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[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary

dan and phil on the 'creating a community' panel at playlist live 2017: a summary



could they literally be sitting any closer together i think not

dan asks the crowd how they are

dan and phil are the only ones that have spoken so far why is everyone else rude

phil again shifts closer to dan

julien and phil bonded over hamsters backstage

dan and phil are by far the most charismatic why is everyone else so sad

– the lag is fucking ridiculous i’m so sorry if i miss anything –

– the stream has broken –

– the stream is EVENTUALLY back –

dan says the cat whiskers are really bad for pores

phil is speaking about people making friends because of his and dan’s videos and fandoms are a reason for people being artistic

“i was a sad lonely teenager” - dan

dan calls phil out on being in the buffy fandom when he was younger

dans crossy legs i love it

i can’t get over his shirt it’s beautiful

and phil’s bomber jacket suits him so well i’m gonna cry

dan is so engaged in this panel he’s so intently listening to everyone else

“shoutout to the mums” dan says with a wink, “… and the dads”

“that is a good cube” - dan

dan snorts at the host calling creators ‘talent’

“you have responsibility now” dan says as a fan catches the microphone

“wow cool!” dan says as a fan reveals they’re from new zealand

phil says julien and jenna’s hamster looks like an anime hamster (“we all wish we were as beautiful as that hamster, it’s so perfect” - dan)

wow tom roasts phil for being on youtube for so long

when tom passed phil in subscribers in like 2008 he posted on phil’s channel saying 'suck it phil’ (“that’s why i avoided you for three years… kidding” - phil)

phil speaking about people being inspired by his videos is so cute i love him

dan and phil do sound effects as the cube microphone is thrown

– more lag ugh playlist please sort out your shitty wifi i have people depending on me to summarise

dan and phil lean in close to one another to talk as the microphone is thrown

fan: well for dan we all know what inspired him (dan doesn’t argue but does 'that’ face) but phil is there a moment or something that inspired you??

– i’ve switched to a periscope because the main stream kept freezing i’m sorry i’ve missed phil’s answer :( –

dan is doing a lil foot wiggle

this periscope isn’t lagging half as bad tho thanks to the streamer

dan takes the piss out of the sponsor

dan is speaking about the bristol book signing and an emotional mum and the impact his and phil’s videos had on her kids after a shitty year and it’s really stuck with him when he doubts the quality of his content i’m nearly crying he’s so humble

phil fixes his fringe


dan’s reaction to the bird is priceless

the host says sad mum is back in bird form…..

dan is embarrassed i think lmao

a bird has met my faves before me like the bird doesn’t even want to fucking be there

dan waved to the bird he’s so cute

dan keeps looking into the audience as people laugh

this panel is so nice and wholesome i love it

the host asked dan if he wanted to throw the microphone and he said “haha no”

dan waves to the fan with the microphone

dan says kanye would be a terrible present (“he’d be terrible and i’m a kanye fan”)

dan is sad that the sad mum was the best part of his career and it’s now a meme

phil calls himself a nerd

dan and tom discuss oldschool tumblr

dan’s favourite colour is black - “is that a colour or just the absence of colour?”

