all the nights forgetting to come back home

of monsters & men || starters

❛  just grab a hold of my hand .   
❛  somewhere deep in the dark a howling beast hears us talk .
❛  i dare you to close your eyes .
❛  you love love love when you know i can’t love you   
❛  after every sunny day , comes a stormy night  
❛  you’re my king & i’m your lionheart  
❛  breathe in , breathe out . let the human in .   
❛  my head is an animal .   
❛  all the trouble i have caused with my two hands .
& we’re far , far home but we’re so happy .   
❛  we used to play outside when you were young and full of life and full of love .   
 i watched you disappear .   
  it’s best we both forget before we dwell on it .  
❛  as i looked around i began to notice we are nothing like the rest .   
  there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back .   
❛  are you really going to love me when i’m gone ?   
 i’m shaking like a leaf .   
❛  can you chase this fire away ?  
❛  but i tried , oh , i tried .   
❛  just let me go & we’ll meet again soon .   
❛  we won’t run .   
❛  it’s killing me to see you this way .   
 i’m a crook for not caring for it . ❜   
❛  the stairs creak as you sleep , it’s keeping me / you awake . it’s the house telling me / you to close your eyes .  
❛  don’t listen to a word i say  
❛  as the world comes to an end i’ll be here to hold your hand .    
❛  please hang around .  
❛  i can see through you .   
❛  it’s perfectly strange .   
❛  hungry for the kill , but this hunger , it isn’t you  
❛  we are the same .    
 some days i don’t know if i am wrong or right  
❛  you can follow me .    
❛  some days I can’t even dress myself .   
❛  why are you shaking your head ?   
❛  i’m all out of breath .
❛  your mind is playing tricks on you , my dear . 
❛  i am a killer .  
❛  i take off my face because it reminds me how it all went wrong .  
❛  darker days are raining over me .  
❛  my blood runs red but my body feels so cold .    
❛  i am the storm .  
❛  please look away , don’t look at me .  
❛  i heard them calling in the distance .  
❛  i am sorry for the trouble , i suppose .  
❛  i need nothing .   
❛  i know that it’s a waste of time , chasing in the dark .  
❛  you’re cold against the skin .  
❛  & i run , i run , i run .  
❛  the way you held me so tight … all through the night …  
❛  you & i will not be shaken !  
❛  stop , i will take control .  
❛  you scream , you scratch , you bite .  
❛  the books that i keep by my bed are full of your stories .  
❛  i’ll meet your eyes for the very first time , for the very last .  
❛  let go , lay to rest .  
❛  maybe i’m a bad , bad , bad , bad person . well , baby , i know .  
❛  these fingertips will never run through your skin .  
 i will lead you through this wonderland .
❛  water up to my knees , but sharks are swimming in the sea .
❛  ignore all those big warning signs .
❛  you have scars & some scratches . it makes me wonder about your past .
❛  the light is blinding my eyes .
❛  i push you away , although I wish you could stay .
❛  i’m never ready .
❛  time won’t let me show what i want to show .
❛  all eyes on me .
❛  i spend my night dancing with my own shadow .
❛  i packed my things & ran .

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22- “choose me”
“mumma!” your three year old daughter, olivia, ran towards you. her little feet making the smallest sounds on the hardwood. you picked her up once she reached you legs, making her “grabby hands” at you.

“when is daddy coming back?” she asked, playing with the plush bear she was holding in her hands. it was her absolute favourite toy, she almost never put it down.

“soon baby, he’ll be home soon.” you sighed, glancing at the stove clock a few feet away.

“soon is a long time.”

shawn, your husband, has been extremely busy in the studio for the past month and a half. he’s been coming home late almost every night and needless to say, you and olivia were getting sick of it.

you felt bad for the three year old in your arms, she loved her father so much. she looked up to him, yet he’s never here for her. and when he is home, it’s too late and she’s already asleep or he’s taking a nap because he was working all night.

olivia cuddled herself closer to you, if that was even possible. a small yawn escaping her lips.

“i think it’s time for bed,” you said, making you way up the stairs with her. “it’s getting late.”

thankfully, she was already wearing her princess pyjamas so you didn’t have to go through the hassle of changing her.

“no!” she tiredly protested as you laid her in her small bed. “i want daddy to come.”

tears started to pool in her hazel eyes, they were exactly like her dad’s. it broke your heart to see her like this, crying over her father. he should be here for her, especially at times like these.

she started to cry into your chest as you rubbed her small back soothingly.

“i know babygirl, i want him here too. but for now you have me, maybe daddy will be here tomorrow night.”

you knew he wasn’t going to be on time tomorrow, at this point you weren’t sure you were going to be here tomorrow.

“you say that every night.” she sniffled. “i want daddy.”

you continued to comfort her as she cried, knowing there was absolutely nothing you could do about this. you missed shawn just as much as she did, but you needed to be strong for your daughter.

eventually she fell asleep, you hated that she basically cried herself to sleep over her father. you were now laying on the couch in the living room, flipping through endless channels on the tv while waiting for shawn.

you weren’t sure why you stayed up waiting for him, at this point it was pointless. but you wanted to spend time with your husband just as much as olivia wanted to spend time with her father.

at about 1am shawn arrived home. by then you had covered yourself in a few blankets and you were half asleep.

“y/n?” shawn whispered, noticing the light coming from the tv in the living room. “what are you still doing up?”

“waiting for you i guess, although i don’t see a point in it anymore. you come home late every day anyways.”

you were both tired, but you knew you were about to breakout into another argument. you kept all your feelings bottled up for so long, he needed to know how you and olivia felt.

“what do you want me to say? it’s my job y/n.” he rolled his eyes. “you know, the thing that lets us have food on the table every night.”!

“i understand shawn, but every single night you come home hours after you’re supposed to! you have a family here, or did you forget about us already?”

you closed your eyes, wanting to escape from this. wanting to go back to before shawn started writing another album, when he actually cared about his family at home.

“of course i didn’t forget, but y/n you know this is my job! i have to write, i have to be away a lot. none of this is new to you.”

“i’m just tired shawn, tired of all this. tired of being the second option all the time.”

he ran his hand through his hair, taking a seat on the opposite chair from you.

“you’re not the second choice y/n and you know it.”

“really?” you asked, sitting up and finally looking him in the eye. “you missed olivia’s birthday party and two of her dance shows, and who was there for her those nights when she cried and cried and cried? definitely not you. you say i’m not second choice, make me believe it.”

“i don’t know what you want me to do! i can’t quit.”

“choose me, shawn.” you finally said, barely audible. “choose me, choose olivia, choose your family over the job for once! olivia cried herself to sleep tonight because she missed you so much, she always asks me when you’re coming home and i’m sick of lying to her.”

tears started to form in your eyes as you played with the wedding band on your left finger. you began to wonder if i was worth staying in this relationship, i mean, you were alone half the time anyways.

the only sound audible in the top was your occasional sniffles, both of you lost in your own thoughts. but your little girl’s footsteps coming down the stairs interrupted you from thinking about the worst.

“mumma? why are you yelling.” she asked, tiredly rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “is daddy home?” she yawned.

you picked the half asleep toddler up, sitting her on your lap. “yeah he’s home, do you want him to bring you to bed?”

she shook her head, “no i’m mad at daddy.”

you sighed, “okay. i’ll be up in a minute.”

she slid off your lap, making her way back to her room. you let her go, knowing you would be up in a minute.

“i think maybe,” you sighed, sliding the ring off your finger and placing it on the table. “i think we both need some time for now, and you can give this back to me when you get your priorities straight. we can talk about this later, after i put her back to sleep again.”

and with that, you made your way upstairs to tend to your daughter. leaving shawn by himself with your wedding ring, you weren’t sure if you were going to ever put that thing back in your finger.

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Hi!! Did you do your Jeddy fic recs ? Thanks xxx

I’d totally forgotten so kudos for the reminder! There you go, don’t forget to leave the authors some love,

What I’m Waiting to Find by @gracerene09 (27k)
James has devoted the past two years to being the best damn Chaser that Puddlemere United has ever seen…and to getting over his teenage crush on Teddy. But when Teddy comes back to England after a long stint abroad, James’s resolve to move on is put to the test. [Companion pieces Waiting (For You) and Midnight, part of the Are You Mine? series]

The Hidden Side by @gracerene09 (38k)
Twenty years ago today, James Sirius Potter was born into this world. Four years, two months, and six days later, somebody took him.

A Small Spark Neglected by gyzym (23k)
Someone’s setting fires in Wizarding London, and Teddy Lupin’s going to have to marry a Potter.

The Rules Of Being A Godson by copperbadge (12k)
Teddy Lupin never gets too close or feels too much; his godfather’s son never does anything else.

Here Now, Gone Yesterday (or Back To The Future) by nerakrose (21k)
Teddy and James are in the middle of breaking up when Remus and Sirius - teenaged, travellers from the past - drop into their life.

“Cool Dad” Harry Potter? (By the Daily Prophet’s Gossip Correspondent, Rita Skeeter) by WrittenSins (2k)
Rita Skeeter covers the 2022 Quidditch World Cup.

Betrayal is a Thorny Crown (You Wear It Well) by Snegurochka (8k)
Five years after taking his fifteen-year-old godbrother’s virginity, Teddy has done everything he can to avoid James. He is definitely not supposed to look this good when Teddy finally runs into him again, but Teddy is pretty sure the kid will never forgive him for disappearing like that.

Struck by gryffindorJ (12k)
Sometimes you don’t see what’s right in front of your face until you catch it in just the right light.

what seventeen means by sepia_cigarettes (5k)
Seventeen means a lot of things for James. There’s his Apparition licence for a start, and then there’s his new height, and then there’s Teddy’s return from Oceania. That one is definitely the best, but Dominique can go screw herself if she thinks that James is going to confess his undying love any time soon.

Sweet Sixteen by grim_lupine (2k)
Sixteen hits James like the Hogwarts Express, a growth spurt the likes of which he’s been dreaming of for years, legs long enough to trip him up when he forgets how different they are now.
Legs long enough that it takes Teddy a good twelve seconds to look James all the way up, all the way down, when he comes back home from his six-month-long trip to France. James counts them off in his head, skin prickling, mouth dry.

Coming Out Ahead by mindabbles (9k)
James and Scorpius need a big break. Albus needs Scorpius. Teddy wants James. Perhaps they’ll all learn that you can’t always get everything you want, but maybe if you’re lucky, you can get some of what you need.

Friday Nights at the Leaky Cauldron by AmoretteHD (10k)
When James shows up at the Leaky Cauldron looking for a job, Teddy tries to show him it’s bloody hard work running a pub. But he doesn’t expect James to be a natural at it, and he doesn’t realize James will attract all kinds of attention. And this presents a problem for Teddy; a huge problem.

