all the freakin feels

watching the long way down job again and god fucking damn the writers and the actors ALL brought their A game to this thing, but especially the dead climber on the video to his wife holy shit. i cry every freakin’ time. also parker? and hardison/parker? ALL MY FEELS 

If this storyline goes the direction of the team realizing early on (no later than ep 3 MAX) that May isn’t May, Coulson being the first to notice, and then Coulson & all the kids (Radcliffe, weird uncle Mace, fave niece Piper included) going into full out Angry Birds/Avenger mode to get Mom back, I’ll be happy.

May has put her life on line, fought, done some extreme piloting shit, killed and even died protecting this team so much in the last 4 seasons. I’d love it if they really go super hard & show her just how much she means to them and that they’ll go to crazy extreme lengths for her too.
I want Melinda May to feel so much love by the end of this season that she wants to freakin vomit from all the feels.

And Coulson gotta stop with this “when this is all over” crap and make Philinda canon ASAP (preferably with the actual May, I refuse to ship any form of PhiLMDa). I need him to hunt down wherever Aida is keeping her with the same fury he had after Rosalind died (he gains points for extra fury).
S/n I still can’t believe Turtle man made that leap with Elena before Coulson, what are you doing with your life Phil???!!!
Soooo happy that Mackelena is finally canon tho, I like it when my babies are happy & Mackelena deserve all the happiness in the world.☺️

Basically I just want the first part of the next half to be #OperationSaveBae/Mom

Noragami 67 Reaction

I actually wasn’t going to write one of these, because I feel like this chapter pretty much went exactly the way I expected it to, but a couple people have asked about my thoughts so… Here they are!

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check out the lush greenery on the set today


“Aap ek dafa mujhe itminaan kara den ke aap isse nahin maarenge tou main chala jaounga, kabhi wapas nahin aaounga yahan pe!”

“Tum mein itni himmat tou hai nahin ke apne aap pe bharosa karke beti ka haath mujh se maang liya hota. Ab mujhse vaada maang rahe ho? Agar uss waqt tum ne mard bann ke dikhaya hota tou aaj bhi ye mardangi achi lagti.

Holy cheezits guys, this episode made me emotional in all sorts of ways, I loved it! The song, the feels, the fREAKIN’ BUTTERFIES! I  immediately started getting ideas for fanart, but there were so many different ones! I’ll probably do something for the darker part of this episode. I’m working on some pics of the Stevonnie designs we saw during Summer of Steven, so I’ll post one for Mindful Education’s version when I’m finished with that X3

.:My Gush Post:.

This is me just POURING my heart out about those cuties I adore and lovingly called as my kids! This is extremely long so be careful!

You all have been warned, under the cut as always <3

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