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“I’ve got my eyes on you, Skywalker”

Careful there, Master Windu. You don’t wanna get on his bad side.
But oops, you already did! And we all knew you had it coming!

LOL Legend of Korra reference obviously, just seems to fit like a glove heheh XD


first official Critical Role art, here we go!

if you aren’t following my personal blog, you probably don’t know that I’ve been mildly obsessing over watching this show since may 2016 (and have been “almost caught up” since like december, but they keep airing new episodes). it just took me this long to post art of it because headcanons are hard, man :0 these are still subject to change, and I may have forgotten some canon details, but it felt good to be able to do some art again!

I’m going to change gears from my usual anti-Kylo Ren tirade for this post:

I am really fucking tired of seeing Anakin Skywalker apologists blame Mace Windu, or otherwise imply that Mace Windu deserved his fate, just because he happened to rightfully believe that the man was not emotionally equipped to be a Jedi.

Here is an unpleasant truth for all of us: Mace Windu was right.

Anakin wasn’t equipped to be a Jedi.  He wasn’t equipped to live with Jedi restrictions the way the others were.  He wasn’t equipped to have to deal with political machinations or secret Sith scheming.  He wasn’t equipped to leave a loving mother.  He wasn’t equipped to balance Palpatine’s gaslighting with his Jedi trained perspective and self-awareness.

He wasn’t even equipped to leave the Jedi Order of his own free will and use his training and skills and connections to establish a life that suited him better.

Mace was right to be wary of Anakin.  Because Anakin did end up turning on the Order.  And Mace absolutely did not deserve what happened to him.

Mace Windu did not yank Anakin off of Tatooine while leaving his mother behind.

Mace Windu did not create the culture that raised Jedi from birth, without standard family attachments.  Mace was in fact as much a victim of that culture as Anakin or any other Jedi.

Mace Windu did not create the code or restrictions that forbid Anakin from marrying Padme.

Mace Windu was never cruel to Anakin.  He may have distrusted him or not been as warm as Anakin would have liked, but you know what?  He had no responsibility to do so.  He wasn’t Anakin’s master.  He’s certainly not a brother or father figure to him.  SO WHAT if he distrusted Anakin.  He’s allowed to have a fucking opinion.

Newsflash: in your life, you’re going to meet people who don’t trust you.  You’re going to meet people who dislike you.  You’re going to meet people who don’t know what to do with you.  And guess what?  You get the fuck over it.

There was no indication that Mace Windu was unfair to Anakin.  He opposed Anakin being a master.  Okay.  Anakin was twenty-three years old.  We have never seen a master that age.  Obi-Wan was still a Padawan at that age.  Anakin may have been a war hero, but that doesn’t mean that Mace can’t have legitimate misgivings about Anakin’s emotional readiness for the job.

There is no indication that Mace Windu mistreated Anakin.  If anything, he tried to protect him.  He knew Anakin and Palpatine were friends and he tried to spare Anakin from having to be part of the confrontation.

If you can’t defend Anakin Skywalker’s choices without slamming a man who did nothing to deserve his murder at Anakin’s hands, then you have to wonder how defensible Anakin actually is.

Tano and Kenobi: A New Assignment

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

After a tense duel between Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano for the right to train Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano emerges victorious. After their apprenticeship is approved by the Jedi Council, the two take part in the ancient Jedi ceremony that binds a Master and a Padawan Learner together in the guiding light of the Force.

We rejoin our heroes, two years into their partnership, Obi-Wan determined to become the best Padawan Learner in the Order and Ahsoka determined to prevent the cruel future that threatens to destroy the galaxy once more…

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“When you are ready, please begin, Padawan Kenobi.”

The Northern Solar training room was filled with the brilliant light of midday sun filtered through the high, arched stained glass windows that looked out onto Coruscant and the speeder bay three levels below. A group of padawans, none older than fifteen standard years, were assembled in the far left corner of the room, milling about as they each waited their turn to tackle the complicated obstacle course set up by Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. Three padawans had already made their way through the course with decent times and only a few falls and one face plant but that had been because Quinlan Vos had been showing off again.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner to temporally displaced Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, was next in line and he had every intention of blasting through the obstacle course with a perfect score and the fastest time of the day. He shot a glance over at his master, who was sitting on the benches that lined the side of the room, her legs crossed and her posture relaxed and confident. She gave him a bright smile and two thumbs up as pride and faith flowed across their training bond.

