astrid made an attempt to smooth it out for him. She looked down at her own clothing, patting down the fabric of the dress her mother had encouraged her to wear.

“I suppose Dad will be wondering where we went.” Hiccup took Astrid’s hand in his. “Ready Milady?”
Instagram post by Fufu Huang • Feb 25, 2017
Fufu Huang (@ladyfufu613) on Instagram: “姐妹情深這兩個舞妓感情特好😊 #北野天滿宮 #舞妓”

Today is Baikasai (梅花祭), the annual Plum Blossom Festival at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Every year on February 25th the maiko and geiko of Kamishichiken hold a large outdoor tea ceremony that serves approximately 3,000 guests (you must purchase a ticket beforehand as seating is limited).

I could highlight all of the people being served tea, but nothing can compare to senior maiko Katsuna (勝奈) of Daimonji (大文字) helping out junior maiko Umekana (梅叶菜) of Umeno (梅乃) with a small adjustment of her shidare. The moment lasted just a second (as can be seen on other videos), but it shows the unique solidarity between all maiko and geiko to help each other out and to not leave anyone behind. 

Umekana has been a maiko for 5 months now and Katsuna has an impressive 51 months (4 years and 3 months) and four previous Baikasai under her koshihimo. This may be Katsuna’s last Baikasai as a maiko as she will likely have her erikae at the end of the year if she chooses to stay. 

Sacrifices (M) 1/2

Requested by anon♥

→ Reader x Tao

→ Mafia AU; in which lethal mafia leader Huang Zitao is always in control - except for when his sister is abducted by his rivals and the only way to get her back is to kill another lethal woman.

→ Warnings: Smut/Suggestive content. Angst.

Word count: 1,7K

His own lips were widely stretched, smiling happily, tauntingly down at him from their place on the wall. His dark irises travel over his own face to the painted form of his younger sister. He sighed out in stress and relief. In false relief. She was gone and there was only one way to get her back; seducing, bedding and killing Y/N L/N - the richest, most powerful woman in the city. 

He had to get her back. His sweet, kind, younger sister. This was the only way, the only way to keep her alive and by his side - by taking the life of another woman. 

The thought caused an uncomfortable clump in his throat. He knew his sister could never know how her life was saved. If it was saved. He sighed, fishing his revolver out of his pocket and placing it slowly down onto the table beneath the picture. He lets his palms caress the sleek material of his fancy trousers before starting to walk out of the hallway, heading straight for the outdoor. He swallows back the uncomfortable clump at the sight of his car ready by the gate already. 

The next minutes spent in his luxurious car went by in a daze, a torturous daze. The long, black car drove slowly, as if the driver knew his master didn’t really want to go to the destination. 


“Welcome Mr. Huang, the lady is waiting.” 

time was impossible to stop. 

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Touken and Jashi

Alrighty, folks there something that’s being on my mind lately that I want address. Romance, when competently, written is not bad nor does a female character falling in love make them a terrible character nor inherently ruins their character if they do. 

I wanted to talk about because of the black lash  that not only Jack and Ashi are getting, but also Touka and Kaneki because of recent chapters.  

Now, I feel weird taking Samurai Jack and Tokyo Ghoul in the same post, but whatever. 

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anonymous asked:

Our managers-in-training are the worst. They refuse to Open or Close. T refuses to help out in Kitchen because it stresses her out, R does anything she can to get everyone in trouble. T kicks out people with Service Animals. R spends all day on the store phone fighting with her boyfriend. T had a freak out when someone handed her a Bible, telling them "I refuse to serve you! I don't believe in your beliefs!" Kill me, I'm loosing my friend/manager and I'm getting stuck with those Idiots. 😑

anonymous asked:

From people: Swift, 27, filed a counter suit against Mueller, stating in legal docs she “will serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.” If she helps one person Jeannine I think this will all be worth it to her

and quote right there, that is why taylor is amazing.

im not taylor but, if i was her, and i knew that my story helped just one other survivor find the courage to relive a similar act by reporting it and facing their abuser, if i knew that just one other person found some comfort in knowing that they arent alone in experiencing similar humiliating acts, if i knew i was bringing awareness to women’s rights … then at the end of the day i would have consolation in knowing that something good came out of something bad, and that would make me feel a little bit better. 

but again that is just how i would feel. i am not attempting to project what her actual feelings/emotions are.

