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The Signs as Underrated Lush Products

Aries: Toothy Tabs

Little tablets that keep your mouth uber refreshed, and teeth white. Long lasting flavor.

Cancer: Henna

All-natural hair dyes in the form of solid bars that give amazing color to your hair without the harsh chemicals.

Taurus: Body Conditioners

Natural butters and oils that immediately give you very soft and nicely fragmented skin. It really helps with dry patches that can be bothersome.

Gemini: Shower Smoothies

These cleansers keep you feeling fresh and conditioned. The light scents aren’t over-bearing like some, and also help with dry patches of skin.

Leo: Body Tints

Rich body bars that give you a hint of color anywhere you’d like. Usually used on arms and legs. Lots of shimmer too.

Virgo: Fresh Face Masks

These masks leave your face feeling refreshed, cleansed and moisturized all in one. The ingredients are very natural so you’re not putting damaging chemicals on your skin.

Libra: Toners

Fragrant flowery bars that leave skin looking brighter and cleaner after use, the results take action very fast and it’s very effective.

Scorpio: Lip Scrubs

These scrubs make your lips smoother and softer than ever. I find that they work for chapped lips too. Adds a little bit of a tint which is nice.

Sagittarius: Lip Balms/Tints

Balms that keep your lips soft, hydrated, and colored for a long period of time?! There are none like Lush’s. They last for nice amounts of time; don’t have to keep reapplying constantly over the day.

Capricorn: Color Supplements

Have patchy skin? Not a problem with these foundations. They even out skin tone so nicely and it looks so natural when applied! It doesn’t clog pores at all and feels very light.

Aquarius: Shower Jellies

Fun, squishy, cleansing, and refreshing shower jell that smells very nice and always leaves you with a fresh, cleansed feeling. It doesn’t feel heavy and isn’t heavy on the scent.

Pisces: Cream Eyeshadows

Amazingly pigmented shadows that stay on all day and blends so easily. Unlike most cream shadows, these feel so light you can’t tell you’re wearing it!

Lance: *storms up to keith, face covered in glitter*
Lance: Keith, what the hell
Keith: *laughs*
Keith: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Kogane
Keith: *finger guns towards the camera*
Keith: Twinkle, twinkle, big star
Lance: Keith! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell

If you think bonnets aren’t sexy or you can’t wake up to a girl who wears one, I’m not for you because ain’t no way Ima mess up all this moisture infused in these curls for nobody ugly ass son/daughter

cold weather survival tips so y’all can start the new year with soft glowy skin

I posted a list of beauty tips for hot weather on my old blog at the beginning of the summer and it went over really well, so I thought I’d do a cold weather version now that we’re in peak chapped-lips-and-cracked-hands season.

  • Do yourself a favor by going to the nearest drugstore and buying the biggest tub of Vaseline/petroleum jelly you can find. 90% of Dry Skin Problems™ can be solved by slapping some Vaseline on there. 
  • Seriously. Chapped lips? Use Vaseline as a lip balm. Dry, cracked heels? Slather those feetsies with Vaseline right before you go to bed (just put socks on to keep from getting your sheets all sticky) for an overnight moisturizing treatment. (You can do the same thing on your hands if they’re dry and cracked!) I’ve even used Vaseline to fix severe dry patches on my face and neck. This stuff is a lifesaver. 
  • (You might also wanna get one of those tiny mini tubs to keep in your jacket pocket or in your bag, so you’ll always have it on you. It works way better than lip balm and is the only thing that can keep my lips from cracking and bleeding all winter long.)
  • While you’re at the store, it’s a good idea to invest in a good lotion. Most scented lotions (especially Bath & Body Works brand) actually make my dry skin worse because of the perfume in them, so you might want to look into an unscented formula. Try to avoid formulas that contain alcohol (which is sometimes used to make the lotion absorb faster) because they’ll dry you out worse than before. 
  • I always recommend using lotions and moisturizers made for sensitive skin even if your skin isn’t actually sensitive, because they don’t have as many harsh ingredients that might draw moisture out of your skin! Looking for formulas with all-natural ingredients (like Burt’s Bees and Yes To) is another good way to avoid heavy chemicals.
  • Replace your makeup remover with olive oil. It melts makeup right off, and you don’t have to scrub at your face like you do with a lot of makeup removers. It’s also super hydrating and makes my skin feel SO SOFT after I use it. (Just be sure to wash it off with a cleanser before you go to bed.) A lot of people use coconut oil the same way, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t speak for how well it works compared to olive oil. 
  • If your foundation sticks really noticeably to the dry patches on your face, a good hydrating makeup primer can help a lot. e.l.f. has really good, really cheap primers that I swear by, and they even have one specifically made for dry skin! (And you can find them at Walmart and most drugstores, so you can swing by and pick it up while you’re getting your groceries.)
  • Avoid “matte” or “mattifying” foundation formulas in general if your skin is really dry, because they’ll just make your dry patches more noticeable. Use a “satin finish” or “dewy finish” foundation instead, and if you want to make it look more matte you can always set it with a powder to take away the shine! 
  • If your lips are really dry and scaly, the best thing to do is just exfoliate the dead skin away. You can make your own lip scrub really easily by mixing sugar with either olive oil or honey, and just rub it on your lips to buff off the dry skin. Be sure to follow with Vaseline or a good lip balm!
  • As a matter of fact, you should really be exfoliating your entire face once or twice a week, especially if you have really dry skin. You can buy exfoliating scrubs at the store for a few bucks or make your own. (My favorite is a homemade scrub with 1 tablespoon of cooled green tea, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a few drops of tea tree oil. It makes my skin soooo soft and helps fade my acne scars.)
  • Consider replacing your moisturizer with a face-safe oil like jojoba or rosehip at night. (I wouldn’t recommend using olive oil or coconut oil for this though, because they’re a little too heavy.) I started using rosehip oil every night to help with the scarring on my face, and it makes my skin feel so good. It doesn’t absorb right away, so it’s almost like sleeping in a face mask every night, and you wake up with a baby-soft face. This is the first winter I haven’t had really dry patches on my face, and I think using facial oils has a lot to do with it.
  • If your lipstick is drying out your lips, use a very light layer of Vaseline as a lip primer! This also makes the lipstick go on smoother – I’ve been using this trick for chalky/streaky lipsticks for years. (I told you, Vaseline is a lifesaver.)
  • I know everyone on tumblr is always saying this, but it really is important; you gotta stay hydrated. Drink water. (Drinks like soda actually dehydrate you, so it really does have to be water.) If your skin is just feeling a little dryer than usual, it could be because you just aren’t getting enough water. Increasing your water intake is a really easy, completely free way to help your skin out. 
  • And fyi, these tips aren’t just for girls! If you’re a guy with dry skin, feel free to use any and all of the things I talked about in this post! Taking care of your body is gender neutral and everybody deserves to have nice skin. 

Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, is a tiny church - and the main attraction - in Urbania, a lively medieval town located in central Italy. In the cemetery, eighteen mummies are standing in individual glass cases that have been on display behind the altar since 1833. These corpses have been naturally mummified by the presence of a special mold that sucked all of the moisture out of the bodies


“For beautiful pressed flowers, gather clean flowers free of spots or blemishes. Try collecting them on a sunny day when they are not wet from rain or dew.

Place the flower face down in a telephone book lined with parchment paper.

Close the book, weigh it down, and leave undisturbed for seven to 10 days. You will want to check to make sure all the moisture is gone and your flower is papery.”

800% of my feelings about tatooine are either about 1) how many generations away from slavery everyone is and the way that shapes the social fabric of the planet, and 2) the fact that it’s basically a mob boss-ruled hellscape where water worth more than imperial credits and jabba regularly demands a share of all moisture harvests for “protection”

……..oh, and also the fact that underneath the slavery, economic oppression, and anarchic violence, is a deep current of mysticism as enduring and ancient as the desert

  • Taako: [storms up to Carey, face covered in glitter]
  • Taako: Carey, what the hell?!
  • Carey: *laughs*
  • Carey: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Fangbattle.
  • Carey: *finger guns towards the camera*
  • Carey: Twinkle, twinkle, big star.
  • Taako: Carey! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell?!

669: Magic (Mystery Skulls)

This one was a super quickie, but a sort of siren vampire hybrid living in SoHo that not only drains blood, but all moisture from the body, lamprey sorta mouth that I do not think you’d like me to draw open aha.

Requested by Anonymous

Mystery Skulls Always Has Such A Boppin Beat To It. LETS BOOGIE

i actually disagree with the stereotype that earth signs have no feelings

yes, while earth signs are one of the most *logical* signs of the zodiac, and do tend to analyse their emotions logically, i believe they still feel them very strongly

i mean, think about the earth: while you can come across some very hard ground, soil and earth in general has the potential to soak all the water and moisture around them to become very soft, breakable and malleable

and often, in life and in literature, you’ll have a lot of moments where people just walk along the ground barefoot, feel and hold the earth

earth signs are like that; they will feel all the emotions around them and literally soak them up, however their mind acts like a filter and processes every one of their emotions because they need to understand what’s going on

plus, earth signs like to serve, fix and nurture/look after; they like to help and do something for the people around them- they cannot do this unless they empathise with people, their surroundings and what they need, because you cannot help, nurture or understand someone without connecting with them on a certain emotional level

it is true that earth signs find it harder to show emotion, and generally prefer no to mostly because it’s one of the hardest things for them to make sense of and logically organise, and to them, that’s a weakness because they don’t understand it as well as they do other things and because it’s so illogical, but they definitely feel emotions quite intensely because they care

this especially goes for earth moons; earth moons like to understand people, help them and look after them, and they often stringy empathise with other people in order to do so- yes they are still very logical about emotions, but they feel them as nonetheless 

unlike air signs, earth signs don’t detach from their emotions, they try to understand them but since emotions are generally quite illogical, it makes it unlikely and hard for them to express emotions, until they learn how to



noun | kiln | kiln

An oven or furnace capable of holding hot fires and maintaining the heat necessary to drive nearly all moisture out of something heated in its interior.