You’ve got this, Obi-Wan. I know you do.

Obi-Wan took a deep, full-body breath, practically levitating up onto his toes with excitement and nerves. He exhaled and relaxed down into a starter’s crouch, waiting for the Force to sing.

Ki-Adi-Mundi watched the boy with an arched brow but said nothing, trusting Kenobi to know when the time was right.

The Force swirled and let out a note of cheerful harmony and Obi-Wan was off like a shot, his gait smooth and even as he sprinted up an incline and into the obstacle course, adrenaline flowing through him as he vaulted both legs over a low obstacle and moved on to a complicated piece of machinery that was supposed to swing him over a chasm that could have played host to a river, a congested skyway or vein of red hot lava on a volcanic planet somewhere.

Ahsoka watched Obi-Wan breeze through the first two obstacles, cheering him on from the sidelines. There were a few other masters there, observing their own padawans and gossiping about the latest rumors floating around the temple. Apparently Qui-Gon Jinn had managed to improvise his way to a diplomatic solution on a Mid-Rim planet that had been plagued by infighting between powerful dynastic houses. He would be heading back to the Temple after he officiated a few royal weddings and was made a minor deity in the local state religion.

Ahsoka shook her head, her lips quirked. It seemed the Old Glacier was up to his usual antics and she was glad Obi-Wan hadn’t been forced to tag along, especially given his tendencies to rush blindly ahead into danger in his drive to help others and bring peace to the Galaxy. Knowing Obi-Wan, he would have gotten himself betrothed on accident and Qui-Gon would have made things even worse trying to extricate the boy from the unwanted union.

The combination of Jinn and Kenobi might have worked before but Ahsoka was confident that she and Obi-Wan were a much better team this time around. Obi-Wan was already more confident and less critical than when she met him and nearly two years into their pairing as Jedi Master and Padawan Learner their time together had brought a new kind of stability to them both.  Ahsoka’s nightmares of Vader, the Empire, and her lost friends were fewer and farther between and Obi-Wan’s outbursts of righteous anger and destructive self-criticism were slowly coming under control. No one in the Temple could really say they were the model of a perfect master-padawan pair but they were a fiercely devoted team working together to become better than what they were.

To be ready for the darkness when it rose up and threatened the peace of the galaxy yet again.

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I just…I honestly don’t know why this is giving me such a visceral reaction but I’m literally enraged and just shaking and crying about it because I’m so upset

They murdered Mace, then they proceeded to take a hammer to his body, break his bones, dump him like trash to wash ashore so he can be used to turn the world against the very people he died to protect

They used him to frame Daisy, they used him to turn the world against other inhumans

They murdered a GOOD man, a man so good, so pure, so full of true genuine intent to do the right thing and help save lives and protect the inhumans, and they desecrate his body to make him a weapon against the very group he would do anything to shield

I’m just…I’m so angry and upset


The man deserves a state funeral and a monument in his image

The man deserves his death used to protect the inhumans he cares so much about


He doesn’t deserve this, he doesn’t deserve what AIDA and Ivanov did to him and I am never going to be okay about this


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’

Tano and Kenobi: Curiosity

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Two years into a successful apprenticeship with Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi is filled with both excitement and anxiety at promise of his very first mission with his master. But before they jet off to Raxus on the Outer Rim, Obi-Wan needs to do some researching in the Jedi Archives.

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The sun had set by the time Ahsoka and Obi-Wan arrived back at the Jedi Temple, the five spires lit up as a beacon to one and all, the great seat of light and hope in the galaxy.

This was the home of the Jedi.

This was the heart of the Order.

Obi-Wan had exhausted his questions about their upcoming assignment and was trailing after Ahsoka, observing the people on the streets as they passed them. The Temple District was quieter than the Senate District but there was always something to see. Sentients from every corner of the galaxy could be found in the district, from academics and scholars who wanted to do research on the Jedi and their history to those who came seeking a chance to work within the Temple grounds to those who simply saw the Temple as a tourist spot, a place one simply had to see when they got a chance to visit Coruscant.

Security at the Temple during Ahsoka’s childhood had been far more rigorous than it was now. She was still surprised to see the occasional tour group put together by a senatorial friend of the High Council or a wide-eyed clutch of invited sentients following after whatever Jedi Master had been roped into giving the tour this time. Ahsoka had once tagged along with one of these groups during her first year back in the past, following Master Diaz and a crop of new senators from the Mid Rim through the halls as she tried to re-learn where everything was supposed to be.

