all the good ones are married or gay

I want to write an alternative version of Romeo and Juliet where instead of being a little ponce and trying to work things out for himself, Romeo asks his smarter friends what to do about the whole thing and Benvolio and Mercutio come up with the world’s greatest plan:

Marriage of convenience between Juliet and Mercutio.

Think about it.

Juliet’s parents want her to marry into the Prince’s family. Mercutio is a good compromise between no marriage and Paris.

Mercutio probably won’t get his inheritance if he keeps being HELLA FUCKING GAY ALL OVER THE PLACE so a beard is only a benefit to him.

They would probably get along great rolling their eyes at how adorably stupid Romeo is.

Romeo and Benvolio could get a “bachelor pad” right next to Juliet and Mercutio’s house. Every night, Romeo and Mercutio high five as they hop the fence to go bang their one true love.

The second half of the play is just all of them trying to keep up the charade and being “THIS CLOSE” to getting caught all the time. But everything ends nicely because true love conquers all.

Everybody wins. Nobody dies.

Boruto the manga

I am going to give you a list of things that will happen in the series.. 

- Borusara
- Sarada becomes hokage
- Boruto becomes emo
- Boruto, Op as fuck.. 
- Sarada, Op as fuck
- Shikadai gets with yodo
- Naruto dies
- Op god, that only boruto and sarada can save together. 
- ChoCho is the pun/stereotype character
- One major bad guy that turns good
- Stupid ass flashbacks from the original, so it makes the reader think they are reading something good
- No female development
- Gay asf moments, but that will lead no where..
- Hetero stereotype ending, where all the characters get married with kids
- Making more irrelevant characters, to have that hetero ending 
- Naruto saves sasuke from his darkne— Oh wait, got confused.. Genetic clone Sarada saves Asswipe Boruto from his ‘darkness’ 

There, saved you 15 years of bullshit.. T  T

Tree Bros Anniversary Headcannon

• They decide to spend the day together for their anniversary
• Connor usually plans the dates, so it’s a pleasant surprise when Evan asks to plan it
• Evan tells Connor nothing about it except to make sure he has fancy clothes to change into
• Once the day comes, Evan picks up Connor at nine and gives him a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with a heart because he’s a basic boyfriend
• They go on a hike and then cuddle in an open field because it’s where Connor asked Evan out.
• Then they leave and get ice cream at A La Mode because that’s where they had their first kiss
• Evan orders his ice cream all by himself because he’s overcoming his anxiety
• Connor is so proud of his little tree boyfriend
• Connor gives Evan a gift, a jar filled with reasons he loves him and Evan is so happy he starts crying
• Evan gives another gift to Connor and it’s a watch with their initials engraved on it
• Connor gets so happy, he starts crying too
• They go back to Evan’s house because that’s where they first said I love you
• Together they make Connor’s favorite meal for lunch, Kraft Mac and Cheese
• Then they watch reruns of Friends because it’s their favorite show to watch together
• Connor gives Evan two tickets to see their favorite band, Green Day
• Evan brings them to their next stop which is Connor’s house because that’s where they first had s e x
• They talk about how much they love each other and how adorable the other is and it’s so cute but Zoe comes home and makes them go into Connor’s room because she doesn’t want to hear them
• They go into his room and make sure Zoe can most definitely hear them
• They f*ckkkkkkk
• Afterwards, Evan tells Connor to put on his fancy clothes.
• They don’t look at each other while they’re changing because they want to be surprised by how the other looks
• When they see each other, Evan can’t stop gushing at how hot his boyfriend looks
• “Zoe! Come here! Come look at how hot your brother is right now! Like damn look at that ass in those pants!”
• Evan won’t tell Connor where they’re going
• They end up going to the fanciest restaurant in town and pretend to be all fancy
• Evan gives Connor one last gift
• The restaurant is clapping for them and Evan gets all nervous and blushy and Connor thinks it’s adorable and they kiss!

