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anger management: mars
  • mars in the 1st: i know it doesn't feel like it, but you need to let that anger out, consume you and explode. i would advise you to hit something but then i'm sort of afraid that you'd hit me--at least it's a nice conundrum, i don't see a lot of those, these days. i recommend exercise or sports because you know, two birds with one stone. or you could get drunk and kick people's asses in bar brawls/video games, both would be cathartic, i think.
  • mars in the 2nd: bottle up your emotions, man. and that anger too. and when it reaches a breaking point, burst the entire dam because you're too good at it. but no, really, find a repetitive task that grounds your anger to a center, don't hoard it like dragons hoard gold, as you're wont to do. and make sure it focuses on a rhythm and unleash it using that focus. get it through your thick head: passive aggressiveness is not attractive.
  • mars in the 3rd: i would tell you to punch your sibling but that'd be too drastic. i suggest you write all the words you're dying to scream and curse, the words you're gonna use to tear the world into two, in paper, make an origami of it and flush it down the toilet. that'd feel good, trust me. if not, i'd advise you to talk it out with a person you trust to be objective, look at it from a logical perspective as to why you're angry and methodically decode why it's making you want to annihilate something. you'd feel much calmer afterwards. (or end up reading six books in one day and write vicious reviews on how stupid the characters are--that works too)
  • mars in the 4th: i know this sounds ridiculous, but open the fridge and the tub of your favorite flavor of ice cream, dig into it face first without using a spoon while watching really sad anime. you'd feel much better. or you could take it out on your home, violently redecorate or tear off the curtains. or something. i suggest doing heavy household tasks that'd exhaust you, so when you take a shower and get rid of all that sweat, you feel at least some semblance of calm.
  • mars in the 5th: this sounds terrible and cliche, but use it to be productive. use it in your art to make a statement because it has pissed you off. run that extra mile on track. get the best score on a creative writing course--you get the gist. make sure it helps you shine, not the things/people that made you angry, because trust me, an anger like yours is nothing short of an inferno.
  • mars in the 6th: fuck with your classmates/co-workers. otherwise channel it into helping people with things they can't do themselves/solving their problems while grumbling about how fucking stupid they are. you could also finish household chores and with your exhaustion, calm your anger. i know there's so much you want to say and it makes you feel like you could burst, but channel that anger into mundane tasks to get them done faster, finishing that side project earlier. and the satisfaction will quell that terrible rage, trust me.
  • mars in the 7th: fuck up all your personal relationships and one on one communication and brood like there's no tomorrow, man. other things you could do are: changing your entire wardrobe to spite the person you're angry with, listening to heavy rock metal that somehow speaks to your soul at the moment and go wild on a shopping spree. the tornado in your head won't completely disappear, i know, you passive aggressive fuck, but it'll help, i can assure you that.
  • mars in the 8th: plan hypothetical revenge on your object/person of anger. i know it's not satisfactory unless you back up that bark with bite, but i advise you to not do that, because you'll feel terrible afterwards. so the notion that you could get revenge, if you wanted to, is satisfying in and of itself (just don't actually want and do that, i'm saying this for your own good). listen to your favorite metal band and scream like there's no tomorrow. or tell the people you're angry with how you plan to eviscerate/castrate them in vivid detail in your head. you'll feel a lot, i repeat A LOT calmer.
  • mars in the 9th: run away from it. literally. complete avoidance has always been your best strategy, hasn't it? i suggest preaching about why you're angry to anything that will listen: a wall, a donkey, babies too small to crawl away. think about affirmative action, man, and for god's sake, face the source of your anger instead of running off on a road trip with no money just for the hell of it. heck, play that weird airport finding game in an unknown place you're gonna have to navigate on your own. or play video games in general: don't let that energy go to waste.
  • mars in the 10th: channel that ball of righteous fury into your ambition and dexterous work ethic (translation: become even more of a workaholic than you already are) and shove your success, your regained dignity, your perseverance right to their faces. you are made of poison and stardust, and that is the greatest strength that belies your anger. use that strength to work miracles. or smoke weed, but that's not exactly a good thing 0/10 would not recommend. but don't, i repeat, don't take it out on your personal relationships. that's exactly what will lead to your downfall.
  • mars in the 11th: do NOT use it to fuel your god complex. i know you're angry at the world and how frustrated you are--i am too, but AN IDEOLOGY IS NOT A SOLUTION BECAUSE ITS APPLICATIONS IN REALITY ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE IN THEORY. you're seeing an injustice? make sure it is not one anymore. plan it out, how you'll right all these wrongs: with your friends, with people who share the same views as you. dissect and analyze these problems and annihilate them but i repeat: DO NOT LET ANGER TRANSFORM YOUR EGO INTO A GOD COMPLEX YOU WEIRD WONDERFUL SHIT IT WILL DESTROY YOU
  • mars in the 12th: don't get others to unleash your anger or manipulate them into being assertive for you. just don't, that's freaking pathetic. i strongly suggest you sleep: take a long, preferably 8 hour nap and cuddle something/someone. once you wake up, you'll be looking at it from a newer, fresher perspective and will actually find the energy to express your anger appropriately instead of using other people as puppets that dance under your strings. music would help to calm you down, as well. so try that first, all right?