Rewritten Justice

Author: Me.
Length: 2,028 words
Fandom: Magic Kaito
Characters: Nakamori Aoko, Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Nakamori Ginzo.
Rating/Triggers: T for Teen. Triggers are wounds, guns/weapons, etc.
Summary: “Of course, she does. She’s not an idiot.” 
A rewrite of Chapter 36 in the Magic Kaito manga. KID genuinely did pass out on top of Aoko, instead of faking it and switching places with her.

A/N: ( Written because Gosho… Please give Aoko a gun… ) / AO3

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on ritual clothing? Some Wiccans have told me that you're online supposed to wear those long black robes you see in some Wiccan/Pagan shops and such but other pagans have told me that you wear what's related to your craft. What's your opinion on the subject?

Honestly, I do my rituals in my pajamas with a face mask on sometimes. I’ve never been big on ritual clothing, unless it’s a super important ritual to me, and even then it’s more of a “whatever makes you feel like the badass practitioner you are” kind of thing.

And if you’re not specifically Wiccan, then you don’t necessarily have to take their word for it when it comes to your practice. 

Hope this helps hun.

nocturnal wix

Unless you’re part of a tradition or group that has clothing requirements, I’d say don’t worry about it unless wearing ritual clothing actually serves a purpose for you.  Some faith traditions do have requirements about what you’re allowed or not allowed to wear - headscarves, no dark colors, etc - and they usually have a reason for it.  Masks are a time-honored tool for ‘putting on’ an identity during ritual; veils can make possession or trance easier, but I’ve also seen mediums wear headscarves as a way to lessen the likelihood of possession; some spirits and entities may prefer to interact with people who dress a certain way, especially if it has to do with modesty, depending on their personal cultural norms. 

When Santero friends invite me to something I always make sure to dress according to their requirements, but like Nocturnal Wix, in my own private practice my spirits are lucky if I bother with more than sweatpants.  Comfort is far more important and those dramatic black cloaks always end up strangling me anyway, which is not only terribly uncomfortable but distracts me from the purpose of the damn ritual in the first place.  However, a friend who identifies as a “stitch witch” and makes all her own textiles puts huge importance on cloth and fiber in her own work, so for her, ritual clothing makes perfect sense.  Like masks, having special clothing can be a useful psychological tool for helping you mentally transition between “normal daily living” and “oh hey, ritual time!” but it’s definitely not necessary unless your tradition or personal preference says so.

For people with sensory sensitivities in particular, having ritual clothing made of certain kinds of cloth textures or colors could serve a purpose, but that would be up to individual experimentation on what helps, hinders, or makes no difference at all.

Jewelry, though…I am never without devotional jewelry or amulets unless I’m explicitly requested to remove them.  For me, jewelry serves as physical focii for connection instead of clothing.

- mountain hound

- Nike kids who are hyper competitive but are good sports and gracious losers
- Nike kids who are really good at playing videogames but really suck at physical sports
- Nike kids who are really compassionate and nice to the losing team
- Nike kids who aren’t hyper competitive, couldn’t care less about winning or losing, but they will use any means necessary to ensure that everyone plays fairly
- Nike kids who love to help/mentor the younger kids from all cabins work on their strategy and training and watch proudly from the sidelines while their minions obliterate their opponents
- Nike kids who snap at sore losers when they’re whining and who put people in their place when they gloat
- Nike kids who laugh at the Athena kids when they suggest planning as the Nike kids run headlong into battle with no plans (and still win)
- Nike kids who hate sports and games but can beat anyone in a battle of wits
- Nike kids who don’t know how to turn off their competitive spirit and always want to win, even when playing against their significant other
- Nike kids who don’t actually despise Ares or Athena kids (they recruit Ares kids and Athena kids during games and everybody else gets mad)
- Nike kids who would rather read in the Athena cabin or garden with the Demeter cabin or play guitar with the Apollo kids or tinker with the Hepheastus kids or pull pranks with the Hermes cabin or run around with the satyrs
- That one Nike girl who started a flirting war with the whole Aphrodite cabin because her daughter of Aphrodite girlfriend said she was better at flirting
- That one Nike boy who bests all of the Apollo cabin in a crazy-all-night-long karaoke challenge that has the rest of the camp going crazy all because his son of Apollo boyfriend dared him to
- That one Nike girl who uses a “dirty trick” to beat her son of Ares boyfriend in a camp game by kissing him to distract him
- That one Nike boy who can’t let his daughter of Demeter girlfriend beat him in literally anything so he recruits the rest of her cabin to help him and he gives her the biggest bouquet of flowers EVER for Valentine’s Day
- Nike kids who are so fast to call people out for cheating
- Nike kids who are sometimes appalled by their siblings’ almost bloodthirsty need to win
- Nike kids who love to win but would rather encourage people and watch them succeed than to just win all the time
- Nike kids who honestly don’t care, just as long as the game is played fairly
- Nike kids who always make sure justice is served, no matter the situation
- Nike kids who are OCD
- Nike kids who are neurodivergent and have literally exactly the same competitive drive as their siblings
- Nike kids who are gender nonconforming and their siblings automatically accept them because why care about gender when you can just not?
- Nike kids who are just in general freaking amazing