Sorry it probably wasn’t good but I’ll turn this into an actual oneshot fic soon

“The Office” Season 3 Sentence Starters

Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “I think we’re just drunk.”
  • “You’re really gonna marry him?”
  • “I gotta win her back.”
  • “Gay good.”
  • “Kids, sometimes it pays to be gay.”
  • “I love inside jokes. Love to be part of one someday.”
  • “She’s my ex-lover…ish.”
  • “Any last words?”
  • “Hug it out, bitch.”
  • “If I can get them depressed, then I’ll have done my job.”
  • “You’re not a veterinarian! You don’t know anything!”
  • “I’m rejecting your kiss.”
  • “Get in the car, dummy.”
  • “Don’t hurt me like I hurt you.”
  • “We are all homos. Homo Sapiens.”
  • “Fact: I am older. I am wiser. Do not mess with me.”
  • “The worst thing about prison was the dementors.”
  • “I accidentally ran over it.”
  • “Oh, you’re such a blonde.”
  • “You walk out that door, and it is over.”
  • “Christmas is canceled.”
  • “It hurts my heart. Hurts my stomach. Hurts my arms.”
  • “My sister and I used to be best friends, but we haven’t talked in 16 years over some disagreement I can’t even remember.”
  • “Despite being wrong for me in every way, I’m still attracted to you.”
  • “Boobs.”
  • “I’m not falling in a chocolate river.”
  • “I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me.”
  • “Congratulations, universe. You win.”
  • “I don’t like him, his giant head, or his beady little eyes.”
  • “I’m not fine. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.”
  • “Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.”
  • “Do you still have feelings for her?”
  • “I want some man meat.”
  • “Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear.”
  • “Poop is raining from the ceilings. Poop!”
  • “I am really proud of you.”
  • “I’ve…never told you that I love you.”
  • “I can read you like a book.”
  • “I want to cry, but I’m not going to.”
  • “I want the house, I want the picket fence, I want the ketchup fights, and I want the tickling and the giggling.”
  • “Every day, for eight years, I’ve brought pepper spray… and every day, for eight years, people have laughed at me. Well who’s laughing now?”
  • “Don’t want it. Won’t open it. Don’t need it. Won’t take it.”
  • “Wikipedia is the best thing in the world.”
  • “Pippity poppity, give me the zoppity.”
  • “What, nerf isn’t cool anymore?”
  • “A depression quilt?”
  • “…You ignorant slut!”
  • “This day is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”
  • “Society sucks. I don’t even consider myself a part of society.” 
  • “Sometimes, you just gots to get your freak on.”
  • “I called off my wedding because of you.”
  • “Prove it. Let’s see your penis!”
  • “You would have left me to fend for myself. Like that time we were on the Ferris Wheel, and that kid dropped a milkshake on me, and you just laughed.”
  • “For the record, I am not embarrassed at all. It needed to be said, and I said it.”
  • “Don’t screw the pooch.”
  • “Welcome to Hotel Hell. Check-in time is now, check-out time is never.”
  • “Love is a mystery.”
  • “We’re all unstable.”
  • “I’m not gay.”
  • “Um, are you free for dinner tonight?”

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Please, please go into the history of media closeting? I would love to open that can of worms, I'm so confused. Have there really been fake babies in the past??

Well, first off, Simon essentially tricked Steve Brookstein, X Factor’s first winner, into marrying someone prematurely because Cowell thought it’d be good publicity. It wasn’t enough, and Brookstein was abandoned. So no, a baby really wouldn’t be a big deal.

I need to go through my archive and find all the good posts, but in the meantime I’d look at these examples first:

“My management guessed that I was gay pretty early on even though I wasn’t out. One day they had a closed door meeting with the record execs and told me that I was coming off gay and that I had to change how I acted. They didn’t care if I actually WAS gay, it was more how I was being perceived. We were marketed towards teenaged girls so there couldn’t be a gay member. That’s when they started to style me and control what I said and did. They used to teach me how to walk “straight” up and down the aisles of a grocery store.”

“For all those who scoff that people who sign up to be controlled and used by record management in this way for the glory of fame and fortune, keep in mind Yee made barely $4,000 during his [three years] involved with the band and often had to cough up money for their own expenses.”

Make sure to read ALL the points under ‘The key differences with Harry and Louis’ situation’

This only scratches the surface, but never forget that these things are done because millions of dollars are at stake. When millions of dollars are at stake, ethics aren’t really a thing. The industry is absolutely ruthless, and there will always be enough proof of that.

Imagine Hanzo in his mid twenties and he has spent his entire life being exactly who his father wants him to be.  He’s the perfect heir, ruthless and controlled and a brilliant tactical mind that will lead the Shimada clan into the next era. In spite of his progress towards this goal though (or more accurately because this process has made him chip away little pieces of himself, bit by bit), Hanzo is repressed as hell and a little lonely.  He has no confidants or friends that wouldn’t report any step out of line back to his father and even his little brother has given up on him.

