all the love for this part of the choreo

just pd101 "never" things
  • the fact it’s made by pentagon bbs
  • the instrumental in the beginning makes me emo
  • minhyun in general
  • daehwi singing in this is so nice
  • “we are not forever” uh boi i’m hurt take that back guanlin
  • every part when minhyun says NEVER
  • jaehwan’s oH EHH OOOOHHH~~ literally my fave part
  • all the yeah eh’s
  • jaehwan’s i LOVE YOU
  • and minhyun echoing i love u back
  • do u ship it bc suddenly i do
  • daehwi singing the second verse <3 ((also does anyone else think he kind resembles a little bit of biticonjustine))
  • i loveyouloveyouloveyou oOOOH.
  • gaunlin improved so much i cry a lil he’s my son 
  • ong in during the bridge like did anyone else forget he sings bc he danced all this time
  • and then woojin rapping i dont wanna go like same boy me too me too
  • my four seconds of heaven forreal
  • jaehwan’s adlib “OOOOOOHHHoohhhhOHOh”
  • and THEN
  • the choreo after minhyun’s last never
  • idk dance moves man i am not a dancer
  • this song so good i can’t get over it

a/n: forgot about this in my drafts but this song never fails me


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THERE’S SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT. Ok, let’s start with the things that killed me the most: 

1. BTS riding on a car shaped like a wing and came super close to my section. That’s probably the closest I will ever see the boys irl. (Yoonmin are tiny af and even though I’m Tae biased, I swear my heart stopped when Jungkook looked towards my area and smiled)

2.Young Hoseok/baby pictures during Mama

3. The stage effects like the statue Jin kissed, the hot air balloons BTS rode on during the end, the fireworks, fire, and the army bombs changing colors to the song

4. The fan chants. Are. Amazing. I think that’s one of the best things of watching the concert in Seoul. K-Armys really have every single fan chant memorized (even chants to their debut songs).

5. BTS occasionally stop singing to let the fans sing. Wow. During 2,3! they let us sing a whole part and it sounded so beautiful I almost cried.

6. SPOILER but Yoonmin during Spring Day’s choreo T^T. Spring Day and Not Today’s choreo in general are both lit. I’m lowkey glad they decided to reveal it during the concert before broadcasting it on TV this week 

7. Tae’s Hwarang hyungs came to the concert the day I was there, but I didn’t see them sadly

8. Last but not least, I’m so, so, so glad they performed every single song from their WINGS album. Especially their solos. I love seeing all 7 of them own the stage by themselves and shine through their solo songs. 

