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I just realized all of Richelle Mead’s couples in VA and Bloodlines are forbidden romances...

The Teacher and the Student: Romitri

The Popular Girl and The Outcast: Dragozera

The Bad Boy and The Good Girl: Sydrian

Cancer - The Crab

Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Ruler: Moon
Exaltation: Jupiter
Phrase: “I care.”
House: 4th
Body parts: Breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, lower ribs, womb and pancreas.
Water Trine: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Cardinal Square: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Opposition: Capricorn
Positive traits: Caring, Romantic, Maternal
Negative traits: Panic-stricken, Overly-sensitive, Clingy
Quote: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” - Margaret Mead


rosemarie hathaway 

In spite of everything that’s happened, I’ve never thought of myself that way. Being a victim means being powerless. That you won’t take action. Always, always I’ve done something to fight for myself for others. No matter what.

My adventures in mead making are beginning to diversify.
I’ve got 1 gallon of orange blossom mead that’s going to be an orange spiced mead (top right), the others are all a clover mead base including blueberry (top left), orange/ blood orange (middle left), and plain clover(bottom left) to top off the others when it’s time to separate them from the fruit.
On the right we have strawberry (2nd from top on right), black berry (3rd from the top on the right), and combination apple, cinnamon, and vanilla (bottom right).
I added all these flavors in secondary to try out for the first time. If i like them ill probably try doing a batch with some of the flavors introduced in primary fermentation. But we’ll have to see in a few weeks how they turn out.



Here are all the books that I picked up FOR FREE during my three week work experience placement at Penguin Random House.

There are THIRTY FIVE in total.

I have absolutely no self control whatsoever.

I’m so sorry. (But not really.)

Except where the fuck am I supposed to put all of them?!?!?


What we’ve learned from living in Poland…

1. Beer is cheaper than water in Poland.
2. You are expected to pay for everything with coins, which makes having the necessary coins almost impossible.
3. Poles are convinced that drinking tap water will kill you.
4. Other everyday dangers include: air conditioning, putting ice in your drink, opening windows (unless you put cotton in your ears first), and eating the ends of bananas.
5. Poles bake cakes, not cookies
6. In the fall, instead of pumpkin-spiced lattes, Poles get excited about hot beer, mulled wine, cider, and mead - all of which are way better than pumpkin-spiced anything.
7. Poland is generally a safe country, except for the football hooligans. And the drunken tourists.
8. Ikea in Poland is the cheapest in the world, especially their hot dogs, which only cost $0.27.
9. Poles often seem distant at first, but once you get to know them, they become the warmest, most hospitable people you know.
10. Polish men have terrible fashion sense, but Polish women have impeccable style and dress to the nines, even if they are just going to the grocery store.
11. Everyone will look at your shoes
12. Every Polish family has at least one member who makes moonshine; and pickling is everyone’s hobby.
13. Jars and high-quality plastic bags are treated like endangered species that must be preserved.
14. Poles have an unnatural love for pigeons and sausage dogs.
15. The only time you get ketchup for free with your meal is when you order pizza.
16. Chivalry is alive and well in Poland, which is to say that playing to traditional gender roles will get you much farther with the opposite sex.
17. Polish women love making eye contact with strangers
18. Proving your love for a Polish lady usually means proving to her family that you can hold your vodka at every get-together.
19. With the exception of jazz, Polish music is mostly terrible.
20. Like most Polish traditions, forcing guests to overeat is something no one enjoys, but everyone does.
21. The government employs dozens of people to do the same job, because, as any of the people in that job will tell you, everything is someone else’s responsibility.
22. Church and State are not separate in Poland. In fact, Catholicism and patriotism are essentially the same thing.
23. People’s last names are often ordinary objects, which results in the people in your life having names like Dr. Spider, Mr. Book, Mrs. Horseradish and so on.
24. Slippers are worn at home year-round, and it’s imperative to keep several pairs for guests.
25. Once anything occurs more than twice, it becomes a permanent and hallowed tradition.
26. Poles generally like Americans, but are suspicious of the ones who willingly choose to live in their country.
27. Poles are extremely sensitive, and foreigners aren’t actually qualified to tell them anything about their home country (no matter how long they’ve lived there)

We invite you to comment below with anything you think should be added to the list, and please watch the video, where we had our friends and family read the list, and recorded their reactions! (via

So new idea for a Mandela effect that we can do next week is for all of us to pretend that 3/20 is a real holiday it’s the holiday for people who are into Mead, it goes off an ancient Viking holiday and we can all decide on what word were gonna make up about that, the holiday was picked up by this old Reddit called r/meadculture which fell apart a while back but now the Mead afficionado community is all on 320chan

Now this seems like a bunch of fake bullshit, but if we all get Mead and drink it on three twenty and talk about all this , it will become real basically or as real as a lot of things are

Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red, who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead.    
   And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade as he told of bold battles and gold he had made.
   But then he went quiet, did Ragnar the Red when he met the shield-maiden Matilda, who said; “Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead; now I think it’s high time that you lie down and bleed!”.
   And so then came clashing and slashing of steel, as the brave lass Matilda charged in, full of zeal.
    And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no moooore when his ugly red head rolled around on the floor!
—  Ragnar the Red -Skyrim

I. The pair of mud puddle eyes covered with thin, ailing eyelids. It is three in the afternoon and there is coffee to be made, news to be spat on, people to speak to.

II. The kitchen window, with the crushed exoskeletons of insects who have met tragic fates all over it.

III. A Mead notebook with a pink plastic cover and several Invader Zim stickers. An old diary. A thousand and one secrets, some in graphite, some in Sharpie (stolen from the junk drawer) , and some in a sparkling gel pen from the library.

IV. A jar of honey from 2013, sitting resilient in the recesses of the cupboard. A glistening, delicious relic of a time so close, but so far away.

V. Your heart, next time she talks to you. You both were friends once, in the days of sack lunches and knee-high socks and picking dandelion bouquets for kids whom you now despise. The problems between you are like the old honey on your shelf. If blatantly ignored, they simply grow more stale. More horrific. More stomach-churning. But if you let them out of the confines of your heart? You’ll make room for something new. Something fresh. Something beautiful.

—  “five things to open”

How about this: the first time the Doctor watched ‘Pretty Woman’ was as Eleven, and it was during one of the times he visited Clara while she was babysitting the Maitland kids.

The kids are upstairs doing their homework, and Clara pulls the grumpy Eleven onto the sofa next to her and forces him to stay with her while she watches the film. He doesn’t pay much attention to what’s happening on the screen because he’s too busy stealing glances at Clara. The song registers, though.

Fast-forward to the medieval stadium scene. Twelve is slightly delirious from the non-stop partying (and all the mead he’s downed). He looks up, sees Clara, and the first thing that pops into that big ol’ Time Lord brain of his is the song from the movie.

And Clara has that goofy look on her face because, well, he remembered.


Video that will change your life. I have no words left…

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have” -Margaret Mead- <3<3<3 xoxoxoxo

“Dovahkiin”. Companion piece for “Nerevarine“.

The stories of the two games are different, the settings are different, and so they demand the heroes to be different (in my case, ahem, not too different, it seems). Dovahkiin is, kinda, a considerably more “hey, let’s drink all the mead and then go fight some horrifying monster!“ type. A more worldly type, too, to me at least. But he has some twists, sure. Any hero does.