In art, kilns are used to fire clay and porcelain pieces to their hardened final states in what is known as the bisque firing. Next, a glaze firing is used to affix decorative glazes. Due to the extremely high temperatures needed to successfully fire either of these processes, they would not be possible without a kiln.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

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Fave Glossier products?? Also have you tried Milk makeup?✨

I luvvv everything by glossier! There isn’t anything i dont like tbh but my favs are boy brow, skin tint, original bomb dot com, & haloscope in moonstone 💕& I haven’t tried Milk makeup but I really want to!! My heart would be complete if glossier & milk makeup did a collab ohmygod


April 16th, 2015

Okay, I have been using this product for about a month now and I must say it is the BEST moisturizer for oily skin! I have used other mattening moisturizers in the past that have not worked, but this keeps my face matte for a good six hours straight.

I just apply it under my makeup, but one thing I do have to say is that this product is SO mattening, makeup doesn’t spread well over it. I have to apply a primer or my Baby Lips Pore Eraser over top just to lube it up a little ahah.

It’s the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion from The Body Shop. I bought the 50ML squeeze tube for $10 plus tax, and it just smells amazing. Like a very strong, natural, tree bark or pine leaves.

Air plants.

I like mounting them naturalistically, and generously water every day. This way, the plants enjoy “all-you-can-drink” moisture, and the excess water can simply drain down from the leaves, preventing crown rot.

Also, I figure whatever nutrients get suspended in the water from the log on which they’re mounted serve as fertilizer. I spray them with orchid foliar fertilizer about once every 3 weeks.

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what are a few things teenagers should do to avoid adult wrinkles and acne (like not wear makeup? or eat healthy, what really defines healthy eating though..?)

First, recognize that wrinkles are a natural part of aging and are inevitable. You’re not going to be able to avoid all wrinkles, but you can minimize the amount you have later in life and put them off a little. 

How to Reduce Wrinkles

  • Get adequate sleep. We’re talking 8 hours a night here. Also, sleep on your back.
  • Eat fruits & vegetables. Great for anti-oxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin B, but also just good for you in general.
  • Eat fish. It’s great for protein and Omega-3.
  • MOISTURIZE. I know I say this all the time, but moisturizing is so important for skin care.
  • Sunscreen. So important.
  • Likewise, wear sunglasses. They’ll protect your eyes, but also help reduce squinting (which leads to crow’s feet).
  • Use a topical Vitamin C. It helps protect your skin from sun damage and increase collagen production.

How to Prevent Acne

  • Wash your face regularly with a mild facial cleanser and warm (not hot) water.
  • Don’t over-wash your face. Twice a day is enough. If you have particularly sensitive skin, wash once a day, then simply rinse it later in the day.
  • Avoid using loofahs, rough cloths, or even exfoliating soaps (okay once in a while, but don’t make them your primary product) as they will irritate the skin.
  • Sunscreen. Again, so important.
    Eat fruits & vegetables.
  • Use an acne product. Look for the ones with salicylic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or glycol acid. But use it once a day to start and don’t use it all the time if you have sensitive or dry skin. You should also limit your time in the sun, because some of these products react badly with sun and can harm your skin.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoiding touching your face.
  • Change your pillowcase at least once a week. If you have really bad acne, change it nightly. Buy a ton of cheap ones at Goodwill so you can get between laundry days easily.

Notice that a lot of those are on both lists? That’s the best place to start and care for your skin at any stage of life.


I was very nervous. I was very, very nervous. We had been doing the show, but out of context like that, it’s a little terrifying to just be thrust onto that stage in front of tens of people, however many people watch the Tonys, but I was really scared. And then the song started, and I was like, ‘this is gonna be fine’ and then all the moisture left my mouth.

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I am 18 years old pls tell me how to take care of my skin

Wash your face and cleanse day and night, always remove all your makeup at the end of the day. Use a primer because the primer will help stop foundation sinking in to you skin and pores, exfoliate twice a week max for smooth skin & it gets rid of all the dry/dead skin :) moisture if you like to:) beauty/hydration oils are also good for the skin! Also the main thing is drink as much water every day as you can, like water is the key for clear skin 💖

everyone thinks tokyo is so cool and easy to visit

But do not come here in winter
This place is so fucking windy in winter I don’t understand it!

It’s like tokyo exists in a wind vortex for 4 months solid, then all of a sudden it’s spring/hanami time and people venture outside again and get drunk to celebrate surviving the windpocalypse.

It. Is. so. WINDY. in tokyo. In winter. Whyyyyyy?!