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country singer bitty accidentally writes a hit about nhl player jack

Based on this post about the inspiration for Dolly Parton’s Jolene, which is somehow even gayer than the song itself. Bless you, Dolly.

It had started out so innocently.

Bitty had been tired after hours of this meet n’ greet, and when that tall drink of water walked up to get his autograph, Bitty couldn’t help the words that tumbled out of his mouth.

“Gosh, well aren’t you the most handsome fella I’ve ever seen,” he said, reached for the outstretched CD–CD! Who even bought CDs anymore?–and readied his Sharpie. “What’s your name, hun?”

“Uh, Jack,” the man said, pretty eyes going wide. If he’d been more awake, Bitty might’ve felt bad for making a fan uncomfortable. But if this Jack really were a fan, then he certainly wouldn’t have a problem with another man complimenting him. And besides, he was handsome, with his wide shoulders and high cheekbones and eyes as blue as the summer sky.

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The Summer Fling (Chapter 5) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Doug’s 2015 Nissan Sentra”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: this chapter will be the death of me. I’m sorry it’s so long. it’s mostly just spacing for song lyrics and text messages.

Additional Note: Songs played, in conjunction with reading if you’re fancy. True Care


I Lie Awake Every Night.

Summary: Julia O’Brien throws a party at invites you,  but not before Dylan had already done the same or something.. Idk, just read it. It’s good. 

Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six

Originally posted by connectingsilence

“Why are you being weird?”

“I"m not being weird. What am I doing right now that is me being weird?” You looked back at Sarah, your best friend and Julia O'Brien’s college roommate.

“That is like the fifth time you’ve checked your makeup in the mirror.” Sarah said with a grin.

“No, it’s not.” You rolled your eyes, and pushed the visor back up against the roof of the car.

“David, she’s looked like five times, right?!” Sarah said, her words slurring slightly as she had pre-gamed at your house before leaving while you were getting ready.

You glanced over at your Uber driver and he contorted his face. “It’s Doug, for the third time… and yea, you kind of have checked a lot.”

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pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (ongoing)

pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut + punk!jikook

word count: 17,468 

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him had completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts, due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


Your senses are filled with the scent of food before you even open your eyes. You immediately perk up from your makeshift cocoon in Hoseok’s bed, quickly making your way to the kitchen downstairs.  When you round the corner you expect to find Hoseok standing over the stove, but instead you’re met with nothing.

“Hoseok?” You called out as you started making your way through the kitchen. There’s no response, and you’re about to try again when you catch a glimpse of something laying in the middle of the counter. You reach forward for the piece of paper and quickly unfold it.

I have class, but I made you breakfast, it’s in the microwave .x - H

You smile at the note, gently placing it back on the counter before retrieving the food. You made your way to the kitchen table, stomach growling as it begged to be sated. You quickly started shoveling the food in your mouth, practically moaning at the taste of Hoseok’s cooking that you’d missed so much for the past year.

One year.

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Taking Chances [part 9]

[part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5]  [part 6]  [part 7]  [part 8]

Warning: none

Wordcount: 2003

*A/N: I hope you like this part :) thank you for reading, my lovelies :)

Thank you @jaxonah for suporting my shitty ideas and always being my number 1 fan! ILYSM BBY💘
AAAAAAAND a massive thank you to @isaaclydia for proofreading! [Strong Power, thank you && yo’ nice paprika] ILY 💘


Jungkook had been tossing and turning all night. Pressing the home button on his IPhone, he saw that it was almost 3 am. This had been his life recently. He had the hardest time falling asleep; concentrating during the day wasn’t any easier. She was still occupying his every thought, even though she broke his heart. The night she told him that she wasn’t in love with him and ended their friendship, he had cried himself to sleep. The boys had taken turns in staying with him, trying their hardest to distract him or cheer him up, even for a little while. Nothing seemed to work, he always found himself questioning what he had done wrong. Why didn’t she love him back? He had tried so hard to impress her, to show her that he was a man and could take care of her. But it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t good enough. Many times his mind went back to the first time they met. She had been working for a TV broadcaster, and showed them around set and backstage. Usually older girls intimidated him and made him shy but she was different. She had been so kind and funny, that he felt a connection right away.  At first, they were just friends; all the guys really liked her. It wasn’t until he saw her with another man that he realized his feelings for her. He kept them bottled up deep inside; for the longest time it was his biggest nightmare that she’d find out. It wasn’t easy but he had managed to keep it a secret, even though he had wanted to scream that he was in love with her from the top of his lungs so many times. He had learned all her little quirks and habits, he knew so much about her that other people might come to the conclusion that it was weird, but it had been his only way of feeling closer to her. He loved how she was always up for his antics; going to Han river late at night, taking silly selfies or dancing around to cheesy pop songs.

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How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

Sure, Derek heard the familiar sounds of Stiles’ Jeep pull up outside his building and the steady, but slightly-too-fast beating of Stiles’ heart getting louder and louder the closer the elevator got to arriving at his floor, so it wasn’t really a surprise when Stiles came bursting into his apartment moments later. But what was a surprise, was the words that came spilling out of Stiles’ mouth as soon as he entered and laid eyes on Derek, where he was perched at his kitchen counter with a book in front of him.

“I got in! I got into NYU, Derek!” Stiles exclaimed excitedly, and then, with a look of determination set into his features, he added “and you’re coming with me!”

Derek’s whole body kind of… spasmed a little. The book he had open on the counter top fell shut when his fingers involuntarily twitched out of the way. He recovered fairly quickly, but not fast enough that Stiles didn’t notice.

“It wasn’t a question dude,” Stiles continued as though Derek had protested. “I know you only had 2 years to go when you followed Laura back here and I know they kept a spot open for you for next year. And you’re going to go back and finish your degree and you can show me around campus and we can get an apartment together and it’ll be awesome.”

Stiles grinned at him, tried to look eager but relaxed about what he was saying, but Derek could practically see the anxiety buzzing through him and sense his trepidation. Derek meant to say a firm ‘no’, if for no other reason than because Stiles was telling him what to do and Derek resented that, but instead what came out was “How do you know I was at NYU?”

Stiles gave him an unimpressed look. “I’m more than a little offended that you don’t instantly recognize my superior detective skills at this point.”

“I didn’t ask them to hold my place. I can’t just go back to classes like I never left, Stiles,” Derek continued quickly.

“Yes you did. Well, as far as they’re concerned you did. You formally requested an extended leave of absence months ago and they accepted your request to resume classes with the new admissions next year,” Stiles’ face was twisted in smug satisfaction, even with the undercurrent of anxiety still running through him, as though he simply couldn’t help himself.

Derek sighed because he’d done no such thing.

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised,” he murmured.

“Me either. You should know me well enough by now, dude. I made sure you were re-enrolled as soon as I sent my application in. Also, your signature wasn’t even a slight challenge, dude. After forging Dad’s monstrosity of an autograph on all my detention slips and grade reports through the years, yours was a piece of cake. You should probably work on that.”

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@yuriplisetsky is a size queen

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky

2,900 words

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Twitter? Your thread that spends about ten tweets waxing poetry about the size of my dick? Everyone’s talking about it, the fans are going crazy, I had Victor ringing me up half an hour ago to ask if it was true and if I really had deflowered Russia’s Fairy like that, and I just – what the hell were you thinking, Yuri?”

In which Yuri gets drunk and Tweets some things he probably shouldn’t have.