the cube mic has gone

phil likes “a greeny blue” or green and blue i can’t tell which he said

phil is still just smiling

dan is laughing at something

phil prefers twitter for communicating over all other social media

it’s gradually ending

“believe in yourselves, stay hydrated” - dan

they thank everyone for coming out

dan waves goodbye

the lights are out

it’s over :(

If Team Avatar + a few others had Tumblr blogs
  • Aang: Makes enthusiastic and encouraging text posts all the time, replies to posts from his fans, posts and reblogs stuff about airbending culture, reblogs everything his friends post.
  • Katara: Lots of feminism, reblogs aesthetic pictures of the ocean.
  • Sokka: Memes, terrible puns, and food porn. Constantly makes his own posts with terrible puns or jokes and they usually only get 3 notes.
  • Toph: Empty blog with default theme, title is "Toph" and the only post says "I'm blind."
  • Suki: Aesthetic blog, reblogs every text post Sokka makes and adds a supportive comment.
  • Zuko: Blog title is "Welcome to my Twisted Mind", mostly has read more vents and complaining.
  • Azula: Posts selfies of herself every day and blocks any of her followers who don't reblog them. Always reblogs Zuko's vent posts tagged "do not reblog" and teases him.
  • Iroh: Doesn't have a Tumblr, instead has a Facebook and mostly makes encouraging messages that he tags Zuko in.

pluto-support  asked:

Do you have any tumblr headcanons for the ipliers? (Who would run an emo fan blog, etc)

Sure! Let’s see…

Wilford - Would probably have something pink and circus like for his theme, uses it primarily to promote his show and will reblog ANYTHING related to it, also reblogs stuff on gossip with celebrities, he was probably the first to get one and the one to push for others to get them

Dark - Uses primarily black with red and blue accenting things for his theme, he rarely uses it but when he does it’s to reblog aaall that emo brooding stuff (he’s the emo blog) and to post a call out for either the Ipliers or Mark, was the last one to get one and tried desperately to hide it, lowkey has a side blog that’s about cryptids and conspiracies, has managed to keep it a secret from everyone

Google(s) - Has a blue, red, green, and yellow plain theme, they get asked the most questions out of everyone and it’s used as a lesser source of information (like keeping tabs on the community and if Mark posts anything), the Google to use it the most would be Oliver since he enjoys interacting with people the most

The Host - Uses tan and gold for colors while also making it look like reading an ancient scroll, uses it the most out of everyone, posts his own original works while also writing fan fictions, likes to reblog all that author aesthetic stuff and others stories/fanfics, has a a few side blogs dedicated to different things, mutuals with Bim Trimmer

Dr. Iplier - Uses white and has an overall plain looking theme, surprisingly fairly gross since he likes to reblog a lot of things relating to anything medical (like someone talking about a cut that got infected and going into detail about it) but also reblogs gifs from hospital shows like Greys Anatomy and House, is a proud member of the medical side of Tumblr, has a side blog dedicated to his hospital aesthetics

Edd Edgar - He’s that blog we never speak about because it’s high key frightening since all he does with it is post/reblog photos of baby’s and puts different prices

Silver Shepherd - A super hero theme, likes to reblog things relating to him and superheroes in general, most people know he’s the actual Silver Shepherd and he terribly tries to prove them wrong, has become a meme unintentionally

Bim Trimmer - Has Matthias as his theme, it’s basically a blog dedicated to Matthias and how much he loves him while also promoting his show too, loves to post selfies of himself, him and Host are mutuals and like to show support for each other, he’s a close second to Host on usage

Bingiplier - Tries to have the most radical theme of them all but it looks more like a meme if anything, also holy crap the M E M E S on his blog, likes to ask the Googles joke questions via anon, has a side blog for his skateboarding

Yandere - Super cutesy pink aesthetic, posts selfies of themselves and a lot of Jacksepticeye strangely, most of them are ones he really shouldn’t have like Jack sleeping or one at an angle like he’s trying to hide, similarly to Bim his blog is dedicated to Jack, aside from Jack they also reblog a lot of gifs on animes, lowkey their blog is kind of frightening

Holy freaking cow I think I got them all but damn there’s a lot of Ipliers @.@ Thanks for the question tho!! :D

  • Is Disney still looking for actors for Aladdin? I might not be Jasmine, but I'd make a good carpet considering everyone walks all over me.

anonymous asked:

31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

HOOO BOY, I know just who to pick too. Cirillia. honestly her blog would have A. a terrible layout with one of those cursors that emits sparkles and it would immediate play music- but bad music probably. Like a playlist of all the slam jam mashups. B. it would all be shit posts, trash memes and porn. Just like a terrible mix of things. Not a quality post to be found. C. She probably still has a myspace.

