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Favorite little things from The Magnificent Seven (2016)


-Faraday getting shut down by the pretty girl in the carriage

-Chisholm’s expression while he eats the deer heart with Red Harvest

-Billy Rocks doing all this fancy knife-work and claiming that it’s “easy”

-Chisholm’s all-black outfit 

-Horne getting all awkward with the woman in the bar

-Horne’s little speech at the end about serving with men he respects

-Red Harvest killing Denali 


-Emma cutting off Faraday while he’s explaining how to shoot

-“Seems I was the only one with enough balls to do so.”

- “There’s no such thing as a Texican, cabrón.” 

-Red Harvest’s smirk when they figure out he can speak English


the plance stylings of chunk

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could you do billie ng x drew tanaka headcanons? i know billie is in like two scenes in toa but i ship her so hard with drew

Drellie is so #aesthetic my lord. And anon… anon please….

  • Bonding over japanese street fashion.
  • Coordinating outfits together, reading tokyo street fashion magazines, going shopping in the city, trading and wearing each other’s clothes.
  • They’re conveniently the same size, and Billie’s shoes are only one size bigger than Drew’s, so they’re constantly borrowing and trying on each other’s outfits
  • It gets to the point to where when either of them are out shopping, they think about how good a piece would look on both them and their gf
  • Spending late nights designing, sewing, and choosing dream colleges that have options for majoring in fashion
  • Whenever they go on trips, they take photos and make drawings of all the different people and styles they see, and build a big pin board together of all their fashion inspiration (including pictures of each other with hearts drawn all over them) 
  • Drew dyes Billie’s hair, and it’s one of Billie’s favorite things because Drew’s fingers are soft and delicate and nothing feels better than having them combed through her hair and massaging her scalp 
  • If either of them is working on a big sewing project, the other will text them periodically to remind them to drink water and eat and take a break
  • Middle of the night random phone calls having a meltdown because a sewing machine broke or a cat ruined all the fabric 
  • Modeling for each other!!! 
  • They can never tailor or measure something for the other because all the touching and closeness of the process always ends with them making out with the clothing item forgotten 
  • Billie’s social media pages being completely made up of pictures of k-pop artists and artsy photos of Drew
  • Drellie is the most fashion forward femslash pairing and honestly I’m in love

I love that whenever you summon your assassins, you can see their name even though they all look exactly alike ( except Billie, who wears a different color )

Headcanon: the Whalers don’t even know how Daud can tell them all apart. Some of them think it’s part of his powers given to him by the Outsider, but others believe it’s just his natural perception. They even switched outfits one day, just to see if there was something about their uniforms that helped him tell who they were, but he still called them all by their right names.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Outfit Details:
Overcoat: Gant
Pull-over: Billy Reid
Jeans: Levis
Boots: Clarks 
Scarf: J Crew

So, I’m sure it’s been a weird winter for everyone.
Nobody can honestly say that they’ve had the worst winter of all, right?
But it has sucked here, in Brooklyn, recently.  All of those beautiful, cold, wintry days you get amped up toward, at the closing moments of fall, are all washed away when the reality check hits you in the jaw.  
Truth:  it’s really cold - oh, wait, it jumped up to 50 degrees again.  Cool… wait, nevermind, it’s below freezing.  And snowing.  Now raining.  And grey.
So, enough with this little rant.  Yeah, it’s been a strange winter, but it’s moments like here, in these photos, when I’m happy!  Having a little time to get out, when the elements aren’t against me, my camera or my girlfriend.
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful winter, and hope that even in bad situations, you’ll find some good, too.