AO3 link

So @94mercy made this post that headcanoned that Yuri gets drunk one night and talks about the size of Otabek’s dick on social media, and I immediately knew I had to write it. Otherwise known as me just wanting to join in with all the hung!Otabek content that’s been coming out of this fandom in recent weeks. 

(Also tagging @daddybek because that’s where this all started back in February)

They’ve been dating for a few months when it happens.

Yuri goes round to Mila’s for a few drinks after practice one day, and they steadily make their way through a bottle of vodka, laughing and talking about their respective partners. The music is loud and Yuri feels all loose and giggly as he reaches for his phone, taking selfies and documenting their escapades on Snapchat. He’s never been this drunk before, so drunk he’s not even sure what order his memories from the last few hours go in, so drunk that he can barely stand, so drunk that the room is spinning.

He sits down and opens Twitter, starting to type. He doesn’t even think about what he’s Tweeting, just starts a thread and keeps on going until he gets it all off his chest. Mila is grabbing at his hands and pulling him up so they can dance together again, and Yuri’s phone lies on the couch, forgotten.

So he doesn’t see what he’s done until morning.

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Different (Tom Holland x Reader)

Summary: You run in to Tom (literally) at San Diego Comic-Con as he’s heading to a panel, soon finding out that celebrities aren’t as different as they seem.
Requested: Nope
Word count: 2020
A/N: So I wrote this and absolutely hated it, but one of my friends read it and seeing her reaction in person made me realize it wasn’t so bad. She continued to encourage me to post it, and what better day than on Tom’s birthday? Hope y'all enjoy!

Please do not copy, repost, or take credit for any of my writing without contacting and receiving my consent beforehand. Thank you.

As you made your way through the crowd at San Diego Comic Con, looking for a familiar face, or a booth that held interesting merch, you ran into someone. It’s wasn’t a little bump into them or anything either, you full on ran into each other, your face directly into his chest, and your few papers on the ground.

“I’m so sor-” you began to say, when you realized who it was, and you stared at him, awestruck.

“No, really, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

You bent down to pick up the papers you had dropped, and stood back up to face him, suddenly shy. You didn’t miss the brief moment he took to check you out, and you could feel the temperature in the already hot and humid room somehow rising even more, as a blush rose to your face.

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Love Actually - Nightcrawler x Reader fluff

I see you write for X-Men, may I please request a fluffy Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner imagine? I haven’t read any new ones in a while. ☺️- sgarrett49

A/N: bolded words are sent messages, italics and bold are sent from ‘you’

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Vanderwood Route - Mystic Messenger

✿ so i am a complete vanderwood trashpit, and this is my attempt to write a detailed fan-route about our favorite confused spy. if you enjoy my work and want a vanderwood route as desperately as I do, please feel free to sell your soul to cheritz in the interests of giving our leopard-print love a little more limelight.

In celebration of 1,000 followers and 100 posts… on with the show!


This is not spoiler free, and it assumes that you have played - or are at least aware of - many elements of 707′s route.

There are some mentions of suicide, abusive childhoods, and other potentially triggering topics in this route. They are not described in depth though. If you can handle the game, you can probable handle this.

General Notes

  • After completing 707′s route, new options will be unlocked in the deep route prologue that allow dark purple hearts to be gained. Accumulation of enough of these hearts will, much like all the other routes, cause the player to get Vanderwood’s Route on Day 5.
  • Calling and texting Vanderwood will not be available from the beginning of the route, but after a certain point it will be unlocked.
  • In the interests of making this accessible, I use ‘they’ for Vanderwood. Please, feel free to insert whatever headcanoned pronoun and gender identity you wish for them.
  • I have also done a little work to create a more detailed backstory for them. It felt necessary, since we know so little about them in comparison to the others. I hope this only enhances your enjoyment!

D1 - D4

  • The new options in the deep route initially seem to focus on 707. Much like accessing his route, you joke around with him, but the topics focus more on embellished stories from his secret agent life and his relationship to his “maid”, Mary Vanderwood the III.
  • This gives the player a lot of background into 707′s life as a secret agent, providing more stories like the potato chip incident. All of them are told humorously, of course. Through them, the chat begins to get a sense that Mary Vanderwood the III is actually a dear friend to Seven, who has saved his life on multiple occasions and whose life has been saved by him in return. However, Seven does not admit this, instead saying that they simply work in the same spaces, and ‘their relationship does not go beyond maid and master.’
  • The good options include asking about Vanderwood’s habits, hobbies, and personality, and also telling Seven that Vanderwood sounds like a very loyal friend who will go out of their way to take care of him. The other members will agree with this - (particularly Jaehee and Yoosung) - saying that Vanderwood goes above-and-beyond what would be expected for a ‘maid’, given they help him with his work, bring him tea and coffee when he’s having a hard time, and they’ve put themselves in significant danger to ensure his safety.
    • MC: Wow… It sounds like she really cares for you! (+1 Dark Purple Heart)
    • Zen: Yeah! She’s totally in love with you! I’m so jealous!!!
    • 707: i guess we know that Zen’s into maids lololol
  • On Day 3, if you select an option that gets 707 to talk more about Vanderwood, he’ll send one of the first Vanderwood CGs - a picture of 707 cross-dressing accompanied by Vanderwood in a suit. It’s a surprise selfie taken by 707, and Vanderwood clearly doesn’t look happy about it.
    • (Seven says that the person in a dress is Vanderwood, and Zen predictably believes him.)
  • Seven is veeeery slowly starting to accept that Vanderwood is actually his friend by the evening of the fourth day, and he’s becoming extremely comforting pal-ing around with MC. In Vanderwood’s route, Seven is basically your bestie.

The route proper is underneath the read more due to length!

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The Most Annoying Types of Theme Park Patrons

1. “Do you know who I am!?” VIP, Celebrity, and other snobs.

I don’t care if you are a Platinum Level, VIP, Ambassador Annual Super Elite, “Zeig Heil” Member. It doesn’t entitle you to trespass in employee only areas of the park, to blatantly break out rules, cut in all lines such as food or the bathroom, stay on that island past dusk, or cut in line for the character meet and greets. Nor does it give you the right to be abusive to our staff.

2. Idiots who use Flash Photography, Laser Pointers, and more on Dark Rides

There is a special place in hell for these buffoons.

3. The Rules Don’t Apply To Me/US

The rules are there for YOUR SAFETY. You don’t need to use a selfie stick on a high speed ride, you don’t need to get out of the cart and mess around in the scenery, we are forced to stop the ride and wrangle wayward customers/guests back to the car or out the emergency exit (and out of the park) when they do dumb stunts like that. You don’t need to stand up in the log flume ride.

If you know how to use a seat belt when driving or riding in a car, then you should know how to use one when in an amusement park ride. They’re the same design! Buckle up! Those aren’t there for decoration! Falling out of the ride will mess up your clothes worse than a seat belt or safety harness wrinkling them.

Don’t eat, drink, or smoke on the rides. My brother had a friend with him on a certain indoor, in the dark, space themed roller coaster when his derwood friend opened a soda can halfway through the ride, despite my brother telling him “Augh! Don’t open tha-a-a…!” Soda everywhere. My brother’s friend got booted out of the park, my brother got a stern warning and threatened with being kicked out if he messed up like that.

4. The Oblivious Wanderer/Blocker

You are in a crowded public place, sit down if you want to check your phone, don’t stand in the parade route, don’t walk into other people’s photos, don’t walk into the meet and greet queue and ruin people’s good time. Don’t get angry if people run into you or you run into other people just because you were too stupid to be aware of your surroundings.

5. The Know Nothings

“Where can I get a soda!?” A guest asks while in the refreshments line.

