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92. “You’re so clingy, I love it” (Jungkook x Reader)

Genre: fluff
Word count: 1095
A/N: To the anon that requested this, forgive me for taking so long! School is such a bitch sometimes~ Enjoy babes, I love me some feedback  :D

In one of the rare mornings Jungkook didn’t have to compete the Sun in rising, they had an opportunity to wake up together. Quite a lot, actually, she has thought that the cold side of the bed her fingers reach in the morning was destined to be banished.

It was a delight when it was.

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“jean will help you if you help him.”

jean was privy to the ugly truth about the moriyamas, as he’d been sold to tetsuji years ago to settle a debt with the head of the family. jean hated his lot in life, but he was past the point where he could even think of fighting back. 

he wasn’t a rebel; he was a survivor.
he did whatever it took to get through the day.

Unfortunately, I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.
—  Marilyn Monroe, in a telegram, turning down a party invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy (13 June 1962)
#65- Really rough sex (Megstiel)

Requested by @purgatoan​ for my kink list. (Masterlist here)

Warnings: Rough sex

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Move some furniture around.

That’s what Meg had said when she first mentioned them doing this. And Cas had understood the metaphor.

Only it turns out not to be a metaphor.

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Houses as studyblr things

The feeling of acing a test, secretly being excited for exam season, everyone sharing their notes to everyone else, studyblr challenges, your parents being proud of you, confidently giving a presentation

Doing every past paper because you know one of them’s bound to be the actual test, refusing to move on until you understand every single bit of a topic, acing a subject just because someone said you couldn’t, finding the perfect resource for what you’re studying, teachers praising you

Group studying sessions, Using doodles to understand a topic, Making friends with teachers, extra curricular activities, subjects that you genuinely like, buying new stationary even though you have too much, being proud of a friend you helped

Pretty notes, the satisfaction of seeing straight a’s on your report card, learning a language just because you feel like it, the freedom of finishing all your homework early, passing a test you thought you would fail


today was a beautiful day ☼
i’ve been reading and drawing and writing and playing more than i ever have in my whole life and to be honest, it feels like creative freedom is all i’ve ever needed.

that “don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible” will always be the most emotional mickey line for me bc knowing the environment he grew up in he probably literally believed it was impossible for him to be out and to still be alive (nonetheless happy) so hearing that ian could be sick made him feel like all of that freedom and happiness was being jeopardized by something beyond his control and he was so ready to fight just to have keep ian with him

Excitement and happiness are two different things. Nobody who shoplifts is happy. Happy people who are genuinely content with their lives do not risk their lives and freedom for material things. I feel like we’re all sad, lonely people just looking for anything that will help us cope with life. Maybe I’ve just lost all sense of right and wrong but I’m for it. If you’re not hurting anyone and it keeps you from killing yourself, go ahead. 50 years from now nobody will give a shit that you stole that purse. In the end none of this is that fucking important. They call us shallow, vain, materialistic, etc but they’re the ones willing to throw another human being in a cell all for some material things. Why is money more important than someone’s life? You say it’s just makeup or a purse, we don’t need it and you’re right. But it goes both ways. It’s just makeup or a purse, it’s not worth stripping a person of their rights or destroying their future.

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

(A/N: Warning=Contains mentions of emotional abuse/an unhealthy relationship and also contains brief act of psychical abuse.) 

This is a part two to this imagine here

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

You thought it was over.

You thought you would never have to see him again.

You were wrong.

After your night with Sonny, you had expected to feel guilty. Even if it was only a little bit. But you didn’t. You woke up the next morning, your head resting on his chest, your naked bodies entangled and all you felt was happiness. The feeling of being free.


What you had done was wrong. You were technically still in a relationship with Justin despite everything he had done. But you didn’t regret it. Not at all. You knew you never really loved Justin. And you knew that because you had fallen helplessly in love with Sonny over the past year since you had moved to New York. What you felt for Sonny, was something that you had never felt before. Just confirming that you were never in love with Justin, you had only been with him because that’s what everyone else wanted.

What they expected.

That same morning, you and Sonny got up and together you sorted everything out. You couldn’t face Sonny and Sonny was particularly keen on you facing him again especially given your history. Maybe it was a cop-out maybe it was justified. But you wrote Justin a letter. Dealing everything you felt and had felt. Telling him it was over and nothing was going to change your mind. You didn’t say anything about Sonny or having feelings for someone else. He didn’t need more ammunition as you knew he would enviably destroy your image back home. And you didn’t even care because you were happy in the city with Sonny.

