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“I’ve got my eyes on you, Skywalker”

Careful there, Master Windu. You don’t wanna get on his bad side.
But oops, you already did! And we all knew you had it coming!

LOL Legend of Korra reference obviously, just seems to fit like a glove heheh XD

I’m going to change gears from my usual anti-Kylo Ren tirade for this post:

I am really fucking tired of seeing Anakin Skywalker apologists blame Mace Windu, or otherwise imply that Mace Windu deserved his fate, just because he happened to rightfully believe that the man was not emotionally equipped to be a Jedi.

Here is an unpleasant truth for all of us: Mace Windu was right.

Anakin wasn’t equipped to be a Jedi.  He wasn’t equipped to live with Jedi restrictions the way the others were.  He wasn’t equipped to have to deal with political machinations or secret Sith scheming.  He wasn’t equipped to leave a loving mother.  He wasn’t equipped to balance Palpatine’s gaslighting with his Jedi trained perspective and self-awareness.

He wasn’t even equipped to leave the Jedi Order of his own free will and use his training and skills and connections to establish a life that suited him better.

Mace was right to be wary of Anakin.  Because Anakin did end up turning on the Order.  And Mace absolutely did not deserve what happened to him.

Mace Windu did not yank Anakin off of Tatooine while leaving his mother behind.

Mace Windu did not create the culture that raised Jedi from birth, without standard family attachments.  Mace was in fact as much a victim of that culture as Anakin or any other Jedi.

Mace Windu did not create the code or restrictions that forbid Anakin from marrying Padme.

Mace Windu was never cruel to Anakin.  He may have distrusted him or not been as warm as Anakin would have liked, but you know what?  He had no responsibility to do so.  He wasn’t Anakin’s master.  He’s certainly not a brother or father figure to him.  SO WHAT if he distrusted Anakin.  He’s allowed to have a fucking opinion.

Newsflash: in your life, you’re going to meet people who don’t trust you.  You’re going to meet people who dislike you.  You’re going to meet people who don’t know what to do with you.  And guess what?  You get the fuck over it.

There was no indication that Mace Windu was unfair to Anakin.  He opposed Anakin being a master.  Okay.  Anakin was twenty-three years old.  We have never seen a master that age.  Obi-Wan was still a Padawan at that age.  Anakin may have been a war hero, but that doesn’t mean that Mace can’t have legitimate misgivings about Anakin’s emotional readiness for the job.

There is no indication that Mace Windu mistreated Anakin.  If anything, he tried to protect him.  He knew Anakin and Palpatine were friends and he tried to spare Anakin from having to be part of the confrontation.

If you can’t defend Anakin Skywalker’s choices without slamming a man who did nothing to deserve his murder at Anakin’s hands, then you have to wonder how defensible Anakin actually is.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Patriot’

Gavin’s bored and Geoff’s being an utter twat. Gavin’s bored and Geoff’s gone out on some job without him, told him to behave himself and not make a mess, like he’s some kind of errant child. Gavin’s bored and feeling petty, a combination that has never ended well for anyone, least of all Mr. Geoffrey don’t fuck around indoors you animals Ramsey.

So Gavin’s just hanging out on Geoff’s couch, behaving himself impeccably as he goads the others into making a complete mess of the penthouse. He jeers on recklessness, assigns a point system to destruction, calls out various walls, ornaments and artwork as targets, and despite their best intentions everyone inevitably falls into his game.

By the time Trevor turns up, stopping to stare around the room in stunned kind of silence, Jeremy has successfully shot 6 hanging paintings off their hooks, Michael’s quickly ended an increasingly elaborate game of keepie-uppie after his throw knocked Geoff’s huge flatscreen from the wall, Jack’s got the enormous joke dildo someone bought stuck leering down at them from where it’s wedged in the ceiling, and in his efforts to knock it free Ryan’s flat out torn an enormous, unmissable hole that’s left misplaced plaster scattered all over the dining table.