Then Blackwatch shows up and the Shimada clan, slowly, by inches, starts to lose after generations of weathering any assault against them.  At first, Hanzo is determined that the clan will persevere no matter what but as time goes on, he realizes that the only way this will end is with the total extinction of every clan member and so he does what any good General would do and turns himself in in hopes of getting clemency for his men (especially his shit little brother).

Except first, because he knows that Blackwatch will probably dispose of him once they’ve gotten all his information, he gives himself one night to just do something he’s never let himself do before: sleep with a guy.  The thing is, Hanzo is gay but his father does not approve of that and Hanzo always knew he’d have to marry some girl for an alliance or deal and so he’s never really pursued this part of himself.  But if he’s going to die, he won’t die a virgin so he goes to a bar and tries to find some random stranger to hook up with on his last night of freedom.

Enter McCree, very handsome and cocky and so obviously a Blackwatch agent that he might as well have it tattooed on his forehead as far as Hanzo is concerned.  Hanzo intends to ignore him but then he strides right over, heavily accented Japanese and not very well concealed pistol and all, and buys Hanzo a drink and Hanzo decides that maybe this will work.  Because this man must know who Hanzo is just as well as Hanzo knows who he is and this way everything will be nice and neat; Just get drunk, screw around and then this guy can take him in.  It’s perfect.

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Being Asexual like
  • Straight person: So like you never want to date someone or get married?
  • Asexual: No. I just don't want to have sex
  • Straight: So you don't want kids?
  • Asexual: I want children but I can either have a sex to get pregnant or get a surrogate or adopt
  • Straight: No one will want to date you or marry you if you won't have sex
  • Asexual: um false? Also, I could co parent a child with a soulmate without being their partner because platonic extreme love exists
  • Straight: ummm okay. That sounds fake but okay
How Versailles Did “Arranged Marriage with someone of the opposite sexuality” Right

  My I guess you’d call it meta? on Versailles is getting really cool responses (wow thank you guys I didn’t actually think anyone would read them lol) so here’s another one I’ve been thinking about. 

Let me preface this by saying I love “The Magicians”. I’ve loved the books since they came out, I think the idea of a realistic take on Harry Potter/Narnia is brilliant. I think it’s a wake up call to all of us who have dreamed about having magical powers/going to a mythical land because it’s a series about what that would actually be like for your average millennial. It could be awesome but also suck balls. I think the characters are interesting, the writing is both witty and grounded yet doesn’t stay away from campyness and the Les Mis sequence is one of my favorite things I have ever seen on TV. 

 However, I find what they did to Eliot Waugh questionable  and borderline extremely offensive.  For those of you who are reading this and do not watch the show, Eliot is an openly gay young man who studied theater at SUNY Purchase and is a Magician. He  actually reminds me a lot of Philippe (damn that crossover would be amazing),  very sarcastic, very troubled, yet a truly good  person. He  becomes the High King of this mystical land called Fillory and so he and his friends can get a blade to kill this evil being called the Beast, he needs to marry the daughter of the blacksmith who made the blade. Which is made infinitely more complicated because in Fillory marriages are forever and he cannot physically have sex with anyone else except his wife ever again.  This is kind of a huge problem being that he’s gay.  Now you’d think that for such a progressive show they would find a way to make this not as awful as it sounds. Yeah no, they even go so far as to imply that he’s falling in love with her and his sexuality for about most of season 2 is erased or retconned to be Bi (nothing wrong with that but he was created as a gay character). That’s not good. Also Fen, the girl he marries, is kind of annoying. She’s desperate to get him to fall in love with her in the beginning and is honestly mystified as to why he seems reluctant to sleep with her. She wants him to love her and doesn’t grasp the fact that he’s gay. Anyway this is made all sorts of awkward, they are trying to fix it by also giving him a ‘husband’ because in this fictional land you can have one of each! Still…it’s awkward. 

  Back to Versailles. There were some people when Liselotte was introduced that thought she was going to be THAT girl, the girl that gets in the way of the OTP. One person on twitter even called her a “blonde cow” (do NOT get me started on that…that was beyond disgusting). Now knowing history, I knew that was not going to happen, those two are together until death do them part (quite literally look it up it’s sad but doesn’t happen for a long time don’t worry everybody!). Yet having experienced The Magicians, I was a teeny bit hesitant as to how this whole thing would be handled as Philippe did have children with Liselotte. How would Liselotte come off? Would she come off as clingy or not understanding of the realities of the situation? 

