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Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
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au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.

Somebody has to do Gods Work and make a Avas Demon HighSchool Au 

Titans the principle 
Wrathia got fired as a teacher for smoking weed 
Maggie’s the sportsy kid 
Gil is taking all the Ap classes and says he’s already in “Pre Pre Med” 
Ava and Odin and the kids that doodle in class and sit on the bench in Phy. Ed 

Think of the possibilities 

Headcannon this with me

All I Need is Oxygen (and You) (11532 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Gemma Styles, Anne Cox
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, OT5, Fluff, basically just a lot of fun, Slow Burn, band geek!Harry, Popular!Louis

There are only two ways to navigate Bloomfield High School: become popular or make yourself invisible.

With the help of his best mate Niall, Harry’s introduction to high school hadn’t been half bad. Despite being a “bandie” – the lowest of the low in the ancient hierarchy of high school –Harry had somehow managed to survive freshman year relatively unscathed.
So naturally, Harry would have been perfectly happy to resume his position of invisible trombone player number four for the remainder of high school. But one day something drastic happened, something that would change the course of Harry’s entire existence (probably).

It was the last football game of his freshman year, and the band was back in the stands after performing a rousing rendition of Bloomfield’s alma mater during half time. Harry was gracelessly wiping the slobber from the mouthpiece of his trombone when he saw him.

Louis Tomlinson.

Or…a High School AU where Harry is a bandie and Louis is the epitome of cool, so naturally, Harry must find a way to get his attention and win his affections.

All or Nothing!

Pairing: Jungkook/Jin
Rated: E
Author: jinfanfics
Length: 29k - 4ch

Good looks, sweet personality, bright future and a sense of humour.

Kim Seokjin had it all.

Well, almost all.

What he didn’t have was that special someone to share it with.

And why was that?

Because his rival, Jeon-The-Slimy-Playboy-Jungkook, made it his ultimate goal in life to steal the hearts of all his crushes!

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Reccer’s Note:
This was so goooooood. I love jinkook man they’re so cute together ❤ - N

Imagine how great a soccer (or football based on geographic location) AU of hetalia would be. Like, there could be some kind of elite team put together from the best players around the world. and then they’d all be on it. Everyone loves sports anime (Some people love hetalia) It’d be great. They’d workout together and fight and then have team bonding cause they’re all superstars from different nations and cultures who aren’t used to being on a team where they aren’t the sole focus and they have to learn to overcome their differences to work together and be awesome. Like a sports movie. But one about hetalia that doesn’t focus probably as much on the actual game.  


More beast than boy, that one, puffed up with pride and bloodlust…

anonymous asked:

Would Altea's football team and West Creek's team ever play against each other? I think that private schools and public schools don't ever play against each other, though I'm not sure

Yes! At least in the area where I live serval private schools have faced off against public schools in football games. There is a debate amongst some of the coaches and sporting officials about why it might be unfair for a public to school to face a private school, this is because private schools seek out athletes and will pay them large scholarships to attend. This way private schools can collect the best athletic army because of how wealthy some of the private schools are. 

While in public schools, you may be offered a scholarship but it may not be as high as the one offered by a private school, or you may not get a scholarship at all. 

In conclusion, private schools can usually shop for all the strong teens they want, while public schools don’t often have this privilege. This makes facing an overpowered private school seem unfair, but it’s still done, and some public schools can totally dominate a private school anyway.

BUT - to answer your question, fuck yes Altea and West Creek will face each other. The Black Lions vs. the Creek Creatures will be the final playoff game !!

(ps; Lotor’s school will also be in the playoffs - his team is co-ed and has his unstoppable girl gang in it)

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So this really started as a practice sketch because my art was all complete crap for a while. 

Then me and savvyseverine expanded this idea a bit where Toph was the only girl on the boy’s football team, and Sokka was super jealous because she was super good and even blind in her right eye, so he was kind of a dick to her most of the time (although Toph ALWAYS got the last laugh at Sokka’s expense because she’s just that awesome and he’s a big nerd hahahah). So insert this rival kinda friendship/ non friendship with tons of sexual tension and then one day they actually kinda become best friends without noticing it and eventually cross that and bang in the locker room. (SORRY ONE TRACK MIND)

So I have this massive plot bunny and all this inspiration so expect lots of college AU Football team mate pics from me! (AND EVEN SOME THAT END IN THE LOCKER ROOM ) Haha!

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mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [29/30] Football AU

Generally Mycroft Holmes doesn’t do things impulsively or under the influence of alcohol, but when he occasionally does it ends up being something ridiculous like buying his favourite small football team, because they’re so obviously badly managed he just can’t watch them lose any more.