There’s a moment of guilty silence, of children being caught misbehaving by an adult with authority, and then Gavin’s slipping over to fling an arm around Trevor’s shoulders, irrepressible grin in his voice as he swoops the ball out of Ryan’s hands and presses it into Trevor’s. It’s not hard to draw him into the games, not when the other’s have clearly been having a whale of a time, when Trevor’s itching to play along anyway, when Gavin’s still leaning in close and giving him a run down of everything that’s happened so far, of how many points everyone is up to, scoffing about how surely Trevor could do better than that. And Trevor does, right up until the moment he lands a direct hit on the gaudy light fixture hanging in the middle of the room, sending it crashing to the floor in a storm of shattered glass and likely toxic smoke. Which is, of course, when Geoff gets home.

Geoff arrives to find the main room of the penthouse in utter shambles, destruction to such a degree he momentarily thinks someone must have broken in, at least until he catches sight of his crew. Still as statues, like deer caught in the headlight, they’re all wearing shades of guilt clear upon their faces, all except for Gavin. Gavin who’s sitting away from all the rubble, who has his chin propped upon his hand as he smiles up at Geoff, somehow the only one who can say with complete honesty that he didn’t break a single thing.

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Deaged Obi-Wan is pretty dedicated to the peacekeeping ways. He singlehandedly stops the war by negotiating between the Republic and the Separatists. Palpatine is silently FUMING.

He wanted to grab them by the necks and shake them awake.

This was a nightmare and it didn’t make sense in any way shape or form, not to him. He’d already been called naive by Mace Windu with a few agreeing nods around the chamber. That Obi-Wan didn’t understand the situation that the Jedi had been forced into and that they had a duty to the Republic.

Obi-Wan remembered his master standing in this very chamber, the fading sun peeking in through the windows as he faced the Council with a calm and serene expression as he defined them.

Time and time again.

Obi-Wan wasn’t sure what kind of person he had become to go along with this-this madness, but he wasn’t Master Kenobi, he was padawan Kenobi who’s master was dead and not there to defy the council anymore.

So that left Obi-Wan to take the role.

When nine agree, its up to the tenth to disagree.

His legs were shaking but he locked his knees and stepped forward, looking square at Mace Windu, with chin tilted up and spine straight.

He never saw Anakin’s eyes widen behind him or the way his jaw dropped in surprise, his entire was focus was on the members of the council as he spoke clearly. “I must congratulate the Order on its new functionality then, I do hope being war lords will endear us to the rest of the galaxy.” He spoke almost mildly, unknowing of mimicking his older self silver tongue.

“You should hold your tongue padawan Kenobi.” Windu offered darkly in the light of his words and tone.

“Words that holds on ground should not hurt.” Obi-Wan took another step forward. “If my words hits a target then perhaps the Jedi Council should reconsider where they stand in this farce of a war.”

“I don’t know what you hope to achieve with this padawan Kenobi. But you are in no position to question the council.”

“Perhaps I am exactly in a position to question it. I come from an era of Jedi that have not been embroiled in the Senate and its politic. Master would never have agreed to this, he would have walked away from the Order.”

“So sure are you hmm?” Obi-Wan looked at Yoda.

“Yes.” He said while firmly meting his eyes and it was Yoda who looked away first.


There were whispers all over the temple, it reached out to to every Jedi in the field, every padawan, knight, master and core member. It spread from the Jedi to the clones, from the clones to the common people and from the common to the Senate and from there to the CIS.

The Negotiator himself had been turned into his younger self.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, nineteen years old, was not impressed by the war.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, padawan of the Order was not to be messed with.

Obi-Wan Kenobi had made Master Yoda look away.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was not a serene Jedi master but a passionate Jedi Padawan.

“Aaaaaaah!” Obi-Wan feinted to the left before attacking on the right, the sparring droid barely able to keep up with him as he moved, his heart on his sleeve as he did, his emotions leaking into the Force around him in a maelstrom of confusion, struggling serenity and a shocking amount of clarity.

The Jedi Order was walking a path of destruction. The Jedi council was letting the Senate send them to war.  The Republic was giving the Supreme Chancellor as close as ultimate power with every day that continued to pass with war.

Executive orders.

Obi-Wan dropped low and then bounced over the droids head, targeting its back as sweat dripped down his forehead.

Clones dying on battlefields, created only to die on the orders of the Senate. Yet no one questioned what would happen to them once the war ended.

Almost as if it didn’t matter.

As if some power wanted an army to remain even after the war with the CSI.