I was SO impressed by the writing of her character, the writing of their situation, and the resolution between Liselotte, The Chevalier and Philippe. I really didn’t want a freaking love triangle of awfulness to last an entire season, especially when Liselotte was such an amazing character. I think that it was genius that they made her someone most people can identify with and even aspire to be. She’s fun, she’s down to earth, she’s courageous, she’s blunt and she’s a damn good person. She walked in fully knowing that Philippe had a boyfriend and though I know she was probably disappointed to realize that he was not attracted to her whatsoever and physically never would be, she came up with a solution that ultimately got her what she wanted (aka kids so she didn’t get kicked out of Versailles and sent home in shame) and  was a great influence on both Philippes. She had the right idea all along, that this whole mess would work better if the three of them could stop fighting and if the Chevalier would just calm the fuck down and realize she didn’t want to take his place. I love the scene between her and the Chevalier, I think it’s an eye opener for both of them. She comes into things with a very business-like  mindset…and he gives it to her straight, that this isn’t about just sharing a bed or sex, it’s about love and that his heart is broken. His monologue to her is heartbreaking. And I think she kind of knocks some sense into him very gently when she says that the reason he’s acting like this is because he’s terrified and that Philippe loves him but he’s going to lose that love.

   The writers made her important to both men, and I think, at the end when she realizes that she’s in a fucked up situation where her brother in law actually had most of her family killed, at the very least she knows she has two people who she can count on.  Philippe loves her, maybe not physically but definitely loves her as a person. The Chevalier knows she’d never hurt either of them, and that she wants nothing more than to make all of them happy so he has someone to talk to as well. I think the fact that Philippe basically tells both of them that should anything happen to him (IT WON’T) that the Chevalier will marry her and raise their kids says it all.  And the last scene where they are both watching Philippe leave and Liselotte clutches an obviously distraught Chevalier’s hand, you see Philippe smile knowing the two people he loves are going to be ok. And then the final scene of the season, which I assume is some time later, you see the two  of them again together and it’s clear that they are both leaning on each other for friendship and support while Philippe is away. I think the progression from all three fighting  to working together  and ultimately love is so different, and such a breath of fresh air and also shows just how awesome a person Liselotte is. She’s a bit disappointed, but she’s a damn fine human and she wants the people she cares about to be happy. She becomes sort of the missing ingredient to making those two work, the one who will knock some sense into either one of them when Philippe gets too moody or the Chevalier gets too possessive and I hope they’ll get her to also have more fun and embrace the ridiculousness of it all. Yay great character arcs for everyone!

Also SO happy they made it clear that Philippe is pretty exclusively gay and does have trouble having sex with a woman since he is not attracted to women. He doesn’t just magically perform cause ‘welp now I have to’. That was amazing. 

TLDR: Liselotte is a gift of a character, Versailles stayed away from the stupid love triangle trope, and gave us a pretty polyamorous marriage that is respectful,loving, and not uncomfortable. 

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I found out that in matthew 19:12 in a version of the bible that my grandma had (I can't remember which one) said "for some do not marry because they are born that way" and that sounds like asexuality or aromanticism to me

This is actually a really interesting section, it begins with the Pharisees asking Jesus about divorce and him spouting the verses that homophobic christians love to spout at us about being created ‘male and female’ and how it’s good for a man to leave his parents and become one flesh with his wife, never divorcing her.

But here’s the kicker, the disciples are like “woah if this is so high stakes and we can’t divorce at all, it’s better not to marry, right?”

Then Jesus basically says “yo everything I just said only applies to some people” it reminds me of the “people are gay, Steven” meme. Here’s the verse.

But he said to them, “Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”

Matthew 19:11‭-‬12 ESV

(Fyi eunuch was a term for a man who had been castrated, so the phrasing here that some were born with their private parts already cut off is confusing, suggesting a deeper meaning or a translation issue)

Anyway so yeah you bring up a section that’s a good bit to think about, and in my opinion helps validate many members of the lgbtqia+ community, especially ace spec people.

Thanks for sharing, I love you lots and so does God! Lemme know if you need anything and have a great day!


Summary: AU where Dan is blatantly homophobic, and is very vocal about it. That is, until his best friend and roommate Phil Lester can’t take it anymore and confesses to Dan.


