all the margaritas

When in Dallas: see the @Bruce_Weber exhibit @dallascontemporary ✔️, eat a burrito as big as your head ✔️, drink all the margaritas ✔️, sleep in in your ridiculously comfortable @whotels bed ✔️. More from our #WCFDA guide, now on
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lodge of sorceresses arose from the ruins of the council of sorcerers after the incident on thanedd island essentially killed the older order.


Bedelia du Maurier as Woland
Freddie Lounds as Behemoth
Margot Verger as Koroviev
Alana Bloom as Azazello

Hamilton Characters as Greek Gods /// Margarita “Peggy” Schuyler as Hebe

And Peggy!

Goddess of eternal youth and innocence. She was the Cupbearer to the gods.

Family Vacation

We took a week long vacation down to the beach like we usually do but this time I snuck a sexy bikini into my moms case hoping she’d take the initiative to wear it. It was simply delicious looking as it clung to her round ass. Unfortunately too many people, namely family, around to really show any affection so aside from some eye contact and eye candy there wasn’t much to talk of other than simply admiring her beauty with a hardon.

On our third day there when we were at dinner we had a few margaritas all around as the night wore on my dad got drunk and sleepy. My two siblings went out to the club and I declined to go with. Never fit in with the club scene and always felt awkward so they weren’t surprised I said no. After we got back to our rooms dad was a bit frisky with mom so I left them in their room and went to take a shower. Our rooms had that door that connects two rooms together and we never locked it. As I came out of the shower she was laying naked on my bed. I asked her if he came in her and she gave me a smile and an affirming nod. She motioned me over with a finger and as I got to the side of the bed she leaned over and took me in her mouth.

My mother looked like an angel of sin in that moment with my dick in her mouth and my dads cum on her pussy as I groped her tits. It lasted about ten minutes when I started making sounds like I was close and she pulled out and started jacking me. Without even thinking I just grabbed her head and pulled it back into my dick and told her if he cums in her then so do I. And I started shooting my load in her mouth not letting her pull off. That was the only sex we had that trip but she wore my bikini every time we went to the beach and there was some sneaky touching but only a little.

All in all it was a great vacation and nice to get away from real life for a bit. Work is really picking up around this time of the year so I’ll do my best to post regularly and share anything that might be of interest to you guys.

The goal: me (a successful intellectual who looks great in glasses and has great stubble permanently) in the apartment of one of my closest friends, a glamorous actress, we’re sat on the sofa wearing over the top dressing gowns, its margaritas all round as I’m painting the toenails of my boyfriend a gorgeous Latino film star who’s just sacrificed his career to be with me