“What park am I at!?”

“Wait, the park is closing in an hour!? I just got here!”

All nonsense spouted by people too lazy to read the website, read their ticket, or to check the map/guides provided for them in every language, or even the signs posted for them.

6. The Know It Alls

These wannabe tour guides can be a little annoying. It’s one thing if it’s a private conversation between your family, or friends to speak of an esoteric fact about a theme park or its history, but you don’t need to loudly brag your knowledge about it in line to everyone or to tell us all what we knew already. We know there is a basketball court inside of the top of that mountain!

7. The Scooter and Stroller Thugs

These people who use scooters despite not needing them really irritate me. There are people who do need them but can’t rent them because you were too lazy to walk or stand. Those scooters and wheelchairs are for the truly disabled or the elderly, not for lazy slugs who don’t want to walk or stand. Those are SCOOTERS, not a crowd battering ram.

The stroller thugs are horrible as well. Great example to set for your kids like that. I don’t blame the kids, but I do blame the parents.

8. The Litterbugs

I don’t care if you paid to get in like everyone else. Littering shows that you have no respect for others. Someone could slip on that and get hurt. Would you want us the park workers to come into your home and toss trash down like that!? There’s a thing called a trash can. We have them all over the parks. Use them.

9. The Whiners:

“But we’ve been waiting ALL DAY to have our picture taken with that character! We waited all week to do this, we have been with our kids all week to ride that ride here or so that the kids can take their picture with that character!”

Ya, amusement parks POST SCHEDULES for meet and greets, and for any rides that are out of service for the day! If you were here at this park every day all week, why didn’t you ride that ride or meet and pose for a photo with that character EARLIER, if it was that important!?

I myself was a “face character” at a certain theme park in socal that is synonymous with expensive and associated with a certain rodent. I wore a short green dress, blonde wig, and wings. I posed with families for photos, and when my meet and greet time was up, the latecomers would demand that I come back and pose with them, but I politely declined, as did the 2 staff/cast members who accompanied me.

10. The Obnoxious Groups:

Grad Night has its share of good and bad schools. There was one local school near where my brother and I grew up that got banned for 5 years from Grad Night at one local theme park after the students shoplifted some stuffed animals. Way to ruin it for everyone for 5 years.

Sometimes groups from other countries don’t realize that you shouldn’t change your clothes in public while waiting in line, and that there are bathrooms in the amusement parks, but the parks themselves ARE NOT A BATHROOM.

Not all youth group members are bad, but when they have some bad apples in the bunch, they really have some doozies. These miscreants who are members of youth groups are the types that go to these meetings for the heat/AC or for the snacks and fun outings, they tag along on youth group meetings and on outings unless it’s for community service activities, these brats cause so much trouble, and give their youth group a bad name. Some of them get banned from the youth group outings or from the youth groups altogether if they misbehave too often, but my point is that the youth groups need to tell their members BEFORE going on excursions to behave themselves.

Festival Hero // Byron Langley

Word Count- 1495

Summary- You’re a bit lost at a festival, and decide to help out a stranger in need.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Recently watched IT.. I’m genuinely obsessed. Usually I hate horror movies, but like oh my gosh, it was so well made.

Requested; Yes, so sorry for the wait. Hope you like it x

req;  Could you write something with the boys and the reader being at a festival and some girl(s) won’t leave Byron alone (flirting, touching,…). He feels really uncomfortable but is too nice to say something so the reader saves him by pretending to be his girlfriend?

req; Please can you do a Byron smut or imagine pleaseeee


“We’re going to the loo, Y/N!” They said, walking to the never-ending line of people waiting for the bathrooms. “I’ll wait here? I don’t have to go, and I’d rather not stand in a two hour line for nothing.” You said, a pleading tone in your voice. “Sure, meet us at the bar in about an hour?” Y/B/F asked. “Okay, I’m just gonna wander around a bit.” you told them, and they nodded.

Now here you were, an hour and a half later. Beer in one hand and phone in the other, you walked aimlessly around the festival, in a feeble attempt to find your best friends. They never showed up to the bar, and now you were completely alone in a very busy festival, with tons of strangers. You tried texting and calling them several times, but neither of the two picked up or even read the messages. Sighing, you walked slowly, glancing every which way as much as possible, looking for your lost companions.

As you walked, you saw a group of a few guys, who you thought were cute.. Oh, who were you kidding. They were all really hot. Your best friends would regret not being with you now; you weren’t necessarily the most flirtatious of your group; the other two were, and now they were missing out. You scanned the group, they all had beers in hand, and were chatting aimlessly. Your eyes fell on one boy; he was a bit separate from the group, looking extremely uncomfortable.

He had three girls fawning over him; one blonde girl with way too much makeup on was hanging loosely from one of his (very nice) arms, a brunette with very skimpy clothes had her arms wrapped around his neck, practically sitting on his back, while a black-haired girl who looked semi-normal, was lightly running her hand up and down the arm opposite to the blonde.

Normally, you would scoff at guys like this, or laugh with your best friend. But then again, normally, the guy would be enjoying it, and basking in his attention. This blue-eyed brunette, who was very attractive, looked absolutely disgusted and was silently pleading with his eyes for his friends to help; but none of them were looking his way. He sighed, obviously annoyed.

You weren’t a mean person; and this guy was hot. You figured you’d kill two birds with one stone; help this guy, and possibly get his number for later. Smirking at the thought, you strolled over to the guy, putting away your phone and holding up your untouched full bottle of beer, looking a little hurt. “Who are all these girls, babe?” You asked, and he looked at you confused. You sent a little wink and a look that said ‘Go with it.’ He looked instantly relieved, and nodded ever so slightly, letting you know he was in on the plan.

“Not sure. Took you long enough, though. Were the lines really that bad?” He asked, shaking the girls off his arms. Almost immediately, the black-haired beauty shrugged, skipping over to one of the brunette’s friends, flirting with him instead. The blonde stormed off, clearly mad she didn’t get the boy’s attention. The brunette on his back, however, refused to give up, and jumped on his back, making him stumble. He grabbed her thighs, and you looked at her unimpressed. “Can I ask why you’re on my boyfriend’s back?” You said, a warning tone to your voice.

She shrugged, wrapping her arms slowly around his neck. “I don’t see him arguing about it.” She said, innocently. “Actually, I’d love for you to get off me.” He said, dropping her thighs. She fell off, landing in some mud, ruining her oh-so-small clothes. With a squeal and a huff of annoyance, she stormed off, clearly ‘distraught’ over the destruction of her outfit. If you could even call it that. You may as well call it a bathing suit.

As soon as the girls were out of view, the brunette sighed, relieved. “Thank you.” He said, now looking at you properly. He very obviously scanned you up and down, but he didn’t look like he hated what he was seeing. Feeling flirtatious and playful, you slowly began to spin, showing him all aspects of you. You even took the liberty of sticking your butt out a bit when it was facing him. You did a full 360 turn, stopping and facing him with an innocent smile on your face.

“So, do I at least get a name to put to the man I just saved?” You questioned, stepping closer slightly. “I suppose it would only be fair. My name’s Byron.” He said, and you looked him up and down. “Hmm. You don’t look like a Byron.” You stated, smirking. “Then what do I look like to you?” He asked, raising a brow. “I don’t know. Maybe a Harry, maybe an Oscar.” “Oscar?” He chuckled, amused.

