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Star sign: gemini i guess??

Height : 6′0
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Last thing googled: Papa Johns undertale
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Last TV show watched: one of those old school C.S.I’s with Gil Grissom running a tight ship
What am I wearing right now: skin and cloth

When did I create my blog : like 2012 but i didnt use it at all for 2-3 years

What kind of stuff do l post : bad
Do I have any other blogs: nope
Why did I choose my URL : no clue honestly
Gender: Jun Akiyama vs Minoru Suzuki (05.03.2006)
Pokemon team: Jun Akiyama vs Minoru Suzuki (05.03.2006)

Favorite color( s ): eh, tumble has ruined blue forever for me so probably a deep red or something
Average hours of sleep: i can’t close my eyes
Favorite characters: Rodion Raskolnikov maybe? idk
How many blankets do I sleep with: 1
Dream job( s ): musician of some sorts

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Missouri Gothic

- A Walmart shopping cart that is placed somewhere not near a Walmart is your first and only warning that you are entering a “Not so safe” part of town.

- You are never more than 8 miles away from a Walmart.

- From March-December are tornado season. Prepare to never see your favorite show at least once a month because of tornado warnings ruining TV.

- There are three types of people in Missouri, Kansas City-ers, Saint Louisers, and Ozarkers. Two will kill you for the fun of it, the other will kill you for meth.

- Every neighborhood has at least one meth house.

- Bass Pro. Pro Bass. It’s all the same.

- Is that person Amish or Mennonite or just driving a buggy on the side of the road?

- You know what Route 66 is, but you only have a vague idea where it is and how to drive it.

- BBQ is an art form and very different depending on which part of the state you are in.

- Debates still rage if it’s Gates BBQ or Jack Stacks BBQ that’s the best in KC.

- Everyone is a Cardinals fan until the Royals actual won a few games.

- it’s Kansas City Missouri, not Kansas. No one goes to Kansas City, Ks, that’s just too far away.

- Branson is a myth filled with washed up stars.

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Prompt:  the reader and Sebastian watching old Sebastian shows or stuff (like his ep of Law & Order?) and she laughing while Seb is embarrassed and fluff at the end

Word Count: 641

Warnings: Kings, Political Animals, and The Apparition are all talked about, don’t let me ruin them for you.

Authors Note: 

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Fanfiction and Tumblr have basically ruined/enhanced my life. Now instead of watching a movie or TV show and seeing the couple on screen I’m like “Dude those two chicks are so fucking gay. They are gay as fuck. They are gay for each other. There’s no room for Jesus in that gayness. Cheezus fuck just kiss already. Why aren’t y'all married with like eight kids? Ugh… forget this. I’m going back to my gay fanfiction.”
So thanks fanfiction and tumblr. My life is a gay ass lovely mess because of you gay ass lovely people but I love it.

maesgirl  asked:

Can someone tell me how DK could ruin NR's career if they are together? And note I used IF. Many people have been involved with people others didn't like and their careers survived. And NR is on a tv show, slightly less than a huge star.

To some Maesgirl he is the biggest thing in Hollywood. To some this affects them personally by all the previously stated reasons. Because this affects them so personally they believe this is much worse then the reality is. And I will reiterate nothing is confirmed just RUMOR.

No one “ruined” Doctor Who.

Steven Moffat didn’t ruin Doctor Who. A female Doctor wouldn’t ruin Doctor Who. Doctor Who isn’t ruined, and not because I happen to think the show is better than ever these days. Doctor Who isn’t ruined, because Doctor Who can’t be ruined.

Doctor Who is more than a TV show. It’s novels, it’s audio dramas, it’s comics and conventions and various other EU materials. No one man can ruin Doctor Who because Doctor Who is bigger than that– it’s bigger than all of us. It’s outlived too many showrunners, writers, directors, actors, and producers to count. It’s survived terrible novels, the death of the main cast, a god-awful TV movie (sorry McGann fans), low ratings, even cancellation. It’s survived 50 years, longer than I’ve been alive, almost as long as my parents have been alive. The all-powerful Steven Moffat was only a little boy when the show began. So was Peter Capaldi. It’s older than David Tennant, who loves the show so much.

