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YOI Fan Rec Friday


I got A LOT of great recs this week, thank you! 

If you don’t see your rec, it means that it’s going to be on next week’s list!

Rec’d by @kookyfan​:
not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 29k (WIP)
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret.
a silver splendour, a flame by thehandsingsweapon, Not Rated, 52k (WIP)***Major character death
Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts – Viktor’s been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri’s been warned that everyone will want his; what will happen when Yuri comes of age, and in doing so, makes two very bright stars finally cross?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Weight of Gold by barrelrider, Not Rated, 13k
Yuri’s big win at the Grand Prix final poses questions about the future that he hadn’t thought to ask before. And Viktor doesn’t seem interested in answering them.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV, Explicit, 123k (WIP)
Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

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Rec’d by @hellagaytbh​:
he was a sk8er boy she said see you l8er boy by bookybookworm, Teen, 13k (WIP)
pika+chu: hello friends
katsudon-yuri: ummm
katsudon-yuri: what is this
pika+chu: this, young yuri, is a group chat

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love So Life by shamarmon, Teen, 98k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki was simply living his college life, teaching ice skating lessons to little kids, when suddenly his idol and champion figure skater Victor Nikiforov bursts in and requests that he start babysitting his three year old nephew, Yuri Plisetsky.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
viktor nikiforov is a nightblogger by thishasbeencary, Teen, 2.9k
Yuuri started a mental list of the small things Viktor did that annoyed him about a week after going to Russia, and texted Phichit every time he added something new.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love Doesn’t Discriminate, Between the Winners and the Fakes, It Skates and It Skates and It Skates by TheSecretUchiha, Gen, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri opens his eyes and there’s an angry man speaking Russian at him and a crowd of expectant fans waiting for a performance by the best skater in the world.

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Rec’d by @flyingsuits-blog-blog
a million miles from your desperate days by idrilka, xyai, Mature, 11k
Victor came to Hasetsu with the force of a hurricane and managed to make himself right at home at Yu-topia, somehow fitting into the quiet rhythm of their lives. Maybe this means that Yuuri will fit into Victor’s life in Saint Petersburg, too, against all odds or reason.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
‘Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 52k (WIP)
The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous and anonymous:
Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 164k (WIP)
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Submission by SuggestiveScribe, Explicit, 8.1k
Viktor leaned forward, breath whispering just behind the shell of Yuuri’s ear, “If my Yuuri wanted me to submit, I would be elated to experience submission.”

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Calligraphia by emilyenrose, Mature, 2.9k
Victor Nikiforov’s Bad Tattoo Choices.
icebreaker by Cesare, Gen, 6.1k
A post-skating-retirement college scenario based on skygemspeaks’ idea about Yuuri’s college classmates learning about his figure skating career.
Decision Making Process (How to NOT to) by Bowandtie, Not Rated, 992 words
The rise of ridiculous myth surrounding Christophe Giacometti’s portable pole.
A Tourist in the Waking World, Never Quite Awake by Erushi, Mature, 5.5k
The crossover/fusion with “Inception”, in which Victor and Yuuri are on the same extraction team and share a Complicated History.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Call Everything on the Ice… by shysweetthing, Explicit, 43k (WIP)
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn’t tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @osnapitzhanaa:
Confessions Behind these Bruises by Gayson, Mature, 51k (WIP) ***Graphic Decpitctions of Violence
Introducing the mafia AU nobody asked for about how a cocky self reliant bachelor falls incredibly in love with the adorable sassy dancing protégée of Lilia- Yuuri Katsuki.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Break of Dawn by CatarinaPendejo, Explicit, 58k (WIP)
In which Yuuri is flabbergasted, Viktor is unbelievably spoiled and clingy, Yuri is pissed at everything, Yakov is completely over it, and it’s only been less than a month since the Grand Prix Final.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Or Just Some Human Sleep by Duskisnigh,  Teen, 2.3k
“No, thank you,” Yuuri insisted, holding the broom in front of him like a weapon. “I may be fourteen, and I may have lived a relatively sheltered life, but I am not stupid, and I’m pretty sure you’ve drugged that apple.”