You shrugged. “Don’t know. Was never good with names.” You said, teasingly. “Well, are you good enough to remember your own? Or should I just call you my festival hero?” He asked, cocking a brow with a smirk. You pretended to think about it, plastering a confused look on your face. He smacked your arm lightly, making you both chuckle. “It’s Y/N.” You said, sticking out your hand to shake.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” Byron said, shaking your hand with a bright smile. “Wow, you are really hot. You could be a model.” You said, blatantly. Byron looked taken aback by the confident and calm nature of your compliment, but he recomposed himself quickly and smirked. “I’ll have you know, I actually am a model.” He said, winking. You laughed, thinking he was joking. He just smirked and waited for you to stop.

Realizing he wasn’t laughing, you gawked at him. “Wait, seriously?!” You asked, surprised. “Yeah, let me show you.” He pulled out his phone, showing you some of his pictures from old shoots. “Wow. Maybe losing my friends here wasn’t so bad after all.” You said, smirking up at him. He closed the photos app, and opened the contacts one, handing you the phone. “Can I have your number?” He asked, a tad of nerves laced in his voice.

“I’m sure we could arrange that. I’m much better with numbers than names.” You winked, typing in the number and taking a quick selfie for the contact picture. You were about to hand him your phone, when it began to ring. “Hello?” You answered, furrowing your brows. “Y/N! Where are you?!” You friend exclaimed, basically yelling into the phone. “With a guy..” You muttered, sheepishly. “What?!” She exclaimed, excitedly. “Where are you?” You explained to her the directions, and she and your other friend found you in under 10 minutes; it was surprising, especially for the size of the festival.

They pulled you away from Byron, much to your distaste. “Ooh, he’s hot!” Your friend exclaimed, eyeing Byron up and down. “Hey, he’s mine!” You said, teasingly. She smacked your shoulder, but froze when her eyes landed on one of the boys Byron was with. “Oh my god, but he’s hotter!” She exclaimed, pointing to a short boy with floppy, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. “And so is he!” Your other friend said, pointing to a tall red head. “Hey, Byron!” You called, and he came over. “Everything alright?” He asked, smiling kindly.

“My friends think your friends are hot. By the way they’re checking out my friends too, I’d say they feel the same. Wanna play matchmaker?” You grinned evilly, and he shook his head with a chuckle, but motioned the two boys over anyways. They happily obliged, strutting over. “Hey, Byron.” The blonde hair, clapping him on the back. “Hey. This is Joe, and this is Josh.” He introduced his friends. You introduced yours, and the pairs separated.

After chatting for a bit in your little pairs, one of your friends motioned you over again. You walked over, confused. “The Killers is about to go on, come on!” She said, excitedly. The boys all snapped their heads to her, gawking. “You like the Killers, too?!” Joe asked, who’d she’d been hanging out with asked, astonished. “Yeah, we all love them!” Your other friend pitched in, and the boys all gave each other looks. “Boys, we struck gold!” Byron teased, throwing an arm around your shoulder.

You shimmied out of his grip, grabbing both girl’s arms and running towards the stage. “We’re about to be the Killers if we miss that show, boys!” You called back, smirking as you and your friends laughed and ran. The boys followed, and caught up with ease. You spent the night dancing with Byron, and yes, you did eventually give him his number. You mentally thanked your best friend’s for ditching you for the bathroom; all was well, and all six of you were more than happy.

thatoneyoulove  asked:

Idk where you want requests... Sorry, here goes: I thought you were my best friend so I jumped on you, but it turns out your just a really famous singer trying to get some shopping done without being noticed. Sorry? Or I'm a cop and you hate it, cause you're always worrying about me, but I love that I get to help people, and we try to work it out. Fluffy and worrying. Idk, those were bad, I'm sorry! But love your writing!!! And thank you, sorry if this is the wrong place.

A/N Thank you so much for your requests!! They are both awesome! This is exactly where they should be sent. I decided to go with the first one but may revisit the other at a later date because it seems pretty cool. Thank you for reading my stuff, I hope you enjoy this!


Thirty minutes late. I sighed, pulling out my phone and verifying the time. I should be used to this by now but it was still frustrating. It sucked to be always on time, to stress about punctuality, and then get rewarded for my promptness by waiting for everyone else to arrive. My best friend, Oliver, was the worst offender. Knowing him he’d found some hot guy on his way into the store and was currently chatting up his latest conquest, oblivious to the fact that I was haunting the home goods store, circling the aisles in a random pattern and avoiding the workers.

“Where are you?” I texted him, considering 30 minutes enough time waiting to not be considered a nag. And really, to be fair (to me), it was 45 minutes. Like the neurotic freak I am, I had arrived 15 minutes early. The sales people in the store probably thought I was nuts.

I did another circle of the lighting department, staring at the ornate lamps on display and fingering the delicate tassels on the shades. There was a blue Victorian inspired one I was especially fond of. I was ogling the intricate embroidery on it when I finally spotted him. His back was to me but I recognized his slim build with surprisingly broad shoulders. His dark hair was covered by a baseball cap.

Sneaking up behind him, I put my hands on his shoulders and jumped on his back. “Finally!” I said, “I’ve been waiting for you for ages.”

“What the fuck?” I instantly went stiff, sliding down his back and stepping away, my eyes growing wide. Fuck! Oliver didn’t have an Irish accent.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorr…” I started to apologize, absolutely mortified. The words died on my lips as my poor accosted stranger turned and I was confronted by the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His forehead was creased as he looked at me, obviously annoyed by my assault. He was fidgeting irritably with a phone and water bottle in his hands, shifting them from one to the other as he took a deep breath.

“Look, I woulda taken a picture with ya. You didn’t need to jump on me.”

“I’m sorry?” I asked, confused. A picture?

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[Translation] Otsukiai no Katachi - Nishijima Yuuta

This series is an R18 drama CD (this CD and my translation is not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
Channa & sarapyon (only track 01)
sarapyon (only track 01)
Admin Channa’s notes:
Hello! Here is my second translation as requested by a reader. Please reblog or link to my original posting here on tumblr  if you wish to share this translation!

Summary: You belong to the same club as your friend, Nishijima Yuuta. But one day, Yuuta calls you out somewhere, and confesses to you, saying “I want you to go out with me.” After this, you two begin dating.
Furukawa Makoto

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Guess who’s going on a cruise in December? This bitch right here! :D

Finally, all these years of entering contests and putting my name into prize draws has paid off! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise guys. A whole two weeks out on the beautiful blue sea. Away from stupid work, away from all my responsibilities, and more importantly- away from freaking winter.

I’ll make a special tag for my cruise album so you all can keep up on it. Hearts!

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RFA: Never Requited

Here’s the angst ending of the Fake Dating one. The happier ending will be written later c: 

Edit: Realized the Fake Dating thing was a hc and this is in fanfic form lmao too late now


“We should stop this fake relationship. We both know this is going nowhere,” he/she said coldly. You nodded, and gave a smile. 

“I agree. No hard feelings,” you look into his/her eyes, and turn away. When the relationship started, you awaited this moment eagerly. But now, there was an unsettling weight in your heart… 


After the breakup, you began getting interested in what Yoosung was doing. It’s not love. You would tell yourself as you checked his social media. It’s not. You would say as you waited for him on the messenger. But he never came. 

The others caught on to his inactivity, and sent you to talk to him, believing the two of you were still in the “relationship”. With a deep sigh and pounding heart, you  rang the doorbell. I don’t love him. You thought and opened the door. 

“What do you want?” Yoosung’s voice was unnaturally cold as he came out into the hallway. His hair was a mess, his dark circles prominently stood out, and his voice sounded hoarse. 

