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i looooove concept mercyyy he’s gorgeous and amazing and i’m so disappointed he’s not the mercy we ended up getting!!!!

anyways I love the idea of Angela and him being adoptive siblings. They both developed the Valkyrie tech together and she went to work with Overwatch while he decided to be a doctor in crisis areas, so they don’t see each other a lot but they write 

Also I love when people call him Angelo but I thought it would be kinda awkward if Angela is still in the mix hdfjdkf

  • Gwen: David, you can't just adopt EVERY child with a terrible home life.
  • David with Harrison tucked under one arm, Max tucked under another, Dolph on his shoulders and Nikki clinging to one leg: My children now.

drunk amy is literally my favourite thing


Everything we’ve put that ship though and she just refuses to die.
It’s fucking unnatural. 

Silver 4.05

Okay, I had anon commenting off for awhile because I was getting too much messages about where to watch something or other that I was blogging at the time (and, ime, anons generally don’t come back for the info + I don’t want to clog up the blog further with that, which is why I prefer private responses), but I’m turning it back on now, don’t be an asshole about it and I love all of you and now I’m going to SLEEP because I have earned it.

My hand hurts!

This is my submission for the @adventuringfanbook and it was super fun to do! I hope you all take these last few days to submit something too!


kc au week | day 1 · Crossovers and Fusions

he can’t meet my eyes “I love you”, he says, his words harsh and soft all at once. “I love you and it isn’t enough. I though it would be enough and I was wrong. I thought I could fight for you and I was wrong. Because I can’t. I can’t face you anymore-”