all the gifs worked on the second try there is a god

Imagine Jared accidentally sending you a dirty text

We ask the waiter for another cup of coffee, never failing to find new topics to cover. Emma talks about work and endless trips, I fill her up with my love life and a bit of work. We laugh and talk for a good couple of hours, forgetting that we are in a public space and we shouldn’t be laughing so loudly.

“You should have seen his face” Emma continues laughing, “We were all trying not to crack up, and there he was, with his face red as a tomato”

“What the hell was he doing naked in the woods?!” I ask, not being able to breathe properly due to my laugh.

“Oh, God, I don’t know. None of us wanted to ask”

My phone rings one time, letting me know of a new text. Jared’s name appears on my screen and I show it to Emma.

“Speak of the devil!”

I open the text, feeling my jaw drop as I read through the lines.

“Jesus…” I mutter, feeling my cheeks blush.

“What’s going on?” Emma asks, and I just react by handing her my phone.

Emma reads once, letting a loud laugh out when she finishes. I reach for my phone, but she moves away, holding one finger up, asking me to wait.

“Ok, just one more time” She says.

The laugh continues, and I want to laugh too, but I’m not really sure how to feel about this.

“‘My enormous manhood’” Emma starts reading out loud, “'On your perky…’”

“Emma!” I shut her up, reaching quickly for my phone, “I’m sure it’s not for me”

“Obviously” She tries to stop laughing, but failing to, “Oh, God, Jared really needs sexting classes, that was the worst sext I’ve ever read”

“What do you know about sexting?” I ask her, noticing how her cheeks start to blush.

“Not much” She says, as we hear a new incoming text, “READ IT!”

I open the new text, feeling a smile appear on my lips.

“It’s full of apologies” I say, as I get a new text, “This one too, poor Jared”

“You should go see him” Emma suggests.

“What? No, he’s probably freaking out right now” I mutter, “I would be freaking out too”

We try to continue with our evening, but Jared’s text changes the mood and Emma just couldn’t recover from it. By the time I leave her home she’s still laughing about what happened.

“You should at least text him back” Emma says trough the passenger window.

“What the fuck, Emma?!”

“Not the dirty text, the apologies” She corrects herself, starting to laugh again.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I’ll see you next week”

“Call me!” She shouts as I start to drive away.

As I drive home, I receive a couple of text from Jared. At first just one, and then three in less than a minute. I park in the middle of nowhere to read the texts.

“I can’t believe I just sent that” The first one starts, “I’m so sorry, I know I’ve said it like three times already, but I really am. Maybe it was my unconscious trying to tell you how I felt about you?”

Wait, what?

“Oh, shit”, Is all the second and third one say.

“UNREAD THAT, IMMEDIATELY”, the last one says.

I read the first text again, and again.

How he feels about me? Jared has feelings for me? Oh, no.

I let the phone on the seat next to me, trying to erase the words from my mind. I thought the dirty text was traumatic enough, but… feelings?

Once I get home, I notice Josh’s car parked outside. Great, my boyfriend is home when I have my mind made a mess thanks to Jared. Before getting out of the car I grab my phone, scared of finding another text from Jared, but I find nothing.

I breath calmed, taking my bag and jacket. But all my calmness ends up in the trash when I see Jared sitting on the porch stairs.

“Hey”, he says, standing up.

My bag, phone and jacket end up on the floor, and I lead my hands to my hair, running my fingers through it, trying to calm myself again.

Jared walks towards me, taking all my stuff and handing them to me. I receive them, keeping my distance from him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wrote something, this way I can’t fuck it up again” He mumbles, giving a quick look to the house, “I’ll be quick, I promise”

I nod, grabbing all my things tighter, as if somehow that would help me in any way.

“Ok, here I go” He says, taking a deep breath, “I fucked up”

“That’s it?” I ask him, when I notice he’s not continuing with his letter.

“I was just taking a break” He mutters, “This is hard… Ok, bad use of words”

“Just… go on, Jared”

“Ok. I fucked up” He reads again, “I’m not going to say I’m sorry again, because I’ve done it too much already and you’re probably bored of it. I also said I had feelings for you, and that’s true, but we better forget about that because you have a boyfriend and I’m a weirdo who doesn’t know how to send dirty texts”

He ends with an awkward smile and I can’t help but laugh.

“You done?” I ask, laughing still.

“No” He says, and I can notice his hands shaking a bit, the awkward smile still on his face, “Please don’t tell Josh that I said I have feelings for  you, or he’s going to break my jaw. I’m sorry, for the 100th time, and let’s forget about all this. Please”


“Yes, I’m done”

“I’m gonna forget about the dirty text, don’t worry about that” I laugh, getting closer to him, “And about the other thing… Josh and I have been together for a while, you know that”

“I do” He whispers, folding the note to put it in his pocket.

“Things may change, we don’t know what could happen tomorrow”

“Wait…” He interrupts me, holding his index finger near to my face, “You’re giving me hope or leaving me in the friendzone?”

“Neither” I laugh, “I have a boyfriend now, but things may change. I just hope that if something happens, you’ll still have me in your heart”

The silly smile comes back to his lips, and I end up smiling too.


We both look to the house, Josh is standing on the stairs, holding a cup of coffee on his hands.

“Oh, hey Jared” Josh greets him with a smile, “Wanna come inside?”

“Nah, I’m good” Jared says, with the smile getting wider by the second, “Good seeing you, buddy”

“You too” My boyfriend says, changing his sight to me, “Come inside, it’s getting cold in here”

“I’m coming” I say, letting Josh go inside first, leaving me alone with Jared, “I’m not giving you hope, ok?”

“I know” He laughs, “And don’t worry, you’ve been in my heart for a while, I doubt you’ll get out of there any time soon”

Jared leaves, with the smile still on his face. I watch him go, only entering my house when I’m not able to see him anymore. Josh is waiting for me, another cup of coffee on his hand. I receive the cup, facing my reality after that confession.