“A-Are you okay?” you weren’t one to stutter, but the sudden change in the previously sunny boy was certainly frightening. 

“Why do you care?” he snapped at you before going back into his room. You cautiously followed him through the dark hallway. 

“Yoosung, everyone’s worried about you,” trying to ease the tension, you turned the conversation to the RFA. 

“Go away, I can deal with it. I’m not a little kid,” with a dismissing gesture of the hand, Yoosung turned to the computer.

“We all care about you, please, start taking care of yourself,” with a questionable pain in your heart, you left his house. 

For the next few days, you lurked on the group chat, trying to catch Yoosung when he went online. But he never came, assumably gaming. Another week passed, and just when Zen was about to head to Yoosung’s apartment, he came online. 

He seemed to be back to his cheery self. So with a huge smile, you thought, maybe I have a chance with him now. But just as you were about to subtly flirt, he sent a photo. And it made your pounding heart immediately still. 

He was with a girl. A strange girl. You could barely see the screen now, but you could make out a few words. Girlfriend. Your mind blurred, only one word clear in your thoughts. Why? Yoosung was explaining that the relationship he had with you was not real. But your mind was too cluttered to comprehend that. 

Every day, you would see Yoosung’s profile picture. Him hugging her, kissing her, doing everything you once did with him. But this time, it was genuine. 

[A/N] Omg why did I write so much? The rest of the characters are under the cut! 

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Visible Chapter: 1

Genre: Angst/Comedy/Fluff 

Pairing: Sehun x Reader/Y/N 

Summary: Sehun suddenly wakes up one day to find that he’s invisible, the one person who can see him is a photographer but only through her camera lense. 

Note: chapters is a bit short because it’s the intro to everything. I’ll be posting part 2 later tonight

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Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/Smut

PART 3: You Always Hurt the One You Love

A/N: All right this one is out before midnight for once! haha. This is finally a more Ji-Yong-centric part and I felt way too many feelings writing this but I hope you all enjoy none the less! xx

P.S. please by all means leave me your thoughts/comments about how you like/dislike how the story is going so far. I’d really love to know where I can improve and/or what things I am doing that you all like.

P.P.S this was the song that was playing in the car, give it a listen!

(Part One)||(Part Two-A)||(Part Two-B)||(Part Four)


      Sitting in the rear seat of the black tinted windowed SUV, Ji-Yong absentmindedly played with the threads that were poking out from the rip on the knees of his jeans. The men accompanying him in the car sat in a comfortable silence as they were all far too exhausted from having been woken up so early; at least early to them. Just when they got comfortable being home, they get ripped right out of their comfortable bed sheets only to be shipped off to some other city. Another city, another photoshoot and yet it was still the same monotonous thing over and over again.

      Dawning his sunglasses Ji-Yong stared out the window and nodded his head to the faint sound of the music coming from the car speakers.

      ‘Haunted by secrets, my lips are sealed

      All of your demons it turns out they’re real

      The shadows on the wall, will watch me as I crawl

      But you know how to make me come back

      I’m just a monster that you’ll never fear’

      He shook his head out of his thoughts; somehow they always managed to be about her. He couldn’t understand it really, he would drink to forget but he always remembered. Always. Even when he was drunk out of his mind he could swear he’d hear her call out to him, swear that he heard his phone go off and that it was her finally willing to talk to him. But somehow it always just managed to be his imagination. He thought it was like some kind of cruel joke his mind liked to play on him although he wasn’t sure if this was actually some sick, deep seeded pleasure he got from torturing himself or if he had just completely lost it. He couldn’t even sleep without seeing her, the only time he’d actually get a decent night’s rest was ironically when he was piss ass drunk, but even then the hallucinations of her in the room was like dangling forbidden fruit right before him that was always just barely out of reach. Like the other night at Seungri’s friend’s club he could have sworn he saw her in the distance intermingled with the other just as intoxicated people in the club. But from his seemingly permanent seat at the booth he knew she was just another hallucination; just a fever dream of attaining the unattainable. There’d even be instances when he’d actually get to the point in the night where he would ‘forget’ her long enough that’d he’d go home with someone for once, but in the end they were never good enough; they weren’t her. At times he’d even feel terrible because every single time without fail he’d picture her being the one he was taking out his frustrations on but none of his paramours or lovers alike could satiate the undeniable hunger within him. I guess ‘Misery’ simply loved the company but very rarely did he love to keep it.

      ‘Why won’t you ever let me leave?

      Just fucking let me out

      Every time that I’m out of reach she says “turn around”

      “Yah, can you turn the music off…” he spoke.

      The suddenness of his voice filling the car startled a sleeping Dae-Sung and Seungri; whom of which was drooling on Dae-Sung’s shoulder.

      “Ahh, but Hyung that’s a good song it’s nice and mellow it was–”

      “I can’t hear myself think” Ji-Yong cut off the maknae “besides I hate that song…”

      Young-Bae threw him a half lidded side-eye.

      “Yah Ji-Yongie-ah” the oldest of the five spoke up “If that song brings up bad memories you just have to say so…”

      “Hyung!–” Ji-Yong readied himself to put up a fight, only for his actions to be cut short by a tired hand from Young-Bae on his shoulder.

      “Hyung, do you really want to piss him off at this close of a proximity”

      The eldest man simply shrugged and cozied himself up in his coat that was haphazardly strewn across his body.

      Ji-Yong sighed and slouched back into his seat.

      Seeing that the commotion had subsided the men returned to their previous positions as they tried to relax before a grueling day of getting unwillingly pampered and shoved into clothes that despite their appearance they were deceivingly itchy.

      Ji-Yong sighed again and pulled his phone from his pant pocket, these days he had kept his distance from social media but every so often he liked to make an appearance to appease the masses on Instagram. Opening the app he scrolled through his photos to find a selfie he had taken previously, added a cute~ caption and posted it. As if almost instantaneously the number of likes he received was by the thousands; the thought of it almost made him want to chuckle. Curious what he had missed in his absence from the world of social media he decided to check the photos he had been tagged in; every now and again he’d find some kind of amazing fan art or just a hilarious edit of one of the members. Scrolling through there was a picture of him from an old concert here, a picture of him drunk with some fangirl there; just an unintentional collage of Ji-Yong. The further he scrolled the more he began to notice he had been tagged multiple times in some picture of two people kissing.

      ‘Dear god another dating rumor?’ He thought.

      He kept scrolling past but seeing as I the amount of times he was tagged in that same picture, his curiosity had gotten the best of him. Only, I’m sure looking back he’d probably wish it hadn’t.

      And as clear as day, there she was; just as beautiful as ever but in the arms of another man no less. He felt an array of emotions, just seeing her in that state and just the thought of what had probably occurred between the two of them later that night made him sick. Feeling like his heart had tanked to the floor, a jealousy from deep within began to rear it’s ugly head. Just what did this douche bag have that he didn’t? He had, had to endure the pain of seeing her  in magazines gallivanting around with the annoyingly perfect men of Hollywood but this just seemed to hurt him more somehow.

      He scrolled down to read the comments.

      ‘Omo, she is so lucky!~’

      ‘WHo is that with her???? Damn! *faints*’

      ‘I totally know who that is (¬‿¬)’

      ‘Wtf how does she date all these people?!!!!’

      ‘I wish someone would kiss me like that (ಥ﹏ಥ)’

      ‘Pfffft well if this isn’t a fuck you to that dragon guy ╭∩╮(^3^)╭∩╮’

      ‘Wait how do you know who that is with her???’