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Rec’d by @caeillian:
make my heart beat out of my chest 'verse series by xylophones, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Adventures with Yuuri Katsuki, living dance legend, and his ridiculous popstar husband, Viktor “I’m Extra” Nikiforov.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
a place on Earth, with you by melonbug, Explicit, 11k ***Major Character Death
Yuuri didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die. And he didn’t want to die alone.
The world was ending, and they were just two souls, desperate for someone to share their final days with.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
get inside you (and mess you up) by drowsycyborg, Mature, 5.6k (WIP)
Of all the witches, bloodmages are the rarest - and the most hunted. There’s good reason to be scared: everyone knows there’s nothing grey about a bloodmage. They’re good or evil; great doctors or terrorists. Wiping out every last one of them was a boon for both the magical and non-magical alike.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎ 

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To all non-Norsk speaking Skam fans:

I have always watched Skam without subtitles, and I just finished watching Skam with subtitles for the first time and I just found it super funny because the amount of times characters in Skam curse vs. the number of times the subtitles show it is so hilarious. Like someone in Skam will be like “Dette er så jævla morsomt oh my jævla bra, HERREGUD” (This is so fucking funny oh my fucking god, OH MY GOD) And the subtitles will be like “That is Funny.” NORWEGIANS ARE NOT THIS BORING. I do not know why I found this relevent but if you speak norwegian please tell me if you noticed this also. 

SIDE NOTE: This is NO hate to the people who translated! I know everyone is forever grateful for all their hard work and dedication to the international fandom! They also did an extremely good job. I had just noticed this and thought it was funny

  • Me: I'm fine
  • Also me: I wonder if the non-Norwegian fans get all of the symbolism and inside jokes in Skam? In Sana's header did the understand the references with stavkirken and the flame in front of it? Or the tax free bag? What about all the puns that can't be translated or the change of tone in Norwegian? Do they understand that Eva speaks a completely different dialect from everyone else? Or how important different dialects are in Norway?? Did they get that Sana wearing a hijab with her bunad was a really big deal? Or all the jokes about fraværsgrensa in s3??? Are they fully understanding the show and all the layers?

Things that are “creepy”: a couple matching their outfits

Things that apparently aren’t creepy: the ideas of a couple wearing t-shirts to send signals to larries, a couple using teddy bears to communicate with larries, larries fetishizing a gay couple they think is actually real, larries stalking Louis and Harry’s relatives and friends to find where they’re staying, larries going to the social media of children like Fizzy and Austin and harassing them, larries thinking having an opinion on someone’s sexuality is a totally okay thing to do, larries making up theories about Louis and Harry’s actual real lives, larries sending explicit fanart and edits to Louis and Harry’s family members, larries discussing things like “who tops” and what sexual things they think Louis and Harry have gotten up to, larries making posts analyzing Briana’s face to insist she’s gotten plastic surgery, and her body to insist she was never even pregnant, larries using harmful stereotypes to try and back up their theories about Louis and Harry being gay, larries erasing the sexualities and genders of non-larries and calling us all “cishet fans”, larries taking pictures of other people’s babies and comparing them to pictures of Freddie, larries posting the name of the adoption agency they thought Freddie came from, larries theorizing that literally any man in Briana’s life, including her stepfather, is the father of her baby, larries having post notifications for Briana and Eleanor so they can harass them in their comments section, larries creating in depth posts made up of almost entirely lies just to justify why they hate Briana, larries erasing anything Louis and Harry says that goes against their narrative, and larries creating blogs dedicated to proving why this fake relationship, that both people and their families and friends have all said is very much not real, is real.

for all of my poc kpop fans, lets make a list on what non poc kpop fans need to leave back in 2016, shall we?

- silencing poc kpop fans when a idol appropriates or slanders our cultures
- using the excuse of “they didn’t know because of where they grew up” when a kpop idol messes up
- using hashtags such as #justicefor_ that are made for serious issues in other cultures to support a kpop group
- getting mad at poc kpop pages because for once, you’re not included
- trying to speak for other pocs when you aren’t of that ethnicity

UPDATE: aye 2017 started only 2 and a half weeks ago and there’s already more to add.

- getting offended when called out about the behaviors stated above
- saying “poc kpop fans get triggered over everything!!1!1!” when these idols will literally shame, slander, and then romanticize the struggles of our cultures for their own pleasure and they do it cause they can. not cause “they didn’t know”
- make pages for wwam (white women, asian male) because of the uprising of poc kpop pages and feeling as if “white women aren’t praised enough” when literally every fanfic, scenario, reaction, and even idols themselves praise white features and use them in everything which makes the reading material in kpop not relatable to most poc’s

this is all I came up with but I’m probably missing some. feel free to reblog and continue.

