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Can’t believe I saw the original Misfits last night. They said it would never happen (but this is the 4th and final time, haha). It totally kicked my ass and I won’t be able to hear anything for the New Year.  No photos though, we had to have our phones locked in these little pouches that can only be opened if we left the venue.  But I didn’t even think about my phone, so it made the show more special.  Out of all the crappy music I listened to in high school the Misfits have been the only good band I still love to this day.  Great fast songs to sing along to live.  Among my souvenirs I got a shirt, a signed posted (from Danzig and Only) and a nice message written on my car from some classy Misfits fans.


[ENG] 171212 PENTORY Ep. 34 (‘RUNAWAY’ First Week Behind Part 1)

Credits: United CUBE / tentastic family