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the hardest part about being a sports fan, for me, is knowing that no amount of cheering or wishing or wearing the right shirt will make my team win. like, literally nothing i do can or will change the outcome of the game, but i still want to find something to do to make me feel like i can do something to effect the final score.


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

Morgan Rielly #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi!!! Could you do an imagine with Morgan Rielly? Like him asking you to wear his jersey or something? Loooove your writing!!<3 :-)

*Hiii!! Thank you so so much!! I hope you love this too. :)*

Word count: 949

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“Hey!” you yelled out once you heard the front door open and close, “I’m in the kitchen.”

You were swaying your hips to the music coming out from the speakers, preparing something healthy for Morgan. They have a game tonight and, from the sound of the door, he just got back from morning skate.

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anonymous asked:

please do as many as you can/want for my autistic son jack (this is onethousandroaches)

@onethousandroaches thank you so so much for this. i love talking about autistic Jack (also i’m handing out candy while doing this so sorry if it takes forever to type out) 

1. How are they with clothing textures? are they fine with fashionable but uncomfortable clothes or do they prefer casual & comfy? or other?
Jack wears the same Samwell Hockey shirt all the time because he actually has four or five of the same shirt. it’s super soft and he loves it. he has like three dress shirts that are soft and almost perfect but he only has been able to find three and maybe it’s because they are like worn but he can only wear those three. He can’t really wear nice clothes though out side of those, but it’s okay because he loves layering over them so sweaters and Jackets over the top is great so he doesn’t look like he is only wearing three shirts. 

2. Stimming head canons?
he stims mostly by chewing on things, he went though a lot of head phones before he found out they made things for not babies to chew on (he once did try a teething ring but he chewed though it but like he could not comfortably take that out of his bedroom and it just, wasn’t good for him) but for the most part that’s how he stims. he also has a weighted blanket though and he does say words over and over but not nearly as often as just, chewing on things. (projecting? oops)

3. how do they feel about touch?
touching what? like being touched? he’s not big on it, really not big on it outside of a game or practice. I guess there is kinda palce to talk about having things on his hand so we’ll save that for later. but he generally doesn’t like touching. his boyfriend (because i ship him with just about everyone) get it and eventually Jack gets to a point where that’s okay but it’s gotta be like, he has to know it’s coming his boyfriend always tells him “i’m going to hug you” because usually he does love hugging his boyfriend but he HAS to know it’s coming. 

4. favourite foods & textures?
Chicken tenders obviously, chicken in general i think, i think he’d like fish, he loves cooked vegetables and like soups

5. hated foods & textures?
he hates raw vegetables and hard fruits,like apples and pairs are a no go, but he digs banannas. he hates grainy textures so like when bitty made his protein shake once he didn’t mix it all the way and it was horrible Jack almost threw up it was the worst thing he could imagine really. a poorly mixed protein shake is like grainy and clumpy and its a bad time, it’s a really bad time. 

6. how do they feel about music?
Jack likes music but, only when it’s right for him you know? and he can’t listen to music loudly, at all. like loudness is not good for them at all even like organized loudness is bad and so he listens to music and he likes it but some times even just like quiet piano music is too much™

7. what calms them down?
the quiet the dark and like pressure. like those three things are the best way to help him calm down. 

8. Do they know they’re Autistic? if so when & how did they realise?
Yes, it could have been picked up in rehab but i think it was probably while he was coaching Pee Wees or his first year at Samwell. I think it was probably while talking to some one else who was autistic and “oh wow that’s relatable” 

9. if you hc them as self diagnosed how did that impact their life?
yes, and I think he probably goes to get a professional diagnosis just i don’t know so it’s on the record or something. but the self diagnosis didn’t change too much about his life? i mean there was lots of “oh yeah self diagnosis is completely valid but I am making everything up” you know? but like after a good year or so of researching he decided on it and it was really great to have like coping mechanisms which was probably the best impact and it was great the fact that he knew how to handle these things that he didn’t really realize other people didn’t deal with. 

10. do they have friends? if so, are they accepting and accommodating?
most of his friends don’t know? Shitty does and probably Lardo, but then like i guess it depends on like who i’m shipping him with because they know but like in general it’s not a known thing. HOWEVER they are very accommodating about jacks “things” like they know he likes the quiet. they know he likes to keep the light on when he’s watching movies and stuff and they just go with it.  

11. how do they prefer to communicate? are they non verbal/have periods of being non verbal? do they use sign language? do they talk? do they prefer text, etc?
usually they are pretty okay with just talking some times though they are non verbal. then they text mostly. because usually he is non verbal when he is having a shut down or a melt down he’s not around people but he’ll text them if he needs to like leave or what ever like ‘hey this is overwhelming i’m leaving’ is probably a saved message in his phone so he can just send it to who ever is there. but like usually he can talk. 