Toni Kroos prank called

For all non German speaking Toni fans, this happened on a German late night TV show on tuesday. Basically they play a game where they have to call celebrities and pretend to be the person whose phone they’re calling from

They called Toni and asked if he could arrange 83 tickets for the el clasico, you can watch it here (it starts at about 4:10, Toni picks up at 4:35) 

i translated it in case anyone’s interested in how he reacted :)

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  • Cam: Cheaters 👍
  • Cam: Cheers, lovelies 👍
  • Cam: CHILL, it was all a typo
  • Cam: *hint fans about being single*
  • Cam: *Non following Ruby at Twitter and (i think)Instagram*
  • Cam: :))))
  • Cam: *Uploads a new photo with him and Ruby saying "Life could be worse"*
  • Ruby: *Likes it*
  • Ruby: *Retwitts it
  • Ruby: *Comments on it*
  • Ruby: *Blocks people saying that*
  • Fans: *arguing about if its all a prank or not*
  • Ruby:
  • Cam:
  • Cam: ITS ALL A TYPO.
  • Cam:
  • Cam: I'm quitting Twitter

hooOOOOO BOY what a wild ride these last few months have been. I cannot believe I’ve stuck around on this blog long enough for this ??? I am a serial blog hopper just ask steph who cannot seem to pick a place and stay for an extended period of time so this here? this is a miracle. and golly gee the reason I’m still here is of all of you wonderful people who make this fun and remind me why I love to rp. I know a good few of you are citta people ( going to be honest I don’t keep up with the ml whoops ), but woah I also know a large portion of you aren’t so this is even more insane. where did you come from ??? where did you find me ??? throughout my rp “career” I have gone through a lot of groups and even more muses but I keep coming back to Percy here and it means a whole heck of a lot to me that so many of you follow enjoy? me and my Most Important™ here on your dash.

like, holy hell batman.

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So I’ve been loosely following the Discourse™ within the fandom and I have some things to add.

There’s been a lot of vitriol from other VIPs towards fans of Seungri. Some direct quotes (not naming names bc the point is not to call anyone out in particular, but rather the sentiment) - we are “fucking ridiculous”, “annoying as fuck”, “need to grow up”, “arrogant”, “i’m seriously gonna be ot4 cuz of maknae’s supposedly stans” - these are all from other VIPs! I don’t even know what triggered all this tbh. I think it’s because there’s also been a lot of discussion about criticizing GD which somehow turned to this but idk.

I think the real question behind all of this is - why are Seungri stans always asking for more attention for Seungri? Why are Seungri stans so sensitive? And I’ve also seen a lot of people upset about us talking bad about other members. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of this but I have seen it a few times.

I think a big part of the problem is that when you see Seungri stans asking “why can anything GD posts get millions of views but Seungri can’t?” - we aren’t saying GD is overrated and doesn’t deserve that. We are saying Seungri deserves that too.

We have to be honest with ourselves and each other and say that no, VIPs have not been equally supportive of all members. It’s impossible to be 100% even of course - but the disparity is so much worse than that (this applies to Daesung as well). So here’s my small explanation as to why Seungri stans are the way we are:

- Seungri’s GTTU video posted in Aug, 2013 - 13.5 million views. 어쩌라고 video posted in Jan, 2011 - 17 million views. Just look at the other member’s views from solo videos from the same time periods.

- For the GTTU project during US dates of MADE tour, fans were refusing to take signs saying they didn’t care about or didn’t like Seungri (if you’re unfamiliar, this was a project to cheer Seungri up and not feel like he “failed” with LTAL)

- YGE’s mismanagement of Seungri’s solos. Seungri had to make his LTAL solo album in TWO WEEKS. His amazing self-composed, written, produced solo. No promotion from YGE.

- We seem to get ridiculed for praising Seungri. If we praise his language skills for example, that’s suddenly something not worth praising and we are annoying and arrogant. Shouldn’t we be able to praise all members?

- We have to deal with fans and non-fans alike calling Seungri useless, untalented, arrogant, mannerless, a sexist, immature. Even from the members themselves - everything is a joke and nothing ever goes too far. If we ever say, “oh I think that was too far, I hope Seungri isn’t hurt,” we must hate the other members and treat Seungri like a baby. He’s not a baby; he’s an adult but he still has feelings. And even if he puts on a confident face, he does lose his confidence. He said recently that BIGBANG would be fine without him. He’s said numerous times in the past that his “arrogance” is just a front to hide how fragile he is and how sensitive he is to how others think of him. And yet even fans of BIGBANG belittle him.