      ‘Haha that’s Suho from EXO! My friend was at that party, she said she saw them together most of the night. She said Alex was pretty drunk and her and Suho were just like all over eachother *shrugs*’

      ‘What party?! DETAILS PLEASE!’

      ‘Some grand opening to some new club in Gangnam. I don’t have much details other than that, my friend is the one that lives in Korea not me (ಥ_ಥ)’

      ‘Holy shit…’ Ji-Yong thought ‘So–so I did see her the other night…it wasn’t just some fucked up dream I had’

      He bent over in his seat and placed his head between his hands, all this time– the past two days he had been mulling over and over again in his mind about that night when he thought he saw her and he actually had. He was mentally kicking himself for, for once not following his indiscretions and just going up to her. All this time, he could have heard her speak for the first time in months, he could have listen to her laugh, he could have been the one that was in that photo, he could have been the one that ended his night with her; but no, the better man had won.

      ‘Pffft, better man…’ he scowled ‘that ostentatious fuck…’

      Sitting upright in his seat again, he clenched his jaw and balled up his fist so hard his knuckles went white. He couldn’t believe that once again this asshole was the cause to all his problems. He couldn’t believe that he was stupid enough not to realize she was actually within reach and once again he had let her go. His chest started heaving up and down harder and harder the angrier he got.

      ‘ARGH!’ he pulled back his arm and took a hard swing at the plastic frame of the car window and completely smashing it in the process.

      The other men in the car just looked at each other awkwardly at the enraged man’s outburst.

      Noticing the blood cascading from from his best friend’s hand, Young-Bae went wide eyed.


      “What?!” he clenched his eyes shut and with a shaky, unbattered hand pulled out his pack of cigarettes.

      “Not to make the situation worse but, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” his best friend gestured with his hand “You crazy son of a bitch, look at your fucking hand! What the fuck Ji-Yong?!” rolling down the partition to the driver he demanded that he immediately take them to the hospital.

      Managing to light his cigarette with one hand Ji-Yong spoke nonchalantly.

      “Yah, Young-Bae I’m fine…I don’t even feel anything…”


      The other men in the car just continued to glance at each other awkwardly, not trying to make any sort of eye contact with the other two men.



      “YAH!” the eldest’s voice boomed “Young-Bae you yelling at this Pabo isn’t helping. Ji-Yong, what-the-fuck?  What the hell could have happened to you in the past five minutes that you go and not only break the company car but you break your goddamn hand?!”

      With the cigarette dangling between his lips, he let out a sardonic chuckle.

      “Have a look for yourself…” he said barely above a whisper and tossed his phone in their general direction.

      Upon arrival the doctor had diagnosed that Ji-Yong had a Boxer’s fracture; in short he had broken the first two knuckles of his right hand. After pulling out the shards of plastic, stitching up the gaping wounds on his hand and wrapping his hand and forearm up in a cast he was free to go.

      He sat on the edge of the hospital bed in an almost catatonic state, staring blankly at the linoleum flooring solely being consumed by his thoughts.

      Young-Bae and a very cautious Seungri walked into the room slightly alarmed at their friend’s zombie like state.

      “Yah, Ji-Yong-ah the doctors said you’re free to go”

      No response.

      “We can go to TOP Hyung’s house and drink some wine and–”

      “He’s not supposed to drink while he’s on the medication Hyung..” Seungri interjected.

      Young-bae side eyed Seungri.

      “We can watch a movie so you don’t have to make an effort to talk to us?”

      Still no response.

      Seungri stepped forward and took a shaky breath before speaking.

      “Hyung, I failed you. If you wanna hit me go ahead, I deserve it” he preemptively winced.

      Ji-Yong pushed him away “I’m fine let’s go..” and he hopped off the hospital bed

      “But Hyung aren’t you mad at me?”

      “No Seungri, I’m not mad at you…” he kept walking toward the door somberly.

      Seungri and Young-Bae glanced at each other and walked out after him

      “But Hyung don’t wanna hit me? It would make you feel better” the maknae cleared his throat.

      Jiyong stopped in his tracks turning to face Seungri.

      “The only thing that would make me feel worse is inflicting undeserved pain on someone who’s done nothing wrong to me” he turned on his heel and continued toward the exit.

      The other two glanced at each other again, Young-Bae simply mouthed ‘Do something!’

      “Hyung if you’re playing hard to get its working, just hit me! It’s ok i swear!”

      Keeping to his onset silence, Seungri received no reply.

      “Ok well if you’re not mad at me who are you mad at?!” Young-Bae smacked the maknae on the back of the head.

      Not turning around he spoke in a monotone voice.

      “Myself…” he pushed passed the frosted glass doors revealing a smiley Dae-Sung with a bouquet of flowers in hand and a just as ecstatic Seung-Hyun that were both happy to see their leader one piece; so to speak.

      “Hey, there he is!” Dae-Sung motioned to hand over the flowers to Ji-Yong but he simply brushed him off and headed toward the town car in waiting.

      “Aish, what’s with him?” Dae-Sung furrowed his brows “I thought the Oxycodone would’ve made him tolerable for once…you’d think that being who he is he wouldn’t let some girl get him like that..if I was her I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to get back with that mess of a ma–”

      “Yah!” Seung-Hyun smacked him on the back of the head “go get in the car!”

      Dae-Sung rubbed the back of his head and mutter incoherent nothings to himself.

      Walking up to the older man, Young-Bae placed a hand on his shoulder and sighed. Watching his best friend slide inside of the car, he couldn’t help but feel pity for him. He felt somewhat guilty. He had known she was back in Seoul, he knew about her and Suho but he didn’t tell Ji-Yong because he felt like he was protecting him; but it made him wonder if he was more so protecting himself. Protecting himself from what he wasn’t sure.

      “What are we gonna do Hyung?”

      Seung-Hyun blew a puff of air from his mouth “I really don’t know, I didn’t think he could get any worse but this just takes the cake”

      Young-Bae bit his lip and nodded.

      “Would talking to her at this point even help?” the eldest man raised an eyebrow.

      The dreaded man sighed again “Honestly, Hyung I don’t think that’d make it any better. I know he says he always says he just wants to see her but truthfully I think talking her would make him worse if that’s even humanly possible…besides I’m pretty sure that is a lost cause”

      This time the eldest man nodded.

      “I spoke to Tim the day after the club and he told me Suho had come back that morning and checked on her and that he was laying it on pretty thick; flowers in hand and all–”

      “Pfft, Jesus…” Seung-Hyun raised his eyebrows.

      “He also told me that she texted Tim later that night telling him about how excited she was for tonight, that Suho was supposedly coming back from Paris and he was going to take her on a ‘real’ date..”

      “Wah…that guy’s not fucking around huh?”

      Young-Bae shook his head “Aish, Hyung I just wish he would stop being so stupid and talk to her! I mean I know why she doesn’t want to talk to him but if he really did love her as much as he complains about all the time then why not fight for her instead of letting this stupid picture get to him?! While he’s over here breaking shit for no other reason other than letting his fucking ego get in the way, this douche is over here getting the girl. The more Ji-Yong mopes and sulks in his own self pity, the further away she’s getting”

      The older man shrugged.