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood by @blithelybonny (7k)
James Sirius has a secret thing for werewolves, okay? I mean, who doesn’t…

Our Cracking Bones Make Noise by snarkyscorp (28k)
After the death of his sister, James is out of control. As his family’s last resort, Charlie offers to give James a spot on his dragon reserve in Germany, where Teddy will take him under his wing. There, James is forced not only to confront larger-than-life dragons in ways he never imagined but to deal with the loss of his sister and come to terms with his sexuality in ways that will ultimately help him heal and change his life forever.

It’s not me, it’s you (I’m in love) by nerakrose (4k)
James is stupidly, madly in love. Teddy is looking for love in the wrong places.

Lost For You by gryffindorJ (2k)
They’re supposed to be messing around, nothing else, but Teddy’s in love with James.

At The End of The Rope by @shiftylinguini (35k)
Everyone presents in the springtime of their fifteenth year, and no one was more excited about this than James ― or more disappointed when it didn’t happen. But that’s okay, at twenty-two he’s now made peace with being an Absent Presentation, and with his conviction that no one in their right mind would want to be with or claim someone like him, least of all the person he really wants. He’s got his work and his right hand, and even if he sometimes thinks about what it would be like to be honest with Teddy about how he feels, he knows he couldn’t bear the rejection ― at least, that’s what he tells himself when he can’t get to sleep at night.
But all that is tested after a run-in with an overzealous admirer and a routine Auror call-out gone drastically wrong. As James is left now presenting in full as an Omega, and bound to stay in Teddy’s presence, the careful balancing act he’s built his life around grows more precarious by the second.

Those Who Wait by @shiftylinguini (14k)
Good things come to those who wait. Luckily for James, good things also come to those who are terrible at waiting, and who instead sulk dramatically and go to sleep in a huff. Teddy is in no position to judge him, however, being the one who made the ‘no-sex-‘til-your-eighteenth-birthday-sweetheart’ rule in the first place ― and then, of course, went and got sent on assignment that weekend, instead of making good on what he’d promised James. But now… Well, nothing’s stopping him from making good on it now.

Quiet by gryffindorJ (32k)
Fresh out of Auror Training James is assigned his first partner, Teddy. The fact that he finds Teddy a little intimidating isn’t bad enough, James also has old unrequited feelings for him. And that means things could only get worse when the Wizarding World is struck by an-unknown curse.

The Way He Looks by Writcraft (11k)
His dad’s having a midlife crisis, he hates the job he doesn’t even have yet and he’s somehow managed to accidentally bond himself to the best mate he’s secretly in love with. Surely growing up shouldn’t be this difficult?

Blue is the Warmest Colour by Writcraft (8k)
James has fancied Teddy for as long as he can remember, but Teddy isn’t ready to settle down. James goes on a journey of self-discovery as he negotiates the pleasure and pain of first love, coming to terms with his parents’ separation and the struggle to come out to his dad.

Muckraker by gryffindorJ (9k)
After a preview of James’ latest article appears The Daily Prophet Teddy is aware that his squad of elite Aurors was secretly infiltrated by James. To make matters worse the preview foreshadows a less than flattering article. Teddy has to find out how James got this information before the article goes to print. Not Teddy’s idea of a good time because things between him and James have been less than congenial since they broke up.

Dirty Little Secret by iamisaac (6k)
Teddy and James’s relationship has been a secret for two long years, and it’s best kept that way, at least in Teddy’s opinion. But sometimes, you don’t get the choice…

Say That We’ll Be Together by @gracerene09 (2k)
James lives for Hogsmeade weekends.

Green Falls by hollys_tree (11k)
It sounds like the easiest assignment ever: Teddy has to file a report about a nature reserve in Wales. But when James Potter becomes his partner for the week, it creates a whole new set of problems.

Lunacy by @shiftylinguini (18k)
Teddy was born a werewolf. James gets bitten later in life (not by Teddy) and Teddy is there to help him through his first heat. [Prequel Red Light, Yellow Light, Green]

It’s a Big, Gay World Out There by thenewlondoner (13k)
When James comes out, Teddy takes him out. Not like that, though. Really.

Room 43 by gryffindorJ (5k)
Everyone wants James but James only wants Teddy. There’s one small problem. (Teddy would say the problem isn’t small at all. But now I’ve gone and made it sound like Teddy has a small dick. I assure you that’s not the problem but that doesn’t make it any better.)

Advice From the Greek Gods
  • Aphrodite: beauty can be a weapon or a curse. It is up to you to decide how to use it. If you use it to your advantage, you can destroy cities, create wars, cause chaos. Look what happened because of Helen of Troy. But beauty will never make someone love you. Beauty only sparks desire, never love.
  • Apollo: music is important. It can heal and energize you. Take time out of your day to turn your favourite music on or try something new. Pick up an instrument, you may want to try to make your own music. Sit in the sun, with the light on your face, and relax.
  • Ares: you will always be able to fight. You will always have victories, whatever the size. They may be as small as getting out of bed in the morning when depression pressures you to stay in. We all have the strength to continue on and fight the battles set before us.
  • Artemis: do not be afraid of the night. The moon and the stars are always with you, even if you cannot see them. Remember the things that go bump in the night are only animals, an owl hunting or a raccoon scavenging. Animals are living things, with the same fears as humans, and they are to be respected.
  • Athena: wisdom is not always found in books and can be scored by tests. You are not stupid. You know more about something than your teachers and professors, whether it be your favourite sport or video game. Though you may feel like what you are learning may be useless now, it may be useful eventually. Knowledge is power in whatever form. Seize what you can and never give it back.
  • Demeter: enjoy nature. Go for walks in the woods during a hot afternoon to be cooled by the shade the trees will give you. Dig your toes into the sand on a beach and watch the sunset. Eat organic, delicious fruit and let the juices drip down your chin like you are a child again. Respect the earth and it will respect you.
  • Dionysus: sometimes you have to let go. Take a step back from the stresses of life and let yourself have fun. Go with your friends to that new club that opened downtown, dance the entire night until you have blisters on your feet, and drink as much as you want, even if that means your friends have to drag you home in a cab. Being able to forget, if only for a short time, is therapy in itself.
  • Hades: do not be afraid of death. It comes to us all. Death is not cold. It is peace and resolution. It is much needed rest after a long day of labor. It is coming home after a lifetime of struggles. Accept it but do not forget to cherish life while you have it.
  • Hephaestus: being able to work with your hands is a gift. It might be fixing cars or it could be creating beautiful art, it does not matter. If you like your gift, pursue it at all costs and never let other people try to hold you back from it. You are not crippled, you are not helpless, and they do not have that kind of power over you.
  • Hera: family is something that does not last forever. Love them if they are good to you, but even family can be toxic. No one deserves to have toxic people in their life even if they are blood. Never forget that you can create a family of your own.
  • Hermes: travel the world. See as much as you can, try exotic foods, give gifts to people with no regards to the cost, learn jokes in foreign languages, play tricks on your friends, and experience everything life has to offer. It is vital to be knowledgeable about the world around you, and even more to be able to experience it firsthand.
  • Hestia: find your home and place in the world. A home could be found with a person, or your family, or your childhood house, or somewhere on the opposite side of the globe. When the traveling is over and you are weary, you will want a familiar bed to crawl into and a space to call your own. You will know it in your bones when you have found your true home. Keep your hearth burning and take in those in need.
  • Poseidon: the ocean is not something to be trifled with. It is fierce storms and unknown creatures hiding in its darkest depths, but it is also a glittering mirror and lapping waves against a sandy shore. The beauty and ferocity of the ocean goes unparalleled throughout the world. Keep both of those in mind, or it may swallow you whole.
  • Zeus: having power over others is a serious responsiblity. It is not everything, either. Gaining power should not be a goal or an obsession. The power of the heavens could back you but it does not make people truly loyal or trustworthy. They can slip a dagger between your ribs when you turn your back. If you do possess some power, respect and honor your subjects and treat them as equals. After all, you are human too.
soft gramander headcanons

because I’m a sap. sue me.

  • percival tacking all of the postcards he receives from newt on the board in his office and he keeps newt’s letters safely inside the desk in his study.
  • there’s a frame picture of newt on his desk too. the one where newt looks up briefly to give him a coy smile before looking away.
  • percival carrying newt’s passport photo in his wallet.
  • newt slipping percival’s photo in between the pages of his journal and he has charmed for it to be water-proof and fire-proof.
  • newt visiting percival at his office, bringing lunch and coffee and a whole lot of love because he knows that his husband will forget to eat when he’s too into deep with his work.
  • percival stocking his office with assorted teas and biscuits and carrying treats for newt’s creatures for when newt visits him.
  • percival and newt having date night out every saturday where they go to a fancy restaurant and it usually ends up with them having to come back home early because the niffler decides to tag along and steals all the shiny things from the other patrons.
  • percival cooking for newt and bringing the dinner into the suitcase because newt has the same habit of forgetting to eat whenever he’s taking care of his creatures.
  • percival carrying newt from the tiny cot in the suitcase to their actual king-sized bed because it’s lonely to sleep alone.
  • sometimes percival ends up sleeping in the tiny cot too when newt pulls him into the small space.
  • newt and percival going about their routines in the morning. sharing the bathroom where they stand side by side, in front of the mirror with newt brushing his teeth and percival shaving his face.
  • their morning kisses always taste like coffee and tea and peppermint.
  • pickett hiding in percival’s shirt pocket whenever newt scolds him and only when percival eyebrows at him that pickett accepts newt’s apology.
  • the niffler always ends up going to MACUSA with percival. riding in his briefcase and squeaking happily when percival discovers him.
  • percival having to bribe the niffler to behave itself but it always ends up with him chasing after the little thief with half of his aurors helping him out.
  • just the niffler laying across percival’s hands when percival tries to write his report and ignoring percival’s long suffering sigh and burrowing closer to the warmth when percival says, “I need both my hands to do this report you know.”
  • whenever percival has his nightmares, newt will pull his husband into tight embrace. murmuring soft words against his clammy skin, nuzzling his neck and repeating his name until his glassy eyes are clear.
  • percival brushing soft kisses on each one of newt’s scars, telling him how brave and how beautiful he is.
  • newt looking into percival’s eyes and telling him that he will stay no matter what happen that he only loves percival, “so don’t you dare doubt that, percival graves.”
Lost || Oneshot

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

Genre: Angst—> Fluff

Wonwoo x reader

You regret your actions towards those you have lost. 

He walked down the streets of Seoul late at night, he took in his surroundings or at least what he could see past his mask and cap. He saw couples, a lot of them, some of them with their children, some of them holding each other tight with smiles on their face. He remembered how good you were with children, his heart ached but he couldn’t help but feel joy at the memory of you. He was unhappy seeing the couples they reminded him too much of his better, happier self. He was supposed to be happy. He should be happy, was what they told him. He had it all the fame, money and the adoration of thousands of people. What more could he possibly want? But it wasn’t like that for him, he wasn’t one to prefer material things over those he cared for.