honestly,, i love how softhearted raita is. there’s been so many moments where he’s been genuinely kind but when he held sekizan’s arm and told him not to resent matsuo it felt so fragile and earnest. he’s a small boy with the biggest heart and my heart is broken because of it 💁🏻

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ok but have u considered: jennifer hayes and max, the wlw ship we need

anon YEAH!!! i don’t think i ever actually posted much about it even before i deleted my previous blog??? but i remember having a couple conversations with my good pal @stenbrough about jennifer and max being the femme/soft butch couple that the world needs!

so, for your consideration:

  • in high school, jennifer is a cheerleader, one of the best on the squad. she shows up to all of max’s soccer games with school-colored ribbons in her hair to loudly cheer for her on the sidelines, even though the cheerleading team doesn’t even perform at any of the girls’ sports team events?!?! eventually jennifer gets a couple of her friends from the squad to go to max’s matches with her and they all have a great time poking gentle fun at jenn for how very head-over-heels she is for her varsity star-soccer-player gf!!!

  • at the end of the final match of the season (in which max totally kicks ass and wins the game for hawkins high), jennifer runs out onto the field to throw her arms around max in a hug, despite jenn’s meticulously clean outfit and max being all dirty uniform and skinned knees with sweat dripping from her newly-shorn red hair. max picks jennifer up and twirls her around as they both laugh joyously, jennifer’s skirt swirling around in the late-autumn breeze and making them look like the cover of a damn high school rom-com movie. (luckily, will manages to snap a picture of the moment with his hand-me-down camera before it ends. max keeps the photo tucked into the pocket of her jacket at all times, taking it out often to run her fingers over it reverently. jennifer makes fun of her for being a sap, but max knows she keeps the pictures they took together in a photo booth at last year’s county fair tucked neatly into the very front of her bright yellow day planner.)

  • for their senior prom, max desperately wants to go in a powder blue, ruffly suit instead of a dress, but the school administration makes it clear that’s unacceptable to them. instead, she and jennifer skip the dumb dance altogether and play too-loud music in the hayes’ back yard while a late spring rain sprinkles down lightly around them. will, mike, lucas, dustin and el are there too - all of them dancing underneath the stars in cut-off shorts and bare feet, slipping on the wet grass and making fun of each other’s lack of rhythm. at some point, will declares jennifer and max not-prom queen and other not-prom queen while they slow dance to a sweet 80′s love bop like sweet love by anita baker or your love is king by sade or maybe something else entirely - they’re too wrapped up in the beating of their hearts, the soft, whispered i love yous to hear much of anything else going on around them.

@mygaysonwill @eggosthings @eggosanddragons

no but okay imagine that in college, mike’s height is around 6′1″ and will’s is around 5′7″

mike playfully making fun of will’s height all the time with stuff like

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June 24th

Sun, moon, Mercury and Mars all in cancer! Are you feeling the cancer vibes? How does it aspect your personal planets and what house is cancer in for you? New moon was yesterday and signifying the beginning of the lunar month for cancer. New beginnings and where your emotional needs are going to be directed are where cancer sits in your chart. 🌑💫

albania: one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
andorra: who inspires you? who do you aspire to be like?
armenia: what was the last book you read without skipping through anything?
austria: what is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?
azerbaijan: what is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on netflix?
belarus: if you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?
belgium: on a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents?
bosnia: which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?
bulgaria: who are the 3 greatest living musicians (in your opinion)?
croatia: what accomplishments are you most proud of?
cyprus: what is your favorite wikipedia article?
czech republic: wow would your friends describe you?
denmark: if you could live in any tv/movie home, what would it be?
estonia: if you could choose your own nickname, what would it be?
finland: which tv/movie family is most like your own?
france: what’s your favorite time of day?
georgia: what’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?
germany: if you could pick a new first name, what would it be?
greece: what is your favorite movie quote?
hungary: what’s your dream job?
iceland: which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal?
ireland: what’s the worst thing you did as a kid?
italy: what is the best part of being a part of your family?
kazakhstan: which of your friends are you proudest of? why?
kosovo: what’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

(part II coming soon


Finished the painting from that sketch

Watercolor, marker, watercolor pencil and gel pen on mixed-media paper, which wrinkled as it dried. Any tips to flatten it? or prevent future paintings from wrinkling

Happily Ever After

We we’re talking about the song Marry You by Bruno Mars and I got into all the feels and felt the need to watch proposal videos, which lead to disney proposal videos, which lead us to this. Now me, being the Disney trash I am, just had to write this. It’s honestly all 100% fluff so I hope you enjoy it.