      “I can’t let this happen, not just because Ji-Yong is my best friend but I also just straight up don’t trust that guy. Tim and I both agree that we feel like he’s up to something…I just don’t know what it is yet”
      Seung-Hyun replaced his hand on the younger man’s shoulder and nodded his head. He didn’t really know what to say, while he loved Ji-Yong he hated this self-destructive monster he had become; he hated the entire situation to be honest. The entire thing had him confused, being that Ji-Yong was the one that ended things to begin with he didn’t entirely blame her for wanting nothing to do with him. On the other hand, knowing how much he loved her and how much he regretted letting her go for no other reason other than being a complete coward, he wanted his friends to be just like they were when they first started dating; up until that point he hadn’t seen Ji-Yong as happy as he was in a long time. Now, all he saw was the pathetic shell of a man he once called his friend, this new Ji-Yong wasn’t the same guy he had know since they were kids. He always feared that one day or another one of them would let their celebrity status get to their heads and being at the place Ji-Yong was at the time, he never would have guessed that G-Dragon was there to stay once the stage lights shut off. Now more so than ever. He never minded Ji-Yong’s partying ways, or his promiscuity but when it got to the point where G-Dragon became his scapegoat and it was his catalyst for hurting Alex, he just slowly began to resent him. Seung-Hyun knew everything, he knew about every spat, every little fight, every time they’d say words they never meant to each other; he knew everything.

      “WHERE IS SHE?” Ji-Yong cried.
      “Ji-Yong calm down” Young-Bae tried to pacify his extremely intoxicated friend.
      “Yah! Young-Bae I fucked up, I FUCKED UP” he wailed with hot tears streaming down his face “I lost her, I FUCKING LOST HER”
      “Ji-Yong, jinja calm-down”
      “How the fuck do you want me to calm down when I ruined everything?! Ahh Young-Bae, I’m done!”
      “Done with what?” he furrowed his brows.
      “With this, with everything! I don’t wanna do this anymore!”
      “What are you talking about?”
      “Just let me drink until I can’t fucking feel anything anymore…I don’t want to feel anything…I’m fucking useless, all I do is fuck everything up”
      “No you don’t what the hell are you talking about?”
      “I-I screwed up” Ji-Yong slurred his words “she hates m-me, she hates me…”
       “Ok listen to me” Young-Bae took his best friend’s face between his hands “you are fucking drunk, just stop talking for a second and think about what you’re saying”
      “All I do is make her cry…” he said absentmindedly, completely ignoring his friend’s pleas.
      “Ok, Ji-Yong listen to me” taking his friend’s face in his hands again “Stay right here and drink this water ok? Give me a second a I’ll be right back”
      Ji-Yong simply nodded as he cradled himself back and forth on the hotel room bed.
      Stepping into the bathroom Young-bae pulled out his phone and quickly searched for Alex’s number. The phone rang three times before he got an answer.

      ‘Hello?’ her voice sounded hoarse.
      “Alex? Where are you?”
      ‘I’m with Jackson, Tim and Saige, why?’
      “I really need you to come back to your room, please it’s Ji-Yong”
      A short pause came before she spoke ‘why…I don’t want to talk to him right now. Besides my flight back home is in like 45 minutes so, no”
      “Flight back home? What do y–” he heard a crash from the other room.
      ‘What was that?’
      “Shit…” he swore under his breath.
      “Please just come back to your room, I don’t have time to explain!”
      ‘Young-Bae wait!–’
      He hung up his phone and rushed back into the other room to find Ji-Yong held a broken bottle of whiskey in a bloodied hand.
      “Ji-Yong what the hell?!” he rushed to his best friend’s side “No, no! Put that down! Jinga look at your hand!”
      Ji-Yong swayed in place and sniffled  “i-it’s not that bad, see” he held out his bloodied hand toward his friend.
Just then a pounding came from the front door. Young-Bae rushed to open the door, revealing an Alex who looked out of breath..
      “What the hell is going on?” she spoke as Young-Bae closed the door behind her.
      Not being able to stand his ground Ji-Yong swayed back and forth and stared at her in awe.
      “Oh my god Ji-Yong you’re bleeding!” she took several steps toward him and grasped the wrist of his bleeding hand.
      Not even batting an eye he continued to stare at her the words that were coming out of her mouth went completely unheard.
      “Oh my god um ok” she pulled him toward the bathroom “Young-Bae what the hell?! Why did you let him do this to himself?!”
      “Let him?! I was trying to keep him from doing anything stupid, and the one second I take my eyes off of him, to call you by the way, he does this shit!” he threw his hands up.
      She shook her head “can you at least find me a first aid kit or something? I need to get these little pieces of glass out of his hand”
      Young-Bae nodded and headed out the front door.
      “Tsk, Ji-Yong what the hell is wrong with you?” she held up his hand toward the light to get a better view “Here, let’s at least try to wash the blood off”
Running his hand under the faucet, he’d wince every now and again but still he would always manage to find his way back to staring at her; admiring her facial features.
      “Ahh, ahh!” he winced again.
      “Oh shit, I’m sorry!” she looked at him with pleading eyes.
      As if completely forgetting the shards of glass in his left hand, he cupped her face with the other hand and stared into her eyes before leaning in for a kiss.

      “Ji-Yong, no…” she pulled away from him “your timing is terrible, you really think that just because you’re and idiot with blood gushing out of your hand that means I’m not upset with you?”
      He closed his eyes and threw his head back.
      “What were you thinking anyway? You could have really hurt yourself…”
      “Would you have cared if I had?” he opened his eyes and leaned against the counter.
      “What the hell is that supposed to–You know what, I don’t want to fight with you anymore I just really want this night to be over” she sighed.
      He pushed himself off of the counter and stood right before her, once again staring into her eyes. He weighed his options in his mind before he bit his lip and went in for another kiss, only this time actually making contact. Deepening the kiss he placed his good hand on the nape of her neck and backed her up against the wall behind her. She hesitantly placed a hand on his bare shoulder and then moved up it into his hair. Pulling away to kiss her neck, he smiled to himself.
      “Mmm, Ji-Yong what about your–hng–hand?”
      “Fuck my hand…” he spoke into her skin.
      She let out a small whimper “I’m serious Ji-Yong”
      “So am I” he took his hand from her neck and placed it beneath one of her thighs and raised her leg up toward his waist.
      She threw her head back as her eyes rolled back into her head “Young-Bae is going to be back any second…”
      “We have to hurry then…” he took his hand and moved it up underneath her long hoodie and hooked his fingers around her underwear and yanked them off. He pulled away from her neck and looked her in the eyes and smiled, placing a peck upon her lips he reached between the two of them and attempted to undo his pants with one hand with no such luck.

      “Uhm, could ya help me out a bit” he let out a chuckle.

      She sighed and complied undoing the button and zipper to his pants.
Going back in for another passionate kiss he pulled down his boxer briefs and pumped himself before entering her causing her to gasp into the kiss. 

      Not giving her time to adjust he started pulling in and out at a fast pace, completely forgetting about his mangled left hand that he rested against the wall.
Her moans began to fill the bathroom as they reverberated off of the walls, he pulled away from the kiss and threw his head back letting out a few of his own grunts and groans.
      “Oh holy fuck…” his eyes rolled back into his head “I’m sorry for what I said earlier baby”
      She let out a whimper “Ji-Yong, shut–the fuck–up
      He chuckled before he let out a loud moan “oh fuck, babe–fuck–I think I’m gonna cum”
      “Already?” she said breathlessly.
      He looked at her through half lidded eyes “Yes already–shiiiiit–I’m surprised I could even get it up I’m pretty fucked up right now”
      She raised an eyebrow “that makes two of us”
      His moans began to get louder and louder, he usually wasn’t one to be super vocal during sex but when he was she took far too much enjoyment out of it.

