all the people on there are fake

LazyTown things I think about constantly

  • The two times Robbie genuinely considered becoming a superhero
  • Sportacus telling the kids to eat healthy and hardly ever eating any healthy amounts of food
  • Spob
  • Robbie calling Sportacus “Sporto” or “Sportabuddy”
  • The kitten
  • How half the live animals that were in the episodes belonged to Stefan
  • They James Earl Jones’d Spob and had a girl voice him while a boy played him
  • Sportacus knits
  • The mustache doesn’t match the hair it’s fucking fake Sportacus wears a fake mustache
  • Robbie, Fae or not, is actually magic and hardly ever uses that to his advantage
  • Sportacus never actually uses toothpaste
  • These people live in some sort of universe where you only get one color scheme to live with for the rest of your life
  • He lifts a fucking pyramid for fuck’s sake just no
  • Sportacus has no idea what a club sandwich is at all
  • Also he has no fucking kitchen utensils and dirties up his sports equipment to make food
  • There is no bathroom on that airship
  • Robbie eats Styrofoam peanuts
  • Both of these grown ass men need to be given proper cooking lessons
  • Everything about Sportacus is blue. So his hair is blue
  • Robbie would manage to get rid of Sportacus if he didn’t get his ideas from overhearing the children’s conversations
  • Sportacus and (more than likely) everyone in LazyTown are all merchandised and all have their own dolls in the LazyTown universe and we are never given explanations as to why
  • Sportacus once defied the laws of physics to play baseball with an apple in outer space without a spacesuit
  • Robbie was so lonely when everyone was gone that he drew their faces on balls and was almost in tears when they came back because he missed them so much
  • Robbie thinks Ziggy is a cute little kid
  • Robbie actually got Ziggy a birthday gift. Twice
  • Stingy ran over Sportacus because Sportacus didn’t think to just warn him about the holes he was gonna drive into
  • The Fortune Teller episode was probably the gayest episode and it was co-written by Magnus Scheving so he knew what the fuck he was doing
  • This show got revived three years after the first two seasons ended how is this show even real
Bisexuality is not a mistake

Let the churches scream we’re wrong

They’ll hate me for writing this song

Blood flows from my wrist

All we did was try to kiss  

And you’ll scream

You’ll yell

You’ll tell us we’re mistakes

This isn’t fake

You say we’re selfish

For liking both

But you were fine when I liked him

But now that I love her

You scream that it’s a mistake

The world is a fucked up cruel place

It’s odd that people like you will be missed

And people like I will become examples

Something to reblog

To talk about 

To feel shame or guilt

But there would be no shame or guilt

If you opened your eyes and saw

We’re real

We’re here

Just look. 

Dedicated to @manicromaniac

voltron mario kart headcanons

- keith picks rainbow road whenever its his turn to choose the race

- lance can consistently hit people with green shells

- pidge and hunk know all the shortcuts in the game

- as a result one of them slways has the best time on any given course in time trial mode

- shiro is a master of banana placement. on ramps, right before cannons, you name it

- the group is divided on whether taking out fake item blocks was a good choice. keith, coran, and shiro say yes, allura, hunk, lance and pidge say no.

- occasionally there will be a round where everyone plays as waluigi, (or a round where everyone plays as a koopaling, if they’re playing mk8)

- there’s also a lot of discussion about which game is the best

- double dash is the collective favourite, though. its high on everyone’s list

- coran doesn’t throw blue shells

- allura, however, slams the item button when she gets one

- allura is also the best at balloon battle

list of people who are more melody than melodies
  1. sungjae
  2. yook sungjae 
  3. sungjae from btob 
  4. tbj the clothing company 
  5. joy from red velvet who shows more appreciation and respect to hyunsik’s work than anyone in this world but especially cube has ever
  6. ilhoon who cosplay kingsman in london and ask people if they know btob everywhere he goes
  7. changsub and hyunsik who has a btob/melody tattoo 
  8. (changsub is also a sungjae sasang but thats beside the point)
  9. peniel who is not just born to beat’s babysitter but also run a btob fansite 
  10. peniel’s dad who wears btob hoodie everywhere 
  11. jaden peniel’s baby nephew
  12. minhyuk is the #1 btob update account and is the most active member on btob’s fancafe 
  13. eunkwang do i even have to explain this 
  14. the cube videographer who spent a whole entire interview praising btob 
  15. eden 
  16. aki 

anonymous asked:

Do you know if a straight girl could be comfortable with the idea of having a girlfriend/ or kiss/have sex with a girl? Because I feel this way I really want a girlfriend but I'm afraid these feelings are fake and I'm worried that I'll start realizing I'm straight :(


the “fake bi girl” concept is something created by biphobes and I find it so sad how many asks I get that sound like yours because I know you wouldn’t even have that fear if it weren’t for the biphobes who planted this doubt in you. The thing is: if you were really just faking it you’d ~know you’re faking it. It would have been a conscious decision. (And why would anyone voluntarily go through the struggle of encountering biphobia everywhere if they were really straight anyway???)