He couldn’t be happy because he didn’t have you anymore.

Don’t dwell on your past was what they told him when he would relapse to his saddened state; and hear your voice call out his name or your figure in the morning sunrise. Or when your favorite song would play as he listened to music. Too much reminded him of you, especially during his walk tonight. He couldn’t handle it tonight, he promised himself he would keep his composure. They usually never let him go out at night by himself because that’s when he would feel you the most. And tonight of all nights it was especially difficult for the twelve boys to be convinced to let him go, but they understood he might need some alone time when they saw the redness and dark circles under his eyes; so they let him. He scrolled through his phone looking at pictures of you, pictures that he couldn’t bring himself to delete even if he had told the boys he did because he had to erase every trace of you.

He couldn’t forget you. No matter how much he told others he did because in all honesty he wasn’t trying to forget you, he was trying to cling onto the memory of you. It was sad really, he had always been quiet and he often kept to himself but it never was to this extent, he was a lively person and his laugh was music to people’s ears. But it was all gone, any trace of the happy person he once was. When you left so did his happiness, his emotions, any ability he had to keep from being quiet. He stopped reading too, he hadn’t touched a single book in three months, he couldn’t bring himself to do so and escape to a made up world because that world wouldn’t be filled with you.

He continued walking, one hand in his long pea coat that kept his body somewhat warm and one hand on his phone. He walked through the busy streets of Myeongdong, your favorite place to go to in Seoul, as he readjusted the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose so he could focus on where he was going. He smiled as he saw what he was looking for and where he was heading to, it was a favorite coffee shop of yours. He looks into the window of the cafe and the owner smiles at him, she felt bad for the heartbroken boy so she’d give him a free coffee here and there. He hadn’t really liked that place before but he learned to adore that place after you, he found himself heading in there quite often to fill his emptiness with anything that reminded him of you, you who was miles away. The bell on the door of the cafe rang as he entered, he sat at the same back table you always dragged him to sit at. He placed his phone down and took off his coat and glasses, before he could get up to order your regular order the owner placed two cups and a small red velvet cake at the end of the table.

He smiled up at the older women, that reminded him of his mother, “Thank you m'am, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing son, you’ve been coming here mostly every day for the past three months. It’s on the house.” She smiled warmly at the boy who seemed to be on the verge of falling apart any minute.

“Thank you.” He said bowing his head slightly. It was scary to see him like that, the once joy filled boy whose smile could light up the world(as you’d like to say), no longer smile because he lost his world.

Three months. It had been three months since he lost you and it was all his fault because he let you. Three months since he heard your voice or saw your soft complexion that made his heart skip a beat. He let you go and he was in a pit of despair, all fraile and weak. Heartbroken would be an understatement, he was nothing without you, he couldn’t live without you. He didn’t want this feeling, he thought he would’ve have felt less alone than he did when he was with you but he was wrong. You were always the one who feared how wrecked you’d end up when it ended, he promised it would never happen, it wasn’t true though because here he was three months after it all ended feeling completely destroyed and lost beyond compare.

You? You were fine he assumed, you didn’t say much when it was done you stayed quiet, nodded your head, collected your things and left. It was odd because you were so heartbroken you wanted to yell, you wanted to scream, you wanted to sob uncontrollably; but you couldn’t. You were always strong in your emotions when it came time to show them because you hardly did. You left god knows where; he texted, he called trying to tell you he took back what he told you that rainy night. But you didn’t pick up, you never saw any of his messages: you didn’t want to. You left them untouched as you tried to forget. Tried to forget how he broke your heart when he promised he would never.

You thought you wouldn’t return but here you were, back in Korea after three months at home, trying to heal and find yourself after being so lost. It wasn’t until tonight that you opened all those voicemails and texts from him and from the twelve boys, telling you to come back, that it was all a mistake. Even Mingyu who wasn’t that close to you because he was jealous over all the attention his best friend was giving you, found himself standing at your door a couple of days after it happened begging you and constantly ringing your phone so you would come back because Wonwoo was so screwed up, he had lost any sense of being.

Y/N I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…
I thought I was doing it for you, but god am I wrecked…
Im sorry. I can’t live without you…
Pick up the phone Y/N…
Why won’t you open the door? I’m ringing your doorbell…
Why are there stacks of newspapers on your front porch? Where did you go? Don’t leave me…
It’s been a month Y/N. I take that shit back, I’d rather us not see each other everyday but be together than be nothing at all…
Y/N please…
Two months today, I lost 7 kg, the boys are worried they want you to come back too, come back to me…
Y/N I’m heading to your favorite coffee shop again, the owner keeps asking about you. She named a drink after you, you know. She says your the brightest person she’s met. She’s not wrong…
Please Y/N I’m lost without you…
I don’t want this feeling. Where are you? Come back baby…
I’ll be waiting for you, whenever you decide, the back right corner like always…

You went through voicemail after voicemail, text after text. You heard over two months worth of calls and read over hundreds of texts. You were completely shattered, why did he have to do this? He was supposed to be fine, you were the wrecked one. But he wasn’t fine and neither were you. He hurt you and made your heart ache. He had told you it’d be best if you two ended it and went your separate ways in order to find yourselves, but you couldn’t. It was just worse you didn’t know what to do but miss him more and more, more than you missed him when you wouldn’t see each other for months on end because he’d be touring in japan or some other country. You couldn’t live without each other, so tonight after three months of pain and loneliness you found yourself in the same busy streets of Myeongdong. You were thinner and you had lost the glow you carried, a dullness surrounded your form. A thick jacket was draped over your frame and a mask covered your red nose in the cold.

You had walked towards your favorite coffee shop, the same coffee shop that you had walked past three times already, you were hesitant as to whether or not you should enter. You were afraid that’s he would be in there; you were scared that the boy you loved deeply, who barely showed emotions, was completely destroyed by you. But you were also scared he wasn’t and you’d find yourself quite disappointed and saddened because a big part of you wanted to believe that he wouldn’t forget about you and move on.

“He’ll be in there Y/N. Trust me, he left by himself tonight because when he’s with us he doesn’t go in there to keep up with the ‘I’m fine’ facade. But Seungcheol has seen him in there multiple times when he goes to buy chicken for all of us and he takes longer than usual.”

His best friends voice rang in the back of your head. You swept the strand of hair that was sticking to your forehead aside and mustered all the courage you could to go in. The bell on the door rang as you walked in and the familiar scent of coffee hit you suddenly. You looked around, taking in your surroundings, until your eyes wandered to the boy with the black cap that sat at your table. He was fiddling with the mug in his hands and you couldn’t help to notice a mug in front of him and your favorite pastry beside him. You decided to walk toward the boy as an indescribable amount of emotions and thoughts flooded your head.

When he noticed a figure walk closer to where he was sitting he finally decided to look up. He figured it was his mind playing games with him when he first saw you so he didn’t have much of a reaction. It wasn’t until he heard his name escape your lips did he believe you weren’t an allusion. He reached out to touch your arm, you were here after three months. He stood up, the chair he sat at scraping on the floor as he pushed himself off rapidly, and engulfed you in his arms.

“Y/N…” you heard his voice crack.
“I know…I know.” You replied.
He took you all in, your scent filled his nose and he was in a euphoric state. Tears slid down your cheek as you felt the warmness of his body, you were home.
“I’m sorry.  I regret it all since that day.”
“Wonwoo…” you began sobbing quietly as he rubbed circles on your back.      “I was so lost without you, I’ve missed you Wonwoo.”                                         “I never want to lose you again, Y/N. I can’t live without you.”

So you two stood there in each others arms after months of being lost, you were both finally found.

Authors Note: Something i wrote on the quicks, hope you enjoyed it. Btw make sure to send in your requests!

Preference #26-He Forgets Your Anniversary (Harry)

A/N: There are pictures after the fic to show what the cake looks like, in case you aren’t sure what any of the things mentioned are.

You awoke before Harry, and quickly got out bed, getting dressed as silently as you could. You went downstairs and placed the vase full of flowers that you’d gotten him in the middle of the table. You went over to the stove, and began to make Harry’s favorite breakfast. When you were halfway done with cooking, you heard Harry’s footsteps on the stairs.

“Good morning, love,” Harry sleepily said, putting his arms around your waist. “Something smells good.”

“Good morning, Harry,” You laughed, turning and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I made breakfast for you.”

“And who are the flowers for?” Harry inquired.

“You, of course,” You replied, moving what you were cooking to a plate. You placed it at the table, and put silverware next to it, before getting started on making what you wanted to eat.

“I’m going to go out with the lads this morning,” Harry said, taking a sip of his water. “Want to tag along?”

“You’re….you’re going to see Niall, Liam and Louis?” You inquired. Harry nodded, and you bit your lower lip. “I think I’ll stay here. I have a lot to get done.”

“Okay, love,” Harry said, continuing to eat. A few minutes later he stood, and placed his dishes in the sink. He came over to your side of the table, and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Thank you for breakfast, (Y/N). It was delicious.”

“You’re welcome,” You replied, as Harry left to get dressed. You sighed, wondering if he had remembered that today was your anniversary.

“I’m heading out now, (Y/N). Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Harry asked, standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

“I’m sure, Harry. I’ll see you later,” You replied. Harry looked at you for a moment, his brow furrowed, before coming over to you.

“Are you okay, love?” He asked, putting his arms around you.

“I’m okay,” You murmured, leaning your head against his shoulder. He held you close, pressing his lips gently to your forehead.

“You better get going. Don’t want to keep the lads waiting,” You murmured, stepping away from him.

“I love you, (Y/N),” Harry said, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

“I love you, Harry,” You quietly said. He turned and left, and you started to wash the dishes from breakfast. When you were done, you began to cook Harry’s favorite meal for dinner, and getting out the ingredients to bake a cake. Hours passed, and dinner was done. You put it in the refrigerator, before moving on to the cake. You put four tiers in the oven to bake, and then started to make the frosting. You took the cake out of the oven and left it cool, going upstairs to sit for a moment. You picked up your phone, and began to scroll through Twitter, wanting to see what your friends were up to. After a while, you went back downstairs and began to frost the cake. You put a circle of fruit on the top, and then wrote in the center, ‘Happy Anniversary’. You piped on Lilies of the Valley, and drop strings along the side of the cake. You stepped back from it, smiling at the way it had come together. Taking out your phone, you took a few photographs, before carefully placing the cake in the fridge. Afterwards, you looked at the clock, and saw that it was later than you’d thought. You hurried to get a tablecloth from the closet, placing it on the table and smoothing it out. You set out the good dishes that you’d bought, along with the crystal glasses. Taking out a bottle of Harry’s favorite wine and a bottle of sparkling apple cider, you had placed them on the table. You then got out the candlesticks and candles, and placed them on the table. Stepping back, you looked at the table, and hoped that Harry would like it. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you dialled Harry’s number while walking upstairs to get changed.