Obi-Wan froze and barely dodged in time.

‘Not someone. This Sith Lord Anakin keeps talking about. This unknown master…’ Pulling the threads like a spider spins its web. But the implication of that meant that they were involved in the Senate, because it was the Senate pushing the Jedi to be General’s.

‘We grow less and less as Jedi die in this war. When the final assault comes…how many Jedi would be left to defend the Temple, the Order…the YOUNGLINGS!?’  

Obi-Wan slammed into the droid at that thought.

If he suddenly turned back to his adult self…he needed to write this down. He needed his adult self to follow his line of thought.


Force it was so strange to think of himself as a different entity that needed to be convinced.

But there was no other option.

His master had left him a legacy, a legacy of rebellion and of connecting dots and defending those who needed them. His master was not there to protect that legacy and Obi-Wan had clearly forgotten the lessons of rebellion that he once used against his very own master.

So it was up to Obi-Wan.

The eyes of the future was on them, the history that would be told about them was being made now and Obi-Wan did not want it to be said about the Jedi Order that they were created, they became compliant, they fought and they DIED.

So Legobiwan unearthed some old Barnes and Noble gift certificates from a while ago and ordered some hilarious Star Wars stuff that just came in today. 


I wonder whose fault those lost limbs are, KENOBI

Mace, as always, is so done.

It’s Obi-wan and Qui-gon!

Yoda dragging his former apprentice as the finale of the book.

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Your Obi-Wan stops giving a fuck (and takes a day off) fic was hysterical. Can we see the clones reactions? Or the sabac game? Seriously, I was giggling!

“…” Cody was struggling to say something. Anything really. Anything that wasn’t the words ‘fuck me hard across the table.’ that was.

But at the moment he and the rest of the mess hall was busy staring at the Jedi standing in front of him. Said Jedi wearing something that was NOT part of a Jedi’s standard uniform and holy little Force gods, had that leather been POURED onto Obi-Wan?

It was so tight and clung to the Jedi’s legs that every flex and twitch of muscle was visible.

“Could you…repeat that General?”

Obi-Wan sighed and placed the whiskey bottle on the table and crossed his arms over his chest. “The 212 is not getting sent out for a week because I’ve had enough and the high council can suck my big toe if they don’t like it. I need a break, they can handle the mess of work I usually do on my own. Therefor I’m here, we’re going to get drunk and I’m hoping to play strip sabacc. Well if you’re in for it.” Obi-Wan mused, rubbing a hand over his beard.

Then he looked at his whiskey. “I may not have enough whiskey actually…” That got a frown before he glanced around. “Now, in full confidential and in the spirit of me getting shitfaced drunk-” There was some choking noises around the room. “There wouldn’t be anyone running an illegal distillery in the clone barracks, would there?”

Cody didn’t move but he could tell that someone had and was staring at the culprit in order.

And the General, the observant bastard he was, noticed.

“Gregor! Good man, knew there had to be some reason you were so cheerful.” The Jedi moved until he was in front of the trooper, smirking at him. “What do you want for a good cut of it?”

Gregor grinned sheepishly up at him, glancing around and rubbed his neck. Cody had a moment to hope he wouldn’t ask for the usual payment. “Um, well…how about a kiss General?”

Cody closed his eyes. This was a shuttle wreck waiting to happen.


The commander’s eyes snapped open to see his General slide gracefully into Gregor’s lap with a lazy nexus predator look in his eyes as he got comfortable. The clones hands flailed a bit before they went to Obi-Wan’s waist as the Jedi’s hands closed around Gregor’s shoulders.

And then they were kissing.

Cody stared, feeling something suspiciously close to jealousy bubbling in his stomach as Obi-Wan gave the 212 trooper a deep, probing kiss, nibbling on Gregor’s lips and rubbing his shoulders slowly.

You could have heard grass grow in the mess hall.

And then Obi-Wan sat back on Gregor’s knees, the Jedi smirking at him. “I think that qualifies as payment received, does it not Gregor?”

Gregor blinked, a bit dazed looking with swollen lips before he grinned in return, nodding happily. “Yes General sir!” He saluted the man and scuttled to his feet once Obi-Wan was out of his lap, rushing of to go find the homemade booze.