anonymous asked:

I literally HATE Aelin, I don't understand how stans can think she's this amazing selfless hero when she's actually a self serving brat

I agree with you. She is only selfless when the plot needs her to be in hopes it will help in making her less of a selfish self-entitled brat queen. Other than that, she isn’t selfless she’s the most selfish person that I’ve ever read as a main character like oh my gosh she’s just so INFURIATING as all get out!!! 

Not to mention, she’s a terrible person in general and I don’t know why people look up to her? She disrespects literally everyone she meets and threatens them in ever way she can along with her dog (sorry fae) friends who growl and flash teeth at you if you BREATHE in her direction wrong. And if they insult her afterward, she gets all mad about it because she doesn’t realize do to others as you want them to do to you is a literal thing. She only cares about herself and what other people can do for her and if you ask her to help you with your thing because you helped her, she’ll be like: “Lol no thanx. I got things to do like go bang my bird boyfriend on a beach and turn sand into glasss. Laaatteeer” Priorities, amiright??

People say that if she was a man, I would love her to death. I’m sorry but any character who acts like Aelin, gender aside, is not a role model and is no way a good hero to be reading about. If she was the anti-hero or main villain in the story (And like…maybe dies in the end?) yeah I’d probably like her because that’s what villains are. Evil people who have no redeeming qualities.

Thanks for the Anon! Sorry it took a bit to answer. <3


damn that rant tho -jup

The Waiter & Waitress

Pairing: Waitress/Y/N / Waiter!Calum

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.300+

Summary: In order to avoid the flirty conversations from the creepy bartender Derek, Calum pretents to be Y/N’s boyfriend to help her out. But his jealousy takes over him the second he sees Y/N hang out with another male 

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Homestuck Personal Arc Discussion - How the Conclusion Failed Its Characters (Pt. 1/?: Jane Crocker)

This series is not meant to belittle or otherwise shit upon the obvious tremendous amount of artistic effort that went into Homestuck’s final updates. I think everyone can agree the conclusion was visually & aurally stunning, and I would even say that what writing that was present was also top notch. This series is purely meant to explore something many people have found fault with: the failure to deliver on arc conclusions for just about every single one of Homestuck’s main characters despite a significant amount of build up and narrative foreshadowing that such conclusions were planned. I won’t be chiming in about the main plot/plot holes/etc, either, this is purely character discussion.

What Is A Character Arc?
Also known as an “inner journey,” a character arc is generally what separates a main protagonist from a secondary, minor or background character. The successful completion of a character arc is often what allows a character to be considered “round” vs “flat” – meaning that by the end of the story they have changed in some fundamental way.

Homestuck is a coming of age story, featuring young characters thrown into impossible situations expressly meant to challenge them and grow them as people. This is actually stated in the narrative several times, but more importantly, shown to us via what actually exists of each major characters’ arc. My argument then is that these arcs were truncated with a narratively lazy conclusion, not that they didn’t exist at all – and this is a large part of why so many people are finding the conclusion unsatisfying.

Pt. 1: Jane Crocker

Few people would deny that Jane Crocker caught the short end of Homestuck’s narrative stick; she is used to introduce us to the B2 Universe, her primary conflicts and motivations are laid out for us early on, and then… nothing ever happens with them, ever. She is waylaid partway through her story via a subplot wherein she is mind controlled by the Condesce, and – more importantly – never recovers any significant agency after being released from HIC’s influence.

So, what were Jane’s primary conflicts? Let’s talk about it.