I apologize for any mistakes in this or anything weird. I haven’t really written anything in two years so I’m a little nervous lol.

This is a song you can listen to since it’s kind of what this is based off of. I tell you the moment to listen to it if you want to add the extra feels’

word count: 2,515

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Mr. Lovhaug/Linkara, you once did mini-opinions on each episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who. Since you have finished the Series 10, would you mind posting your opinion on each episodes?

The Pilot: Good introduction to Bill, but as a complete story it feels… off, particularly because there is no real resolution to the Pilot and its idea. Also continues Moffat’s tradition of throwing in a popular monster for no real reason, but props for inclusion of the Movellans.

Smile: Okay outing, but one of those situations where future tech is based on current tech/trend (Emoticons/Smilies in this case) and it is always silly to me when that happens. Sudden anti-war/battle thing at the end? Weird, but yeah, not a bad episode at all.

Thin Ice: Thin story, more like, but not bad. Basically one of the problems with a lot of stories during the Moffat era is a lack of character development for the secondary characters of the story, as is the case with both the villain and the thieves. Although this one is at least better than a lot in that the Doctor provides for them after he leaves.

Knock Knock: Favorite episode of the season. I love haunted house stories and this one is nicely creepy. The explanation for the shenanigans is good and the makeup on the “monster” deserves an award.

Oxygen: Great story! Capitalism taken to its extreme like this is always neat to see, plus a good, clever way to resolve the situation. The brief storyline with the Doctor’s blindness introduced here is a good idea.

Extremis: Good beginning to the three-parter! The revelation of what was going on was fantastic… although I’m iffy about the inclusion of the Pope and whatnot, especially bringing them around in the TARDIS. I don’t know, just felt kind of like an attempt to show off how cool the Doctor is - even the Pope needs to go to him for help! Seemed a bit over the top.

The Pyramid at the End of the World: I’m glad that Moffat remembered one of his old plot points, in this case the “Doctor is the President of the World” thing introduced a few seasons ago… but the problem is that that particular plot point is kind of silly and lame - once again, the Doctor is the coolest, most important super-awesome person in the room and everyone must acknowledge that blah blah that Hbomberguy talked about in his Sherlock video. That being said, a lot of props for the clever way in which disaster will occur on the planet, but what’s more that the way the Monks take over - with love rather than fear - is an interesting approach that is appreciated. The title is also rather irrelevant, since the pyramid itself is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Hell, you could have called this one “Countdown” or “Love the Monks” and it would have made more sense.

The Lie of the Land: After all that build up and the fascinating, interesting, somewhat original concepts with the Monks in the previous two episodes… this is a major letdown. It’s just a generic “Aliens have conquered earth” situation and the resolution is both pat and yet another “love conquers all” thing. It’s trite and disappointing after the last two parts.

Empress of Mars: Feels like an RTD-era episode and I mean that in a good way. While I have no particular fondness for the Ice Warriors, it’s good to see them again and this is the first in a while where it feels like we have proper secondary characters. The setup for the two Peladon episodes of the third Doctor is nicely handled and it’s just a solid outing.

The Eaters of Light: Again, another RTD-era feeling episode and a good one at that. A lot more secondary characters and they definitely feel better than what we’ve gotten. The plot is simple and more classic-style Doctor Who of the Doctor and the Companion going off to do their own separate stories that eventually intersect and lead to a good resolution.

World Enough and Time: One of the more annoying things about the modern era is spoilers. And I don’t just mean people spoiling, which sucks enough as it is… but the two major revelations of this episode were spoiled BY THE SHOW ITSELF, both because of press releases ANNOUNCING it and because of the Next Time trailers revealing them. Narratively, the episodes are structured so that these revelations within them are major twists. However, because of the show ITSELF giving these things away, they are not twists - we know already what’s happening and thus it becomes padding to get to that point. It’s like when in classic who there would be “_______ of the Daleks” titles for episodes - you can’t really pretend then that the Daleks appearing is that big of a deal or shocking twist because YOU ALREADY PUT THEIR NAME IN THE TITLE. I called the disguise element almost immediately because I knew the spoilered return. It was easy enough to figure out what the actual situation was with Operation Exile because of that same spoiler. They would have had a larger impact had I not been spoiled with this information. That being said, the episode itself WAS still good, creepy, and played with sci-fi concepts nicely.