That following weekend you moved out of your apartment that Justin had helped you choose and rent for that matter. You put your stuff in storage and brought your essentials to Sonny’s apartment for your temporary stay. You changed your phone number, you didn’t need to see the backlash from when he responded to you after getting the letter. Sonny helped you get everything changed so your mail and everything else came to a external mail-box and not that apartment. The process was surprisingly easy but you think that was because you had Sonny helping you. He was so adamant on getting you out of that situation. He helped you more than you had expected and you could only appreciate his kindness. You thanked him endlessly but he reassured you that it was nothing. He was doing it because you needed help and because he loved you not only romantically but as his best friend.

When you were with Sonny, you forgot all about Justin and your past. After the whole ordeal and after everything was changed, the thought of Justin and his reaction didn’t even cross your mind.

Three weeks passed after that and you had a feeling that your temporary stay with Sonny was going to be more permeant. Sure, it had only been two weeks but you slipped into a relationship with him so easily it had liked you’d been together for years. Living together, being with each other constantly just came naturally to you both. You were already in love and you were his girlfriend at this point. You’d talked about it and since you were no longer attached, it was the perfect.

It was happiest you had been in a very long time. You suddenly loved Fridays because it meant you could spend the whole weekend with Sonny. He’d told his Mom almost immediately that you had started dating. You didn’t tell anyone else expect her and the rest of his family. You’d already met her and attended multiple Carisi family dinners. You fit perfectly into every every part of his life. It was like he was waiting for you. Everything was completely perfect.

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I get this crazy feeling inside when i see you, I would say it’s butterflies but it is certainly so much more than that. It’s a feeling where I turn to jelly inside and my face then lets out a big goofy smile. It’s like I have sunshine living in my heart and you can honestly see it shine through my eyes as you look at me. It’s this feeling where I feel secure and let all my biggest fears go. It’s this feeling of freedom where I know I won’t just blank out suddenly or I won’t worry about having a panic attack. I get this feeling of joy and that even on days where I want to just cry and shut the world out for a day I can’t because of you. You make me feel so beautiful inside and allow me to see the beauty that surrounds me. You make me crave the beauty of love…the beauty of your love.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love. #1

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Feysand 35. But when feyre is in the spring court (ACOTAR 3) and she is still pretending to love tamlin while ryhs is just waiting to jump in and save her. Ya Ik this is weird😂

I know this might not be what you were going for but I still hope you like it. (It’s very long, hence the cut. This is what happens when I try to do short drabbles)

35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Slowly, like the time was moving differently, another drop of blood fell to the floor. It joined a steadily growing pool of red on the white marble floor.

“Now!” His voice thundered through the silence like a fist through glass, shattering it with viciousness and despair that once had been love. Maybe still was. Maybe that was the problem.

Without moving from her place on the ground, Feyre’s eyes slowly slid up. She felt the next drop of blood falling from her nose more than she saw it as her eyes found his. The face of the male in front of her was the same mixture of rage and despair as his voice, his lips were curled back in a snarl. She could tell it wouldn’t take much for him to shift. It was nothing short of a miracle he hadn’t already. Hadn’t torn those vicious claws into her flesh. His whole body screamed violence. For once, he wasn’t apologising for losing his temper. It was the first time he’d ever had lain hand on her. It would be the last time. She’d make sure of it. 

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Donnie stood atop the wooden platform, his hands held together with iron shackles. The sky was overcast and threatening rain. Nobody from town had come out to witness the execution.

A tired-looking priest recited scripture in a rote, monotone fashion.

Donnie felt the rough fibers of the rope scrape against his skin as the noose was lowered over his head. The hangman pulled the rope tight against Donnie’s throat. He swallowed hard, already having trouble finding his breath.

Without further ceremony, the hangman stepped back. Donnie closed his eyes. He heard a grunt of exertion and the creak of wood before the ground fell out from under him. The briefest moment of freefall, and then a choking—a terrible blow to the throat.

His body fell, stretching his neck and snapping his head back.

Donnie felt something inside him fracture. An agonizing pain shot through him.

The break wasn’t clean. He was still conscious.