“(Y/N)?” Harry said, when he picked up.

“Hey,” You said, picking up the outfit you’d chosen to wear tonight. “I was just wondering when you’d be home.”

“In about an hour, love,” Harry replied. There was the sound of cheering, and you wondered what was happening.

“Okay. See you then,” You said. “Love you.”

“Love you too, (Y/N),” Harry said, before hanging up. You showered quickly and got changed, wanting to have enough time for dinner to be ready. You went downstairs and put it in the oven to warm up, and then placed in on the plates. You took a seat at the table, waiting for Harry to come home. You noted that passing of the time, and started to worry that something had happened. You called him again, and he answered, but you couldn’t hear him over the music in the background. After another hour, you gave up, and put the food away. You went upstairs and changed out of your outfit, before getting into bed. Pulling the covers over you, you buried your face in the pillow and began to cry. You fell asleep that way, waking only when you felt the bed next to you settle. You turned your back towards Harry, not wanting to see him.

“Love?” He quietly said. You ignored him, falling back asleep. You awoke the next morning to an empty bed, and slowly got up. You went downstairs, to find Harry at the stove, cooking.

“Harry?” You quietly said.

“Love,” Harry murmured, putting down his spatula and coming over to you. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him. “I’m so sorry. I came home last night and saw all that you’d done, and I’m so sorry, love.”

“You forgot our anniversary, Harry,” You murmured.

“I know. I messed up, love. I know it won’t make up for me forgetting, but I made your favorite  breakfast and I have something planned for today,” Harry replied.

“Okay.” You replied. Harry pulled out a chair for you, and then placed your breakfast in front of  you. You ate, and then went and got dressed. Harry took you to all your favorite places that day, and then the two of you went home.

“What do you say we get in our pajamas, put on a movie and eat some of that dinner that you made us?” Harry inquired.

“Okay,” You replied. The two of you changed, and Harry brought in plates of the dinner you’d made.

“How about you pick a movie, love?” Harry asked. You nodded, settling on one of your favorite movies. Harry smiled, and then the two of you began to eat. Halfway through the movie, Harry set his plate down, and turned towards you.

“Can we talk about something, love?” He inquired.

“Alright,” You murmured, wondering what was going on.

“It’s been two years since we started dating, and I want you to know that those have been the best two years of my life. You’ve supported me, been there for me, and I am so happy being with you. I love you, (Y/N). Will you marry me?” Harry asked, getting down on one knee.

“Yes,” You whispered, covering your mouth with a shaking hand. “I’ll marry you, Harry. I love you.” Harry slipped the ring on your finger, and then sat next to you on the couch. He gently pressed his lips against yours, before cuddling next to you. You leaned your head against his shoulder, glad that your anniversary hadn’t turned out the way you thought it would.

Written by Angel xx

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We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (1/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

This is the first of a two shot that I finally decided to post after having it sit in my Google Docs since last summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first part!

Rated T | Word count: 8139 | Also on AO3 and

There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That you don’t realize just how much you love someone until they’re no longer around.

When Emma would come across phrases like that a few years ago, she would typically roll her eyes and mutter some kind of sarcastic remark, all while trying not to dwell on the fact that there probably would never be someone for her to love like that.

But of course, that was before she met Killian. And everything changed.

They meet on a Thursday night, under unusual circumstances. Emma had moved into her new apartment that afternoon, a simple one bedroom in Boston that was more than enough space for her and the small amount of items in her possession. The whole day had been a disaster from the get go. First thing that morning, her previous landlord accused her of not paying the last month’s rent, and threatened to sue if he didn’t get it immediately. (The look on his face when he realize he was in the wrong was priceless. And he wondered why she was moving out of his crappy building.) Then, the movers she could barely afford to hire wound up taking her furniture to the wrong apartment complex on the other side of Boston. By the time the fiasco had been taken care of, it was nearly the end of the day. Saying she was exhausted was an understatement.

Emma stands in the middle of the living room, observing the chaos that was now her new home. She may have brought a small number of things with her, but most of said things were still in boxes, scattered around on the floor and waiting to be put away. She’d unpacked a box of clothes solely to dig out her favorite Batman pajamas, leaving the rest piled up in the corner of her bedroom. Just something else that could wait until tomorrow when she wasn’t both starving and sleep deprived.

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Jungkook The Kink Explorer

Originally posted by jeonbase

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-smut (Warning: Read at your own RISK.)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 4607 words
Summary: Jungkook  wants to know what is your kink and he’s not backing up until you tell him.


Jungkook was soundly asleep like a child in the embrace of his mother with all of these fluffy white blankets wrapped around his toned body. This night and all the other ones have been keeping him restless with never ending requests and paper work to fill up. Coming back 3 AM or at dawn, Jungkook always got back at home around these unhealthy hours of the day. Slipping right next to you at night when he thought you wouldn’t notice his presence, yet you always did and you felt pained every time he sighed of tiredness. He wasn’t the type to openly complain about how hard it was becoming at some point. He might have been the hardworking type but looking at his dark circles, the way he gave you that tired smile, how he’d always ruffle your hair and tell everything was okay. You only felt like crying. Were you the one who made him like this? Was that tired sight of jungkook a result of marrying you? He could have been living dream of his life, up there on that stage yet he gave it up for his undying love towards you.

You rub your eyes before staring at the man right next you. His beautiful eyelashes shadowing his cheeks and the way his pink lips parted majestically to let out those cute whimpers and breaths. You may haven’t been able to see him much for a little while now but you still feel

“Jungkook…” you poke his arm

“T-Two…more…minutes…” He mumbles while pulling the blankets closer to his body

“Kookie-ah…” you pout at the sight of his pitiful sight “Are you that drained?” you sigh before brushing your fingers

“I love you” he mumbles

Your face soften up at those words.He may have been drained and tired with eye bags slowly reaching down his cheeks yet he’d still mention these three words. Did he loved you that much? Were you that worthy to be his? Were you worthy to be with a hardworking man like him? You couldn’t give him anything yet he was still there sleeping next to you. The only thought of it made harbor that pained expression on your face.

“Don’t be sad…” He mumbles once again without opening his eyes

He felt you would be pained like this. It’s not like he needed to open his eyes to know that you were hurting. He was your other half and he could feel you.

“I’m n-n-not!” you wipe that tear on the crease of your eyes

“I’ll always be by your side, so you shouldn’t cry” he makes himself more comfortable with his blankets before peeking out his hand out of the giant wrapping of blankets around his body

He holds out his larger hand to hold out his pinky and wrapping it around your own pinky.

“We promised to stay forever that day on the aisle and I’m never letting you go” he slowly opens his eyes to stare at you with the look of true love ( A/N: KILL ME I DID NOT JUST WRITE THIS ASDFGHJJKL)

You looked at him for a few seconds before that pained expression on your face turned a little more joyful as you stared back onto his eyes. The man closes his eyes to drift back to sleep and you smile. It wasn’t long before you analyzed him from head to toe. Jungkook may have been unaware of it, but he managed to make you smile even if he didn’t try. The way he looked like some sort of gigantic worm who appropriated all the blankets to itself almost made you laugh out loud. He looked so cuddly and fluffy like a gigantic neck pillow. You clamp a hand around your mouth because this sight of him is too cute and you can’t resist but giggle. You take out your phone and snap a few pictures.

“My giant little worm” you chuckled at yourself before you tap his cute nose

“Are you having that much fun?” his tired face stretches slightly into a smile as he keeps his eyes closed

“Yeah, you’re super cute” you give him a thumbs up before snapping more pictures “AND SO SQUISHY!!!!!” you poke the blankets

Jungkook wraps the blankets around his body tighter with a little grunt due to tiredness. He clenches his eyes shut tightly to keep on sleeping without getting disturbed. This action only made him look more like a little worm. You chuckled at this sight

“What’s so funny” he opens up his eyes to stare at you with a little resentful look

“You’re just so….” You struggle to keep yourself composed

“Stop laughing at me” he pouts before wrapping the blankets tighter around himself “I’m not talking to you anymore”

“Hey” you push him and his blankets with a smug look on your face “Why so serious?”

Your sudden little strength makes Jungkook rolls to the side of the bed. If it wasn’t for the last strength he had left in his body he would have fell on the floor.

“Why are you pushing me?” He turns around to give you that look of disbelief “Are you picking a fight? “His eyes shot open

“Yeah” you nod cutely

“Yeah??????” he tilts his head “Why fight first thing in the morning?” he makes that meme face before crouching his shoulders “Can’t we just cuddle or do something that requires less body strength” he kicks the blankets as he sits next to you “ And STOP LOOKING AT ME WITH THOSE EYES”

“What?” you blink

“Don’t feign innocence!” he pokes you “You obviously want something out of this!” he scoffs

“Am I being that obvious?” you hide your face in your hands

“Look at you being all shy” his eyes rounded “Was I scammed while getting into this?” he tilts his head while chuckling

“I’m not a scammer” you roll your eyes “You fell for the trap” you smirked “You got yourself into this, Jeon Jungkook” you whisper in his ear

“This girl” he shakes his head while chuckling “The marriage terms were that we’d stay together for the better to the worse huh?”

“I’m sure I can win against you” you cross your arms around your chest

“I’d like to believe that you’re a scam Y/N, but you’re way too innocent for this” he pulls on your cheek

“So what??! I still managed to GET YOU IN THE END” you stick out your tongue

“ Oh so you were that eager to get me in the end?” he tilts his head playfully “Seems like you were quite smitten over me” he pulls on the side of his collar in a sexy motion “ I mean….who wouldn’t ?” he gives you that seductive gaze before bursting into laughter

You blush a few shades before you scoff at his sudden behavior.

“Look at you going?” you scoff “you SEDUCED ME!” you cupped your cheeks in embarrassment

“Let me dig through this and figure out why you’re acting up this morning” he shifts closer before staring at you from head to toe

His large eyes looked at you innocently at first. Analyzing that messy hair and that bare face before he broke into a smile. It wasn’t long before his eyes travelled to the way that strap from your camisole fell on the side of your shoulder. He gulped before suppressing a low grunt that left his sinful lips at your delicious sight. His eyes travelled lower eyeing the way you were wearing only one of your favorite fuzzy socks, god only knows where the other was. Jungkook stares at you while being completely perplexed by this before voicing out his inner thought about what’s going on. He was feeling stuck in between lust and adoration.

“Did you woke me up to fight me?” he gives you that meme face

“No” you shake your head to the sides and that strap only fells lower from your shoulder

“You want a kiss this early in the morning?” He raises his brow before suddenly pulling your waist closer to collide against his sturdy body

“No it’s not that” you press your face on his shoulder to hide yourself

“What is it then?” he licks his bottom lip while trying to look at the ceiling and avoid any form of eye contact with your bare shoulder

You try figuring out an excuse to give him because you don’t want to sound too cheesy by telling him how much you yearned and missed him for the past few weeks. It was never your style to try surrender to jungkook and admitting things like these.