“Now Cody, like I said, drink and sabacc. The entire 212 is going no where so they can all join but I unfortunately can’t speak for any other battalion. Anywhere on site this could happen?”

“…Rec room.”


“You know, I’m pretty sure I’m drinking engine fluid.” Obi-Wan eyed his glass even as he threw down a card.

“I never said it was good homebrew. But it does get you drunk.” Gregor offered cheerfully from where he was sitting crosslegged and nude.

“Hmm, true. Nice tattoo by the way.”

“Why thank you.”

Obi-Wan himself was bootless, shirtless and he was pretty sure he was going to lose his pants on the next hand.

“At least the whiskey was delicious.” Cody offered in turn, rubbing his foot against Obi-Wan’s under the table and grinning a bit when the Jedi responded by running his foot up his calf. Regs, rules and rank was the furthest from his mind at that moment.

Getting the Jedi out of his pants was on his brain.

And with the hand he had…

He smirked at Obi-Wan and the Jedi gave a wide grin back.

“I think its about time you lose those pants General.”

“Come at me Commander.”


The chirping of his comm was the most annoying sound in his life and Obi-Wan forced one crusty eye open to glare at it, the thing resting oh so innocently in a pile of clothes. Bah, innocent his left nut.

Arms tightened around Obi-Wan’s waist as the man behind him lifted his head to glare at the comm too. “Will it shut off if we ignore it?”

“Don’t think so Cody.” Obi-Wan yawned before batting the others hands of his waist, getting up and picking up the comm with a grumble as he sat down on the bedside. “Kenobi here.”

“Kenobi where the hell are you!” He winced and held the comm from him as Mace voice sounded through it, blinking a bit.

“Are you aware of the backlash of work tha-what? No! I don’t want mo-oh for Force sake. Kenobi how much work do you do in a day! Do you ever sleep?!”

Obi-Wan lifted an unimpressed eyebrow. “Rarely. It comes between campaigns, bites of food and the occasional medical visit.” He offered in a clipped tone.

“Obi-Wan! I think Coruscant is going to be set on fire!”

“…Anakin what are you doing with Mace?”

“They asked for help! All the councilors are here and a few knights and Obi-Wan really, when do you have time to SLEEP. Do you do this everyday?!”

“Yes, someone has to. Its not exactly easy to run a war and no one else was willing to.” Obi-Wan offered in yet another clipped tone then smirked at the long silence. “I mean, all respect to our supreme chancellor, but he sends a lot of work our way and no one else was willing to pick up the slack so I did.” Oh Obi-Wan was enjoying this and he was enjoying the way Cody’s fingers were gently stroking along his back and down his sides.

He could almost imagine the guilty look on Anakin’s face.

“And someone had to organize the troops and battalion. Not all of us could just be sent willy nilly out all over the galaxy. I mean so I had to substitute sleep with meditation for a long while. And I’m sure that once I crash, I’m going to crash quite badly, but hey, at least the war continues forward and everyone else is happy.” He dug in his heels on this. A

“…I see…we…” Mace cleared his voice. “Where are you Kenobi?”

“In my commander’s bed at the clone barracks. I believe I lost all my clothes during sabacc last night. I seem to remember being peeled out of the pants by some rather eager hands.” He glanced back at Cody who gave a small smirk at him.

“…Kenobi, look, just get here and help us and then you can go back to…doing whatever it is you’re going to do this week.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, I’m very comfortable right now. I believe I might even get breakfast in bed if I stay long enough.”


Obi-Wan smirked and turned his comm off before turning to Cody. “Now, where were we?”


first official Critical Role art, here we go!

if you aren’t following my personal blog, you probably don’t know that I’ve been mildly obsessing over watching this show since may 2016 (and have been “almost caught up” since like december, but they keep airing new episodes). it just took me this long to post art of it because headcanons are hard, man :0 these are still subject to change, and I may have forgotten some canon details, but it felt good to be able to do some art again!


Leopold Fitz in every episode4x11 ‘Wake Up’
“It’s not an obsession! Jemma, it’s an investigation.”

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Oh no, what's gonna happen in the reverse!obi-wan au after Krell dies? That's gotta have some sort of ramifications… Just as importantly, did any of the clones die? Or did he save them?