Long Distance with Hoseok

And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, half of Vhope, our angel, our hope who’s looking super cute in Hawaii, as always, he always looks really cute I wanna know how they all manage to look A+ with or without makeup, whether they’ve got bed head or had their hair styled, they’re always really nicE, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • So the link for this post is dance teacher!Hobi (here) which is the prequel to CEO!hobi (here) I’m still in the process of editing all the links on the blog so I’ll get all of those intertwined posts linked up soon but you could also use youtuber!hobi (here) bc in that post, he’s a choreographer at One Million Dance Studio so either one would work
  • So hobi works his way up to being a really well known choreographer, he even choreographs for some popular artists and he works really really hard to get to where he is bc hobi is such a hard worker
  • The more popular he gets, the more people want to collab of course and people want him to perform or judge dance competitions
  • He’s so friendly and outgoing AND he’s really talented so a lot of people wanna work with him and it starts branching out from artists in Seoul to artists in Japan to artists in the US and Europe and all over the place
  • So pretty soon he’s jetting all around the world which is something super new to him bc he’s gone from being a TA and working the graveyard shift at a local store to be able to pay rent to being flown around the world
  • He teaches classes all over the world, he helps artists with their choreo, he does a lot with dancing and it makes him so so happy
  • The hardest part is that you don’t come with him
  • You have your own career/studies and you can’t really be flying to a new country and spending a couple weeks there then going back home and doing it all over again in a few more months
  • Saying goodbye is s o hard on both of you bc hobi is a really loving, doting person and I feel like when he’s in a relationship, he gives it his all
  • The two of you are so used to being around each other, you’re used to waking up to hobi’s beautiful smile, he’s used to waking up to you in his arms or him in yours
  • You’re used to movie nights every two weeks, to casual dates, to small ways he shows you how much he loves you, like packing a lunch for you or leaving lil sticky notes around the apartment
  • He always gives really amazing hugs, they’re always so warm and cozy and he holds you really close but goodbye hugs last s o long and they’re always accompanied by him kissing your head, your forehead, your nose, cheeks, anything and everything he can without having to pull away from the hug
  • He makes sure you’re gonna be good to go before he leave, you have all of the emergency numbers, his parents, his sister, the boys, everyone you could possibly need bc you are gonna be in two different time zones so he won’t always be able to answer the call
  • Speaking of calls, he calls you every single day while he’s gone
  • It doesn’t matter if he’s leaving for two weeks or if it’s a week or if it’s a month, he’s calling you everyday
  • He likes to leave the phone on speaker while he figures out what he wants for dinner or having you on Facetime while he shops so you can give your opinions
  • Even if you can’t Facetime, he’s still gonna text you pictures of the outfits bc he wants you to think your boyfriend is looking cute too even though we all know he could wear a garbage bag and look adorable and cuddly
  • He rarely travels alone so he always has Jimin and/or Jungkook with him, sometimes Yoongi, sometimes Tae but he’s never alone so they’re always there to tease him about missing you
  • “‘I just wanna hold my bbY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK’“
  • “Well it’s true, I get cold at night”
  • “I’ll cuddle you bro, don’t worry about it” 
  • But they’re also there to comfort him for you bc hobi is a sensitive lil bub and they’ve said that when he’s mad/upset/sad it’s easy to tell and he doesn’t like being away from you so often so they’re always there to give him hugs or tell him jokes or just keep him happy bc hobi deserves all the happiness he’s so pure and giving
  • He sends plenty of selfies but he also sends clips of his day, getting ice cream with Jikook, walking along the beach, his view from his hotel room
  • Okay so there’s this one Twitter video (I think?? either twitter or fancafe) where hobi is just sitting there and he pans the camera over to him and makes this adorable pouty face and he looks so cute close up, he sends those types of clips all the time
  • He sends clips of dogs he meets along the way, a solid two minutes of nothing but him cooing at them behind the camera
  • The boys also sends clips of him to you and they’re always goofing around with him and it makes you so happy seeing him so happy bc he has that contagious laugh and his smile is so big and bright and he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • Tells you he misses you about 80 times a day bc he just wants to hug you and squeeze you and kiss your cheek lots and he can’t wait until he can home and do all of the above
  • The entire night before he’s flying back, he’s so happy and excited and he’s basically bouncing in place whenever he has to stay still bc he’s so ready to hug you again
  • He always spins you around when he hugs you in the airport and he buries his lil nose into your hair and he lets out this really happy sigh bc “I’m home”
  • “Did you miss me? I missed you”
  • “Maybe next time, I can come”
  • “No no, I’ll take you out on a real vacation, somewhere I don’t have to work, you don’t have to work, where we can just relax”
  • “That sounds amazing”

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yoongi has big hands nand noew i want a taegi breathplay fic rec gdi.

your wish is my command <3 as always if anyone knows any i missed please add them!!

Taegi breathplay fics:

(I Probably Still Adore You) With Your Hands Around My Neck by mucha (explicit, complete, 3.9k, idol verse, this one is probably my fave bts are practising the blood sweat and tears choreo and tae gets horny and flustered when yoongi does the choking part asdfgh amazing) 

His/Theirs/Our Thing by PancakeTaetae (explicit, incomplete, 48k, 3 chapters so far, hybrid au, puppy hybrid tae, owner yoongi, bottom tae, fluff, smut, angst, read all the tags!! there are a ton of other kinks besides breathplay so make sure you read before you start!! but this one is super cute so far i love hybrid tae <3)

Guns, Knives and Lace by visbaeallday (mature, incomplete, 17k, 3 chaps so far, gang au, smut, tae in panties!! this one is actually yoontaekook which makes it a hundred times better imo and it’s soooo good i’m dying for an update, yoongi and jungkook are gangsters and tae is their suga baby but he’s also super smart and it’s amazing)

Pillow Talk by hologramwithyou (Explicit, side namjin, complete, 2k, smut, pwp, a/b/o, alpha yoongi, omega tae, daddy kink, mpreg, taegi have heat sex and there’s choking involved, surprisingly cute)

he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) by ashyung (mature, complete, 6k, smut, pwp, okay this one is flithy, please read the tags there’s so much going on, basically tae gets off on yoongi treating him badly)

Casting a Line by indifferentyoongi (Teen, complete, 13k, idolverse, fluff, slow burn, basically they learn the choreo for blood sweat and tears and fall in love)

No Ordinary Love by LoveIsGone (Explicit, side vhope and jihope, incomplete, 4k, 2 chaps so far, gang au, smut, elements of rape/non-con, read the tags!!, tae is a model and yoongi is his mob boss bf hell yeah)

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reasons to ship jikook?