The fibers of the rope had torn into his throat, and he could smell blood.

Donnie felt his windpipe being crushed as his entire weight pulled against the noose. He struggled and gasped as pain filled his world. He felt intense pressure and heat in his face as the rope squeezed his arteries.

Desperately, Donnie thrashed and kicked, but soon grew too weak to continue.

As consciousness began to slip away, Donnie’s life started playing out like the reels of a kinetoscope, but so much more vivid—so much more real.

He remembers the smell of his mother’s hair—the warmth of her arms.

He remembers the farm house where he grew up. Taking unsteady steps through the fields. Later running. Jumping from boulder to boulder on the stony plains.

He remembers the fire. The scent of burning wood and the towering of the flames. The stinging of salt tears in his eyes. He remembers leaving home and never looking back.

He remembers Maria. The taste of her lips, the feel of her skin, the way her brown eyes sparkled with mischief. He remembers her walking away from him for the last time.

He remembers stealing those horses. The feeling of freedom as he rode all-out against the setting sun, deluding himself that he wouldn’t be followed.

He remembers the wooden platform beneath his feet. The iron shackles on his hands. The droning of the priest.

The ground falling away.

He remembers the rough rope cutting into his throat, the burst of pain as his windpipe is crushed by his own weight.

Pain. Blinding, tearing pain. It seems to stretch on forever.

He remembers how his life began to flash before his eyes.

His mother’s hair and warmth.

The farmhouse, the fields—jumping from boulder to boulder.

Fire. Loss.

Maria. Her eyes. Walking away.

The horses. Fleeting hope.

The platform. The shackles. The priest. The noose around his neck. His windpipe being crushed.

Pain. The smell of blood.

Remembering remembering his life.

His mother.

The farmhouse.

The fire.


The horses.

The noose.

Crushing pain.


You argue and try leave // Daryl Dixon

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“Go on then, leave! See if I care!” Daryl screamed at you. That was it, you had had enough and you wouldn’t put up with it anymore. Daryl couldn’t keep you here no matter how much he wanted too.

“Fine then, I will” You said barely above a whisper, just loud enough for Daryl to hear. You began packing what little gear you had and threw it into a bag. Slinging the bag over your shoulder you began to walk out heading directly towards the gates, knife in hand prepared for whatever the outside world was going to throw at you.

“N-no Y/n I didn’t-“You cut him off, ignoring his please.

“Goodbye Daryl” You began to head for the exit of Alexandria. Daryl stood there emotionless, he didn’t even follow or try to get you to stay. Shows how much he cares. You waved at whoever was guarding the gates and opened them, slipping out and quickly closing them again in under 5 seconds.

You felt a sense of freedom that you hadn’t felt in months. Ever since you arrived at Alexandria 7 months ago with Daryl and the others you had felt suffocated and restricted, even though you knew Alexandria was safer than the outside world you missed the feeling of freedom. All you wanted was to go on weekly runs with Daryl and the others but Daryl wouldn’t let you, so you choose the next best solution. You would miss Daryl and the rest of the group but you would get over that eventually right?

Only minutes later you began to regret your choice, it was a heat of the moment decision that now didn’t seem like such a good idea. But you being you, your dignity was too high to turn around and go back.

“Y/N! Y/N WAIT PLEASE!” you heard that familiar voice yell, Smiling lightly, you knew it was Daryl coming to take you home.

“Please don’t leave, you can come on runs with me, heck we can leave whenever just for the hell of it if it means you’ll come home. I hate when we argue” You could tell he was tearing up

Without another word you leaned in and kissed him. His soft, slightly chapped lips felt like a second home to you. His lips moved against yours and what was meant to be a romantic, gentle kiss turned into quite the opposite. His hands rested on your hips while yours went around his neck, one tangling itself in his hair.

“Let’s head home shall we?” he asked and stuck his hand out for you to grab, which you gladly did. Your hands were small compared to his and you loved it.

“Home sounds good”

Motorcycle have been my passion since my teens and I don’t really know why. But I just loved bikes and wanted to be a woman rider on a Harley. So I tried my best to learn how to ride. Now I am single and I love to ride for a long journey and spend night in the bush with a tent. It sounds frightening at first. After few nights I got used to all the bizarre noises coming out of the bush. That’s another freedom I feel. Find me on the biker dating sites and ride with me to enjoy the freedom.