Perhaps if he did get to think about he would realize he is not prepared for his hobby growing quite so dramatically.

But even then he wouldn’t know how much he is not prepared for the team’s coach, Greg Lestrade.
we are the quiet ones
By Organization for Transformative Works

By  englandziam

Zayn feels invincible, in the midst of this small town with a couple of best mates and literature students who seem to get him. He misses home but as every day approaches these people feel less like strangers and more like family.

(Or a university au where Zayn is an english student and Liam is the football captain).

ao3, one shot

Sterek fic recs for feelings abound

Cause sometimes you just wanna feeeel

Sterek fics that made me smile like an idiot:

Starting Now I’m Starting Over by skoosiepants: (Teen) A Hogwarts AU.  You know those fics where Derek turns into a wolf and Stiles adopts him not knowing he’s anything but a dog?  This is that, except it’s the other way around, and Stiles is a cat.

Favoritism by blacktofade: (Explicit) This is such a sweet and loving fic, Stiles takes such good care of Derek.  Heed the tags. 

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs:  (Explicit) This is tooth rotting fluff, and I love it cause it’s a falling in love while road-tripping fic, but also a woke up married in Vegas fic.  Two brilliant tropes for the price of one.

Love All by tattooedsiren:  (Explicit) You know secondstar’s pro football AU?  This is that, except it’s a pro tennis AU, and it’s just as awesome and easy to understand for the no-sport-watching plebeians. 

Written Can’t Be Denied by lookslikenico, winglesswarrior:  (Teen) Soulmate AU where Stiles is an actor.  It touches upon how difficult it is to come out in the industry in a very tasteful manner.  Also, Derek is friggen adorable in this. 

But Moses Supposes Erroneously by blue_fjords:  (Mature) Freaky Friday AU where Stiles and the Sheriff switch bodies to adorable results, and there’s so much humour I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

The Wolf at the Door by MotherGoddamn, Rebness: (Mature) One part murder mystery, one part comedy special, this is the fic where Derek is the worst building superintendent in the world, but also the best.

Sterek fics that made me cry like a little baby (but in a good way):

Rats’ Alley by auburn:  (Mature)  This is the best apocalypse fic that has ever been written in the fandom —and I’ve read most of them— I cried because of how beautiful the boys’ feelings are written, sooooo good.  It baffles me how this doesn’t have millions of kudos.  ( I know it’s tagged major character death, but the deaths only happens in the last thousand words, and it’s not (spoilers) even Stiles or Derek)

the broken radio is playing suicide by decideophobia:  (Explicit)  Stiles and Derek are on the lam.  Very good world building and writing.  It’s an amazing portrayal of an established relationship, troubled by a series of circumstances out of the hands of either Stiles or Derek.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the build up to the climax is phenomenal. 

House of Gold by horchatita394, weathervaanes, wishingonalightningbolt:  (Explicit)  Oh god, the pining, so much pining and misunderstandings, yet it doesn’t feel contrived.  The plot flows naturally and the characterization is brilliant.  Basically, it’s an awesome musician AU.

With Just the Door Ajar by mirrorkill:  (Explicit) Oh this hurts but it’s soooo good.  Derek breaks up with Stiles, Stiles moves away, only to return years later just in time for Derek’s wedding to Jennifer Blake.  The whole fic is surrounded in mystery (is Jennifer evil, or is she good?), and it’s told from Stiles’ pov so there’s no dramatic irony to spoil stuff for the reader.  The plot builds, and builds and then, bang!  Such a good climax.  Mind the tags, (although they kinda spoil the big bang, better be safe than sorry!)

Nothin’ but Blue Skies by zjofierose:  (Mature)  So well written, like urg.  The characterization is on point for the time period it’s written in.  Stiles is a brave as heck air force pilot, Derek is a photographer sent to cover the war (It’s a WW2 fic) and the way Derek’s feelings for Stiles is written is just so damned sweet and so damned sad.

Desperately trying to figure out why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets by DaintyBoots:  (Mature) Even thinking about this fic still stings, so ouchie, so much pain.  It is guaranteed to make even the coldhearted cry big, fat, rolling tears of sad.  Heed the warnings in the tags, seriously, heed them.

Defined By Each Breath by devovitsuasartes:  (Explicit)  Stiles is bitten accidentally by Derek, but doesn’t automatically want to be in his pack.  He hates Derek for biting him and it shows (and the process of that hate turning into feelings is sooo good).  The painful part is the way the disintegration of the Stilinski mens’ relationship is written.  You can tell John loves Stiles, but Stiles hiding his secret werewolfiness really puts a strain on their relationship.  It’s a fic with a good plot, but the characterization is what really shines through.