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Peter Quill Headcanon

So I re-watched GOTG2 (no spoilers here btw) and I’ve developed a headcanon. 

Look behind his ear. It looks like a hearing aide. I’m sure it’s either a translator a communication device, or part of his helmet, but it looks like a hearing aide and who says any of those things can’t be multi purpose. 

We all lost out on deaf Hawkeye in the MCU, which sucks. (Marvel can fight me by the way)

But maybe we can have a Deaf/Hard of Hearing hero anyways. 

So that’s my new headcanon HoH/Deaf Starlord

when you start shipping something out of nowhere


Gal Pals @ prom sharing a Friendship Dance


There’s nothing childish about caring.



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<


I’ve never spent so much time on any royai art before, and I’m really happy with the outcome! Tisiphon might have recognized the scenes, since they’re all from the wonderful fanfic she wrote FOR ME almost two years ago! Ever since then I’ve been wanting to honour it with fanart and I’ve never got around to doing it. Until now! I hope you like them, Tisi, there’s one drawing for every section in your story, and they all express moments of intimacy I really appreciate in fiction ´-` with that fanfic you literally fulfilled my fanwork wishes and I am so, so grateful for that <3



“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”  

>> Riza Hawkeye

[send me an anime and I’ll vector my favorite character <3]

If somebody tells me that the sky is green, and I believe it to be blue, I don’t need to argue with them, prove myself right by making them wrong, or call them names, I just walk away from that conversation with the newfound knowledge that to some people the sky looks green. That’s all. The blueness of my sky is not at all jeopardized by how green someone else perceives it to be. Imagine how much easier life would be if we stopped fighting about every little thing. Loosen your grip, smile, it’s all okay. All of it.
—  Timber Hawkeye

“I remember looking at Miss Hawkeye’s earrings and I thought they looked kind of nice.”
“Well, that seems like a rather simple reason.”
“What’s the point in overthinking things?”

“Back when I was in Resembool, I met a little girl who had long hair and I thought it might be nice to grow it out.”
“That’s it? Seems like a pretty simple reason.”
“Is it? Yeah, maybe it is. But most of my reasons are. When it comes down to it, the life of a sharpshooter is pretty simple. We pull the trigger and an enemy falls.” 

Black widow solo movie

I want her to team up with Hawkeye solely so they can have a flashback to what happened in Budapest to see who remembers it correctly

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