  • “I actually like Jimin hyung” 
  • otp things: the smaller is the older and the taller is the younger
  • “Jimin’s eyes are so pretty”
  • busan boyfriends 
  • Jimin stop staring 
  • couple outfits
  • “film me, hyung”
  • Jungkook taking pics of Jimin
  • unstoppable dancing
  • the way they look at each other 
  • Jungkook to Jimin: “These days I have been missing my parents and I have been feeling very down, and you have given strength to me”
  • dope era more like jikook era
  • their dynamic
  • Jikook vlogs
  • maknae has a thing for his hyung’s arms  
  • when he tried to grab jimin’s hand but his hyung walked too fast 
  • “subtle” touching 
  • Jungkook: “When things gets tiring, Jimin comes and encourages me and supports me from behind. He listens to my problems diligently”
  • Jikook photoshoots
  • their almost kiss
  • sharing food
  • Q: who’s the cutest member? jk: jimin 
  • Selca game so strong
  • harmonizing together 
  • Jibooty has owner
  • “Jungkookie is mine
  • whispering
  • The way that jimin cares about jungkook and protects him 
  • “You definitely cheered me up when I was down for not being able to see my parents”
  • Their part in “no more dream choreo” 
  • Jealous maknae
  • “We honestly have so much in common. We are always sleepy, timid, hate to lose but most of all, WE LOVE TO DANCE!”
  • JIMIN The only thing is I am all about “JUNGKOOK LOVE” but you are not. 
  • JUNG KOOK That’s not true, I like you too! 
  • JIMIN REALLY!? You really LIKE me? 
  • JUNG KOOK Sure I do. The only difference between you and I is that you tend to focus on one thing while I juggle things around. We both work hard but just a bit different in that sense.
  • Jimin trying to kiss jungkook since debut (or predebut)
  • “I can’t resist Jungkook”— Jimin’s answer when they asked him what’s his weakness. 
  • jikook tag ♡

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what's your favorite part of shoma's fs?

1) the costume and packaging. it makes him look older, taller, and more mature. i legit really love the costume.

2) singing along to “piantao, piantao” (x)

3) the deranged face he makes when “balada para un loco” kicks in

4) spreadeagle-3A on the violin screech (solo 3A works better with the music than 3A3T so i kind of hope he keeps the solo 3A)

5) the whole step sequence, but especially the last part.

6) the choreo with the spreadeagle and the bit afterwards, it fits the music so well.

7) 3A1Lo3F as the second-last jumping pass, accompanied by hysterical screaming. (also, 4T2T on “LOCO LOCO LOCO”)


9) the way the tension builds in the first half with the off-kilter music. his intensity throughout the whole program.

10) everything. the entire program. i love how well the choreo fits the music and all the little details. i just flat-out think this is his best program, choreo-wise.

fly deserves so much more love, it was the start of the flight log series and acording to yugyeom is also the song that shows got7′s true colors also the MV is a piece of art and the choreo is one of their bests and i know we are all salty because youngjae didn’t get more lines but his fly’s are so beautiful and show how amazing his voice is and i just think fly deserves so much more recognition

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can i request the remaining members reacting to their celebrity crush dancing vibrato by stellar? i love your acc^^

Foreign celebrity crush dancing to Vibrato by Stellar (Kihyun, Shownu, Minhyuk & I.M)

Kihyun; He’d be watching with his mouth slightly parted without him even noticing, his eyes burning because he wasn’t blinking lmao, not wanting to miss any of it. He’d blush a tiny bit because the choreo is really sexy, though he’d enjoy it very much.

Originally posted by spookihyun

Shownu; He’d love that. Since he loves dancing so much, the fact that his crush can dance just as good would make him so happy, he’d be so immersed in it, yet have a smile on his face. He’d be thinking about doing a collab dance with you and all of the things that could happen between yo two while dancing together.

Originally posted by garisanee

Minhyuk; He’d be so excited, eyes wide open, mouth wide open, his hand gripping Kihyun’s thigh who was wincing next to him (poor Kihyun), He’d give the best reactions, though i think he’d be one of the members who’d get a little turned on, even if it’s just dancing lol. 

Originally posted by kihyeun

I.M; He’d be a blushing mess, though he’d play it off cool and watch you dance with a poker face, not wanting to give off huge reactions so people wouldn’t notice his crush on you. One of the members would probably tease him a little, whispering in his ear about you and how sexy you were, making Changkyun blush even harder. 

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So I love how some parts of the choreo in Crazy In Love is like pretty feminine. Like in today's performance of Crazy in Love, Woozi's part (the 2nd once) he did this cute dance and CLAWED THE CAMERA (Like a cat scratch) and IM LIKE YAASSS GET IT!

