all the freedom feelings


“jean will help you if you help him.”

jean was privy to the ugly truth about the moriyamas, as he’d been sold to tetsuji years ago to settle a debt with the head of the family. jean hated his lot in life, but he was past the point where he could even think of fighting back. 

he wasn’t a rebel; he was a survivor.
he did whatever it took to get through the day.

this isn’t going to be the post eloquent but i wanted to make a post just saying that, femininity is so pressured on all women to be respected as women, to even be recognized as women for trans women….

and i wanted to give assurance to all you gnc girls or you girls considering being less feminine or toeing into nonconformity already, that you’re still a valuable person without makeup or with your hair cut short or in your loose clothes or however you express gender nonconformity. you don’t have to conform to femininity to be an amazing, interesting woman.

i hope you all feel the freedom and safety and comfort to present how you want one day

Unfortunately, I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.
—  Marilyn Monroe, in a telegram, turning down a party invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy (13 June 1962)
#65- Really rough sex (Megstiel)

Requested by @purgatoan​ for my kink list. (Masterlist here)

Warnings: Rough sex

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Move some furniture around.

That’s what Meg had said when she first mentioned them doing this. And Cas had understood the metaphor.

Only it turns out not to be a metaphor.

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Houses as studyblr things

The feeling of acing a test, secretly being excited for exam season, everyone sharing their notes to everyone else, studyblr challenges, your parents being proud of you, confidently giving a presentation

Doing every past paper because you know one of them’s bound to be the actual test, refusing to move on until you understand every single bit of a topic, acing a subject just because someone said you couldn’t, finding the perfect resource for what you’re studying, teachers praising you

Group studying sessions, Using doodles to understand a topic, Making friends with teachers, extra curricular activities, subjects that you genuinely like, buying new stationary even though you have too much, being proud of a friend you helped

Pretty notes, the satisfaction of seeing straight a’s on your report card, learning a language just because you feel like it, the freedom of finishing all your homework early, passing a test you thought you would fail


today was a beautiful day ☼
i’ve been reading and drawing and writing and playing more than i ever have in my whole life and to be honest, it feels like creative freedom is all i’ve ever needed.

On that free love kinda buzz. Not putting any labels on my connections with other people and just letting them exist in their natural form. With labels comes expectations, and with expectations comes attachment. Attachment can be constricting, frustrating and ultimately destructive. Real love arrives with the mental, emotional and spiritual action of letting go. Letting go of all ideas of how a connection ‘should’ manifest itself. Just let it beeee! You are feeling the Universal Love through connecting with another human - that’s all you need, to feel the Love. And anyway, each connection is so different, so distinctly individual seeing as it is an exchange between two very specific souls, that to put every connection in the same box seems a little bit absurd. Not all romantic/sexual/spiritual relationships are destined to be traditionally monogamous. Plus when you don’t put monogamous labels on things you have the freedom to feel ALL the love, from EVERYONE. FEEL IT. FEEL THE LOVE. GIVE THE LOVE. LET IT BE AS IT IS. DO NOT LET RATIONAL THOUGHT INTERFERE. JUST FEEL. It is what it is, trust your heart and don’t overthink things :)

that “don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible” will always be the most emotional mickey line for me bc knowing the environment he grew up in he probably literally believed it was impossible for him to be out and to still be alive (nonetheless happy) so hearing that ian could be sick made him feel like all of that freedom and happiness was being jeopardized by something beyond his control and he was so ready to fight just to have keep ian with him

Excitement and happiness are two different things. Nobody who shoplifts is happy. Happy people who are genuinely content with their lives do not risk their lives and freedom for material things. I feel like we’re all sad, lonely people just looking for anything that will help us cope with life. Maybe I’ve just lost all sense of right and wrong but I’m for it. If you’re not hurting anyone and it keeps you from killing yourself, go ahead. 50 years from now nobody will give a shit that you stole that purse. In the end none of this is that fucking important. They call us shallow, vain, materialistic, etc but they’re the ones willing to throw another human being in a cell all for some material things. Why is money more important than someone’s life? You say it’s just makeup or a purse, we don’t need it and you’re right. But it goes both ways. It’s just makeup or a purse, it’s not worth stripping a person of their rights or destroying their future.

92. “You’re so clingy, I love it” (Jungkook x Reader)

Genre: fluff
Word count: 1095
A/N: To the anon that requested this, forgive me for taking so long! School is such a bitch sometimes~ Enjoy babes, I love me some feedback  :D

In one of the rare mornings Jungkook didn’t have to compete the Sun in rising, they had an opportunity to wake up together. Quite a lot, actually, she has thought that the cold side of the bed her fingers reach in the morning was destined to be banished.

It was a delight when it was.

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I let her in, she began to unravel my mind as if it were some intricate puzzle she’d always been the missing piece too. She manipulated my thoughts to that of a man, a King even. She tugged at strings to open my eyes and see the true potential within myself. Her touch was…Addictive, to say the least. I couldn't wait to get back to her, every time she’d leave. Eager to submit my mental and let her in once again. My mind so open to her, the way she’d tug at these strings and stretch them out to make me feel free. She was, after all, my freedom, my true peace of mind and I'll forever carry her upon my shoulders for the world to see she is mine.
—  Joe Brock

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'I can't stop thinking about you' for 2p Canada, please!

It was impossible. Absolutely freaking impossible. She was everywhere. In his dreams. In his fantasies during the day. She had completely flooded over his mind and there was nothing he could do about it. He just couldn’t handle it anymore. He needed to do something soon, or else he would surely go insane.

He wanted freedom. He wanted freedom from all of this Insanity he was feeling. But he was bound to her. There was no escape, and as time went on he didn’t want to escape. He only wanted her to go as insane for him as he was for her. That was all he wanted.

He would get it too. Even if it’s the last thing he will ever do. She will love him too. No matter what.