I guess my point is - just be nice. I love Seungri and most of all I LOVE BIGBANG. I think that applies for just about every Seungri fan out there. Each member has their charms and talents, that’s why people have their favorites. But I think it’s best if we can be more united as fans. When we say please love Seungri, we don’t mean love only Seungri. We mean please love Seungri, too. I hope we can all support BIGBANG as five, and individually.

Guys I just wanna say, today at the rally when INFINITE decided to forego repeated staff cues and gave us a whole mini concert because we didn’t bear to see them leave so soon, they’re the INFINITE WHO LOVES US AS MUCH AS WE LOVE THEM. They made a 2 hour fan meet into an almost 4 hour one and wanted to just move their after-party on stage with alcohol just so they could spend more time with us.

The harmony Inspirits and INFINITE have while belting out title tracks and side tracks one after another will remain in my mind and my heart for a very very long time. The songs everyone knows all the lyrics too, and quoting Woohyun, it’s fun when we know and can sing along to all the songs, but for non-fans they might just think ‘what’s this! It’s not fun.’ The bond between Inspirits and INFINITE is a beautiful thing.

Maggie’s First Tumblr Post is a Bunch of Different Voltron Fandom Rants Randomly Interrupting Each Other Because She’ll Chill When Hell Freezes Over: a Novel

Okay so hi. I’ve never posted to this and I’ve reblogged like one thing but I got my hat on backwards and it’s time to fuckin party

Note: The first part of this rant is based mostly on my own personal experience with the Voltron fandom that I have only been in roughly 2 or 3 months, so it is very personalized to what I have seen, which may be different than what you have seen. If you disagree with something I have said about the fandom or want to LEGITIMATELY fact check me, please bring it to me PRIVATELY.

I’ve noticed on Tumblr and Instagram people just love to talk about how Klance is an unhealthy relationship, platonic or no, and that it is a very dominate and toxic part of the community because of its mass following and how it has become essentially the default ship of people who are being introduced by others, it’s basically what people define Voltron with (if you are someone who was not in the fandom in its infancy and you say you did not often match fanart to the show using Lance and Keith, you are probably lying). No, this is not a hate post for anything, as I am a Klance and Shallura shipper by default, and was introduced to Voltron by a group of online friends over Skype, whose literal words were, if I remember correctly, ‘if you want to be left alone, you ship Klance and Shallura. Ship Klance and Shallura, stay in your lane, when fights start keep quiet.’ When I started to object, she interrupted me, saying, 'No, Maggie, listen to me. If you are looking for a show with a non confrontational fandom, you are in the wrong place. If you join this fandom you have to stay in your lane, or you will be ripped apart’. The rest of the ladies on the call murmured in agreement. They said this before they even got to explaining the plotline, or what exactly Klance and Shallura were.

They felt it completely necessary to tell me the fandom is acting like they swallowed a lemon and I should be careful and afraid to speak up before anything else.

I was essentially scared to even try shipping anything but Klance, and made the switch on my fan to a Voltron theme as a jumpy, trigger happy, and overall slightly terrified Klance shipper. But as it turns out, most of the climbing the ranks Voltron accounts on Instagram are kind, loving, no nonsense girls and boys that are unafraid to ship what they want, when they want, where they want, and express that, shutting down antis quickly and flawlessly and praising those who made it clear they were supportive of any and all ships. I quickly introduced myself to such people, making many friends. After a while, I started to ask myself:

Where in the hell are all the people my old friends seemed so scared of? The Voltron fandom so far was no nonsense and friendly, and commenters were tolerating of all ships, even if they did flaunt their favorites unashamed.

What I’ve realized is that the big accounts are big accounts because they are charitable and accepting. The poisonous antis are, in most areas, few and far in between, but they can be extremely influential to new viewers and fans, and I’ve even been witness to a few instances in which a non fan took interest in the show because of a ship and/or theory that the account owner did not agree with, and very literally being aggressively attacked by several people to the point the person turns tail and runs, losing interest because a Klance Shipper couldn’t sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because a Miraculous Ladybug fan thought Shiro and Keith looked good together and wanted to learn more. They literally tore someone down and greeted them to our little family with a slap in the face just because they may have become a Sheith shipper had they begun watching the show.

