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So I’m re-watching Voltron

Let me just say that… holy crow there are a lot of Sheith moments in the first episode. I mean from the beginning, the moment I saw them together, their first effing scene, I already knew this ship would sail. And I liked it more than the Klance ship. Not that I’m saying Klance isn’t as good as a ship as Sheith. (Okay maybe I am but I’m not trying to pick any fights with other people’s ships. I dig Klance all right? The “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!” moment was, I must say, one of the best scenes, whether it be from my slash shipper’s eyes or not. I fangirled on that moment all right?)

But back to the point. Sheith. SHEITH. SHEITH.

Dear Odin, Zeus and Ra, I don’t even know how to start.

Okay, I’ll just do this one at a time.

  • Keith finding Shiro. I will forever love this scene, 1) because this was the start of my journey into shipping Sheith and 2) the emotions on Keith’s face upon seeing Shiro. If you’ve read my rant? comments? after seeing Voltron the first time, you know how much I talked about this. Wait did I? Then let me go on about it once again. Keith’s emotions swam from worry, shock and disbelief. But maybe I forgot to mention how his eyes seemed glassy that time. Like he was trying hard not to cry and if he weren’t time-pressured I bet he would have. And he seemed to be drinking in Shiro’s face when he saw him. Like he was making sure that this was Shiro. I’m looking at Shiro. Shiro’s here.
  • Can I just point out that Keith actually had spare clothes that fit Shiro? I mean where the shell did he get that?! You can’t just have spare clothes that fit perfectly on someone. Heck, if you look closely they seem to be wearing the same thing. I mean close enough. The gloves, the utility(?) belt, the boots. You can’t just have something like that in hand. Unless, you’ve been keeping them. Or maybe hey, there was some hours before the next scene after escaping and they might have stolen some stuff for Shiro to wear. But I like to think Keith actually had some clothes in hand.
  • Next is this scene. So Shiro regains consciousness and he decides to go out of the room and try to gather his thoughts as he greets the sunrise. Keith was the first person to go and follow him, maybe check up on him. This is probably the first thing he even says to Shiro where the guy is conscious. “It’s good to have you back”. I mentioned before that I think Keith isn’t the touchy-feely type unless he’s close to that person. Remember that time when he said he doesn’t usually hug strangers? That was one of the reasons and I just get that vibe from his character. Another reason for Keith to be the first one to follow Shiro is because out of the four other people with them - Lance, Pidge and Hunk don’t know Shiro on a personal level. Lance idolizes Shiro. Hunk may know him as just a senpai. Pidge knows him as the pilot his dad and brother were with. Keith, on the other hand, seems to know Shiro on a personal level. I’ve said before that I think that these two share either a platonic or familial-like relationship. So this scene feels like another hint or building block(?) to their relationship pre-Kerberos.

  • They seem to gravitate towards each other. There are way too many times that Keith is beside or standing close to Shiro. And all right I like the thought that they keep the other in their line of sight at all times. Like Shiro may not be looking at Keith but he could glimpse from the corner of his eye.
  • And then there’s the scene in the Blue Lion cockpit. I like to think that somehow behind that seat, Shiro’s hand is wrapped around Keith’s waist to support him.
  • And then there’s this where I like to think Keith is pressing his head or leaning onto Shiro’s arm.
  • And hey! This doesn’t look like they aren’t holding hands!
  • And then there’s this moment where Shiro returns the shoulder squeeze.
  • I also almost forgot… I love this scene too. It’s because this was probably one of the moments were Keith looks like a kid. When Shiro says he’s coming with Pidge, Keith immediately says, “What?” and his brows scrunch up in a worried way. Then the moment Shiro says his name and looks at him, his brows shoot up half-worried and maybe a bit doubtful at what Shiro’s going to say. And the way he softly says, “By myself?” It’s like he doesn’t want to get separated from Shiro at all. And Shiro proceeds to reassure him. (It actually becomes a sort of growing trend between these two further in the series. Shiro comforts Keith and calms him down and Keith is usually the first to think and worry about Shiro.)
  • And let’s not forget when they were finally in the lions. Keith positions himself beside Shiro. Maybe it feels natural for the Red Lion because it’s the right arm. But it also feels like Keith’s way of saying I’ve got you covered.
  • And finally. There is also this. When they finally beat Sendak. Shiro gives Keith a pat on the shoulder. He sees Keith and pats him on the shoulder. I mean out of all of them. Keith gets the you-did-great-I’m-proud-of-you pat from Shiro first.
  • But this Sheith post is not complete without this tender moment between these two dorks.

And here thus ends my compilations  of thoughts and observations about Sheith on the first episode of Voltron. I shall now sit and drink in the pure bliss at seeing these two together.

My Top 10 Favorite Korean Dramas of 2013

It’s the last day of the year, and we had a long journey of watching and spazzing about our favorite Korean dramas the whole year. Today, I am posting my TOP 10 FAVORITE KOREAN DRAMAS OF 2013. Remember, this list is only based on the dramas I featured on this blog. Dramas that I wasn’t able to watch (what a pity! there are a lot!) are not included.