12. Is there any senses they struggle with particularly? (hearing, taste, etc)
okay so this is where i was going to talk about touching things and having things on his hands. because that is one of the worst things in the world for him. like he can’t help Bitty bake as far as like cracking eggs, or kneading dough. he hates having water on his face or just running down his body (showers are hell) Loud noises are another one of the worsts when he has to be on the bus when the guys get loud it’s hell, actual hell and he’s cried because of it before (when he was younger it was the worst now he has noise canceling headphones) 

13. their special interests?
History (specifically WWII and the French Revolution because i said so) and Hockey the history of Hockey of course but also just like Hockey as a game, so like how it’s played, how to play it well and stuff. 

14. are they open about being autistic or do they prefer to keep it to themselves?
he wasn’t for a very long time (which makes considering the atmosphere of athletics) but then one of the guys in the room talks about how he is thinking about partnering with A$ because of his kid and Jack just “no don’t.” and he has to explain why and then he realizes how helpful he could be to getting people to give money and time to something more helpful and he does open up about it. he throws down with some one about functioning labels probably in a media scrum. 

15. if you ship them with anyone how is the other person(s) with them? (do they like listening to them info dump cause of how happy it makes them. do they know what smells/textures/places/etc to avoid so not to stress them out. etc)
depending on which ship i am talking about they could be dating someone who is also autistic. but no matter who it is they are super supportive. lets go though the main Jack Ships i have shall we?
okay so I am warming up to the headcanon of Bitty being autistic but my headcanons have not yet been adopted for that. SO this is not me saying i don’t hc bitty as being autistic just, i haven’t mentally updated my headcanon to fit that. 
Bitty loves listening to Jack talk about history but some times he just can’t? like not because he doesn’t want to but because he’s not, it’s not that hes not a good listener he’s just not good at listening for the hour and half Jack will spend talking about hockey or one very specific thing from wwii and honestly Bitty is a little sick of the French Revolution but he doesn’t tell Jack to stop talking but Jack can tell he doesn’t want to hear it? so he talks to some one else and they’ve talk about it so it’s not bad for their relationship. Bitty knows all about what food Jack can and can’t eat and he’s very good about that. he’s just very helpful in that seance in general like helping him with things he’s never done be fore and knowing about what he can and can’t handle
Dex is also autistc so Dex gets it. and like they work really well together but they don’t eat the same food which is….a problem. a big problem I don’t know how they get aroud it. Jack cooks his vegetables and Jack doesn’t they do eat lots of chicken tenders though. They have made like a little sanctuary away from the too much™ world  
okay so I hc that Jack and chowder have very similar manifestations of autism?so it works well for them? they both have a lot of the same sensory issues so they can just cut those out of their lives totally and they have similar special interests. like one of Jack’s is Hockey and one of Chowder’s is like Sharks hockey and like not really hockey in general but they end up talking about hockey a lot and they love it. 

16. if you ship them with anyone how are they with the other person(s)? (do they figure out code words together to understand what each other is feeling better, etc)
I think in all cases they do have to figure out code words but in all cases despite how much Jack hates sitting down and talk about not just his autism but like feelings in general he gets that its important and they do it and it’s good and helpful. 

18. are they generally well kept? or do they find it hard to keep up good hygiene?
despite the fact that showers are sensory hell he is generally well kept. however he will wear the same shirt for days.

19. what would be their ideal happy place?
his room in his providence apartment is amazing. it’s quiet and dark, he’s got his biggest weighted blanket (there is a hc floating around by not me and i don’t know who it belongs to about how he has more than one in different sizes for different paces) the walls are painted this really nice blue and he’s got like black out shades. it’s familiar and comfortable and private and honestly he’s got his ideal happy place.

20. what would be their idea of sensory hell?
once he was trying a face wash (he knew he probably shouldn’t) but he was in the shower and it was just the worst thing he experienced or close to it. the face wash was the kind with like beads or what ever in it, so it was grainy in his hand and then on his face and to get it off his face he had to let water run down his face and he cried it was horrible it was horrible because there was something on his face and it was granny and to get it off his face he had to let water run over it. it was horrible 
also some where in the depts of my autistic Jack tag is a post called like “the reason Chowder got Jack’s dibs” or something about the bus on a roadie and how much hell that was.  


03.14.2016: Toews & Kane with some words of wisdom despite their frustration after a rough stretch of games.

An idea that got too far away from me:

What if Tango is really into musicals and even though he doesn’t really have time to be involved with the theatre department at Samwell because of hockey, he still has a few friends who are musical theatre students, and somehow he manages to rope some of his hockey bros into helping with a little charity fundraiser.

This is how Dex ends up singing a duet with Nursey.

(Singing and dancing hockey bros, UST nurseydex, and just a glimpse of unrequited holsom lie below)

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