      Her phone vibrated in her pocket causing her to pull it out to check who had messaged her.
      “Mmm–really? You’re gonna–ung–check your phone right now?!”
      She let out a moan as he picked up the pace “oh my fuuuck– oh shit it’s–ung–Young-Bae”
      “I said–oh Jesus H. Christ– I said it’s Young-Bae” she whimpered “He’s–he’s comiiing!
      “Shiit” he threw his head back again.
      “J-Ji Yong you have like 45 seconds to get your shit together”
      He breathlessly nodded his head and began to pound into her harder and harder until he could feel her clenching around his dick signaling that she was just as close as he was.
      “Come on baby–fuck–cum for me”
      Pulling him in closer causing her to leave scratch marks along his back she could feel that warm pit in her stomach beginning to build before she completely unraveled around him. Seeing her in complete ecstasy and feeling her clenching around his dick was all it took for him to become undone. Riding out their highs, Ji-Yong slowly pulled out as his chest was heaving up and down rapidly.
      “Shit sorry, I was going to pull out before I came..” he said out of breath.
      Just as winded he was, she pushed herself off the wall and with shaky legs made her way toward the shower and pulled off the detachable shower head to clean up.
      He made his way toward her and held her from behind before placing a kiss on the top of her head.
      She simply nodded her head in a delayed reply.
      “Why–” he cleared his throat “why do you always come back to me?”
      She turned toward him “I don’t know…maybe out of stupidity?…”
      “You could have easily just let me bleed all over the place, flown home and not cared”
      “I guess that’s my problem…”
      “What is?”
      “I care too much…” she sighed “I can’t just leave you alone, what if you had hurt yourself worse than you did tonight? I couldn’t let myself live with that weight on my shoulders if something had happened to you…I would never want you to hurt in any sense of the word”
      He nodded his head “But what about when I hurt you? Doesn’t it make you angry? Doesn’t it make you want to walk away for good”
      “Of course it does, and sometimes I wonder if you do it on purpose because you want me to end things because you’re too much of a coward to. You are probably the biggest, most narcissistic pain in my ass that I have ever met and yet still no matter what and out of sheer lunacy I will always come back to you. Because I unfortunately fell in love with you…”

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      The car ride to Ji-Yong’s penthouse was a silent one, no one dared to utter a single word. When they arrived to his building Ji-Yong hopped out without a single ‘good-bye’ and headed toward the lobby; Seungri and Young-Bae followed suit behind him.
      Seungri cleared his throat “Hyung, are you feeling hungry?”
      “No…” he said in a monotone voice, not turning to face either man.
      “Cause if you are thre is no need to be shy about it! I’ll even cook the meat just for you!”
      No response.
      “Yah, Ji-Yong-ah you need to eat something eventually, you can’t be on the medication without it” Young-Bae furrowed his brow.
      “I said I’m fine…” he said walking into the elevator and pressing the button to his floor; the other two quickly hopped inside before the doors could close.
      Seungri and Young-Bae awkwardly glanced at each other, both determined to get their gloomy friend to at least crack a smile.
      “You know” Young-Bae smiled “now that you have that cast and everything, you can lie and say you fought a bear or something”
      Ji-Yong let a puff of air out through his nose.
      “Yea Hyung, you could say anything! I mean you could also say you punched a car but just leave out the reason why” Young-Bae smacked him on the back of the head.
      Ji-Yong raised an eyebrow.
      “Hyung…If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think she’s very happy with that guy anyway. Pretty sure I heard Rowan ask her that night what the whole deal with that guy was and Alex just said ‘wait what guy?’
      Finally he cracked a smile.
      Seeing the reaction he got from his Hyung the maknae continued with more feeling.
      “AND, from what Sasha had told me Alex isn’t staying that far away from here”
      Ji-Yong went wide eyed and turned to look at the maknae.
Seungri wiggled his eyebrows.
      “Whoa ok slow your roll there wingman” Young-Bae interjected “Don’t really think adding stalker to the broken fist is a good idea. I think he’s done enough for one day”
      “Tsk, come on Hyung!”
Young-Bae looked at the hopeful look in his best friend’s eyes and sighed.
      “Look if you really want to talk to her, go tomorrow huh? I don’t think seeing you in a Chanel dress shirt covered in your own blood is a good look for anybody”
      Ji-Yong looked down at his shirt.
      “Ok he’s got a point there Hyung…” the maknae eyed him up and down.
      The doors to the elevator opened up to Ji-Yong’s floor and the three of them continued onto the hallway toward Ji-Yong’s place. Reaching his front door, he pulled out his keycard and opened the door and before the other two could come in Ji-Yong paused and turned to face the other two.
      “Thanks for looking out for me like you guys did today”
      “Hyung did I just imagine it or did he actually thank us for something?”
      “You know what Seungri I think he did” Young-Bae smiled.

      “I know I haven’t been the best leader to you all, let alone best friend in the past few months but I want you know know that I sincerely appreciate you all putting up with me…”
      “That’s all we’ve been wanting to hear!”
      “Any time Hyung-ie~!”
      “With that being said, I want to be alone” Ji-Yong stepped inside and slammed the door before either of the other two could get a word in edgewise.

      After the events that took place throughout the day, Ji-Yong wanted nothing more than to pour himself into bed. Getting to his room he shut the curtains, turned off the lights and mid taking off his shirt he winced at a sharp pain shot right up his arm; he had forgotten he broken his knuckles.
      “Tsk, well I guess this is ruined” he muttered to himself observing the damage he had done to his favorite dress shirt.
      He tossed it in the general direction of his waste basket and plopped face first into his bed. When had he gotten to this point in his life? When did he begin to feel so lonely in a room of thousands? The ironic thing was that he found solace when he was actually alone. Truthfully he had nothing to complain about, he had it all: fame, money, souped up cars, even all the women he could ask for. But despite everything he had, there was still one thing he was missing; her.
He rolled over on his back and pulled out his phone from his pant pocket, scrolling through his photos he’d found some silly pictures he had taken of the members, the further he scrolled the more fond memories came clamoring back into his head. But there was one 30 second, black and white video at the end of his camera roll he never remembered taking. He pressed the play button and it was just himself on his bed staring into the camera. The Ji-Yong in the video looked to someone outside of the frame and smiled.

      ‘Babe what are you doing?’ the voice laughed.
      ‘Nothing just waiting for you’ he smiled again.
      ‘You are such a weirdo’ the voice laughed again.
      ‘Yea but you’re the one who made the mistake in dating me so–’ he raised up out of frame and when he came back down onto the bed he brought a giggling Alex down on top of him. He briefly kissed her before he tucked a wet piece of hair behind her ear. He moved the camera closer to their faces.

      ‘Eww Ji-Yong no, I look so gross right now I just got out of the shower’
      ‘No way, I honestly wish you could see how I see you through my eyes’
      ‘But if you’re looking at the world through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags’

      He smiled again ‘I love you’
      She sighed ‘I guess I love you too’ her eyes flickered to the camera ‘Okay, let’s just turn this off now’
      ‘No baby wai–’

      His screen cut back to the thumbnail.
      Of all the stupid things he had done thus far in his life, his biggest regret was the day he let her go.


Yay!! You liked it! I’ll guess I’ll keep going then!

Summary: The early days told in a series of photos. Jack Lowden/Reader 
Warnings: None 

She smiled and even closer to take another photo of the strangely curious squirrel. Straightening, she checked the screen on her camera and chuckled. 

“My, you are cute!” 

She took another picture as the creature leaned into the the lens, little hands grabbing at the camera. 

“Squirrels, Y/N? Really, hen?” 

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