Anakin clenched his hands into his upper arms as the shuttle came in from the Resolute, he could feel Obi-Wan, a muted sort of shock through their bond. If it hadn’t been for the Council ordering him to remain on Coruscant he would have gone to Umbara himself to retrieve his padawan.

And even then only Qui-Gon’s steady and persistent hand on his shoulder keeps him grounded enough to actually listen.

Pong Krell, traitor to the Order and the Republic. And Obi-Wan, his tiny padawan compared to everyone else, killing him.

He gritted his teeth and then drew a sharp breath as he shook himself away from Qui-Gon’s hand when the shuttle finally landed and the ramp extended, members of the 501 and the 212 slowly stepping of it. Some of them needed help to walk and others needed support.

Anakin could see Waxer had his left arm in a fold and was leaning on Boil. It looked like he was missing a hand but at that moment his concern wasn’t…



Tucked up in Anakin’s discarded robe and hidden from view in Fives arms. The hood was up and Obi-Wan’s head was tucked into the clones neck, arms tight around it and his legs up around the others ribs with Fives holding onto his thighs. Only the braid peeking out from under the hood told Anakin for sure that it was Obi-Wan and not just a bundle of clothes. That and the muted Force signature.

Fives glanced up and then said something quietly as he walked of the shuttle, fright jagging through the Jedi’s bond with Obi-Wan before a keening sort of need filled it.

That was it. Anakin marched forward past the troopers and held out his arms to Fives, accepting his padawan and letting him hide in his neck instead, holding the faintly trembling shape of his padawan. “Its alright Obi-Wan, I got you little imp.” He murmured as he held him close. He was about to walk away when Fives held up his hand and detached something from his belt.

Obi-Wan’s lightsaber.

Anakin stared at it and then at Fives.

“He panicked having it.” The other shrugged.

Anakin looked to Qui-Gon who nodded and took the lightsaber, hooking it to his own belt since Anakin’s hands were full of a trembling padawan. “We need to go to the council now, they’ll…want a report.” The older master murmured before frowning at the lump of padawan hidden in the to large robe. “Unless he requires healing. Then its the Halls.”

The blond tried unsuccessfully to push Obi-Wan’s head back to have a look at him before he sighed and looked to Fives.

“He’s bruised but Helix and Kix fixed what they could.” He hesitated. “But you may want to take him to the healers after to fully heal the bruises and make sure? He…couldn’t meditate on the way back. So he didn’t go into healing trance.”

“Thank you Fives.” Anakin sighed and nodded, carefully prodding at his bond with Obi-Wan to get his attention as he turned and left the troopers.

Obi-Wan? Imp can you hear me?

There was a tiny stuttering confirmation, not as much words as sensation that caused Anakin to tighten his grip. ‘Do you need a healer?

There wasn’t an answer as much as Obi-Wan tightening his grip on Anakin. Obi-Wan, who from day one had said he wasn’t a child, didn’t need childish reassurance and didn’t want it, was clinging to Anakin like an Initiate after a bad nightmare.

He looked to Qui-Gon, brows raised as he sought for some guidance.

Qui-Gon just shrugged, his face sad. This some of what he had been worried about, a traumatized to young padawan. ‘Traumatized is better then dead…traumatized can be helped, dead go into the Force.’ He reminded himself.

They didn’t speak as they moved through the halls to the elevator, the few Jedi they meet stopping to peer curiously at them before they caught Obi-Wan’s Force signature and promptly hurrying along as if they hadn’t seen anything.

It was all over the temple. How Krell had turned traitor, how Obi-Wan had killed Krell and now it would soon be all over that Obi-Wan was back.

When they came to the Council chamber Anakin hesitated before keeping a hold of his padawan. Screw the Council and whatever they thought, Obi-Wan needed him and they had sent him an eleven year old padawan who had just killed a sentient creature, a fellow Jedi of all things.

There’s disapproval on some of the more hidebound Council members but to Anakin’s surprise, Mace Windu’s face only show concern. ‘He’s fond of Obi-Wan. He said as much before.’ That assured some of Anakin’s worries, he had at least one ally on the council.

“Padawan Kenobi?” Mace called out and Obi-Wan tensed in Anakin’s arms. “Please look at us?”

No demand, just a simple request.

