all the gendry feels

ok but like if we take these leaks and spoilers as true can we just consider this

that jon is headed south towards daenerys, tyrion and co, presumably with davos as he is in the leaks too

which by extension means jon is in the same vicinity as gendry, because of the video showing davos, gendry and tyrion together

and this therefore highly points towards a JON GENDRY INTERACTION

can we just imagine gendry’s reaction when he realises this is jon, that this jon is of house stark, but he is a bastard too - and suddenly arya not caring that gendry is a bastard makes much more sense, and gendry finally fully realises that arya really doesn’t care he’s a bastard, because she grew up with a bastard brother 

that this is jon, the brother of arya, and gendry is confronted with the memory of someone he was torn away from

and that jon will wonder why gendry is so stunned at the house stark king in the north, stunned beyond just ‘oh crap this is a king’

and gendry will tell jon he travelled with arya, but he was torn away from her. that arya stark, jon’s little precious sister, was under his care and protection. that arya got out of king’s landing. 

we will see the two boys most beloved to arya stark have their storylines intertwined and i will be absolutely shocked if this does not make reference to arya - and builds up to the jon-arya and arya-gendry reunions that we’ve all been praying for for years


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jonsasnow  asked:

what is your ideal gendrya reunion scene? like if you could write/direct it to your heart's content, what would happen?

Girrrrllll, this is such a loaded question, I don’t know if I can even…but I feel like I have 2 ideals, one that would work better in the show and one that would work better in the book. 

I think a great show reunion would be there’s a battle outside Winterfell (maybe the Night King and the wights have made it past the wall and gotten to Winterfell) and Jon and Gendry and all of them are already fighting it, and it feels like they might lose when all of a sudden a huge pack of wolves swarms the enemies and helps turn the tide, and in the midst of all the wolves is like Arya and Nymeria. And Arya and Gendry don’t see each other face to face until they’re both fighting in the same vicinity, maybe the same group of enemies, and they’re like shocked, but they somehow work together to finish taking the enemies down. I know everyone really wants an embrace of some sort, me more than anyone, but what I think would be more organic than that is the bickering and play fighting. Obviously I’d be a horrible show writer/director, but if I could at least give a general direction to the way the reunion is going to go in the show, it would be something like this. I feel like it’s so much more true to their characters this way than a mild reunion inside the castle. I would love an Acorn Hall 2.0 though not long after the reunion; my life would be complete then and I could then die happy lmao.

As far as the book goes…this is much harder…but I want a reunion in the Riverlands where they last left each other in the books. I don’t know if I want a reunion at the inn. Wow, this is really so much harder. I think a similar reunion to the one above. Just something in battle. Something where they somehow meet up in the midst of battle and end up fighting and defeating the enemy together. It would be a very Robert/Ned thing and I would love it so much. And it would be so them. In the book, I’d adore an embrace; there I feel it would be so much more natural, and then of course the bickering and play fighting also. Maybe after whatever battle is done. I wouldn’t mind in either if when Arya finally returns she’s introduced to him as Lord of Storm’s End, or something like that, even if it’s unlikely. 

Ughhhh now I definitely feel like I need to go write! You’ve inspired me to do a fic, or even 2, 2 reunion fics, one for the show and one for the book, they will be dedicated to you! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the ask, you always have the best ones! I can’t wait to actually write these reunions out and I promise to get them on here and ao3 soon! <3 <3 <3