Actual Straight People usually don’t fantasize about being intimate with someone of their own gender. If they do they are very likely to realise they haven’t actually been straight after all.

Another thing: for some people sexuality can be fluid. So if you desire women right now but next week or in 20 years you find yourself attracted to a lot of men that doesn’t suddenly make you straight and it also doesn’t invalidate the feelings you had for women before. In fact that is what bisexuality is all about: you can like people of a different gender without being straight and you can like people of your own gender without being gay. Bisexuality is its own thing and there’s nothing fake about it.

And last but not least: don’t worry too much. Take a deep breath and be yourself. You’ll figure the rest out eventually!


on being real

idk maybe all of four people are going to read this but i want to get these thoughts on paper before i explode

i spend a lot of time feeling like im lying. like im being overdramatic. like my life cannot POSSIBLY be what it is.

i am gay. i am a jew. i am hispanic. i am a woman. i am mentally ill. i am disabled. i am autistic. 

7 deviations off of “straight white cis able bodied neurotypical abled vaguely christian male”.

that is Too Many. i must be lying. some facet of my identity must be wrong. i must be fake, because thats Too Many “things” on one person.

and yet, here i am, existing, feeling that everyone thinks i am a lying liar who lies because it is not possible to be what i am, as that is Too Much. 

anyways thanks if you read this

the last time i was at the airport
i noticed a patch of fake grass
squared off from the usual shades of grey and frowning TSA agents
a sign above the space stated that this was for dogs to use the bathroom
and then it dawned on me:
dogs are treated with more respect than transgender people are
after all
no one tries to dictate where a dog can take a piss
no one tries to take away a dog’s basic rights
when a dog is misgendered the error is corrected immediately
but when people are misgendered they’re told to get over it after being given a lesson on grammar
dogs are called by their proper names
while Leelah Alcorn’s headstone still reads the wrong one
dogs are put down in the most humane ways
and trans people are murdered in cold blood
after being stolen of their safe spaces
after being beaten and abused
after being attacked with words of hatred
after being treated like dirt
  animals are treated with higher regard than trans people
key word: people
trans people aren’t even thought of as people
but as a species
as an inconvenience
as a problem
when the real problem is
the fact that a dog’s gofundme received more support
than the trans person just trying to get out of their abusive environment
the real problem is
the man involved in a dog fighting ring is still ostracized
but the politician putting the lives of transgender students in danger is not
the real problem is
more people were ready to boycott “a dog’s purpose” because of the implied abuse on set
but still went to go see “about ray” even though the trans community expressed how harmful it is to have a cis actor play a trans role
the real problem
is not trans people
it’s the rest of the world
who refuse to see them as people
the real problem is
dogs can take a piss in public
but human beings are still fighting to
—  when you realize dogs are treated better than transgender people are
(cc, 2017)

anonymous asked:

But the kid will have a surname, no? Melly, what do you think it will be? Or will it even be told? Do you think a sorta pat test will happen? I'm hella anxious and hella tired, all those fake ass people gotta leave asap

Nope, I think there’s gonna be 0 pat test here (sorry pickle). 

I could totally be wrong and the exact opposite may happen, but I really don’t at all think they are going the pat test route. To be honest, Cheryl’s got like 478 last names, so I really couldn’t tell you if that baby is going to take Loammy’s surname - I don’t have Boob Instincts about that one either way. 

What’s important to remember in the coming weeks/months is that Cheryl has a super injunction - paps cannot take her photo outside her home, or in the street, or follow her without her permission. So I mean, we already know the rule of thumb that whatever you’re seeing is because you’re meant to, but especially so in this case. 

You cry yourself to sleep at night because no one knows how hard life is for you. No one knows of the troubles you hide in order to not burden others. No one knows of the secrets you keep, to stop peoples hearts from breaking for you. But Allah knows. Allah hears your thoughts. Allah knows of your troubles and Allah sees every single tear that you have ever shed. And let me just tell you, that you will indeed be rewarded for the times you have tried to mend your broken soul and live the life you were given without complaining. You will be rewarded for the smiles you had to fake and the heartache you tried to hide. You will be rewarded for all the times you’ve suffered, and that reward will make you forget that you’ve ever suffered at all. Be patient, and keep going the way you always have done. Keep going.

some thoughts on the top of my head:

• the fact that I’m wearing this compression vest which is very similar to binder makes it feel kinda fake like I can’t believe that my chest would actually flat beneath it
• I was really slow to react to the anaesthesia like after the nurse said good night was still awake for like ten seconds
• anaestic sleep is a lot different to sleep sleep cause you’re actually unconcious and you can’t tell the time passing
• also lying at the surgery table I felt like a formula car cause there were four people around me attaching all sorts of things to me at the same time
• I have to wear these special socks until the evening this is hell I never ever wesr socks to bed and this is very uncomfortable
• my blood sugar was okay thorought it and is pretty ok now which is a relief
• my surgeon was a lot younger than I expected I expected someone in their fifties but he was on his thirties and seemed really nice guy
• I can’t lift my arms at all, holding my phone on my stomach is the highest I can do
• I can see why it’s easy to get addicted to opioids cause they make you feel pretty damn great