“Ugh, I really don’t like these people.” Dan complains to Phil, leaning back in his work chair. 

His best friend looks up from his laptop, readjusting his black rimmed glasses. “Hm? Who is it?” Phil asks curiously, tilting his head from his position on the sofa. 

“These Youtubers.” Dan points at the at the video of Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley displayed on the screen.

“How can they do that? Gay people are so disgusting.” 

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Chevalier de Lorraine: fact vs fiction

as requested (kind of) by @langedeversailles . Fair warning, this is something i’m super interested in, so it might be long

-The Chevalier dislikes war: fiction! Historical Chevs had been to war twice by the age of 16, at the Battle of Saint Gotthard he volunteered to face a Turkish soldier in a one-on-one battle of honour and won, and in 1667 he went off fighting with Philippe and was wounded (either his leg or his head). How exactly is kind of uncertain (Saint Simon thinks it was a romantic midnight trench adventure), but Philippe caused a scandal insisting on nursing him back to health in his own tent 

-The Chevalier is Bad with money: fiction! Ol’ Chev kind of managed Philippe’s household for him, and even sat in on his weekly finance meetings on Philippe’s behalf

-The Chevalier would be poor without Philippe/has no credentials of his own: fiction! The Lorraine household, though not yet at its peak, was massively influential - they were related to the French and English royal families, as well as several other very important noble lines in France. As for wealth - besides the family fortune and his earning from war(?), Chevs has four abbeys of his own and at one point ran a powerful brokerage system at court with his brother Louis (even if its legality is somewhat dubious, as far as i’m aware). He was legally entitled to be referred to as ‘your Highness’ at court so. Yeah. He’s pretty high up there

-The Chevalier was exceptionally beautiful: fact! As far as i understand, after Guiche grew too old or was exiled (i’m not sure which cost him the status), Chezzz was considered the most beautiful man in France, and described even by his enemies as having the face of an angel

-The Chevalier came back from Italy with kidney stones: Fiction, but just about! He actually came back from Italy with chlamydia (as far as i understand), which he passed on to Philippe (and Liselotte in turn).

-The Chevalier was exiled: fact! He spent a month imprisoned in the truly awful Chateau d’If, and then went on to spent two years in Rome with his brother Charles. But it wasn’t for treason, from what I’ve gathered it was more for making an enemy of Henriette (and through her, king Charles of England)

-The Chevalier was gay: this is arguable - he was very definitely into men, so he certainly wasn’t straight, but he also slept around with women a bit and even had a child with one of his girlfriends. Although this was of his own free will i think it was usually to upset Philippe, and so without any solid evidence as to whether he had an affair with Marie Mancini it’s very difficult to know how much he was actually into girls and how much he was just being petty

-The Chevalier was a jealous man: fact, but he handled it differently to show Chevalier - actual Philippe de Lorraine was secure enough in his position that he slept around or, once, sulked off to one of his abbeys until Philippe paid proper attention to him again

-The Chevalier enjoyed court politics: fact! He was frequently involved in court politics. He was first involved in someone’s exile aged 19, and notably helped to bring down Philippe’s official favourite before him, the Comte de Guiche. He was also rumoured to have brought about Henriette’s poisoning (although the official autopsy decided she hadn’t been poisoned)

-The Chevalier used to frequently argue with Philippe: i’m actually not too sure on this one? i suspect that they argued much less than they do in the show, otherwise i think it would have been blown up way out of proportion by his enemies, and I’ve hardly seen any mention of their disagreements, other than a few over Philippe’s various mignons. Apparently their relationship declined in the 1690s, as Philippe and Liselotte grew closer, but i have no idea how much this was peaceful and how much of it was disagreements and fights

The Chevalier had a drug habit: probably?? i think most of the court used various potions and powders, but I think Versailles takes it far further than reality for dramatic effect

-The Chevalier was involved in all kinds of revelry and unspeakably naughty sexual acts: fact!! He had a reputation for being shameless, and for good reason. Dude told half the court about the more intimate details of his and Philippe’s sex life, deflowered one of the king’s sons, ran a gay sex club in Paris when he was in his fifties and was involved in an orgy the night before he died. Go hard or go home i guess.

-The Chevalier loved Philippe: this is very much open to interpretation - he was certainly attracted to Philippe’s money and status, but i will also say this for him: he never married; he came straight back to Philippe after his exile; he turned down the prospects of military careers, political careers and that of marrying into wealth in favour of staying at Philippe’s side. They were together as a couple for almost half a century, completely of their own free choice. Make of that what you will.