What the fuck?

An outsider’s very first interaction with our fandom was a group of about half a dozen people banding together against them and going on the fucking defensive because ‘No, Lance and Keith look good together, and you should be ashamed and feel like you are not welcome here for thinking otherwise.’

What the fuck?

Is this honest to God what we want people’s first impressions of this fandom to be? Because the nature of any form of entertainment’s fanbase almost directly reflects onto the entertainment itself, the people involved in its creation, and the company that sponsors it.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want Jeremy Shada or Josh Keaton or anyone else on the team to look in any way bad. They don’t deserve that.

And don’t get me wrong, not all Klance shippers are pushy and demanding and ugly, many of them are playful teasers and dawdle in Shaladin and Kallura and Allurance (one of my personal favorite bromance ships lmao), but as they say, one rotten apple spoils the barrel. Klance is the dominant part of our fandom, and to have its following be chock full of some of the most bitchy people I have ever met online is a reflection onto all of us.

Dare I say it, it almost makes me ashamed to be a pureblood Klance shipper (three cheers for terms people outside of my group of friends that invented them will find weird and slightly irrelevant). It makes me afraid, because I am automatically grouped into a large circle of the poisonous, ratty, downright awful Klance shippers, and have to continuously prove myself to new followers. You get really fucking tired of it after about instance number 3, honestly.

And no, it isn’t just Klance shippers that make this fandom what it is-a challenge to be in, even if most other shipping groups are galaxies away from being as salty as Klance shippers (I’m looking at you, Hance and Heith shippers, you sweethearts, you). And we all know when Sheith and Klance shippers clash, the saltiest of salty Voltron pairing communities, hell is empty and all the devils are here. A message from the non poisonous fans: you all need to get your shit together and find some common ground and you need to do it now.

I’ve talked to Hannah (another round of cheers if you know this sweetheart voltron instagram account owner by name) a bit about this one, and she’s done some stuff about it herself. If Keith turns out straight and has a female love interest and you sick fucking twats bash her and turn a cold shoulder on Keith’s heterosexuality and/or the show as a whole, I swear to all God’s angels I will fucking boot you out of the fandom myself.

‘I just want Keith to be happy!’ You cry as you swear that if he is straight and/or does not fall in love with a boy that you will no longer watch the show and will go cold turkey on liking Keith as a person at all, because apparently him possibly being gay or bi is the only reason he is a worthwhile character to become invested in.

‘Klance/Sheith is canon, Keith is sooooooo gay’, you exclaim, using this as a defense mechanism when picking fights with other shippers, when nothing sexuality or relationship wise has ever been confirmed by anyone, only jokingly hinted at by some people on the cast and crew, as Keith seems heavily emotionally invested in both men, even if it is in the most heterosexual and platonic way, and would most likely be extremely upset if they had lost Lance in place of Shiro, if not maybe slightly less, as it does make sense that he would be more upset at the loss of Shiro, as Keith has known him and been on good terms with him longer.

(You all also appear to become upset at the prospect of Keith being anything but gay, as apparently pan, bi, demi, etc are completely out of the question, although they all still allow Keith to be with anyone on the team, which makes no fucking sense, get your fucking shit together)

‘Keith and Lance still hate each other, their relationship hasn’t grown at all and probably never will,’ You scoff, while Lance and Keith appear to have a bond going on, however platonic and fragile, and are a seemingly unstoppable force when they put their differences aside for a hot minute and work as a team, let alone even bear to work together, stand side by side often, sit next to each other on the couch and at the dining table even when there are plenty of other seats at their disposal, fight much less (although fighting still is a prominent part of day to day interactions, but it seems far more harmless these days), tease each other over the coms, have each other’s backs, and can actually be friendly, when back in the first few episodes their relationship was so terribly balanced all of that was impossible enough to audibly scoff at. The two have found common ground despite everything going against them and we should be looking upon their bond, whether we want it to be romantic or not, with pride.