“I like picking on you” you stare up at him cutely

His reaction was different than what you expected.

“You like bullying me?” he blinks at you before that smirk reached his lips soon enough “Is that the birth of a new kink that I’m seeing?” he tilts his head playfully

“N-NO WAY!!!” you cover your face in shame at the word kink

“Finally! AFTER MONTHS OF MARRIAGE I FINALLY FIGURED OUT SOMETHING YOU WANT” he brings his fist up in a celebratory motion

“Hey!!! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING” panic shots through you as you punch his arm “Stop saying nonsense!!!!?Who said I want this???!!” you turn a few shades of red

“Oh MY god….” He stops to stare at you “Babe….” He gasps while staring at the arm you just punched

“W-What?” you stuttered

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i. denial

it starts out with small things. unanswered texts and late nights at work. things she can excuse. his phone must have died, or he saw it and forgot to respond, or he’s in a meeting and can’t respond. he’s got extra projects he has to do and he works so hard, he’s so responsible, he’s trying, he’s really trying. and it keeps happening. and sometimes it takes hours for him to respond, or he won’t respond at all, no matter how many messages she sends, and he works late almost every night and starts going into the office on the weekends. and then he starts to miss her calls, and he can’t seem to meet her eyes when she talks to him and her stomach catches in her throat. but she closes her eyes and clenches her fists and tells herself, he loves you he loves you he loves you he loves you and he must because she’s given up everything to be with him, her home and her friends and her education, and he’s working so hard he must be tired and it’s hard to have conversations after a long day at the office and he must be doing well if he has all this extra work to do and he’s working hard for both of them and he loves you he still loves you he must he must he must.

ii. anger

why are you always working late noora asks him one night and he shrugs and takes a sip of scotch and answers boss is just putting a lot more pressure on me. she nods and it’s silent for a second but she needs to know she needs to know so she tells him i understand but do you have to stay late every single night, you know i miss you and he sets down his glass hard and glares and tells her and says what do you want me to do? i can’t start slacking this job is too important and she snaps that yes i get that it’s important but what about us? isn’t that important to you to? and he drains his glass and doesn’t answer. and noora doesn’t ask about it again but as time goes on and he’s staying late again and he has to go out to dinner with his coworkers and no you shouldn’t come along it’s all gonna be about work stuff and it’ll be boring for you it becomes less disappointed and more of course, of course you’re going out again of course you can’t spend time with me and she gets more frustrated because it’s like he’s in london and she never even left norway and she gave up everything for them to be together so he should fucking act like he wants them to be together and finally one night when she’s waiting for him to come home she thinks i wish i had stayed in norway and the thought terrifies her. and then william comes home and lays down next to her on the bed smelling and sounding like one too many drinks, and she pretends she’s asleep so she doesn’t have to look at him.

iii. bargaining

sometimes she wonders if it’s her fault. if she had been kinder, more patient, more docile, if she was more supportive. if she put her needs before his more. and she tries. she tries so hard to understand. she pours his drinks and kisses him when he comes home late and paints a smile on her face and goes to parties with him and talks with his work friends no matter how condescending they are, and goes home and fucks him whenever he wants and for a while, she thinks that it’s working. he’s happier when he comes home and answers her texts. and then he calls her and tells her he needs to spend the night at the office, and doesn’t answer her texts the next day, and noora realizes that they’re back where they started.

iv. depression

she stops eating again. or, she eats less. she has breakfast with william in the mornings and sometimes has a salad or some fruit for lunch, but she sits on the couch and waits for him to come home every night with some shitty soap opera on in the background and she forgets to eat dinner. and then she stops getting out of bed to have breakfast in the mornings, and then she stops getting out of bed at all, and forgets to shower or brush her teeth or her hair and just lies in bed. and waits. and waits for him to come back. and she thinks of vilde with her blonde hair and her endless optimism, asking her if william is good enough for her, and eva, saying how she needed to find out who she was on her own, and chris and sana exchanging looks when she tells them that she’s going to london with william. and she thinks of eskild and linn and mari and iben and sara and hartvig nissen and everyone and everything she’s left behind. to be with someone who can’t even look her in the eye anymore, who holds his disappointment and anger in every movement he makes towards her. and she keeps hearing vilde’s voice is in her head. do you think he’s good enough for you? 

v. acceptance


Am I Enough PT 6

Am I Enough PT 6

Bucky X Reader

Summary: The team gets called back for a mission, but Sam stays back. Not only to keep an eye on you but also try to convince you back.

Warnings: angst fluff and Sam freaking Wilson!

A/N: Hello All! This chapter may seem a little rushed wanted to move the story along to the good stuff. Also Sam Wilson never gets enough love in stories so I’m loving up on him. Thanks again for all the comments and messages I’m really enjoying reading them.

“What do I do now?”


It seemed to be a blur of events after your announcement, Tony was calling the jet getting it ready to go. Steve had a blank stare on his face, trying to convince himself that what he just heard wasn’t true. Sam and Wanda were attempting to talk them down and focus, snapping their fingers in their faces. Thor was hugging you close telling you that everything would be OK, that he would avenge your honor. Vision was standing around taking the group in not really helping or hindering anyone.

It seemed to wind down when all their phones began to ring and vibrate. Tony quickly accessed his phone and read the message. “Looks like we have a mission guys, trouble in Europe again.” He rolls his eyes and puts his phone away. “This mission is on hold until we get back. Sam you’re staying here, don’t want this one,” he is waving his hand directly at you. “Wandering off or convincing herself that she is staying in this disconnected from humanity town.”

Sam merely nods his head. “Woah, hold on I don’t need some babysitter.” You protest, turning to Tony, glaring at Sam as well, shaking your finger at him. “I’m happy you all came to check up on me but you have a mission to do, don’t just leave Sam behind because you think I’m not coming back.”

Tony is no longer listening to you. Instead he is on the phone again checking on trip details. You sigh looking around for someone to back you up. Of course they all agree with Tony, nods go around at the apparent sound decision. It’s part of the reason that they were here.

“Give it up kiddo,” Clint finally speaks up, you had forgotten he was here, “just let him have this, he was pretty torn up when you left.” You can only nod and turn to Sam.

“I guess you are bunking with me, I hope you don’t mind sleeping on the floor.”

He chuckles and swings an arm around your shoulder. “Yes, finally a roommate I don’t mind having. Also the prettiest one I think I have ever had.”

You giggle and wrap your arm around his waist. “Lets see them off and then find you some things to do while I work, I certainly don’t have anything for you now.”

Seeing them off was a tearful event, they each had their own fears of you not coming back. More so that this might be the last chance to convince you to come back. To say there was a lot of pressure on Sam was an understatement. Each one drew him away to talk and each time he merely clapped them on the shoulder and sent them on their way. They all have you gone crushing hugs, each one lingering as they whispered encouragement and love into your ear.

Tony was the last to come up, he didn’t reach for you but begins to lecture you making sure you took care of yourself. You roll your eyes and cut him off by pulling him in. It takes him a moment but he returns the hug, pulling you as close as he can.

“Thank you, Tony for looking out for me. I know you are worried I’m not coming back but I will, in my own time, granted. I can’t just leave you alone for too long, you’ll get into trouble.”

He chuckles, “Too late for that sweetheart, why do you think I’m here.” He sneaks his hand in your pocket trying to slide his credit card in. You stop his hand. “Please just let me have this,” he whispers, getting slightly choked up, “I want to at least know that if anything happens you’ll have enough to come back to me. My last bit of taking care of you?” You release him to continue. You squeeze him once more before letting him go.

You both have tears in your eyes. He wipes them away quickly, “Darn this fresh air, I need some smog clogged streets, making my eyes water.” You shake your head and smile. With that you see them fly off once again to save the day.

You turn to Sam and head to the car. The car ride is fun, you have cranked the music up and rolled the window down. Singing at the top of your lungs. This was your favorite thing about Sam, his ability to make you feel that everything was alright and that no matter what you wanted to do, you could do it and he was more than up for it.

You head for the mall, it had just about everything you could ask for. You make a game out of your time, a scavenger hunt of sorts. Find the tallest heel ended with Sam strutting down the aisle in a pair of 8 inch yellow stiletos. Find the biggest TV, you grabbed popcorn and a bean bag chair watching the aquarium on the screen. The last was the most unhealthy snack you could find, you shared a triple chocolate chunk fudge ice cream sandwich. It was so sweet you both only got about 4 bites in each that you had to stop.

The best part was, Tony footed the bill for everything. You ended up with a trunk full of stuff, a TV with a game console with any and every game Sam could possibly play. He had movies galore and you even talked him into a few books for educational purposes, as you called it. To finish it off you bought another blowup bed with all bed nessecities.

Dragging it all home you set everything up while waiting for pizza to arrive. This had been the best day ever, it was rare you got to spend this much time with started to wonder why that was when you had so much in common. You could do this all the time with him. When the pizza arrived you both sat on the floor each with a remote control in your hand.

“Sam?” You glance at him while playing COD together, he grunts in question. “Thanks.”

Again he grunts, before shifting his eyes. “Thanks? For what?”

“For being here. I know I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around. You haven’t even asked what happened yet. You know the who and what but not all the details.”

Sam pauses the game setting his controller down. “You don’t have to thank me for that. I’ll always be her for you. What do you think friends are for?”

“I know that and that’s why I’m thanking you. I mean I cry myself to sleep every night, I get lost in my head during conversations, you shouldn’t have to put up with that. The fact that you do means a lot to me. I’ll get better I promise.” You’re sniffling by the end, wondering why you ended up with such a great friend.

“Ok, ok, you’re welcome. Like I said I’ll always be here for you. As for everything else, we’ll work through it. Everything will get better. You’re hurt and scared but I’m not leaving you anytime soon. If you need to cry, go for it. Drift all you want, I’ll draw you back in, but never forget I’m right here.” He pulls you into a hug kissing your forehead.

He pulls back and you both share a smile. “Now, pick up that remote and let me kick your butt.”

“Oh you’re so on!”

The night continued on with fun and laughter and barely a thought towards Bucky. It was perfect and for the first time since this all started you slept peacefully not a tear escaped you.

The next few days formed a pattern, work and coming home to dinner and movies or games. You started to relax in your new environment, Sam made it easier as well, talking late into the night about what was happening. The one thing you did avoid was Bucky and anything to do with him. You would tense up and change the subject when brought up. Sam seemed to catch on rather quickly and soon you weren’t talking about him at all.

The team hadn’t called since they left, but as the week went by you started to miss them. It was enough to make you want to go back. Though a bonus would be if he wasn’t there of course. All in all you were still up in the air, Sam never commenting directly, just mentioning places and things he missed in New York.