Obi-Wan slowly eased his grip around Anakin’s neck, wordlessly asking to be set down which Anakin did with great reluctance. He kept the other in front of him and rested his hands on his padawans shoulders in comfort and support as Obi-Wan carefully tugged the hood back.

And Anakin had to resist the urge to snatch him back up.

Obi-Wan was a mess, despite the others clearly having cleaned him up, his exposed tunic was covered in dirt and so was his hair, his braid had seen much better days even braided by Anakin but worst of all was the heavy bruises that lined Obi-Wan’s entire throat and up his jaw. The padawan mutely stared as he stood there in the to big robe covering his hands in the large sleeves. Mace took a deep breath, his tone gentle when he spoke. “What happened with Pong Krell?”

In a toneless voice, Obi-Wan started to relay Krell’s actions from the moment Anakin had left on Umbara. When it came to the point of Krell restraining him by his throat…Anakin was sure if it hadn’t been for the knowledge that Krell was already dead that he would have marched out of that council chamber to hunt the sleemo down.

Obi-Wan’s voice only hitched once he got to the moment where he had killed Krell.

“The Force prodding it was?” Yoda questioned, watching Obi-Wan with his old eyes. Obi-Wan nodded, looking tired. “To action it called you?”

The council started to exchange looks, quiet conversation breaking out between them.

Anakin reached down and picked Obi-Wan back up, his padawans head flopping on his master’s shoulder like a puppet cut of its strings. Carefully the blond rested his fingertips on the bruised throat, channeling healing into the abused skin.

“Council members, you’ve heard Obi-Wan’s report. May we be excused as you…debate the next steps?” Qui-Gon spoke up, his former padawan sending him a grateful look.

“Contact Knight Skywalker we will, when done we are.” Yoda offered.

Anakin gave a shallow bow with the boy in his arms and followed Qui-Gon out. He took the direct route to their quarters as he had while healing Obi-Wan evaluated what the other needed. Kix and Helix had done well and whatever damage was left Anakin could heal. What Obi-Wan needed now was assurance and comfort.

And to change out of his dirty tunics. He took him straight to Anakin’s bedroom and slowly set the none-responsive boy down on the bed, moving to find the smaller clothes from the dresser as Qui-Gon moved to the fresher to get a moist cloth.

They hadn’t had time to get new quarters yet with the war, being deployed as they were and sharing was better. Obi-Wan traded between sleeping on the couch and sharing Anakin’s bed with him for the simple comfort of being close, being alive. It had been the same with Ahsoka.

Carefully placing the softer sleep tunic down beside his padawan, Anakin knelt and started to undo the braid with careful hands as Obi-Wan rested his hands in his lap.

“…Are they going to throw me out of the Order like they did with Ahsoka?” Came the quiet whisper from the boy.

“No. But they may put you on suspension for a while. That’s fine. I’ll be here with you.” Anakin promised. “They might honestly just want you to be here so some mindhealers can take a look at you.” He accepted the soft cloth from Qui-Gon and started to wash the others face and hair with it, brushing it through the short spikes.

“Oh…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be Obi-Wan. I’m glad you did what you had to. I’m less glad what that thing had to be.” Anakin dropped the cloth and started undoing the tunics, getting the boy into the softer clothes and putting him into warm socks before he wrapped him in his arms again. “But I’m proud of you, I’ll always be proud of you. Just like I was always proud of Ahsoka.” He rubbed the others back slowly as Obi-Wan hiccuped against his shoulder.

“I was so scared. I’m sorry for being frightened.”

“Being scared is not the absent of fear Obi-Wan.” Anakin tightened his arms, cursing the thousands of years of doctrine that called fear the road to darkness. “You’re allowed to be afraid. You’re allowed to feel fear Obi-Wan. You just don’t let it consume you. Feel it, let it pass through you…and release. Its alright to cry.” He whispered before slowly standing with Obi-Wan in his arms. “Its alright to cry Obi-Wan.”

And just like that, quietly like the fall of fresh rain, Obi-Wan cried against his master’s shoulder with his grandmaster’s large hand resting against his back, offering support and comfort.

Tano and Kenobi: A New Assignment

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

After a tense duel between Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano for the right to train Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano emerges victorious. After their apprenticeship is approved by the Jedi Council, the two take part in the ancient Jedi ceremony that binds a Master and a Padawan Learner together in the guiding light of the Force.