Writing Klance as a relationship in which the two can hardly stand to even be in the same room together is not a correct way to write Klance. While it isn’t the most bestie-bestie everything’s perfect between us friendship out there (this is not the correct way to write any relationship in anything, for that matter), it is no longer unhealthy, per say, although it undeniably started out that way. I usually write them more like how I would write two brothers, with a dash of salty comments and stormy natured scuffles thrown in. It isn’t the perfect way to frame their relationship, but it works and people seem to like the way it plays out. But if you want to write them so that they look like they’ve just swallowed a lemon every time they make eye contact post episode, like, seven, then that’s perfectly fine.

And another thing. Some people don’t find Klance appealing as they believe it is cliche, or boring, or just too mainstream, and find something far more exciting to them in more explorative, or some may even say exotic, ships, and want to be unique in their shipping tastes.




And who are you to say it isn’t? Who are you to think you have the authority to say that Heith, or Pance, or Kallura is not okay to ship? What makes it any less legit than Klance or Shallura or Sheith? ‘Not many people ship it’ okay? Hance isn’t the biggest ship in the community and I heard they’re doing just dandy without your approval, because who asked for it? Certainly not them, and certainly not anyone else. You input your thoughts on someone else’s choices when they and they alone ask for them.

Especially when it comes to something as fickle as which bundle of pixels they ship with which.

These characters are not real. The show is fake, created by humans to appease other humans and to support the lives of the people making it. The plotline and the relationships ultimately, in our adult lives, will no longer matter. Who any of the characters end up with would not be our business in real life, so why is it our business now?

Basically, dearest Voltron fandom, if you are not using your opinion online to defend someone else from someone who has scrambled eggs for brains, you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, because your thoughts on why Sheith is better than Klance and Shaladin needs to die make you look bad and has a butterfly effect all the way up to the top.

anonymous asked:

previous anon w/ finnpoe comment again: i don't doubt it. i've also noticed that a lot of what accusations launched against finnrey fans on tumblr, namely the whole finnrey fans are so aggressive and they are already hating on rose (not true) - heaven forbid that you'll be defensive when all corners of the fandom, even the non-deplorable ship fans, keep hating on you, reek of racism. i've noticed that most finnrey fans here on tumblr are black women and other woc like myself, so it's leaves a

a bad taste on my mouth that the favorite insults against finnrey fans around these parts is that they are aggressive and mean.

I follow a lot of the major Finnrey blogs on this website (there aren’t that many of us) and I have not seen any Rose hate. I’ve only seen love for her. If Finnrey fans are hating on her, then it’s a really small group of them. For people to say that Finnrey fans are hating on Rose, that’s just bullshit.

Finnrey shippers have gotten defensive because we have to be because SOMEHOW we’ve become a punching bag in this fandom. People hate on Finnrey and attack our posts because it’s “heteronormative” and ignore the importance of it because it’s a man and a woman. That’s just ignorant, plain and simple. And it’s very telling that one of the smallest ships that gets hated on the most happens to be a ship involving a black man and a white woman.

Finn/Poe shippers say racist shit about Finn and Finnrey constantly. They get no free pass from me because they ship Storm/pilot, and a lot of the time say really gross shit about Poe too. They can’t say racist shit and hide behind their “so much more progressive than Finnrey” ship.

This sums up not all but most confuse non kpop fans. READ BELOW.

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There’s so many other scenarios that can go with this pic, dealing with this topic but this is just a few. Numbers 2, 3, and 5 is hilarious, because It looks like he’s mouthing it. You can add others, when you re-blog, if you like.

1. Them: “Why he steady changing hair color?”

    Me: “That’s a different person”

   Them: *GIF*

2. Them: *See’s 5 members…..then 4 more pop up* “Damn there’s more?”

    Me: “Yes…yes there is.”

3. Them: “Is he wearing makeup?”

    Me: “Yeah so what?”

    Them: *GIF*

4. Them: “Is that a boy?”

    Me: *Angry* “Yes, that’s a fucking boy”

    Them: *GIF*

5.  Them: *Keep seeing members do a 18+ dance* “Is this porn?”

      Me: *mumbles* “Hell yeah” *Out loud* “No it’s not porn, what’s wrong with you?”


All kpop groups are kings and queens of kpop okay? They’re all gods and goddess. They’re all iconic in their own way.
Try not to put down others and other kpop groups.
How can you stan a kpop group while sending hate to another? You’re not a real fan.
You don’t have to stan other groups, just don’t hate on them or their fans.

Grow up and accept each other.
We get enough hate from other non kpop music genres and fans.

We all like kpop. WE ARE ALL KPOP FANS.
We are all one big fandom. Kpop.

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