dont follow her, dont give her more power

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be brutally honest here. I really want to befriend you but I'm so antisocial and I just got into Eddsworld. I don't really communicate to people on tumblr, I just view art, memes, and keep to my self. You seem so nice but I'm just a fetus 16 year old in high school while you're a god talented 21 yr old artist o_O yeEt. Also, I really love how you draw pictures for asks. They make me feel happy that you went out of your way to make something c: -from first livestream anon & other ask

first of all i really appreciate the kind words, thank u so much.. i’m glad that my dumb doodles are appreciated flklh.
but honestly i’m terrible at interacting with people. i keep to myself a lot and i’m actually way different one on one than i am on this blog.
don’t worry much about trying to talk to me because i promise i’m a loser and you’re not missing out on anything lol..

Okay Quick PSA!

So I’ve been seeing some really terrible things that people have been saying about Manchester and I wanted to say that my heart goes out to all the people there and ones who lost loved ones! It’s insane how someone could do such a thing. ❤️ That being said, I’ve been seeing people posting memes and poking fun at the victims and saying disgusting shit, which needs to stop. Like I’m all for dark humor, but people lost their lives and people lost their family members. It’s really not funny at all. Some of those people might be on tumblr and I doubt they’d appreciate seeing that. I saw a special someone who follows me reblog one of the memes and post “I hope they died anyways”, she knows who she is. She thought it was funny to make fun of deceased people, but it wasn’t funny when I messaged her about it. Honestly, if I see anyone poking fun at it, it’s resulting in blocking. Please don’t reblog those things or poke fun at the victims.

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The 100 on Tumblr

Clarke Griffin: lots of social justice/awareness articles, LGBT/bi pride, other people’s artwork, photos of her sketchbook, positive quotes about moving on/recovery, model shots of attractive people (male and female)photos from long walks in the forest, very few but very organised tags #art, #photos, #text

Raven Reyes: self-positivity, female empowerment/feminism, photos of space, tons of selfies (both hers and other people’s, which always have tags like ’YAAS SLAY’), photosets of crowns/royal figures with the tag #me, answering people’s asks about sciency stuff and tagging Monty or Jasper when it’s not her department, vines of people singing in their cars

Bellamy Blake: photos of ancient ruins, aesthetic posts for ancient deities, long-winded responses to other people’s posts where he gently corrects their historical inaccuracies, Clarke’s artwork with tags like #looks great, Octavia’s rants with #get off Tumblr #I didn’t raise you to swear like that

Octavia Blake: horses, nature, fitspo, motivational quotes overlaid on a sunset like ‘live every day like it’s your last’, photos of Lincoln asleep, workout videos, angry all-caps comments on posts made by creepy fuckboys/ignorant assholes, sends Monty and Jasper anons saying things like ’hope you’re okay! :)’ but neither of them know it’s her

Jasper Jordan: videos of chemical explosions, gifsets of TV shows he’s never even seen, terrible 2009-era memes, the exact same cat video at least once a week, always says he’ll answer that ask Raven got sent but never gets round to it, literally no tags whatsoever, just puts ‘LMAO’ at the bottom of everything

Monty Green: mainly replies to Raven’s science questions in painstaking detail, Pokemon, 90s anime, tagging Jasper with inside jokes, obscure engineering jokes, always reblogs everyone’s selfies with the tag #my friends, mindfulness/relaxation posts, quotes about family and friendship, a very precise and meticulous tagging system

John Murphy: almost never posts anything (prefers just to scroll and look), sometimes writes vague statuses like ’i am very tired’, black and white photographs, 14-year-old-emo quotes and photosets (’welcome to my twisted mind’), the occasional nice plant, quietly likes Bellamy’s history posts and once sent Clarke an anon saying ‘good art’


guys i know i haven’t been on tumblr much (or at all- im more active on twitter) so here are some real life updates


2) I’M A CONFIRMED STAFF!! HURRAH FOR MEDICAL BENEFITS!!! Supervisors are pleased with my work ethic, less pleased with my tendency to zone out during meetings.  