The Doctor Falls: Unlike the last two Capaldi finales, this one is MUCH better. It actually delivers on the promises of the previous episode, has lots of interesting character interactions, and lots of great lines and moments. The Doctor actually DOES stuff. It is by no means perfect - I dislike that only new-who versions of the Monsters were seen (aside from the original versions), but it’s understandable why they did that. Bill’s resolution wasn’t too terrible, even though the setup from the Pilot is still… ehhh. But whatever, just glad Bill wasn’t the super-duper-most-important-person-in-the-universe AGAIN and I’m glad she’ll be back for the Christmas Special even if she won’t be back for the next season. Overall great stuff and improves on a lot of the problems of the last two finales, probably because it’s BASICALLY a do-over of those last two finales.

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Could you do a story where Marco has a terrible nightmare and becomes hysterical and Tom tries to calm him down by rocking him and singing to him? I need to read something sweet.

Of course I can! I could have used something sweet right now too! So I hope you like it! Tom being a sweet little guardian for his human is so sweet and I love the idea so so so much!!!! Enjoy!!!

Marco squirmed a bit, causing Tom to sit up and looked at the human. “Marco? Are you awake?” Tom asked, thinking Marco was beginning to get up. But Marco kept tossing and turning.

“No… no…” Marco muttered in his sleep. Tom tried to shake him slightly to wake the human up, but then Marco shot awake. “NO!” Marco screamed, leaping into Tom’s arms. Tom gasped and at once held Marco as close as he could. “Tom, no, no please no…” Marco sobbed.

“Shhh, shhh Marco open your eyes.” Tom spoke gently, wiping away the human’s tears. Tom let his eyes flutter open and he looked up at Tom. “I’m right here. It’s okay.” Tom hushed, kissing his love on the forehead. “I’m here. I’m here.” He soothed.

“T-Tom?” Marco mumbled. He looked up and saw Tom looking down at him with and gave the human a warm smile. “Oh Tom! Thank god it’s you!” Marco cried and held onto the demon tighter. Tom just rocked him back and forth and let Marco cry, holding him tight.

“It’s okay. What happened?” Tom asked, lifting Marco’s head up a bit so he could see his eyes. Marco choked a bit on his tears and took a deep breath.

“I… I had a bad dream.” He whispered. Tom nodded and put his arm around Marco’s shoulders. “I… I was with you and Star and all our friends in the dream. Even my parents but… I looked away and then they were all gone and-and…” Marco wiped away some new tears that fell. “You were all gone and I was alone and…” He burst into tears and Tom held him tight.

“Oh Mar-Mar. It’s alright, it’s alright.” Tom hushed. “We all feel like that sometimes. It’s alright.” He assured. Marco blubbered a little bit and Tom kisses him over and over again.

“Thanks Tommy… I-I just, I thought you were gone and I woke up so scared… I thought everyone was gone.” Marco wiped away some more tears and Tom held him.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream.” Tom cooed. He gave Marco another kiss and nuzzled him gently. “You should get back to sleep, it might help.” He suggested. Marco shook his head and gripped onto the the demon tighter. “Come on Mar-Mar. Close your eyes.” He spoke in a very soothing voice, and Marco nodded. He let his eyes flutter closed. Tom held him close, but still noticed how tense and shaky his love was. So he gave Marco a gentle kiss and leaned in close.

“I’ve just been so scared… that everything will end and I’ll be all alone…” Marco stuttered. “I-I don’t wanna lose you Tom… I don’t wanna lose anyone.” He sniffled.

“It’s okay, Marco. I’m not going anywhere. We all adore you, and we’re all here for you.” Tom assured, holding Marco close. He leaned in and began to whisper a little song in the human’s ear.

Don’t think about tomorrow, we’ve only got today

There’s nothing that I want from you, not a word you have to say.

You are all I need. And I will defend.

All I need to hold on to. If the world should end.

He sang softly to Marco and kept brushing his hair away from his face softly. Marco smiled a bit and relaxed, trusting that Tom would always be there for him. He nuzzled closer and gave his demon a kiss on the nose, causing Tom to blush slightly and press his head against Marco’s, nuzzling him to show affection. He continued his song much softer as Marco began to drift off to sleep.

In my imagination, I could not have made this up.

In a world stranger than fiction. Ours is no fictional love.

I can see the you, under your second skin.

