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well i didn’t get much done, except this rid15 KO based on a tiny pixelated pic but he is there and he’s one of the best bots around! Please Hasbro show me his full actual design i need to know

HELLO FRANS!! SO IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I MADE MY LAST FOLLOW FOREVER AND I REACHED OVER 60K SO I THOUGHT IT’D BE A GOOD TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE 🎉🎉 thank you for this milestone! its amazing to see that ppl find my shitposts and fake subs funny enough to follow this blog, thanks again 😭

side note: bang-tan is a sideblog, if i follow you its with my main @kyung-soo. and a huge shoutout to my lovely Ari @cloudjimin for the gif of jimin 💯!!!  its absolutely adorable, just like you 😘😘  BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone I follow for making my dashboard an enjoyable place 💖  all of you are quality blogs and deserve the world 💞 i hope you all have a wonderful day ❤️  

so here’s a list of quality gfx/gif/edit makers, translators, writers, fanartists that everyone should follow:


@apgujeon  @astrospace @butaer @bwisou  @bangtoori  @bts-trans @bwiyomi  @chokemejimin @cloudjimin @clairelions @chimchams @cypherslut @chimilkeu @dearmyjimin @debrenner  @daegucrew @harunyany @elpilmin @ggukbun  @hobjoon @hohbi @holy-yoongi @herthealbum 


@itsjhope @jeovkks @jminies @jeonify @jjilljj @jengkook @je0n @jungshiii @jeongguvk @jaayhope @joonjuly @jiminsaid  @junghope @jinkooks  @junqkookied @jiminrolls  @jimiyoong @jjks @jinmini @kthspjm @kookmint @ktaebwi @kimdaily  @kkuks  @ksjknj 


@mimibtsghost  @minshoot  @mewchim  @nochuie @noxiim @nightmers @rosketch @rapmini @rapdaegu  @rapling  @puzzlepeace @peacheschild  @parkjmzl @pingkeujin @sugaa @samwol @sosjimin  @syubbed  @sweaterpawsjimin @swagasuga 


@taeguk  @taetaes @ttaewo @vmn  @vmiin @wngs @wingscouldfly @yoonseok @yoongiggles @yccnseok @yoonmin @yoongiyi @yooneroos