3) Instead of copywriting for 2 brands I’m now only doing 1, because my supervisors feel it would give me more focus. They made sure to say its not because they think I’m doing a terrible job. I love how they can read my mind sometime BUT ANYWAYS THEY SAY I’M A POSITIVE PERSON WHO ADAPTS WELL. so yeah, i just get told to do more homework.

4) homework means reading tons of magazines and looking at ads and basically understanding why some ads work and some don’t. BASICALLY SHIT I DIDNT LEARN IN UNI AT ALL. WOOP WOOP.


6) recently discovered shopping site Qoo10. bought THINGS.

7) face has constantly been breaking out cos of work. HOW DO PPL HANDLE WORK FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. i have worked for 3 months and it feels like i’ve worked for 3 years. 

aimeereadsalot  asked:

4, 7, 37, and 48 :)

4. Video games I play to chill, not to win? 

I don’t play video games at all. I’m terrible at them. 

7. Writer I trust enough to read whatever they write? 

Markus Zusak and Haruki Murakami 

37. Favorite TV show as a kid?

So I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid - Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Oh, also the Power Rangers lol

48. Top 5 blogs on Tumblr that I follow?

Man, only 5? I can’t pick just 5!! 

Yours, of course @aimeereadsalot , @thepaige-turner, @dukeofbookingham, @ickle-ronniekins, @magic-in-every-book, @freckles-and-books, @thelibraryofmars, @intoxicatingstories, @clockworkbibliophile, @rainydayscoffeeandbooks , and a LOT more!



wow so i have been MIA for literally 5eva idrk why (i think cause i started uni and decided i wanted to spend less time on tumblr and more in life (it’s not fully that but it also is))(look i’m back with being terrible at expressing myself and relying on excessive brackets) anyway the point is i am here now (but not back now) idk i didn’t really bring all of this to a close so i wanted to maybe hang out for a little bit longer/say goodbye/maybe rearrange my blog to something new (i could post my weird art who knows…) 

the point is i might be no longer on tumblr soon but i missed being a spectator to the random parts of your lives ya’ll shared with me and so i am resurfacing to figure out my life (well resurfacing soon i am currently heading into exams tomorrow so maybe after that cause i get a month off)(ver-i excited) 

also you probably didn’t want these disjointed and not fully fledged thoughts, but i thought you deserved an explanation on why i didn’t answer/respond/do anything for literally two months or whatever

i got tagged by @rsasai (eeee) to talk about my current WIPs!

i meant to do this last night but i didn’t check tumblr until past my bedtime and i was so tired that honestly i would’ve just posted a gif and moved on:

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so i had these all nicely written up on my whiteboard but then the glue holding the magnets on stopped working and now i don’t have a whiteboard anymore. you had one job, daiso, one job

so anyway! i’m super terribly bad at updating my WIPs because i get easily distracted and hey what’s that over there, ooh, shiny-

i have two sequels to published one-shots that i’ve been working on. you know, slowly. like, really slowly like i haven’t even opened the file for months and quietly because i don’t want anyone to expect them. so those will be fun! eventually. before i’m dead. probably. i’m hoping.