But Doctor Who doesn’t only belong to Steven Moffat. It belongs to every actor who says they love working with him, every writer who begs for a chance to have their name on a titlecard. It belongs to the consumers, like, right now, Russell T Davies, who without fail has declined a return every single year since he left because he would rather watch the show than write it. It belongs to every one of the 75 million who watched “Day of the Doctor”. It belongs to everyone with a Netflix account, a BBC stream, or a dubious sense of morality and Primewire. It belongs to the fan artists, the fic writers (like me!), the graphics creators, the meta writers. It belongs to the fans. It belongs to everyone.

Doctor Who isn’t only a TV show. Doctor Who is when you’re sure you heard something under your bed but you get up anyway. Doctor Who is the thrill you get in your heart when you hear the familiar doo-wee-oo, like hope and old friends and home. Doctor Who is the feeling of looking up at trillions of stars and knowing you’re not alone, in the universe, in the world, in your heart. Doctor Who is a Halloween costume only one person understands, and you bond like soulmates for just a moment. Doctor Who is the joy of discovery, exploration, understanding– and the peace that comes with knowing sometimes you will fail at those things, and that’s okay.

There’s a quote from the end of “Looking for Alaska” by John Green that says, “We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken.” Doctor Who can’t be brought down by one man, and even if it falls, it’ll get right back up. As long as we love it and watch it and create for it ourselves, it will never disappear. Doctor Who will never be gone; it’s far too loved for that.

Well done MTV

Well done for cancelling possibly the most diverse show on television. Whilst other MTV content such as Teen Wolf and Scream feature LGBT+ characters they are all either secondary or supporting.

Faking it was so much more than ships. It has a trans actor playing a trans character, it highlighted intersex visibility in today’s society, it showed young people that it’s okay to be confused about your sexuality.

I’m highly disappointed in MTV for his move. I am sad because Faking It was honestly one show I really enjoyed, but I’m even sadder now that a show like this , a show the celebrates diversity no longer exists.

Lauren Zuke deactivated her Twitter account

“Fans” of Steven Universe have been giving her shit for a while now and she was fed up with it to the point of deciding she’d rather deactivate than stick around. Don’t harass and hurt people, Lauren was amazing and I’m going to miss her tweets a whole lot. How the hell people who supposedly fans of a show like Steven Universe can’t be considerate enough to one of the creative forces of it eludes me, but it casts a bad light on all of us.

It’s also worth noting that she was frustrated over people spreading leaked episodes and spoilers way before air time and how that ruins planning that have taken months in the making from her and others. I know that many of us can’t watch Steven Universe episodes on TV due to location or other reasons, but please think of how those working on this feel when their plans get shattered like that. It sucks, a lot.

There is no point in pretending that any other show matters to me as much as The X-Files. It owns me 100% and all other television is ruined for me because of it. “Yeah it’s good but it’s no X-Files.” How is it possible that I’m 28 years old, have been watching the show for around 16 years and it still captures my undivided attention? Like someone please explain that to me. I’m re-watching series 1 right now and Mulder and Scully own my fucking soul. I bitched and moaned about certain aspects of the revival, but let’s be honest, I would sit and watch an entire season of Mulder and Scully writing up field reports and doing nothing else. I would watch them standing in front of a camera reading out of a telephone book. Just give me Mulder and Scully. All day. Everyday. 

You wanna know the saddest thing about Sasha’s comments on Maura and Jane being lonely? 

It has the potential to be an amazing and nuanced storyline in the hands of capable writers.

Just think: both are so lonely. Why? Even their “good” relationships fall to the wayside, because they gravitate toward each other. Explore that! Explore that attraction, that singleminded devotion to each other and make them consciously ask: Why are we not together?

Not even in a desperate way, just in a “this would be the logical course of action if I had this relationship with a man” way. Let it simmer and burn into desperation. 

That would be groundbreaking television. The saddest thing about it all is that even the ruins of the show could turn into gold, but no one on the writing team is near good enough to see it through.

outrageousdaydreamer-deactivate  asked:

Is it true that doctors look down on nurses and treat them horribly? I've seen it happen on tv shows (scrubs comes to mind), but that's obviously not the same as real life haha

Not all doctors do that. Yes, there’s always a fraction of assholes in every population, like in the physician population. But that small group of assholes can ruin everything for everyone. People who write for TV are known to play on that tense relationship between doctors and nurses because they need to tell a story, and a story moves through conflict and resolution. 

Doctors and nurses need each other. A good nurse is one of the best allies a doctor can have. 

Any doctor dumb enough to think that nurses are lesser than physicians and thinks they can get away with mistreating nursing staff is in for lawsuits and getting fired. Also, that person would be super stupid.