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jojo has a rock kink confirmed

it’s true. come with me… on a journey… the scene: you’re in the second hour of your mineral identification practical and you’re stuck on something you’re pretty sure is either halite (tastes salty) or sylvite (tastes bitter) and you need to lick it to find out, but the specimen in question has just been passed around 40 other students, all of whom had the same thought–all of whom probably licked it. maybe some of them put acid on it too, because they’re all dumb as fuck. you have thirty seconds to id this mineral and write down its formula and properties. time is fucking ticking. what do you do? you lick it of course. hahaha well fuck you buddy because it turns out it has no taste at all! you dumb piece of shit. you fucking failure. now you have the germs of 40 other heathen scum running through your body for nothing. you write down a random ass mineral because fuck it and then you pour some acid on it and pass it on. the end. i wanna die.

👱🏼‍♀️💕… Some things you might not know about me…⠀ 👫 The most frequently occurring argument between me and S is what kind of dog we’re going to get⠀ 😘 I’d describe my first kiss as a suprise lick all over my face⠀ 👧🏼 As a child, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’d do in case I got stuck in quicksand (turns out it’s as common as the cartoons had me believe, and not as fast either)⠀ ​👉🏻 To read more head to the link in my bio (@annesmiless) 💫

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i just had the stupidest fucking idea of team voltron hanging out on a ice planet for whatever reason and someone daring someone to lick shiro’s arm to see if ur tongue gets stuck to it and it DOES and someone is just stuck to shiro’s arm at the awkwardest fucking angle ever and the mission is literally called off because everones laughing so hard even shiro except the person whos tongue is stuck is just crying but in hindsight is rly fucking hilarious