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The Weeb Next Door

I would like to remain anonymous, but for now my name will be Sarah. Ever since I was four years old, I’ve lived in this suburban neighborhood, and my dad owns a few houses in this nieghborhood that he rents out. One of these houses is only a five-minute walk away from mine. When I was about eight years old, a new family moved into said house.

The family seemed nice, it was a mother and a father and a girl we’ll call Lizzie. Lizzie was very tall, with dark hair and glasses, and was very awkward. She was very shy at first but my sister and I became friends with her after a while. She was older than me; a freshman in high school at the time, so I looked up to her. She seemed to like all the cool things: Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner posters were hung up all over her room.

She seemed to hang out indoors a lot, which I didn’t really like. I wanted to go play outside, but she always had an excuse, usually she wanted to show me a new cat video or parody song on YouTube. She was very “random” which I found hilarious as an 8-year-old. I hung out at her house almost every single day.

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he cheats on you

band member: calum

“I can’t believe he’d cheat on her.”

I really could not believe it. Michael had been cheating on Ann and from what I heard, he had another girl on his mind, someone by the name of Angel or something like that. I was shocked to say the least.

“Yeah, me too.” Calum clears his throat and leans forward to grab the large bowl of popcorn.

“I mean, I love the big guy but cheating on Ann? Seems a bit low, especially for Michael.” I sigh, placing my arms around my tall boyfriend.

Calum coughs and shakes his head, “Maybe he fell out of love or maybe he was drunk, you know the drunken sin, nothing big or on purpose.”

I scoff, “As if. Drunken sins are just as bad as sober ones.”

Calum shifts uncomfortably in his seat earning a chuckle from me.

“You seem really tensed. Look, I don’t hate Michael, if that’s what you’re insinuating.”

Calum smiles, “Yeah, I know, it’s just… you love me right?”

I laugh, “Of course, or the past 2 years of our existence as a couple would probably be meaningless.”

His smile fades away and was quickly replaced with a frown. He looks at the clock above the TV and drops the bowl of popcorn.

“Fuck, I’m late.” He murmurs.

“Late for what? The band doesn’t start touring till next month and Luke told me your schedules clear for the whole of August so…”

“Mali… she needs me for this thing she has.” He says nervously.

I roll my eyes, “Geez, Calum, calm down, you look like you’re having a panic attack.”

I hold his arms and kiss his cheeks, “You know I love you right?”



It was almost midnight and the last time I had seen Calum was 6 hours ago when he said he would be back by 9. I was worried. He was almost always on time. He hated being late, he hated disappointing, probably one of the things I adored about him the most besides his amazing personality.

I didn’t know how much I could keep this act up. I knew he was cheating on me. I mean I always knew it’d happen somehow, dude’s a rockstar with so many girls throwing themselves at him and I was just the girl that happened to make him think he actually wanted to be with me just because I was ‘different’.

I could not offer him anything other girls could especially when I told him I was waiting till marriage. All I could offer him was my undivided attention and utmost devotion.

He loved me, I could tell he did. But he fell out of love and in love with all the attention he was receiving. He had girls that were willing to just spend one night with him and would gladly leave the next day leaving no clue of them ever being together.

I spent my first few days crying after I realized how stupid I was for believing that Calum would love me. But I have become so desperate for his love, I chose to stay through all this pain. I tried so many times to get him to admit he was cheating but he never does.

Lately, I noticed only the same perfume and fragrance throughout his black hoodie which meant he had only been with one girl for the whole month he was back in Australia to visit his family and friends. That also meant that he had brought her back to Australia.

He must really love her. His eyes tend to brighten up at every single message he receives. His smile reaches his eyes as he laughs at every text she sends. That smile used to be for me.


I pack my bags. I was ready to leave him. I wanted him to be happy. I wanted him to be with the girl who could give him everything I could not.

Oxford was calling my name and this was the perfect opportunity to leave him.

“Hey, babe.” Calum greets, kissing my cheek. He notices the giant luggages by my side.

“Going somewhere?” He asks, worry dripping in his voice.

“Oxford accepted me.” I say.

“That’s great! Why didn’t you tell me?” He says, loudly, smiling for me. It was the first genuine smile I had seen from him in months.

“I did tell you,” I chuckle. “You just didn’t pay attention.”

“I’m sorry, I was just…,” Calum’s eyes soften, “are you leaving for the U.K then? Because if so, I can still try my best to see you! We’re having a European tour and I’m pretty sure I can make this work.”

“You don’t have to make it work.”


“I know you’re cheating me. The good thing here is that it’s easier to leave you after this. I mean I always knew this was gonna happen like I’m not made for you. We’re two worlds apart. You love sex and there’s nothing wrong with that but I won’t be able to give myself to you not until we’re at least married and by the looks of it I don’t think we will be married. Calum, I love you so much, but not enough to put myself through this pain. And there’s a thousand other girls out there that can make you happy. I don’t want to tie you down. I’m sorry.”

Calum reaches for me and shakes his head, “Why are you apologizing? I cheated on you. I’m the one that’s supposed to be sorry. Why are you making it seem as if it’s your fault? Baby, I love you and I’m sorry that I can’t handle this. But I swear to God, I can change, I love you so much. Dear God, I love you so much, please tell me that we can fix this. Please, oh my God, please tell me we can fix this.”

“I’m sorry. You’ve been wonderful,” I smile. “So wonderful.”

part 2

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Getting relaxed to read a couple of books?

All the Girls Were Willing. Alan Marshall (pseudonym of Donald E. Westlake). Millwood Publication #28, 1960. Rader cover art.

Great early Westlake sleaze about Phil Crawford, a young actor in Greenwich Village theater. He tries unsuccessfully to not become a womanizing heel.

Westlake was himself a struggling Greenwich Village actor for a brief stint in the 1950s.

“The role was theirs - if they were willing to pay the price”