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hunger - chapter 11

Hunger master post. 

Stiles is surprised at how easily he fits in with Scott and Melissa. He doesn’t have that same feeling he did at the foster homes they put him in. Like he had to ask to use the bathroom, and was afraid to help himself to food out of the refrigerator, and he always felt like he was a guest in someone else’s house, always careful of what he said and did, and itching under his skin because he couldn’t just be him. He doesn’t get any of that here. The McCalls’ house is comfortable. It feels like it could be a home. He’s not treated like a guest here. He’s treated like he fits.

He misses his dad.

He misses the dog.

He cries himself to sleep more than once, but it’s okay. It’s grief. It’s not helplessness. His tears are cathartic, not desperate.

He has a pile of clothes that Scott has given him. It’s mostly stuff that Scott is growing out of. Stiles is skinny enough thanks to living on the streets that he fits them. He’s a little taller than Scott so the jeans aren’t quite the right length, but Stiles doesn’t care. Who’s he got to impress anyway?

He does a few chores around the house while Melissa is working and Scott is at school. He wonders how long it will be until it feels like the walls are closing in on him. A while yet, probably. The house is warm and safe. During the day he researches his dad’s case, and wonders if it will raise any red flags anywhere if he tries to order a copy of the transcripts online. Then he figures they’re not really what he needs anyway. He needs the notes from the initial investigation, not the prosecutor’s polished presentation. For that, he needs Rafa McCall. And for Rafa McCall to even think of giving them to him, he needs evidence.

He takes one of Scott’s unused school notebooks and makes a list of what he already knows. Which isn’t much apart from Kate Argent’s name, her brother’s address, G. Argent’s address—are they even related?—and how she shot his dog.

He thinks back to that, trying to divorce himself from the impending panic.

“Hello again, Derek. You don’t look so good.”

Except Stiles’s name isn’t Derek, and as far as he remembers he’s never met Kate Argent before in his life.


The name snags in the threads of his memory like a hook, but Stiles can’t quite tug the memory free. He pushes it aside for now.

Stiles makes himself a cup of coffee—the caffeine helps settle the more annoying symptoms of his ADD—and takes it into the living room. He sits down on the couch and reaches for his notebook.

Scott’s laptop is open. Stiles was searching the Herald earlier. The elusive mountain lion still hasn’t been caught.

Stiles taps his pen against his chin, and thinks of Kate Argent again, and the exchange she had with Allison’s dad outside his house a few nights ago.

“I told Dad I’d check and see if you’d had any luck bringing down the alpha. Clearly you haven’t.”

Alpha. What is the alpha? First letter of the Greek alphabet. Term co-opted by asshole meninist PUAs. An episode from season six of The X-Files. And, in hunting terms, the foremost animal in a pack, right? Except that mountain lions aren’t pack animals. So what exactly is Chris Argent hunting?

Stiles sips his coffee.

What the hell is going on out there in the Preserve? Chris Argent is hunting something, and Scott got bitten by something, and all of it, every fucking thing, comes right back to those blackened ruins in the clearing, doesn’t it? Everything comes back to the Hale fire.

Maybe Stiles has been coming at this the wrong way.

Maybe he doesn’t need to prove Kate Argent framed his dad.

Maybe he needs to prove she had something to do with the Hale fire.

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Bed Time

Fandom: Zelda: BoTW

Summary: Since the day they got married, Link and Sidon’s life moved like a whirlwind, bringing about the most stupendous of days. From the days they adopted their children and each day after, they experienced a lot of change.But if one thing stayed the same, it was the way Sidon wouldn’t put their kids to bed without reading a bed time story first.

Author’s notes: So uh. I did a thing. Again. Also a few actual notes~

-This fic is definitely taking place in the same timeline as Teeth and probably takes place after a yet-to-be written epic saga of Sidon’s helpless pining after Link that ends in big gay feelings

- yeah I definitely used Okami for the bed time story in question. I highly recommend playing it if you haven’t

- To any of you who are watching the Game Grumps play Breath of the Wild…the voices Sidon uses throughout his storytelling is entirely based off of the dumb voices Egoraptor uses (especially the one he gives Muzu and the little shrine dudes that Dan HATES)

- ….I most certainly spent all yesterday writing this instead of working on the two papers that I have due this week OTL

You can also read here at Ao3!

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