As if the universe got tired of you flip flopping, it decided to make the choice for you. You had gone out to dinner, a nice little pizza joint, while you were strolling back you saw 2 fire trucks fly by. You don’t think much of it until you drew closer to your apartment. Flames engulfed the 3rd floor just above your apartment. You stop staring at the building praying it wasn’t so that maybe you had gotten your building confused. This was not the case. The flames shot high into the sky blasting out the windows.

Sam turns you away from the scene burying your face into his chest. Tears began to form and choking sobs escape you. Your arms shakily wrap around him, attempting to pull yourself closer to him. It wasn’t so much the lose of your stuff or the home but the mere thought of having to go back now. You weren’t ready yet. You still had a month, you were supposed to have a whole month left. This was happening too quick. Your old apartment was still unavailable to you, meaning you didn’t have a place to stay, all you could think of though was going back to him.

Sam pulls his phone out dialling Tony, “Hey, some things happened. It looks like your getting your wish we’re coming back.”

Bucky POV

After getting off the phone with Sam, Bucky started to pace the floor. He had made the call. He made the right choice. He just had to wait now. Of course he was either going to die from his friends beating him or something worse.

Soon he was interrupted by a phone call. Mission meeting in 2 hours when the rest of the team came back. A door down the hall opens, Nat staggers out.

“You get the call as well?”

“Yes, all hands on deck I guess.” She is practically whispering it. She won’t meet his eyes.

“Ok, I called Sam. I’m going to make this right I promise.” She snorts at this finally looking at him.

“Good luck.”

“They know.” She stiffens. This was going to be awkward to say the least. She nods and goes on her way to prep for the mission.

Knowing he couldn’t do anything till Sam arrived he went as well to suit up. FRIDAY informed him of the team arriving. He pulls himself together, heading towards the landing platform. He arrives as the hatch.Tony is the first to exit, heading directly toward Bucky. He braces himself seeing the first coming, but knowing he deserves it. He takes the hit, letting his head swing with the punch.

“I aught to do much worse than that, Tin Man.” Tony is fuming but already feeling a little better after the one hit. Bucky sees Steve come towards them. Waving him off he looks back toward Tony.

“I deserved that. I know what I did was wrong and I’m going to fix this. I need to I never should have done what I did.”

“You’re darn right about that. Unfortunately your going to have to prove that to us before you ever get near her. You understand?” He’s waving his finger in his face. He stops and turns around storming off.

“I will,” he yells after Tony. “Where is Sam? I need his help.”

“He’s not here. Stayed back with (Y/N)” Steve answers. Bucky can tell he’s angry with him, no more frustrated. He doesn’t understand still, how is best friend could break a girls heart so bad. Steve doesn’t meet his eyes for long want to look else where but still be there for his best friend.

He nods, well maybe he can just call for now. First came the mission though. After a brief debrief they all piled into the quinjet and headed out. It was a hard mission, every time it seemed they were making head way they got pushed back.

By the end all were covered in bruises scrapes and a few cuts all around. They were grateful to be back at the compound. It was harder than normal considering the tension between the members. Nat had gotten glares and snarky remakes from each. Everyone trying to pretend that they both hadn’t played a part in destroying one of their best friends.

At the end of the day though, they each just wanted things to go back to the way things were. When they were a family.

Going to their separate quarters, Bucky grabbed his phone quickly dialled up Sam. When he answered Bucky quickly starts talking, “I need your help. I want you to help me make things right with her. I just don’t know what I need to do? Please? Please help me.”

“Woah slow down there. I can help but did you think about what I said?”


“Good, now your going to call me everyday for now tell me about how your feeling. I’m guessing Tony wanted you to prove yourself to them and I agree but this is a good start. I want to know what is going on in that head of your. I mean everything any doubts, fears, or wild ideas that pop up.”

Bucky is nodding into the phone. He wants to be certain. He wants to bring his family back together, but most importantly he wants you to come back.

“Is that a Yes?”

“Yes, yes I understand.” He was desperate to make them all understand. He need to show them all how serious he was. This caused him to almost shout his answer.

“Good now, (Y/N) usually is at work from 9-4 so call me anytime between then and I can guarantee that I’ll pick up. After that I will be with her so I may not answer so leave me a message and I’ll call you back when I get a chance.”


“Good, now I have to go she’s back.”

“Ok take good care of her.”

“Always do.” Bucky hangs up. He felt better already. He was headed in the right direction.

Over the next week he calls, Sam never once failing to pick up, in fact most days Bucky calls 2 or 3 times a day. About 2 weeks later, there was a change, instead of Bucky calling Sam, Sam called him. Bucky picked up afraid that something had happened to her. She could be hurt anything.

It turned out they were coming back. Now it was time to put his feelings to the test.

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You jumped slightly at the touch of Geoff’s hand on your shoulder. “Hey, are you nervous?” he asked, his cheeky smirk appearing on his face. You scowled at him before confessing, “Yes, my heart is racing.” He shook his head and patted your shoulder, “I can guarantee that he will lose his shit as soon as he sees you,” Geoff grinned. “It’s just been so long,” you sighed. He nodded, “I know, and that’s why it’s going to be amazing.”

It was Shawn’s final show of the tour, it had been a long few months for both of you. The last time you saw him was over eight weeks ago, when he had a little break from the road. He knew his family and friends were attending the final show, but he had no idea that you were too. Andrew had approached you a couple of weeks back and suggested that you attend. You both worked on a plan, a way to surprise Shawn to make it special. The downside was having to lie to Shawn as the days passed. 
“I miss you so much, I wish you were here right now, in my arms so I could squeeze you tight.” Shawn would say down the phone, his voice raspy from singing every day. “I will be, as soon as you’re home” you’d say back. “But I want you right now, can’t you fly out and meet me?” He would almost beg. You had to use so much strength to stop yourself from revealing your surprise, knowing it would be worth it. 

You were walking down one of the long corridors at the venue when Geoff’s walkie-talkie spoke up. “Geoff, Shawn is on his way to the back of the venue. Repeat, Shawn is on his way to the back of the venue.” 
“Shit,” Geoff cursed as he grabbed your arm and hurried along. “We can’t let him see you,” he said quickly as you ran into the next available room. You slammed the door behind you, both leaning an ear against it. 
“I can’t believe this is it,” you heard Shawn say from the other side. Automatically, you grabbed the door handle, wanting to swing the door wide open and run into Shawn. You glanced up at Geoff, who shook his head. You swallowed the small lump in your throat, nodded and removed your hand. “Where’s Geoff?” Shawn asked. Both you and Geoff glared at each other. “I thought you said he was back here,” you heard Shawn say, sounding suspicious. “Go,” you whispered, pushing Geoff. He placed a finger over his pursed lips, before opening the door and sliding through the small space he allowed himself. You quickly closed the door once he disappeared with a sigh of relief. “There you are buddy, what were you - Wait, you don’t have that chick you were telling me about in there do you?” You heard Shawn say, imagining the smile that would be planted on his face. You listened as Geoff tried to make up some lame excuse as they headed further down the corridor, walking away from you. 

“What did you say?” You shouted as Andrew and Geoff stood in front of you, at the side of the stage. Shawn was nearing the end of the show, the screams were hysterical and it was near impossible to hear yourself think. “I said make sure you hold the camera at a good angle,” Geoff said closer to your ear. “You don’t want everyone to see those double chins.” You whacked his upper arm as he stood back, a cheeky smile on his face. You puffed your cheeks and exhaled deeply as you glanced over at the stage. “He won’t know what’s hit him,” Andrew shouted, smiling. “Thank you guys,” Shawn’s voiced echoed over the screams as the song came to an end. Your head shot over your shoulder as you stared at the stage, knowing it was literally seconds rather than weeks, until you would finally see him. 
“Am I asking all these questions for nothing?” The screams grew even louder as Shawn began to sing the final song. You suddenly felt light headed as the butterflies swarmed your stomach. “What if this goes horribly wrong?” You asked Andrew and Geoff, looking back at them. They looked at each other and then back at me, “There is no way this can go wrong” Andrew said. “And if it does, we’ll blame Shawn” Geoff laughed. 

“I really wanna understand” Shawn sung slowly. He was about to stop singing and talk into the mic, the little segment of the song where he spoke about his opinion on life and change. This was when you were finally going to see him again. “Ready?” Andrew called into your ear, giving you the thumbs up. You nodded frantically, even though you weren’t sure what the answer to that question was. He passed you the Go-Pro, and you held it in your hands. Your heart began to beat fast when you heard the screams reach a new level, and then hearing a chorus of “awww’s”, knowing that your face was currently being projected on the big screen behind Shawn. You stood very close to the edge of the stage, you could now see the entire arena filled with silhouettes and flashing lights; and of course Shawn stood at the front of stage. He carried on talking, even as the crowd started shouting at him, sort of like a pantomime. 
“Wha-what’s going on?” He asked into the mic, before glancing over his shoulder and doing a double take. “Oh my god,” he whispered into the mic as he stared up at your face on the big screen. You smiled, knowing he could see you; before placing your hand over your mouth as tears began to form. 
The screams roared in your ears as you waited for your queue to run on stage. “Wh-where are you?” Shawn asked into the mic, knowing I’d be able to hear him. “Are you at home?” he laughed. You shook your head, knowing it was finally time. You held the camera out, as you began to walk on stage. Once again the screaming reached a new high pitch as you slowly walked on, staring out into the huge space in front of you. You looked back over at Shawn as he stood, staring at you properly now. 

You had waited for this moment, dreamt of this moment night after night. Dismissing Shawn when he asked you to fly over and join him, forcing yourself to stay put and not ruin the entire plan. It had all been worth it. You both picked up the pace and collided into each other. Completely forgetting about the camera, smothering it into Shawn’s top. “I missed you, I missed you so much” Shawn repeated into your ear as his head nuzzled your neck; his arms squeezing you tight. “I love you,” You say against his shoulder, the feeling of being home coming over you. Mike ran from behind the drums and grabbed the camera, standing back to film both of you as you reconnected. Shawn placed both hands on your face and pulled you in for a passionate, long-awaited kiss. He placed his forehead against yours, smiling as he stared into your eyes. “You’re mad you know what,” he chuckled. You nodded before kissing his lips again, not wanting to part them ever again. Shawn could tell you were eager, he pulled away and leaned towards your ear again. “Just let me finish this song, and then I swear, I’m all yours.” 

Apology | Mingyu Angst | Oneshot

Request: hi! can i request a hella angsty seungcheol/mingyu (whichever one you feel most comfortable writing about) scenario based off the song “i’m not sorry” by dean (he’s the bad guy, not you)? i’d prefer a fluff ending but that’s okay if not. thank u sm ! i love ur writing so much shahsha uwu

Based off of this song

Word Count: 3,662

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You opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling you used to think was white. Upon closer inspection it looked a lot more grey. The room that used to always feel perfectly warm now felt cold. Sometimes it felt too hot, but it was never just right–it was never the way it used to be.

