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Fire Emblem Line Sticker Icons

Icons are free to use, credit is not necessary (but appreciated)
(Extremely Segmented WR) Shadow the Hedgehog 100% completed over the course 53 days in 181 hours 14 minutes and 47 seconds • /r/speedrun
What exactly does it take to truly 100% Shadow the Hedgehog? 71 A Ranks. One for each mission and boss. 115 Secret Keys Scattered among the...

This needed to be posted. Someone 100% completed Shadow the Hedgehog. All 326 possible path combinations and more.

great ideas for a finals paper topic

• a critical analysis of sonic for real justice and its literary connections to animal farm

welp so now I have to live with the fact that I am that person who spends real actual money to buy game points to buy my video game characters cool clothes because of team aesthetic.

Like, I’m playing a jedi consular (shadow path) in SWTOR, and with all my other characters, I was able to get cool clothes for my companions in game that fit with the overall team aesthetic that I was going for (all my sith warrior gang are in red and blacks except for Quinn who has his imperial uniform, since that’s an integral part of his characterization, all my republic troopers are in white and blue armor, I’m currently decking all my smuggler crew in blue and gray…) but I’m level 45 now with my consular and all the drops I’m getting are robes??? and I’m not putting Zenith The Terrorist or Space Tony Stark in robes! Esp. since my own character is already decked out in the coolest black sith-ish outfit on the market! So I spend. Like. so much money. To get everyone matching black ensembles and now we all look like an emo boysband and. it. is. GREAT