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Imagine if Bing got a nasty virus but keeps it a secret from everybody, because he already feels inferior. So he acts like everything is okay while his software is slowly being destroyed. - Not Gabe

Bing knows that if he doesn’t tell anyone about the virus wrecking havoc on his system, he’s going to die. He feels overheated, like his servos are melting inside him and the simple act of keeping up a coherent conversation takes up more energy than it should. Bop keeps eyeing him with worry, obviously wanting to say something but Bing puts twice as much effort into being normal, can’t have Bop fretting and telling Dr. Iplier on him. 

He keeps seeing Google’s smug smirk, the way his eyes gleam as they pick apart his flaws. Bing can’t let him know about yet another weakness, can’t stand to be told how worthless he is, how great it is that he’s being torn apart from the inside. 

So he smiles and he laughs and he sings along to Bop’s music. He skateboards badly (worse than ever, he doesn’t have the same coordination as before, deteriorated as his systems are). And one day he falls and his limbs won’t pull him back up, everything hurts and he can’t do anything. Bop is panicking, hands scrambling to help him up, voice murmuring in his ear. Bing can’t understand a damn thing. 

Dr. Iplier tells him what he already knows, he’s dying. It’s Bop’s devastated face that makes it hurt all the more. 

So I’m on my couch totally burned out and crying.

If a student has trouble with, for example, walking they wouldn’t be forced to join in school activities that are physical, right? But if you, like me, have asperger and are overly sensitive to noise and get exhausted from too much social interactions you get the “but tryyy to join” (not that they’re actually goving you a choice here).

We have a weird sort of schedule breaking theme-week with so many new people and social bonding exercises, and everything, for some reason, requires a great deal of shouting. Today I had to leave the classroom, and later the grounds. And of course I get teachers after me asking why I left when they bloody well know about my problems. And every day I get home, I lie down on the couch and then nothing else until the next day. I haven’t had the strength to even shower for days because all I can do is lie down when I’m home. And I can’t even sleep, no no, the teachers are stressing me the fuck out so I can’t get my mind to shut up long enough for me to be able to fall asleep.

Why is my disability not respected just because you can’t see it?

Invisibe disability is just as valid as the ones you can see/ mental disability is just as valid as physical.

Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp?

changing blog types

over these past few days, i’ve been fixing up my blog and trying to figure out what i wanted to do with it, and i’ve decided that i’ll be changing from quality to aesthetic. it’s been great being quality for the past 4 years. i’ve met a lot of nice people, had some super cool mutuals, and made many memories. but i think it’s time for a change now, especially since i’m 20 now. i’m getting old, and my life and my interests have changed a lot since i first started this blog. you’re welcome to continue following me, but if you feel the need to unfollow, that’s totally fine too. i completely understand. thank you all so much for everything! i’ll miss the quality community very much, and i’ll never forget you guys.

much love,

p. s. shout-out to these awesome mutuals that i never really got a chance to talk to, but i admire from afar: @starry-niqht, @rinqleader, @lovinqsheeran, @g01dfish, @pineappl3, @blissful-luxury@qamerqirl, @kissed–curls, @journeyinq, @omqsansara, @cheeky-tbh, @poshdiary@heqdehoqs@courtneyhbu, @5ongbird, @arcadixns, @f4ded-hbu, @coffeemuq, @painxfvl, @leqocastle@qlowkit, @avocadouqh, @b4nds-tbh, @5ponqe-bob, @hale-wbu. you guys are amazing! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. and, of course, shout-out to @goofing. thank you, jenn, for being such a lovely friend, and i hope you’re doing well!!

p. s. #2: i’ll be changing my url as well, so if you’re reading this in the future, i was previously divergentwbu!


Don’t want a LOT for Christmaaaaas….

THEEEEERE is just One Thing IIII neeeed….

I don’t care aBOUT the PRESents
UUUUUUUUNDERrrneath the ChristMas Treeeee

just want you


MOOOOOOOOOOORE than youuuu could EV ER knoooow….

Make myyy wishcome truuuuuuUUuuUuuUuE

AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL I want for CHRISTmaaaaaaas….. 



I wanna talk about Keith and hugs. Keith loves hugs. He never rejects them or moves away from them and more often than not they leave him smiling and lingering close:

But. Oh god. He’s always so careful with his hugs. So, so careful. Like, compare them to Hunk’s:

Or Pidge’s:

Keith’s hugs are just…. they are so gentle… there’s no pressure… everything is slow and soft…. he’s so careful not to overdo it…..

Keith gives the softest hugs, they are barely there… and that’s so interesting. Keith doesn’t shy away from physical contact, he reaches out when someone needs help getting up and has no problems with placing his hand on someone’s arm/shoulder to encourage them etc. It’s not the touch itself that troubles him. Look at the group hug, he doesn’t mind getting squished between other bodies. Heck, he obviously likes it!!

But his hugs. His hugs are like his smiles. Keith isn’t used to showing affection. He loves receiving it, it doesn’t embarrass him at all, but he doesn’t really know how to do it himself. His hugs are soft and tender and careful, always open so that the other one can pull away in case they feel uncomfortable or don’t want him. 


Me: Oh hey Padparadscha Sapphire!  Hey, you can see events that already happened, aka, the past, right?

“Oh yes!  That’s right!  In fact, you’re going to ask if I can see events that already happened!  Aka, the past.”

Me: Okay, cool.  So tell me Pad…  Who shattered Pink Diamond?


*roundabout plays*