(no, all kidding aside: i start university next week and once i settle into my new and horrible schedule i plan to set a day or two aside to only work on my pile of WIPs and NOTHING NEW UNTIL STUFF IS FINISHED)

so in order from holy fuck people have been waiting months for this i’m trash and i’m sorry to it’s okay i only posted that a couple weeks ago EVERYTHING IS FINE (nothing is fine):

12 years of christmas: which is 100% outlined i just have to write it. which is the hardest part, like always. MAYBE I’LL FINISH IT IN TIME FOR XMAS 2017 (that’s my tentative goal, honestly, i’m halfway done but i got distracted. whoops)

right into the bliss: this is like, my baby and i love it? a lot? like so fucking much? but i’m kind of stuck (making things up as you go isn’t great) and i’m annoyed at myself for it. but hopefully i’ll get something done by the end of the year! (do you see the trend yet? yes, it’s a trend) anyway. it’ll end in happiness and awesomeness and i’m super excited to get there except i have to get there

third time’s the charm: this was super popular and i didn’t expect it and i kinda wanted to write more and then people were all “YES PLEASE DO” so, ONCE AGAIN at some point before the new year i want to throw out two new chapters and call it done. because then it’d match its title and that’s cute!

a taste of honey: every time i think about how i have to write a chapter for this my face gets stuck like :D for about ten minutes. SUPER EXCITED because promno (that’s prompto/dino) is my lowkey otp. and @yodepalma is hands-down my favourite person to write with (okay i have a small sample size but LISTEN she ships dino with everyone like me and it’s the best. she’s the best. ❤)

glitter & gold: honestly i’m not even sure what the hell i wrote last time i worked on this but i’m pretty sure that my next due chapter is smut (since i’ve been alternating fluff/smut each chapter) and my smut skills got rusty. oops? i’ve also potentially got a smutty side story that i might tie into this, but i’m not sure. WE’LL SEE. eventually. maybe. before next year. hopefully.

saw you drown: i have three more parts i want to write for this, like, really want to write, i’ve just been really busy with pair weeks and then school stuff. if someone held a gun to my head and told me to work on one of my WIPs right now, i’d pick this one, so we’ll see what happens. eventually. but in the meantime, hey! you could always watch some paint dry because that’s 1000% faster than i am ahaha fuck

magnets caught in a metal heart: this should be easy, i only split it because i’d written about half my outline when i went “shit this is long and i better throw it up before the (writing) day ends.” so finishing this shouldn’t take me long, i just have to do it! (guess who might have ADHD and is fucking terrible at ~just doing things~? that’s right, it’s me!)

in the mood for dancing: third second verse, same as the first. (basically same as magnets, too much outline, not enough time to write it. shouldn’t be too bad. in theory. theory.)

i’ve also dusted off a little something sweet and special for the Promnis Big Bang, but, well, that’s a while away and my lips are sealed~

(also none of this is counting the various things i’ve got half-written or half-planned and really want to write, but DON’T WORRY i’ve got way too many of those as well)

anyway! i’m terrible at tagging people but consider this an open invitation to anyone interested, i love hearing about WIPs

also here’s a bonus gif that came up in my search that is a pretty accurate representation of how i write half the time:

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•  NAME: Lilianna
•  PRONOUNS:   she/her
•  SEXUALITY:   heterosexual
•  TAKEN OR SINGLE:   single


1. I want to start bullet journaling, but I am so bad at doing artistic things
2. I’m pretty sure that listening to music takes up 4/5 of my day, but it’s literally the same songs every day
3. I want to get really into roller skating because it’s good exercise and it looks like fun 


•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Like 8ish years?
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  Tumblr, email,
•   BEST EXPERIENCE:  My whole time I’ve been on Tumblr


•   FEMALE OR MALE:  Don’t have a preference
•   PLOTS OR MEMES: I love both! I’m terrible at plotting, but I love doing it, and memes are a great way to get things started between muses.
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Both, but the longer the reply, the longer it takes me to respond.
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE:  Just whenever I have the inspo. 
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Yes, because, like them, I am terrible.

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i’m taking recovery one day at a time right now but i think re-establishing my tumblr and using it as a sort of support network is a very good idea, because a lot of what spurred my last episode into being so terrible was a kind of self-imposed isolation that strained all my relationships and was just generally v bad, because i’m naturally a very lonely-feeling person anyway, so i think forcing myself back into at least somewhat putting energy into my relationships with other people is a good thing


Repost and…

  • Bold yes or no
  • If yes, fill in after it what sort of posts your muse’s followers could expect
  • Feel free to add URL headcanons, as well as social media I forgot
  • Tag your friends!