I’m gonna have another nap now but I’ll keep you updated

I’ve been going through hell and back, I miss my mother and hope my terminally ill dad won’t pass away after I finally met him for the first time.           I’ve learned what it means to lose everything.                                                       I’ve learned what real friendship means after I got backstabbed from so many people who once said they would help me.                                                           

  Fuck all of you, none of you fake people knows the pain deep inside of me.                                                             

anonymous asked:

Ok so first of all, we don't say it enough but you really are a blessing in this fandom, I really admire you because I'm quite like you, I always tend to go deeper when it comes to celebrities/media/conspiracies etc. and I wanted to carry on some researches myself, but then I found your blog. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are an amazing person. Guys, what Meg just discovered is that this "via her representative" is COMPLETELY fake since they are the same people. Take care.

Thanks :) . Yeh i mean it doesn’t even matter if roger was the one who handed in Camila’s official notice - the point is that they have the same PR firms and 5H’s management were managing her solo career so they obviously knew seeing as they were the ones planning it lmao.

anonymous asked:

People literally only care about rania when they get the chance to hate on Alex

It’s true. We totally love fake stans *rolls eyes at all the fakes in the name of BPR*

anonymous asked:

that exo post is old i remember seeing it in early 2016 and blocking that person lmao. but i always wonder what these people think a real friendship looks like because exo genuinly spend most of their off time together by choice and clearly are very close but it's like people think if you're not all over each other and talking about how close you are 24/7 then it must be fake. all this fanservice being thrown in their faces really has affected their outlook on how friendships actually work lmao

its bc their favs document every single moment they spend together on vlive, which is the only evidence of what idols do with their time

can i let everyone know that dave has never apologized to me for constantly interacting with me despite me telling him not to, because i broke up with his alter, and how he also HASN’T APOLOGIZED for accusing me of race faking, despite the fact that he’s white and has no proof or evidence?

he says it’s because moana came out that i decided to “become native hawai'ian”, even tho 1) moana isn’t even hawai'ian, she’s more samoan-coded, and 2) my mother told me of our ancestry weeks before i had even gotten into moana, because i had asked about our family for a school project.

i shouldn’t have to share all of my life’s details on tumblr for people to “believe that i’m native hawaiian”; it’s a complicated circumstance that my mother waited 15 years to tell me about that side of our ancestry. i have talked about it before but i’m not in the mood to do it now.

anonymous asked:

well, if you ever do end up writing a CN take on post-CACW, then I would race to read it! so you have at least one happy commenter guaranteed! (in all seriousness though, I'm sure lots of people would be quite open to whatever you would cook up for that kind of fic, if you ever wanted to dive in to it. you're quite the great writer after all.) :)

Awww, thanks Anon! That’s so sweet of you.  I don’t know what, if anything, I may eventually write in that ‘verse, but glad to know there would be interest.  I am actually really looking forward to getting back to What Happens in Vegas, my almost angst-free fake marriage thing, and all the other wonderful Thank You Fic requests I have sitting in my inbox.  

anonymous asked:

Yes, but I think he really just wanted to know wtf that girl was saying it for, he's allowed to wonder why. One can disagree with something wrong while still wishing to know what started the beef. I have no problem at all with you sticking up for black women of a darker shade. No problem what so ever girl, I'm just trying to shed light on why I think the argument lost touch once you seemed hypocritical.

This is not the first time I have went in on people like this. It’s just so funny their woke faves can do no wrong, but I tell people to fuck off after trying to explain it to them the first time, and I’m a “fake woke” blogger. Cardi B. probably got her shit from me and other womanists and didn’t give us credit. So I don’t know what people are talking about on here. Am I problematic on how I defend myself? Yes, I am. And I need to work on it. But until then, I’m not going to keep being denied my anger as well as other people’s feelings and not lash out. Calling someone a “nigger” when I’m also a nigger is not oppressive. Calling someone jiggaboo, monkey, ape, and coon are all things I would get called by. I don’t get called a “burnt roach” so why would I call anyone that? It’s just not comparable.

Stop obsessing over popularity and awards. Just enjoy the music. I know it’s nice to have awards and be a “top group” but I feel like this new attitude in kpop where it’s all about the awards, charts, popularity, etc. is so fake. It’s almost like people stan “accomplishments” more than actual groups.

Khiphop artists don’t even get awards most of the time but fuck all that. Accomplishments and success are more than just popularity, awards, charts, and all that shit. But I feel like that’s being lost because everybody just wants receipts nowadays.

also at issue were the living conditions in a flop house that takes overflow from shelters, and the transparently fake concern from this neighborhood watch asshole lit m’damn fuse. like you give zero shits about anything but your property value. dry your tears

the owner is a borderline slum lord and no one should have to live with bedbugs but if there is no alternative these people will be on the street.  and everyone was acting like this is the only hotel that has a drug use and prostitution problem.  They wanted to pull this sleight of hand where they express a need for change but all they will ever do is push these people out to fucking suitcase city or better yet the suburbs which are outside of their districts - where the living conditions will be exactly the same, except they won’t have access to the services available in the city.