“When is the last time you’ve even kissed me?” You shouted through tears, you wished you could just talk it out with him but that never seemed to work.  Perhaps this was the only way you could get through to him. 

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aries: the feeling of being alive and the rush of adrenaline. burning pictures of someone who wronged you. starring at someone you find beautiful and not being afraid if they catch you. playing with your hair when you’re bored. opening the sun roof and sticking your head out when going under a tunnel. jumping off of buildings, and screaming on the way down. climbing a mountain all the way to the top, and screaming random things because it echoes.

taurus: drinking herbal tea. wearing sweaters in bed while reading a book. cuddling pillows because your the only one home. walking outside and smelling the freshly grown flowers on the first day of spring. traveling through the wilderness with the person you love the most. buying chocolate covered strawberries for yourself. the feeling of being trapped inside yourself and finally breaking free. when you get your first car and leave the house and just drive.

gemini: wind blowing through your hair on a windy day. excitement growing in the pit of your stomach. rain on a warm spring day and playing in the puddles. laughing because you won an argument. breaking the rules, and coming alive at night. traveling in the summertime with all the windows rolled down, singing your favorite songs. hugging someone you’ve wanted to hug for a long time. breaking into an old building and finding new things. the feeling of being intrigued and curiously walking towards it.

cancer: waking up to a beautiful day. going to the beach and hunting for crabs at night. kissing someone first. smiling at the smell of rain, and smiling even more at the rainbow after the rain. picking up a seashell and listening to the sound of the ocean. visiting your family during the holidays and connecting with each and every one of them. sliding on a sled down a snow covered hill, laughing the entire way down. playing in the snow so much your nose turns red from the frost chilled air.

leo: sun kissed skin, and sun highlighted hair. calling someone beautiful and actually meaning it. the feeling of being the lead in a play, and people clapping for you. looking through a book of photos of you and your friends, and smiling because you remember the memories that came with the photos. swimming in a lake on a summer day with friends, sitting around and enjoying life. the feeling of a first heartbreak and the courage of getting over it.

virgo: freckles across your nose, and the one you love kissing each of them individually. finally coming alive and doing what you want. reading books about topics you love to learn about, and being curious of new topics. the smell of vanilla and drinking vanilla coffee in a coffee shop downtown. the feeling of winning a board game, and figuring out something before anyone else does. being able to not wear makeup and actually feel good about yourself.

libra: falling asleep to the sound of rain. laughing through a smile while your lips are pressed against someone else’s. looking out the window and watching all the cars going by. traveling to a country you’ve always wanted to go to, and taking pictures of everything you see. freshly cut grass in the morning, and the smell of it when it still lingers at sunset.

scorpio: going to your first party and getting so wasted you forget everything. short distance traveling, and coming back home to the people you love. sneaking out at night just because. staying inside for an entire week because you just need some time alone. the feeling of finding someone you can be open with and finally not being scared. running so much in the winter that your throat turns cold. the feeling of hot chocolate burning down your throat to warm it up.

sagittarius: laughing with your friends on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been. getting another tattoo and not even being afraid of the needle. closing people off because you’re scared. walking into a room and people watching you from afar because you light up the room. counting down on new years eve before the fireworks start, the feeling of excitement and impatience that comes with it.

capricorn: going to the fair in the fall, and wanting to run away with the circus. feeling stress free with no responsibilities. the fresh lemon smell of a freshly cleaned house. sitting around a campfire and the smell of it lingering on your clothes for the rest of the night. snuggling with the one you love, and watching netflix till 2 o'clock in the morning, but you aren’t even watching the movie because you’re finally sharing all of your deepest secrets.

aquarius: laying in a field of flowers at nighttime, and looking for constellations. reading a set of rules and doing the opposite because you feel like the rules are not fair. listening to an old record and getting the inspiration to write or draw. going to raves and meeting people who are just like you. learning new things, and sharing them with people. finding something mysterious and you can’t stop thinking about it.

pisces: helping someone in need, standing up for something you believe in. the feeling of knowing someone before they even know their name. the feeling of knowing something no one else does. feeling someones sadness when they walk into a room and crying because you can feel how bad they’re hurting. painting outside and singing while doing so. being the only older person to play with little children, and not caring what people think. living like each day is their last, and only seeing the good in the world.

—  things that remind me of the signs, april 19th
Kpop Parents Connections #The4thMeeting #MarriageCounseling

Jaebum: Today will be a little different guys, I invited a special guest to moderate, and to instill us with sound wisdom, so that we can become better and stronger couples.

Heechul: I get paid up front for this right?

Jaebum: *turns red* yes…I already explained all of this in the bathroom this morning.

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Can I go home? I just remembered that i had actual important things to do.

Rap Monster: Woah!! I have a question! What were you both doing in the bathroom??

Jaebum: We were ju-

Heechul: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Jungkook.


Kihyun: Too soon bro

Sunggyu: *to Woohyun* What’s a Jungkook?

Kris: Can I change seats?



TOP: Wait, what?

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Please I’m allergic to stupid.

Heechul: Okay let’s get some order! Jaebum called me because clearly things haven’t been working out smoothly. I see that you all have a lot of issues, and we’ll use this time to go over a few and try to become more harmonious.

Jeonghan: Tbh, I’d appreciate it more if someone that could actually sing, in key, talked about being in harmony.

Himchan:*sniffs air* Did someone leave the stove on? I think I smell a burrnnn!

Heechul: Don’t come for me Chongham. When your little cutesy group breaks up in 2 years and you’re flat broke, standing in the center of Seoul with nothing but a cardboard sign and a dry weave from the Ren Collection, you’re gonna wish you were still on my good side.

Jaebum: Heechul pls you’re not helping…

Leo: I’m gonna get some coffee *leaves out side door*

Yongguk: *mutters* I didn’t get better for this

Woohyun: Speaking as the newest guy here, I’m really happy that I finally got to come to one of these meetings. I hear they’re always a big hit.

JinJin: Yeah I’ve only been to one, It was pretty neat. No complaints except f–

GD:WAIT A MINUTE! I thought this was an Idol parents meeting not bring your toddler to trainee camp. Who’s the tyke?

JinJin: that part….

Jaebum: *sighs* You all know who they are by now. Leave Astro alone! They are an important part of our kpop world, and they contribute greatl-

Kihyun: *coughs loudly*

Jaebum: *glares*

Kihyun: Sorry, I’m allergic to bullsh-

Heechul: IT’S TIME TO BARE YOUR SOULS! Let’s share our feelings and emotions. Jin you have been pretty quiet this evening, how about you go first?

Jin: Well, I like to think that Namjoon and I are fine. We and the children actually just won the Artist of the Year Awa-


GD: I cancelled an after party with Victoria Secret models for this so..

Namjoon: Dude, why are you trying to overshadow us? You told me that you were proud.

Suho: *checks face in compact mirror* I say a lot of things. Keep up or fall behind.

Jeonghan: *to Jinyoung* Isn’t that what happened to Exo?

Yongguk: I really could be doing creative during this time.

Hakyeon: Can someone tell me why am I even still here? Has anyone seen Leo?

GD: Yeah, he said he was getting coffee and never came back.

Kris: Lies! *readjusts overpriced cap* That’s the same excuse I gave Suho when I left him high and dry.

Jinyoung: *smirks*

Suho: Wait…wha-

Kris: *puts fingers to Suho’s lips* That was the old me hon, I’ve changed.

Woohyun: Wellll, Sunggyu and I are fine. Our family is really chill. We really get along and lov-

GD: Time out on the fluff stuff, let’s dig into the real deal.

TOP: *snorts* If only your lyrics rhymed as well as that sentence.

GD: If only your songs wrote themselves.


Himchan: I don’t know, why is it so hard for your rappers to rap?

Seungcheol: I’m going to go help Leo get some coffee. *leaves out side door*

MJ: I think we should go, and that maybe we won’t be coming back.

Kihyun: Do you mean musically or just physically?

JinJin: Physically

Kihyun: oh

Heechul: Shownu, you haven’t said one word all night. There must be something you want to say.

Shownu: no

Kris: I swear they let anyone be an idol these days. Back in my day you needed talent, brains, and pure will to make it!

Jinyoung: I’m going to just let that go.

Jeonghan: If only you would let your acting career go too.

Heechul: I give up.


Hakyeon: Neither did the JJ project but things still worked out somehow.

Namjoon: Jin let’s get some coffee too *leaves*

Jinyoung: I don’t even know if I should be offended or


Hakyeon: Suho, shut up, it’s been a long day. I’m going home. Catch you all the next time. *leaves*

GD: Come on Top. I didn’t bring you here so that I would have to drive my own self back. 

TOP: You brought me because you’ve been drinking out of a beer bottle in your sleeve the whole night and if you go to jail YG may kick you out of th *bursts into giggles* Sorry I can’t keep a straight face when I’m trying to relate to the lessers. *both leave*

Namjoon: We’re dipping out too. Apparently once you become popular you’re suppose to forget who your true friends were. *leaves*

Jin: When we become washed up has beens I’ll  bring cookies to the next one! *leaves*


Kihyun: Hey grandpa! Maybe you should start your own meeting and invite all the elderly!

Woohyun: Don’t give him any ideas, please. *guides Sunggyu out*

Himchan: We’re leaving, frankly I don’t even know if we’ll be back. We’re going through a lot-

Jeonghan: *calls out* Get a new sob story! This one’s getting old!

Himchan *clears throat* and we would do better keeping to ourselves for a while. Come on Yongguk.

Yongguk: Bye thanks for remembering we exist.

Shownu: See you next time. *leaves*

Kihyun: Jinyoung totally fax me over those divorce tips you were telling me about earlier *leaves*

Jinyoung: Will do!

Jaebum: WHA-

Kris: Suho let’s go, Vinnie is having a party at his house and i want to drop you off before I roll up with models on both arms.

Jeonghan: Can I get a ride home with y'all?


Jeonghan: Never mind, I’ll walk. *leaves*


Suho: WAIT! I CAN CHANGE BABE!! *runs after*

Jinyoung: I think I may actually hate them.

Heechul: Lol I do.

Jaebum: You can leave now too.

Heechul: *coughs* Where’s my money? I ain’t working for fre-

Jinyoung & Jaebum: Get out!

Heechul: Whatever, If You Do was better than Hard Carry anyway….and that’s not saying much. *leaves*

Jaebum: Wow look at us actually getting along and standing unite-

Jinyoung: Shut up, I’m still trying to find a way to poison you.

Jaebum: Your love is the only poison I need.


Jinyoung: Shut up.

Somebody else’s sun

authors note: This is my first attempt writing something Shawn related, I’ve no idea what I’m doing so I’m sorry if it sucks. Thanks to @ortenmendes & @teen-mendes for reading it! 