I can feel your heartbeat quicken, quicken and then slow.

Tom reached out and took Marco’s hand. He felt connected with the human. Maybe it was him being silly, or maybe it really was a special bond they had. It was like it was them under the blood moon this whole time. Tom never said anything, in fear Marco would think it was odd or even creepy.

But Tom could feel when Marco was sad, or crying, or in danger. And most importantly Tom knew when Marco needed him. And he would use that power he didn’t even know he had, to keep his human safe.

There’s nothing else I need to know. And there’s nothing you need to pretend,

If the world should end.

And the sky tonight is luminous, for all the wrong reasons.

And every doorway is hiding, something.

Tom continued his song and looked out the window at Earth. The planet he thought nothing special of in a dimension he thought even less of. That was until he met Marco. It was like the stars in the night sky became something beautiful after he met the human. And only then did he see how pretty the ocean was, how wonderful sunshine was, and how special Earth was.
Because it wasn’t Earth he loved… it was Marco.

And if this world should all come crashing down.

I wouldn’t care at all.

And if there’s no tomorrow, I’ll have today again.

There’s no time for sorrow, when there’s no such thing as time.

And if the darkness will descend. Don’t need a savior or a friend.

I could say I’ve really loved, if the world should end.

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wait i love LE but just bc mitch doesn't abuse jonas, doesn't mean the abuse he's doled out to ppl who arent jonas doesn't like, exist. mitch is trashy and i love that, but i agree w the earlier anon in that the opening scene where he torments and humiliates a nerd left a bad taste in my mouth and kinda soured the likeability of mitch+his crew. just bc it seemed like fans brushed it off bc it's ok, he wasn't *jonas*, so his suffering didn't matter. i just hope it's addressed in canon, ya know??

Gonna put all my feelings in this one and that’s it!

I asked Mars what she thought because I wanted to get an answer from her directly and she said this:

There’s a lot of elements to Long Exposure, and the point is that Mitch is very difficult, rowdy, and violent. The point of the flagpole wedgie and beating up the kid behind the school scenes were to cement into the audiences heads that Mitch is SUPPOSED to be a scary bully. Jonas has a GOOD REASON to be afraid of him in the Beginning.

Mitch starts off as a very violent, rude, mean person but that’s the point, it’s so he has room to gradually get better. If he started off as a nice, clean slate person with no flaws what so ever then there’s a really boring character that cannot develop. Every single character in long exposure are shades of grey, no one is “good” and no one is “bad.” The characters are never black and white, they’re all Grey.

Mitch is seen at first being “bad” , thus all the really mean things he does in the beginning. Later on he will develop as a character, and OF COURSE it doesn’t excuse the bad things he did! THAT’S THE POINT! He’ll realize that, the characters who’ve been bullied aren’t being invalidated.

People are meant to see how horrible Mitch is in the beginning, it’s not supposed to be looked over or accepted as such. A lot of it is seen how Jonas sees him, he’s scary and bad but as time in the comic goes by Mitch will grow. It’s his character arc.

I hope that makes sense!

- Mars

So, I assure you, yes it’ll be addressed in canon. Most people have caught on that the characters will develop, and characters don’t have to fit into the mold of being “good” or “bad” throughout the entire story. Character development amirite!


CASI ÁNGELES MEME (in cooperation with @ca-gifs)
16 of 70 scenes ★ 2x12, “retratos de familia”

Eyy, I’m the belligerent one here. What’s going on with you? Nothing’s the same without Cielo, Mar. I dream about her every night, I wanna say goodbye. I don’t know, it’s horrible… Cielo will come back. No. And you know what’s the worst? That we all think we can move on without her, that we act like nothing has happened, but no… We all feel bad, we all feel like that. What happened to Cielo, Mar? Where is she? And if she’s dead? What should I do, I couldn’t say goodbye to her. I couldn’t thank her for everything she’s done for us, for everything she’s done for me. I never told her everything, that I love her. Never, do you understand? Don’t cry…

[Cielo: I know that. I love you both.]

Do you think Maggie could have expected this?

When she was alone in Nebraska, feeling like she was from Mars. When she summoned up all her bravery to confess her feelings not to have it blow up in her face. When she was kicked out of her own home, abandoned by her parents, when there was no one like her on tv and she was lucky if she was passively tolerated, much less celebrated.

Do you think she ever could have known that this would happen? That in her future, there was a woman. Not just any woman. But the one woman who sees her pain for what it is, who is there to help her heal.

Do you think she thought she would get to marry that woman? That after all that suffering, she gets a wife?

I thinks it’s not the aliens that would have shocked 14yo Maggie the most.

It’s this.