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hey Abbie! do you have any valgrace headcanons?? If not that's cool, just wondering! thanks! :)

Hey! I have a few!

  • They probably talk about their crushes when Leo gets jealous of Jason spending so much time with Piper.
  • Leo thinks he is annoyed because he’s the third wheel, but it’s because of his glaringly obvious crush on Jason.
  • He flirts with girls a lot to try to ignore this.
  • Jason seems to become pretty self-aware at the end of Heroes of Olympus so I feel like this is probably his bisexual awakening. He is probably the kind of guy to use puns about his sexuality all the time, and this just becomes natural with all the friends.
  • Leo notices it’s a crush when Jason comes out to him.
  • They go on their first date a month later, once Leo gets the courage to tell Jason he’s gay and he likes him.
  • Jason is relieved and says he’s been planning their first date for a while, but thought Leo was straight. 
  • They go to see a movie (probably a superhero one, if it’s superman Leo would make fun of Jason throughout).
  • Jason, not so secretly, likes it when Leo calls him Superman okay.
  • They would be so cute and adorable, but like super cheesy and happy all the time. The banter just comes so naturally because they were best friends first.
  • Everyone comments about what a good couple they are, the end.
  • When they get married their honeymoon would probably be travelling around Mexico asjdkfl.
I’m more convinced that All Too Well is about Emily than anything else on Fearless (even Breathe).

I was listening to it on the school bus one day, and I thought “I wonder if this song’s about Emily”; because I don’t buy it when people say it’s too theatrical. When people say that it sounds like wishful thinking to me, and the song is just too real. Anyway, I listened to the song with that in mind, and…I had to try so hard not to cry (my eyes kept burning, mind you). I got more chills than I’ve ever gotten in my life, and it was all I could think about for the whole day afterwards. It was like I was hearing it for the first time again, just…so much more honest - everything just fell into place. It even made me a little sick, because I was so much feeling what the song was saying. It was so different to how anyone talks about heartbreak. It was like somebody died - your mother. Just different, of course - but that’s the best thing I can compare it with. Before, the song had never made all that much sense to me, no matter which guy I considered it being about, because it was just too powerful to be about a cute boy she dated for a month. But in every little line where it described the subject of the song, I suddenly realised how perfectly it was describing Emily. It was as though I was hearing everything she never showed us. “Your sweet disposition”, “You almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me”, etc. Even the way it described their location “’Cause there we are again on that little town street” sounded like the kinds of places she and Emily used to be in back in 2007. In second chorus when it talked about dancing in the middle of the night, I remember it suddenly hitting me…they were in love. I mean, obviously they were, but I had always been seeing it as this detective case, and I found the thought cute that they dated, but I honestly never thought about it properly, probably partly because Taylor always seemed too good for her, and I couldn’t really imagine her being in love with her. But in that chorus, it just suddenly hit me. Not in a factual way, in an emotional way.

And in the chorus where it said:
“’Cause there we are again where I loved you so
Back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known
It was rare
I was there
I remember it all too well”
I suddenly imagined - what if Emily was one of those gay people who pretend their straight all their lives to their family, friends - everyone they know, and they eventually get married to someone of the opposite sex, and carry on pretending to be straight, and raise a family, and die having everyone think they’re straight. What if Taylor became the first girl she ever gathered the courage to date, and when they broke up, she went back to pretending to straight because of how hurt she was by the end of it. She’s married to a man now, and was when Taylor wrote the song, I think. She was living in denial, to herself, even. Which was why Taylor said it so strongly. It would fit so much better like that, because everyone falls in love. Deeper with certain people, but not so much that you could say it was the one real, sincere, earnest relationship they had ever been in.

I’m not trying to prove anything, by the way. I’m not trying to back up all the reasons why I think it’s about her, because it’s not extremely logical altogether. It’s a feeling. I promise it’s a reliable feeling, so you have my word, but that’s all you’ve really got, because it’s not a feeling I can describe.


This post is for my Tumblr fans because I know my fans on Tumble are more open minded and understanding than some of my conservative friends on facebook. 

It’s about gay couples in cartoons.

Personally, I think it’s great! If it’s done right.

It all started with Korra and Asami simply holding hands as they walked into the Spirt World. 