10. Good Doctor

Such a touching drama. It portrays that any disability won’t stop a person to dream and fulfill it. The drama also tackled rare medical cases which most are about psychology. Joo Won’s acting is the best in this drama!

9. The Heirs

A star-studded drama it is. It’s like the Korean version of Gossip Girl. A drama about friendship, family, and society. There are a lot of cute characters such as the famous LEE BONA and YOON CHAN YOUNG couple, and the ever funny spotlight-taking JO MYUNGSOO.

8. Gu Family Book

What made me love this drama the most is the Romeo and Juliet-like story of Kang Chi’s real parents. That feeling when you want to see Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee pair up in another drama again, and you even want to see them together in real life.

7. That Winter, The Wind Blows

Well, as expected from two veteran actors, of course, the drama is a definite must-watch. I won’t say more about it instead, you must watch it to know.

6. Monstar

I love music dramas! And I love teeny dramas as well! HAHA. Each character has its own story that touches viewers hearts. Junyeong was adorable, while Kang Haneul was very striking. Yeonsoo was so cute. But what I like the most are the songs sang in each episode. Those songs were revivals of old famous songs. My favorites are “Atlantis Princess” and “I Chose To Love You.”

5. You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

This is the longest drama among all the dramas in the list, and this is the only family drama. IU got people’s love again in this drama. As you can see, most of my favorite dramas are about fulfilling dreams and this is one of it. It talks about the reality you have to endure while walking through the path of reaching your ultimate life wish like family support problems, rejections in auditions, anti-fans, prohibited love, getting the love from your co-workers, etc. This was such a tear-jerker!

4. Flower Boy Next Door

It is the third installment of the TvN Flower Boy Series. I discovered Yoon Shi Yoon again after being Kim Tak Gu in this series, and that is Enrique Geum. Quotes from each episode were remarkable. Every girl can relate to Park Shin Hye’s hopeless romantic character. And of course, who would not feel hoity-toity and laugh with the GARBAGE COUPLE!

3. School 2013

High school life where we experience love-hate relationships with friends, teachers, parents, grades, the society, and everything around us… these made this drama a memorable one. This drama also gave Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Kwak Jung wook and even Lee Ji Hoon names in the industry. A star-maker drama. This is also a comeback drama of Jang Na-ra. I love how this drama made me laugh, cry, smile, angry, and feel touched in every episode. A drama which I could relate much remembering the times when I used to be a student, when I used to teach, and when I used to make friends and be one with the society.

2. Reply 1994

This is supposed to be my top 1 if it only ended the way I wanted to be —- the way #TeamChilBong wants it to be. This drama broke a lot of fangirls hearts with it’s ending results. Watching this drama was a roller-coaster ride, making us confused on who will be Na Jeong’s husband. A lot of guesses were made. In my case, I made a lot of friends in tumblr and twitter spazzing about this drama (Hello my fellow Team Chil Bong mates!). Being the second installment of TvN’s Reply Series, it is truly a masterpiece. It brought us back not just in 1994, but the feeling of being in those years – from 1994 to present. The characters and situations are also very realistic that you can’t help but think about this drama the whole week. This drama gave Go Ah Ra an opportunity to reinvent her acting. Jung Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok were rediscovered and loved by a lot of fangirls, and the other characters were given a name in the industry as well. I love how Reply 1997 characters had their cameos in this drama.

1. The Master’s Sun

The most fictional among all the dramas in the list, but for me, the best of all. The plot was funny and shallow, but the acting was very convincing, that made us watch every episode with a smile. Gong Hyo Jin is really an actress that I envy. She never portrayed a character that I don’t like. And yes, So Ji Sup is a perfect leading man. I still can’t forget his hand gestures while saying, “Kojo!"  I love psychic dramas, and even though this is more done in a comical way, it is very interesting to watch. There was mystery, there was comedy, there was romance, and there was drama. I also love the cameos in each episode.

There are still a lot of upcoming dramas which started this year and will end next year. I look forward on spazzing more dramas with you my fellow Kdrama addicts. Thank you for this amazing dramatic year.

Thank you for spending one year with me (this is mykdramabin’s one year anniversary). More notes in 2014!

#ThankYouJ2 : A Mission & A Request

As many in the Supernatural Family know, the 12-year anniversary for the premiere of Supernatural is tomorrow. It’s already all over twitter with #SupernaturalDay, and I’d like to add something more to that hashtag. #ThankYouJ2. 

Anyone who has seen the show, who has witnessed the incredible kindness and openness of the cast, knows what an amazing crew there is behind this absolutely wonderful show. No matter which cast members you love, which special guests and characters you don’t agree with, or whether you ship Destiel, Wincest, or anything in-between, one thing can be agreed on. There would not be Supernatural without Sam and Dean. And there would not be Sam and Dean without Jared & Jensen. 

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