Word count: 2,310

As soon as you opened your eyes you knew something was wrong. It was neither the smell of alcohol and smoke that irritated you nor the fact that your head hurt like a truck hit you, but what really concerned you was that this wasn’t your room. You were way to busy with thinking about last night and trying to remember what happened to recognize that Shawn, one of your closet friends, was laying next to you. At the same time you noticed him you noticed you were naked, and so was Shawn.

And then it all hit you at once. You went out with your friends to celebrate the end of  Shawns very successful tour and the fact that he was home again. You remembered how Shawn was upset at first about the huge fight he had with his girlfriend cause he knew she was currently in Europe and couldn’t celebrate with him, for which she accused him that he did in on purpose. You also remembered that you promised him to take his mind off her, which you obviously did. After that you only know how you and you friends

Right after bringing back your memories you tried to get out of bed and dressed without Shawn noticing, which you failed miserably. The fact that he was up now as well made the awkward situation even worse. „Good Morning“ is all you managed to say in a shaky voice. Apparently Shawn remembered last nights events better than me and answered in his morning voice „Good Morning, i think we need talk about what happened“, but before he could even finish his thought you interrupted him by saying „The only thing I need to do is leave.“ After that he politely offered to drive you home, since your house was a ten minute car ride away, but you didn’t want to make things worse and refused his offer. In the same heartbeat you left his room without saying one more word.

Cause your phone died and you didn’t want to ask Shawn for his you had a long walk ahead of you to think about the fact that you slept with one of your closest friends who happened to be in a relationship for over a year now. After a while you start to think about the feelings you have towards him and if he really was just a friend to you or if he might be more. 
For a moment you even considered that you might mean more to him as well since the only thing he and his girlfriend were doing lately was fighting about the most unnecessary things. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t feel horrible and like a snitch for sleeping with a man who was in a relationship. Once you arrived at home you immediately went in the bathroom to take a shower and get rid of that fusty smell. After you got rid of your clothes you noticed how many marks Shawn left all over you which slightly annoyed you cause you wanted to forget the night and not be reminded every time you look yourself in the mirror.  

After that long needed shower and telling your mother that your alive and home again you checked your phone. 3 missing calls from Shawn. Only the thought of talking to Shawn made you stomach twist, but considering that he’ll come over if you ignored him any longer you called him back. As if he waited for you to call he picked up after the second ring. „Thank you for calling back Y/N“, he said with a hesitant voice. Acting all confident you just said „Yeah, of course i think we have a lot to talk about“. The two of you agreed to forget about last night and to never tell anyone else cause his sure if we did his girlfriend would hear about it. Shawn only blamed the alcohol for your actions and said it was fun but meaningless which you agreed with. Little did he know how much it really meant  to you and how painful it was to hear him say all those things.

After rethinking that whole situation you came to the conclusion that you’re going to avoid Shawn from now on until your feelings fade. Well turns out that was easier said than done. Once my phone rang and I saw that it was only my best friend and not Shawn i was  relieved, well little did I know what she was about to ask. „Hey Y/N, glad you’re alive after last night“, and I was sure she could feel how i rolled my eyes over her statement. Before I could even respond she talked again „So, the boys and I are driving to the lake and you’re coming with us. Gonna pick you up in five“ Cause I knew better then to argue with her about it I just said „Well i guess I see you then.“ 

When Anja said „the boys“ I knew that that meant Shawn as well, which made me feel sick all over again. As soon as i saw Shawns Jeep I tried to put my very best poker face on and act as if nothing had ever happened, cause i knew he did.

„Looking good Y/N“, „How do you manage to still look decent after yesterday?“, „I was so sure you would be dead by now“, those were the things you heard the boys and Anja shout at you while you were approaching the car. „Thanks and I’m also surprised how well I am“ you said joking. Once you were in the car you could feel how Shawn was starring at you. But you refused to even look at him. Confident as always Shawn said „Glad you came“, you on the other hand completely ignored his statement and started to talk to Brian. You spent all afternoon on the lake, mostly swimming laughing and just playing around. You also had to explain how those marks ended up all over you, but you just said that you ended up driving home with some guy you’ve never met before and won’t meet again. Considering how drunk you were the others just laughed and made fun of you and didn’t even ask further question. Only Shawn remained silent, although you  really wanted to see his reaction when you came up with this story you still refused to look at him.

Once the sun set was over all of you decided to better get going. Shawn who desperately wanted to talk to you all day ended up driving everyone home first so only him and you were left in the car. „Thats not what I meant Y/NN“ he said almost sounding upset. When you didn’t answer him right away he continued be saying „Saying we should forget about what happened doesn’t mean you should forget that i exist.“ „I’m not“ I whispered. „Come on Y/N, even Ian asked me what I did to piss you of like that“ he said with a more calm voice this time. All you wanted to say is the truth, you wanted to tell him that you can’t forget it and that you don’t want to. You wanted to tell him how much it meant to you and how much he hurt you with his words but you ended up saying „I’m sorry that wasn’t my intention“. „Well I sure as hell hope it wasn’t cause I’m not willing to loose my best friend because of that mistake“ he joked. Without knowing that it wasn’t a joke to you.

From that day on you pushed the thought of avoiding him to the back of your mind and started hanging out with him way more often than you used to. You never used to overthink things when it came to hanging out with one of the boys alone, but this time you couldn’t sop thinking that it might be more for him as well. Of course you knew that he still was in a relationship, but with his girlfriend still in Europe you never wasted a thought on her and you were convinced neither did he. Until that day he mentioned her to you. „Y/N I have to tell her“ he said. „Huh?“, he completely caught me off guard and i didn’t know what to say. „I need to tell Hannah about what happend between the two of us, I need to be honest with her, she deserves the truth. And she deserves it from me. Don’t worry I won’t tell her that it was you i cheated on her with.“ he told me. „Shawn thats your decision to make and I’m not going to be the one who tells you not to, but what if she can’t forgive you?“ I asked carefully. „Then I’ll still have you“ hearing those words from Shawn made my heart flip and my face lit up.

Turned out she couldn’t forgive him, or more she didn’t want to. Which also meant that you could spent even more time with him without feeling guilty cause he was single now. The two of you started making out when you went out with your friends not caring who was watching, you repeated the night from a few weeks ago more than once and most important you were honest to each other.  Shawn started saying things like „It should’ve been you all along, I shouldn’t have wasted my time with her“ or „I can’t believe I never told you how beautiful you are“. You even told him that you loved him, not expecting him to say it as well, but you wanted him to know. Although both of you only said those things while being drunk, you were sure he meant it like you did while being sober. You never listend to Brian or Ian who always warned you that he’s going to be the death of you.

Because you were convinced he felt the same way as you it caught you totally of guard when he texted you that you can’t see each other again, at least for a while. Thousand different questions came to your mind all at once. But deep down you knew the answer to all of them. Hannah was back, and she forgave him. He told you that some of her friends saw us making out on parties and leaving together more than once so she knew I was the one Shawn told her about. „Y/N I promise you things will go back to normal as soon as she’s fully over it and can trust me again. I really didn’t mean that it turns out like this but that is not the end of our friendship I promise you“ with tears in your eyes you read that last message over and over again until you believed him. This can’t be the end.

And it wasn’t. Shawn kept his promise, only two weeks later he reached out again. „Can I come over later?“ read the text you received from him. When you thought about those two weeks you spent being miserable because he broke you and hating yourself for losing your best friend you wanted to say no. But you couldn’t, you needed him. You needed him to love you as mich as you loved him. Little did you know the only reason he reached out was because Hannah was in Montreal to visit her family for the next three weeks. So everything started all over again. He making you compliments without any reason, the two of you being all cuddly and touchy again, you being all naive around him and falling for him all over again.

You convinced yourself that Hannah got over it and was ok with the two of you hanging out again. Until he didn’t response to any of your messages or calls in two days. You knew he was avoiding you on purpose but you wanted to know why. Which you deep down knew already, but didn’t want to believe. After the third day of ignoring you he texted you again, something that made you regret every single second you’ve spent with him.
Shawn: „Y/N I don’t know what to say, not this time. I can’t thank you enough for always putting up with me and supporting me. You are the most loving and caring person I’ve ever come across and I’m sure I’m not going to meet someone like you in the near future. Knowing how much you love me and every little flaw i have makes my heart jump. I can’t tell you how thankful I’m for that. But this doesn’t work.. I know that I can’t have you both. I know that I can’t be your friend and a faithful boyfriend to her. I have to be fair with you, I can’t be selfish when it comes to you.. I have to let you go Y/N..“
Y/N: „was it easy?“
Shawn: „Please don’t make this harder than it already is.“
Y/N: „Was ist easy to say all those things, making me fall in love with you, making me trust you although you knew that trusting is the hardest thing for me! Was it easy to leave me?“
Shawn: „Y/N please..“
Y/N: „You know what hurt me the most it was being so close, and having’ so much to say just to watch you walk away..“
Shawn: „You need to do something for me. Hate me Y/N! Hate me today hate me tomorrow hate me for all the things i didn’t do for you, cause i know you’ll have a beautiful life without me, I know you’ll be a sun in somebody else’s sky!
I’m sorry you couldn’t have been mine..“

My mouth doesn’t taste 
like salt-water, anymore.

I still walk home most nights:
when their tongues are silenced
and the stars still unfold like old lovers.

This doesn’t change anything.

My hands have held hearts
and left them torn in two.

My hands have known absence,
held those who are gone from
this world, never to come back.

I am still stuck between
September and July.

My skin, still stained in
summer as these wolves
grow hungry for the rain.

My body, still standing
in the doorway, waiting.

My heart, still listening
for the sound  of you
forgetting my mouth
             and all the words that came from it.

So a couple of things going on here, I guess some head-cannoning around for my au which can be found here and the art I’ve made is under the ‘solitary au’ tag on my tumblr. 

Coupla things here:

Ed’s therapist suggests for Ed to find a single chore to do, no matter how hard things are. If Ed can’t crack open a single book, if he can’t get the energy up to go outside and do things that day, Ed has a single chore he can do. Maybe it’ll help get him started, maybe he’ll crawl right back into bed– the point is to have an attainable goal. Ed does the dishes, because of the window. Rain or shine, night or day, no matter how low his mood has dragged him, being able to see the world beyond his four walls helps him forget the cell for a while.

Roy knows this, and is seriously considering converting the back den into a sunroom so that Ed can have all the windows he wants and still feel safe inside.

Ed also talks to himself. A lot. There isn’t much else to do when you’re trapped in a solitary cell with nobody for company. The coping mechanism carries over even years after the fact, and Roy often comes home to Edward’s stream of chatter from somewhere in the house. No matter how brilliant some of his ramblings are, Roy interrupts him with a hug or a touch, so he knows he’s not alone.

This started out as warm-up sketches on my tablet because I was going to make a full finished piece, then it turned into this comic. As I was working on it though, I realized that I’d much rather this be a traditional ink wash, so I’m probably going to do a re-draw on paper soon.