Crazy in love choreography is a blessing we all need to thank our holy lord jisoos for. (Actually that explains why all these woozi fansites were making him do the cat thing)

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they all babysit carlos’ kid and i cry :’)

comment from f(x) concert video: 

this concert is one if not the best concert i’ve ever seen ,, their music and dance is just awesome ! , they are the only girl group i’ve seen that dances really hard and not some feminine agyo bullshit ! really worth the 7 years of waiting congratz to them

I love f(x) as much as the next bitch but comments like these are so gross ewww. there so are so many ggs that have great choreo especially nowadays that everyone and their mama rag on girls for having less intense choreo than bgs, so idk why you all act like its just so rare to see a gg dance well like what year is this? in case you haven’t noticed ggs have been forced to kick it up a notch if they ever want to have even an ounce of respect from you all. and that feminine aegyo bullshit part really gets under my skin. why are y’all so afraid of cute ggs? what is the problem with girls wanting to embrace their cute and feminine side? c’mon I need answers quickly. oops times up! the answer is: theres nothing wrong with cute aegyo ggs! as refreshing as it is to see powerful tough girl crush concepts, most of you end up putting down the cute groups in the process of praising them. “i like them bc they aren’t like those dumb girly groups!!1!!” grow up and stop putting down ggs for being cute. you sound dumb and I can’t take your opinion seriously. 


(here I am just reviewing the songs and not the physical album itself)

Once again NCT never disappointed me because they all have different concepts that I love so much and NCT 127 have this irresistible image how are they even called flops?!. Today they finally released for what I waiting for Cherry bomb I listened to the album and if you haven’t you’ll love it

01 Cherry Bomb *title*

cherry bomb was lit (i don’t like that word but it’s true) from rap to choreo to vocals not surprisingly the rap was more than vocals but when the vocal line came that part changed the impression of the song it went very smoothly and WILL GIVE YOU EARGASM. Mark’s rap from the teaser you could tell he was one of the best sm rappers and he proved it in this track and you’ll be addicted to the way he says cherry bomb at the end. what I really liked tho is the addition of “if you’re happy and you know it clap you hands” lol.

02 Running 2 U 

this is the shortest song in the album I like the beat here it’s different it’s all smooth and very 127 like until they say Running to you and they hit with that bollywood vibe which I really like the song just penetrates your head (in a good way) I really like the combination it’s really addicting.

03 0 Mile

The song is an energiser it really uplifts your mood and gets you head bobbing it’s my favourite song in the album it sounds like something you’ll hear at those stores in the mood like those type of songs that will want you to stay longer I recommend listening to it on a road trip and just when you are in the car even or when you are jogging/walking/running outside.

04 Sun & Moon

idk why it reminds of KNK maybe because of the name (KNK is Sun, Moon, Star) if you just want to chill and relax this is your song it has that very aesthetic fairy tale like feel into it it’s entirely vocal and almost every nctzen is obsessed with this (including me). This song also popular amongst the members (source: cherry bomb showcase).

05 Whiplash

i’m pretty sure there are plenty of you who heard about very kinky baby don’t like it wishes it could and spoiler alert long as ride is back this gives me intense gta vibes it goes like this “Shawty give me whip-whiplash” but all jokes aside I really like this song and so will you. the meaning is actually different from what we think both Mark and Taeyong are different and they interpreted the word differently which makes the lyrics unique, I am no sure about mark’s pov I wasn’t able to catch on (if you know what it is feel free to reply)  but from Ty’s pov it’s about scolding someone here he thought about his older sister continuous scolding she was very strong while he was timid (source: cherry bomb showcase).

06 Summer 127

the beginning sounds like an anime maybe just me tho like 0 mile something you’ll hear while shopping and runways too even I like the “ I just wanna dance with you goes” I really like taeil here when taeyong starts rapping tho he be snatching that wig.  

07 Cherry Bomb (Performance Ver.)

well the title speaks for itself the only thing differs this from the original is that this one has a dance break and fun fact this is the one used in the mv (source: cherry bomb showcase).

overall review 

I really enjoyed listening to this album the members worked really hard and made sure everything is perfect I think this album will fit into everyone’s taste I enjoy it’s diversity and combination and don’t forget to watch Cherry Bomb if you haven’t and stream the mv as much as you can 

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Monster or Lucky One?

here i was saying no one will ask ;A; you should have let me keep the record 

LUCKY ONE!!!! the choreo and that part before the chorus JONGIN SAYING I DONT MIND SEDUCTIVELY????SIGN ME UP I DONT MIND EITHER and the flute music (its actually a spell im telling you) i love monster but then exo seems so into it when dancing to lucky one the hyper thrusts and the head bobbing and also baeksmiles and also the jumps and omg ;A; that song deserved more performances 

and let me also mention the mv the BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC MV all weirdass alien experiment concept with clean no speck of dirt sheer white hospital wow also neon lights in the hallways i’LL BREak a leg to BE in that disco hospital and the iconic ‘let’s dance to get out of here’ im dlsldlkdksf ALSO LAY BEING BEAUTIFUL THAN ALL OF US COMBINED WOW and that highlighter brighter than my exam results and sdjkjjklllsl

yeah i love lucky one