Then The Loud House made cartoon history as Clyde (Lincon’s best friend) had 2 dads. The first married gay couple in a cartoon! 

Just recently, someone pointed out that in the latest episode of Star vs The Forces of Evil (Just Friends) there is a gay couple kissing at a concert. It goes by quick and you have to really look for it to catch it because ALL the couples in the audience are kissing, but it’s there. 

Now to back up a bit, what I mean by “done right” is - if the cartoon doesn’t make a big deal about it. With All 3 of these couples it’s about love. A couple holding hands, a married coulple raising a son and finally a couple kissing at a concert.  

They’re not shouting from the roof top, “Look at me, I’m gay!” 

They are just showing you, in a cartoon for younger views, that 2 people can love one another. That’s doing it right!

For the record, I’m not gay. I have been married to the same woman for over 10 years and I have 2 wonderful kids. I believe I am being a good dad by telling my kids love is love. 

I was very hesitant on making one of my characters in my Tercona story gay. I wanted to keep family friendly. However, now that I see a gay couple is becoming more acceptable and that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, I’m going to make one of them gay. Well, I wanted to from the beginning, I was just never going to say anything about it. Now I know I will, when the time is right. 

So, what do you think about gay couples in kids cartoons. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?  

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There's a klance texting fic the title is Read 9:37 and a check mark I think? I might not have the exact time right but I can't find it and it's I'm going and really cute 😭 if you can find it that would save my life ❤️💙

Hiya! I don’t really know what your fic is about, is it one of these?
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(bi)tter: allura i love you marry me right now
lesbean: you know if i wasn’t so gay
(bi)tter: [white girl voice] all the hot ones are gay
edgelord™: why thank you lance
(bi)tter: shut up, my chemical romance

(OR, once upon a time lance created a group chat and things didn’t exactly go as planned)

(matt/shiro, hunk/shay)

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AU where Keith is some important guy who has a business suit, and lance is a good housewife. (tha ts a lie, i honestly dont have a summary but this fic hurts, i have been told by at least 3 people)

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//major character death

Today, Tuesday September 12th 2017 Edith Windsor died at the age of 88. Her story is about love, in 1963 Edith met Thea Spyer, in 1967 Thea asked Edith to marry her. In 1967 not only was there no such thing as gay marriage, being gay was illegal in their home state of New York. Thea would face a long hard fight with multiple sclerosis starting in 1977. Edith was her caregiver and nurse through it all. In 2007 doctors told them that Thea had a year to live, so the couple went to Canada where gay was legal and made good the promise Thea made Edith, they got married. On February 5, 2009, after 42 years together, Thea Spyer died. The federal government refused to recognize Edith and Thea’s marriage, so she sued them. Love makes you do crazy things and fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to make the government respect that you were married to the love of your life is one of them. Edith won, for her, for Thea and for all us, she won and whole new world, a world literally unimaginable in 1967 when Thea asked her to marry her, opened up for all us. That Picture is of Edith Windsor on June 26, 2013 the day she won United States v. Windsor. I don’t know of any picture of Edith Windsor where she isn’t smiling BEAMING, she was a life long fighter for civil rights a truly happy warrior. Edith enjoyed the last 4 years of her life as a civil rights icon and hero to millions of Americans and people around the world with clear joy and energy of a woman 60 years younger than she was. In the faith that Edith and I share it’s traditional to say of the dead “may their name be a blessing” I don’t need to say that, Edith Windsor was and is a blessing. 

Okay so today I found a hilariously stupid anti-gay ad! The following pictures are screenshots from the video:

???????????????Is that any better than taking a gay couple’s freedom to marry away??????????????

NO OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW? When you’re fucking your husband or something, I’m not gonna barge in and say that you need to be having gay sex! Like holy shit that’s not how things work!

You REALLYjust used a rainbow to represent something that’s anti-gay? Do you pay attention to anything at all in the world ever?



Good! They should be teaching the truth to your kid and the fact that you want to interfere with that concerns me.

If you want to watch the whole one minute ad, click here and prepare to cringe.

Gosh, your lips look delicious

Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil x danisnotonfire)

Genre: Idk fluff with very, very, very slight angst, probably

Warnings: Some swearing and alcohol, but I don’t think there’s anything more

Words: Approx. 2.5 k 

Summary: Dan and Phil are childhood friends and adult sense something

A/N: This took such a long time to write why + don’t be misled by the tittle, this is not smut as I have no idea as to how to write the butt sex

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