Tumblr (y / n): If he’s on social media it’s likely on his phone, which is not all that new, and tumblr’s app is terrible

Instagram (y / n): He doesn’t have much interest in posting pics for the world to see…? I also don’t fully know what instagram does

Facebook (y / n): Facebook is ideal for keeping up with people you know irl, which is what Xane cares about. His profile pic/cover photo/etc are probably references to memes but he doesn’t post that often

Twitter (y / n): Ideal social media platform. Everything is concise, he can get news and such pretty easily, he can post puns whenever he wants, it’s acceptable to have @local_dragon as his username, what’s not to like

Pinterest (y / n): I don’t know what pinterest is for tbqh but browsing anything for long periods of time is not really his jam

Youtube or Twitch (y / n): Who doesn’t have an old youtube account with videos of stupid stuff you did when you were 13 on it. He doesn’t game enough for twitch tho, and again, he doesn’t spend a ton of time watching things online

                                           Others (bold if apply):

Snapchat || MySpace || Reddit || 4Chan || Discord || Skype || Uses Dark Web

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I just want one Ramadan. Just one. Where people can mind their own business and focus on themselves. It’s annoying because then I’m put into a position of being a referee for a game, I never wanted to watch, let alone adjudicate.

You need to focus on yourself, and not in this new-age, I have a Buddha statute and t-shirt because I like to exploit other cultures while I do yoga and then laugh at Indian people type of focus on yourself, I mean, you need to figure out you.

When people ask me about “is this haram” or “is that halal” or whatever, I think before you can ask that question, you need to know yourself. (Cue people who are like “but LYk OsAmAAZ, isn’t JOINing a MonGoL hOrDe and RaiDing the TanG DyNasTy HARAM?!” Sure, why not, yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here cupcake.)

So, knowing yourself.

Peanut butter isn’t haram. (This is where someone goes “UMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm actually, peanut butter is made when companies eat bacon and then say peanut, so it’s like… not halal)

Okay, peanut butter is not haram.

But let’s say you have a peanut allergy. A severe one, not like those people who are lactose intolerant, and then you’re like “oh my gosh, sorry about serving you ice cream, I didn’t know!” but then they’re like “oh, hahahaha, I’ll eat it anyway,” and then they make a crass reference to the flatulence they will bestow upon you, while making eye contact that goes beyond the normal amount when sharing that sort of information.

Okay, so let’s say you have a peanut allergy. Peanut butter, which is not haram, becomes haram to you.

In order to understand the rules of Islam, to understand how they work, to understand how they impact you, you need to understand your self. But we don’t do that.

We know what hurts us, but we don’t take the time to ask, why are we doing certain behaviors, what are the behaviors that we do that hurt others, or make me do activities that I don’t want to do anymore–or am giving up during Ramadan.

Maybe you’re saying “ummmmmMMMMMMMMMM Osama… like… I totally overthink everything I do, have you seen the depressing memes on my tumblr?”

No, I haven’t seen your tumblr, but yes, I know that jokes about your life being terrible are hilarious and I’m sure the Spongebob reference that you scream about (that I don’t understand because I’ve never watched the show [yes, yes, wow I’m so terrible, it’s a TV show people, and I grew up in India, show some sensitivity]) and thus you think you know yourself.

But dig deeper. We all (look at the pronoun, “we,” folks) have “blind spots” about ourselves. So take the time to explore that. To open yourself to that. To don’t open up to your insecurities to beat yourself up, but to understand why God told us to do certain things in The Qur’an, The Holy and Venerable Qur’an which was bestowed upon us this month.

Insha Allah, we’ll do this together, and therefore–with God’s Grace–become better, together.