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Crystal Card of the Day: Lepidolite, “I am emotionally balanced and filled with inner peace.”

Known as “the stone of transition”, Lepidolite helps shift and restructure old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation. Lepidolite works with all of the chakras, especially the Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakras. Lepidolite crystals can help you open up to receiving higher vibrations from the higher realms into the subconscious, transferring these vibrations into the conscious through the Third-Eye Chakra, and integrating them into the center of truth via the Heart Chakra. Use Lepidolite for metaphysical work with the Heart and Crown Chakras, and to reduce stress associated with change.

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<3 Robin

anonymous asked:

"An Awfully Big Adventure is so great, maybe you should do a Robin Hood retelling??? Kylo is Maid Marian, obviously. Rey would make a killer Robin. Finn as Little John? I'd kill to see your take on it. Yell about it a little! Please!

*cracks knuckles* alright, you asked for it…

So obviously OBVIOUSLY Kylo is Marian, but only because i cannot justify a storyline wherein Kylo is stealing from the rich to give to the poor at the beginning. Otherwise, Rey would be Maid Marian and woo Kylo off his ass by defeating him in a swordfight (which totally happened! in the origin myth! look it up! she was disguised as a dude it was awesome and Robin Hood went all heart eyes!)

ANYWAY Kylo spends his days in a castle, sighing dramatically over his once love who’s since then vanished, but Kylo thinks fondly of his childhood sweetheart, remembering lazy sun-soaked days at his family estate in Alderaan, weaving flowers in Rey’s hair and letting her do the same to him where no one can see the prince being so undignified.
and maybe Kylo is trained as a knight in order to keep him away from the temptation of getting involved in political dealings and usurping the throne.
and maybe instead of simply pining, Kylo drowns his sorrows in attempting to rid the kingdom of rogues.
like this notorious rogue, Robin Hood
who sure looks a hell of a lot like Rey
and maybe they have a swordfight anyway, but instead of Marian defeating Robin like in the story, Robin Hood brings Kylo to the flat of his back and holds a sword to his throat and then pulls off his - her, actually - hood and scarf
and Kylo gets dumped right back into his childhood, and lays there panting and confused, and Rey just barely nicks his cheek and says
“Try a little harder to remember me this time, eh?”
and doesn’t kill him.

Finn calls her all kinds of stupid for not just taking the chance to kill Snoke’s right hand man, and Rey reveals very quietly over the low light of the fire, when everyone but she and Finn have gone to sleep, that the master of Snoke’s knights is Ben. And they can’t kill him, he’s the last chance to restore the kingdom to its rightful rulers. Finn stares at her for a long time. Rey wouldn’t blame him if he still wanted to kill Kylo - Ben - and hopes desperately that Finn doesn’t, because there’s still a corner of her heart steeped in laughter and stolen kisses that belongs to Ben Solo.
Finn must see her desperation on her face, because he sighs and flicks the crumbs of his meal into the fire, and smiles in a stretched sort of way at her over the sparks. “So what’s the plan?”

(they plan a daring rescue of the hidden prince and Poe leads the charge and probably Finn Hollywood movie kisses him when Poe shows up almost-but-not-quite-dead and covered in filth, and Friar Luke is their inside man who helps them into the castle because he’s the only person alive who remembers the layout on their side, and Rey shoots three arrows through Snoke before she’s done with him, all heavy things intended to mortally wound, with the second arrow split by the third, all of them sinking deep in the false king’s chest and stopping his rotted heart)
(they live happily ever after)
(the end)

planetsonic  asked:

Do you think while they're on their honeymoon in a tropical paradise, Web would try to convince Lieb to go shark diving? And Lieb would agree until he finds out it's without a cage and then he's like "fuck that" and Web's all "but my shark babies" and puppy dog eyes until Lieb caves in and agrees? And Web would show his appreciation later that night?


  • okay listen, nothing in the universe can convince me that this didn’t happen alright bc I am sure that Nix was the one who booked Web and Lieb the whole honeymoon in the tropical paradise on a remote island with the whole resorts literally on the ocean as a wedding gift
  • and Web got all heart eyes emoji over this bc he knew the resort had that ‘swim with sharks’ interactive adventure
  • Lieb, wanting to be a good husband, agreed to do it swimming with sharks was something that Web wanted to do since he was a kid
  • “I just want to pat them gently and show them that I love them and maybe hug them too.”
  • “please don’t hug the sharks, they’re not your plushie, Web.”
  • anyways
  • they rented the suits and was all set to listen to the briefing and it was this time that the guide told them that “we are not swimming in the cage, alright.”
  • Lieb immediately wanted to nope his way out of this madness.
  • but Web held on to his arm tightly, and gazing his husband’s eyes softly when Lieb glared at him
  • “you forgot to mention about the ‘no cage’ thing!”
  • “because I thought it wasn’t important!”
  • “the hell do you think it wasn’t important? Web! our insurance does not cover being eaten by sharks!”
  • “you won’t get eaten by them!”
  • “NO!”
  • this is the right moment to mention that Liebgott fell for Webster bc of his eyes — bright blue when he’s happy and stormy dark when he’s upset
  • just like the ocean
  • except right now, Web was looking at Lieb all soft and murmuring “my lifelong dream — my shark babies.”
  • and fuck Lieb was weak and he could never say no to Web
  • turned out the whole swim with sharks thing was really fun and bc they were new at this, the guide brought them to this one spot where there were a lot of nurse sharks
  • turned out nurse sharks were the most docile and gentle sharks ever and Lieb got to pat them on the nose when they nudged at him and honestly he was ready to nope his way out of the ocean, but Web was filming the whole thing so he stayed
  • and he thought that well these sharks are okay, they’re like dogs but they live in water
  • also
  • Web straight out hugging one baby nurse shark and Lieb was pretty sure Web was cooing at the baby shark and he was afraid his husband would sharknap it out of the ocean and demanded him to build an ocean size aquarium
  • which lets be honest, he totally would build it for Web bc no matter how ridiculous the demand, Lieb would do anything to make Web happy
  • like swimming with the friggin shark holy fuck he can cross that one out from his bucket list
  • and it helped too that later, when the sun was setting on the horizon; with the skies turning pink and purple; when they were back at their little resort, just relaxing in the jacuzzi, Web pretended to be a shark and went down on his hard dick and sucked him good

The young cast was so helpful, because as brilliant as they are – and they fucking are – they were game as hell to do the best possible job. And I think they were as inspired by the original cast as the original cast were inspired by the young cast. – J.J. Abrams