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The Selfishness of Our Hearts - A Year in The Life [Part IV | Preview]

A heavy sigh was the response he got to that gesture. Jinki slowly retracted his hand from his hold, before running it through his hair and over his face.

Jonghyun tried not to linger on the feeling of hurt that had sparked inside him. Instead, he allowed himself to look at him again. He noticed how tired he looked. “ Jinki, let’s go home, ” he said. That was the only logical next move left to be made now.

But apparently, it wasn’t for Jinki. “ I can’t. ” His words came out steady, deadpanned.

Jonghyun frowned in confusion. “ What do you mean, you can’t? ” He waited for the other to explain himself, but the explanation never came. Jinki didn’t even give one look his way. “ You’re not going to sleep here, ” he then added firmly.

“ No, but I guess I should sleep elsewhere tonight, ” the older one carefully uttered.

The crease between Jonghyun’s brows dug deeper. “ What the fuck, Jinki? ” He couldn’t help but express in an irritated voice. He didn’t want to deal with whatever the other’s words meant. He just wanted to get back to normal, whatever their normal was.

“ What happened? ” he insisted when Jinki chose silence again for an answer. “ You need to talk to me, because I’m about to lose it, ” he continued despite himself. He was pissed off. It wasn’t like him to react so strongly, but if there was something he didn’t like was to not be able to read someone else. Especially the one he was currently sharing a bed with. Kibum had been such an open book, but with Jinki it had always been hard to get to the bottom of his feelings. It was like he was still guarded and Jonghyun would be lying if he said that that didn’t bother him one bit.

“ It would be wrong for me to be sleeping in the same bed as you, ” Jinki finally let out. His voice was soft and calm, a little too controlled for Jonghyun’s liking. He felt like a decision had just been made for the both of them.

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i affectionally refer to this chapter as the one where walking disaster sara ryder launches herself off a cliff to avoid talking about her feelings (but it’s ok, because she has jump-jets). ao3 link.

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3. All Roads

Maybe the antsy feeling she’d been getting underneath her skin had just been restlessness from staying in one spot for too long. Sara smashed the head of the nearest challryion inside-out with a well-placed biotically enhanced fist, grimacing as the blood splattered up onto helmet’s visor.

“Was that really necessary?” Cora asked, her tone laced with barely-disguised amusement. As a fellow vanguard, she knew all about getting up and personal with one’s enemies. Not that these creatures were even enemies. They were just the wildlife. Exceptionally hungry wildlife, as it were.

Sara placed her hands on her knees, leaning over as she fought to regain her breath. “Where the hell do they keep coming from?”  

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Michael AND SARA . WHY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IM STILL FEELING LIKE IM IN THE HONEYMOON PHASE OF SHIPPING THESE TWO. JEJDNDKEKXKDKKSJDMKD I CANT BELIEVE THE WRITERS STUCK WITH US IN REGARDS TO THIS PAIRING. I am so thankful and so in love! I fucking love them so much!!!! I shipped them before I even knew what shipping was. Michael, Sara and their son!! REUNITED. TOGETHER. IN LOVE. LIKE THEY NEVER STOPPED. Someone hold me.

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DISCLAIMER: I am kind of angry, so there is swearing, I yell when I write in capital letters, also this is kinda long so if you get bored easily just don’t keep reading LOL.

First of all, Girl Squad? GO. TO. HELL. I can not believe this kind of bullshit, they are the worst friends ever. Sana has been by their side since the beginning. She has been a great friend, and now she is taking all the blame when Sara clearly is the worst of them all and all she got was hearts and hugs and “We love you Sara, you are great”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 

Yes, what Sana did was not a good decision, but for fuck’s sake I would’ve done it too. She told the truth, in a bad way, but she tried to open everybody’s eyes so they could finally realized the kind of snake Sara is. Instead of just telling the girls “Sara is fake as hell” she showed everyone proof of what a piece of rubbish she is, all they said was: “I can’t be bothered with this drama, I’m off the bus” DID YOU FORGOT WHAT SHE SAID ABOUT SANA? You didn’t even care (except Vilde, who asked, thanks Vilde btw). And now all are like “I don’t like her as much as I did before” GUESS WHAT?! Sana doesn’t like you as much as she did before, because you are shitty friends, who only care about yourselves. 

Damn it! Open your eyes, Sana has been suffering for weeks, and you don’t even care?! Noora was the only one who asked, so she is a bit out of the hook, just a bit, don’t get to cocky, ‘cause she stopped caring, she didn’t dig enough. 

So, Girl Squad, (Chris you are out of this basically because you are supporting Sana) why don’t you look yourselves in the mirror and try to think about all the wrong things you guys have done, I know it can be hard ‘cause your brains must be so swelled form your self-absorption that they can’t think beyond that, but don’t you worry, try harder, that’s all you should have done since the beginning, TRY. HARDER. Then we’ll see if you have the balls to keep hating on Sana. 
Lots of love,

Second of all, Yousef’s flowers… damn I hope Yousana is endgame, I think Julie is trying to make us think that Yousef and Sana’s relationship is over but with a bit of watering it can be fixed, I hope this Friday they’ll talk. 

Please, just do it, I can’t keep holding on to nothing. I miss Yousef’s texts, and memes, and stares and smiles…. I miss Sana’s smiles. I miss that feeling that I got everytime Yousef sent a message or smiled at Sana, as if I was Sana myself. Damn… I want that feeling back. Please.

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I dreamed about pll last night that Ali was in fact AD but also Sara Harvey was there and was also kinda helping Ali?? Haha that's what happens when I go through your blog before going to bed

Love the first part with all my heart… the second part would scare me because not only does Sara suck but then they’d have to explain how she faked her death and ugh, they shouldn’t give Dre anymore screen time. Don’t worry we’ve all had PLL dreams I imagine. Well I certainly have. One night I even dreamt how a Twincer reveal would unfold!