“Master?” Obi-Wan’s voice broke into Ahsoka’s thoughts as they entered the Temple. “Master? I… may I confess something?”

They had just passed through the massive main entrance of the Temple, moving past the towering bronzium statues that represented great masters from the ancient days of the Order. Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan and nodded, gesturing for him to follow her over to a private corner.

Safely tucked away where no one could hear them, Ahsoka turned to her padawan. “What is it, Obi-Wan? Is something wrong?”

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You simply need to drop out of hyperspace between blockade and Boz Pity.

Sure Obi-Wan, what it is for Anakin to just simply drop out of hyperspace between blockade and planet. Who cares the timing must be perfect or otherwise everyone is going to die either thanks to CIS ships or planet’s mass shadow? No pressure at all.

From a conversation with @skymurdock because it really made me laugh.

Sometimes Obi-Wan starts to feel a little bad for Anakin, but then he thinks about that time how Anakin went on a three day no-sleep bender and led all the Jedi Temple droids in a revolt and wound up destroying an entire hangar in the process.

Also the one time when he was a padawan that he used Artoo as a getaway vehicle to get to illegal podraces.  
Imagine waking up to Artoo’s rocket boosters speeding past your window and then looking out and seeing a goddamn lanky-ass teenager screaming maniacally while hanging on to an astromech droid.  Take the laundry chutes like normal people, dammit.

Obi-Wan might have been able to tolerate it better, but Anakin was just.  SO BAD.  At sneaking in or out.  Obi-Wan was entirely insulted by how shit he was at it.  
He would get stranded because he accidentally crashed his speeder into a wall and OBI-WAN COME PICK ME UP IT’S LATE AND I’M TIRED IT’D TAKE AN HOUR TO GET BACK VIA THE TRAIN instead of finding his own way home like any decent teenager sneaking out.  
Anakin trips over the potted plant on his way out at like 12:30am.  Of for stars’ SAKE, Anakin, at least wait until you hear your Master go to bed and then half an hour later try to sneak out, not while he’s in the kitchen making tea that will take FIVE MINUTES and then he WILL SEE YOU.

Fucking. Stubs his toe, shrieks, and then gets the hell out of the room,

At least when he finally manages to sneak out–and Obi-Wan has to very carefully look the other way to get him even that far–that time he accidentally crashes his speeder into one of the garbage pits and has to fight off like three of those giant garbage worms and fumbles to get out his comm unit and call Obi-Wan and shrieks HELP ME MASTER I CAN’T GET OUT OF HERE, it was at least pretty funny. 
Obi-Wan may have stood at the lip of the garbage pit Anakin had fallen into and watched his apprentice try to climb his way out, the walls too steep to get any purchase on and too high for him to Force jump out of there.  Stood and watched for a good extra five or seven minutes.  He deserved to watch this.

He always gets hauled back into the Temple, the few times he gets to sneak back in someone raises the alarm bc someone tripped over something valuable.  Turns out it’s just Anakin trying to sneak in via vents.

It’s embarrassing.  All the other Jedi Masters look at Obi-Wan like, “Aren’t you teaching this child ANYTHING?”  And he can only make a vague helpless gesture, because, honestly, he has TRIED.

Windu keeps a stern face for the whole lecture and only when everyone has left, only THEN, does he break into a fit of laughter.  Best thing that has happened to him this week fuck yeah he’s going to tell Depa all about this when she wakes up.

Depa has heard ALL ABOUT Anakin Skywalker.  Mace absolutely abuses his position as Master of the Order to make Obi-Wan give him regular reports on Anakin’s antics and then hoards them like a dragon with treasure. Anakin thinks Master Windu hates him, but honestly it’s just that Mace is like I AM TIRED AND OVERWORKED AND JUGGLING ABOUT TEN THINGS AT ONCE TELL ME A HILARIOUS STORY ABOUT SKYWALKER BEING A DIPSHIT.

Technically they are reports. Technically.  
Really it’s just Obi-wan breaking out the vodka and bitching to Mace.

All that connection to the Force and this dumbass child can’t even sneak out of the Temple properly.  Obi-Wan is So Tired.