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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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character posters: james isaac neutron

                            There’s a 95 percent chance it’ll work. 
                                      And the other 5 percent? 
                                         We all get blown up. 

mixed-bags  asked:

Could you name me an example of a TV show where nine/ten year olds had romantic relations? Disney Channel shows usually have kids at least in middle school, and most often high school, soooo...

just off the top of my head:

  • gravity falls: lil gideon (10yo) had a crush on mabel pines
  • fairly oddparents: timmy turner (10yo) has a crush on trixie and tootie (9yo) has a crush on timmy
  • hey arnold: gerald and phoebe are implied to be fond of each other/going out together, and helga has a huge crush on arnold (all the characters are 9yo)
  • jimmy neutron: cindy (10yo) has had multiple love interests but eventually gets together with jimmy 
  • south park: stan and his girlfriend wendy (both 10yo)
  • the simpsons: bart (10yo) has had nearly twenty love interests and lisa (8yo) has had twelve 
  • or how about that one episode of Rugrats where angelica (3yo!!) falls in love with a kid she met on the playground

like, it’s not exactly uncommon.

Can we talk about Jimmy's Poem in Return of the Nanobots?

I haven’t watched this show in a while, and today when I saw this I almost spat water everywhere. 

“Cindy sings the body electric,
But she’s still not as smart as me.
She can’t even compute the value of Pi, 
Which, I know, equals three.”

He creates the poem off the top of his head in order to overload the nanobots when they try to correct the value of Pi and find they can’t because Pi is infinite.

But I just really need to talk about that first line “Cindy sings the body electric”
This is a reference to a poem by Walt Whitman called “I sing the body electric”. 
This choice is interesting for two reasons: 
1) because unlike a lot of Whitman’s poetry it’s received little critical attention due to many feeling that it’s repetitive and lacking in the depth of many of Whitman’s other poems. An amusing choice for Jimmy who isn’t good at poetry.
and 2) because I sing the body electric is a poem about the wondrousness of the human body and Whitman’s love of bodily flesh. It is filled with the exploration of sensual desire. So the fact that the writers chose the line, “Cindy sings the body electric” to put in Jimmy’s poem, well it really speaks for itself doesn’t it.

anonymous asked:

What would the ASL brothers be like as college students?

ah, the asl brothers. my favorite group to talk about 



oh ace. a lot of people would say he’d be a college dropout but i don’t think so?? he’s not thrilled to be a college student but he rolls with the punches. i feel like he would major in something in the arts, particularly visual arts. for some reason i can see him as an artist ok i just really love the idea of artist!ace. if not art, maybe he’ll major in technical theatre. i see him doin all that stuff too. he only puts effort into classes related to his major. in anything else, he’s Lord Procrastination. catch him never showing up to that 8AM math class. 
as a roommate he’d probably blast music a lot. rip ace’s roomie. also i feel like all ace does is pull all nighters. he doesn’t do that for work, he does it because there’s nothing better than the feeling of freedom u get when u eat pizza and hot wings at 3am. also i feel like he’d join a fraternity but he wouldnt be a hardcore frat bc he just doesnt care that much. he’s in it for the parties even though all he does is pass out halfway through parties bc he’s our adopted narcoleptic son. he doesnt even need to get drunk. also he goes all out for sporting events tho. SCHOOL SPIRIT 


oh my darling boy sabo. we all know he’s mr. smarty mcsmart. a boy genius. watch out jimmy neutron. anyway i could see sabo majoring in political science or criminal justice. hell, maybe he’d even double major in those somehow. he’ll make it work. also i feel like if he had a minor he’d do something like literature. his plate is FULL but he can handle it bc he’s saboob. he takes his school work seriously. this boy lives on coffee. he pulls all nighters for work and not for the feeling of freedom u get when u eat pizza and hot wings at 3am. he STAYS THE HELL AWAY from fraternities. he dont need that kinda stress in his life though sometimes ace drags his ass to some of the parties. he likes to show school spirit but hes not as hardcore as ace. as a roommate sabo’s v considerate and he makes sure everything is balanced bc once ur engaged in roomie drama u cant really escape and no one needs roomie drama. 


someone please help luffy he has no idea what he’s doing but he’s doing his best. ok our sweet boy just has an undeclared major. he’s just doing your normal classes like english, math, etc. he’s not an outstanding student. he misses a lot of his classes bc they’re scheduled before 3pm and luffy’s not the greatest with time management. he gets hardcore tutoring from sabo but half the time he’ll zone out during their sessions so sabo’s gotta hit him in the head with a book. when he “studies” by himself he probably just means he’s going to sit in the food court for three and a half hours. luffy is Lord Procrastination Jr. luffy’s known by like everyone older than him bc ace brings him to frat parties all the time and everyone just loves luffy. luffy’s got some hella school spirit too!! woo!! also luffy as a roommate would be an experience. someone would have to take a trip to the grocery store every day. v messy room too. oh luff. we love you

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Free Draw Friday

This was really late, and I didn’t have much time and this isn’t the best drawing (it was all freehand pen though)… BUT hey, did you know there is a series of crossover video games called Nicktoons Unite!, where Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob Squarepants and Danny Phantom all exist in the same universe and work together? :D
(Prob useless info to you, but I discovered this recently and it’s a pretty cool idea!)