We rejoin our heroes, two years into their partnership, Obi-Wan determined to become the best Padawan Learner in the Order and Ahsoka determined to prevent the cruel future that threatens to destroy the galaxy once more…

First | Previous | Next | AO3

“When you are ready, please begin, Padawan Kenobi.”

The Northern Solar training room was filled with the brilliant light of midday sun filtered through the high, arched stained glass windows that looked out onto Coruscant and the speeder bay three levels below. A group of padawans, none older than fifteen standard years, were assembled in the far left corner of the room, milling about as they each waited their turn to tackle the complicated obstacle course set up by Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. Three padawans had already made their way through the course with decent times and only a few falls and one face plant but that had been because Quinlan Vos had been showing off again.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner to temporally displaced Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, was next in line and he had every intention of blasting through the obstacle course with a perfect score and the fastest time of the day. He shot a glance over at his master, who was sitting on the benches that lined the side of the room, her legs crossed and her posture relaxed and confident. She gave him a bright smile and two thumbs up as pride and faith flowed across their training bond.

You’ve got this, Obi-Wan. I know you do.

Obi-Wan took a deep, full-body breath, practically levitating up onto his toes with excitement and nerves. He exhaled and relaxed down into a starter’s crouch, waiting for the Force to sing.

Ki-Adi-Mundi watched the boy with an arched brow but said nothing, trusting Kenobi to know when the time was right.

The Force swirled and let out a note of cheerful harmony and Obi-Wan was off like a shot, his gait smooth and even as he sprinted up an incline and into the obstacle course, adrenaline flowing through him as he vaulted both legs over a low obstacle and moved on to a complicated piece of machinery that was supposed to swing him over a chasm that could have played host to a river, a congested skyway or vein of red hot lava on a volcanic planet somewhere.

Ahsoka watched Obi-Wan breeze through the first two obstacles, cheering him on from the sidelines. There were a few other masters there, observing their own padawans and gossiping about the latest rumors floating around the temple. Apparently Qui-Gon Jinn had managed to improvise his way to a diplomatic solution on a Mid-Rim planet that had been plagued by infighting between powerful dynastic houses. He would be heading back to the Temple after he officiated a few royal weddings and was made a minor deity in the local state religion.

Ahsoka shook her head, her lips quirked. It seemed the Old Glacier was up to his usual antics and she was glad Obi-Wan hadn’t been forced to tag along, especially given his tendencies to rush blindly ahead into danger in his drive to help others and bring peace to the Galaxy. Knowing Obi-Wan, he would have gotten himself betrothed on accident and Qui-Gon would have made things even worse trying to extricate the boy from the unwanted union.

The combination of Jinn and Kenobi might have worked before but Ahsoka was confident that she and Obi-Wan were a much better team this time around. Obi-Wan was already more confident and less critical than when she met him and nearly two years into their pairing as Jedi Master and Padawan Learner their time together had brought a new kind of stability to them both.  Ahsoka’s nightmares of Vader, the Empire, and her lost friends were fewer and farther between and Obi-Wan’s outbursts of righteous anger and destructive self-criticism were slowly coming under control. No one in the Temple could really say they were the model of a perfect master-padawan pair but they were a fiercely devoted team working together to become better than what they were.

To be ready for the darkness when it rose up and threatened the peace of the galaxy yet again.

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This is the Masterpost for my first major Star Wars AU. This is the product of me wanting a Star Wars AU where:

1) Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Anakin are all similar ages,

2) characters from all generations in the films and a bit of EU get to interact with each other (and not as dead people),

3) they get to live in a galaxy where the Republic and Jedi Order never fall, and

4) Padmé Amidala is not forgotten by history and gets the acknowledgment and credit she deserves.

This AU will be told in a variety of formats. There is a “Core” Headcanons post that covers the main plot points and character relationships that should be the starting point for anyone interested. The rest of the AU will be made up by a series of comic strips, illustrations, and supplementary headcanons that bounce all over the story outlined in the Core Headcanon post.

All posts relevant to the AU will be updated on this post, along with projected posting schedule for finished posts. This post is home base for this AU!

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