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Come Back to Me (Love is Not Over 1/7)

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY:  Jungkook breaks up with you under built up pressure from his family and friends, but shortly afterwards he realizes that this isn’t what his heart wants and he wants you back.



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Jungkook slams his fist into the wall beside him.  It was a mistake. A slip of the tongue. He hadn’t meant any of it; it was all in the heat of the moment – he was just so frustrated - and he couldn’t control his emotions.

“Get out!”

His hands somehow connect with the ceramic flower vase on the table and he flings it at the ground. It shatters into pieces and the flowers lay limp, drowned in the water around them.

“I don’t want to see you anymore, Y/N. We’re done. Done. Did you hear me?”

Jungkook breathes heavily as he stares at you. You’re trembling. “Jungkook, just tell me why… Please, can’t we talk?”

He watches as you step closer to him and try to take his hand. He slaps it away, and even though it hurt to see the pained look on your face, he keeps his hands by his side.

You retract your fingers, and look at him sadly. He just shakes his head. “Just leave, Y/N. I can’t do this anymore.”

He starts to head towards the door, to follow you, to apologize, but he stops. Jungkook knew he had hurt you. But it was just a fight, like any other fight. You would come back like you always did. Yet as he kept on trying to reassure himself, he realized it was different this time.

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Future girlfriend..

It bugs me when people promise their girl the world and more every single day. It is impossible and unreasonable for someone to ask you to be 100% all day every day. Whoever my future girlfriend is, yes, I promise to love you with all my heart and take care of you and shower you with affection. But I also can promise you that we will fight, and we will get angry and frustrated with one another. BUT, I can promise to work things through and talk it out and not give up on you. I can’t promise that every day will be cloud nine and sunshines and rainbows and flowers because that’s not real, that’s fake. I want real, I don’t want a fairytale.

GOOD MORNING😊 today is a brand new day! the sun is shining, the flowers are out, i’m already drinking my morning coffee, and i feel good! i love that feeling of a whole new day, that i can start afresh, and put my all into beating this eating disorder💪🏻 here’s some morning inspiration for you all, OUR WEIGHT DOESNT MATTER, we are still amazing people that CAN do amazing things! we can change the world, no matter our weight, and that’s why we shouldn’t spend so much time focusing on it, it’s irrelevant in terms of what we can do!! we can make people happy, we can help people, we can save the world, we can love people, no matter our weight!

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yo boo gimme all ur stancy headcanons i feel like dying tonight

Oh damn girl you came to the right person.  Hope these help :)

  • Steve’s a much more affectionate person than Nancy and throws around “I love you’s” like hellos.  Nancy’s more careful about when she says it, but Steve doesn’t care, because that just makes it mean so much more when she does say it.
  • Their one year anniversary is a big deal.  Steve loves planning dates and celebrations, so he goes all out.  He dresses up nice, spends an hour on his hair, brings her flowers, and takes her to an incredibly fancy restaurant in the city.  Nancy thinks the whole thing is a bit extra, but she loves how happy it makes him, so she goes along with all of it.  The restaurant turns out to be incredibly snooty and exclusive though and this night was supposed to be fun, so they end up leaving before they order.   Steve’s bummed his perfect night veered off course, but Nancy cheers him up and they end up drinking milkshakes on top of his car in a Sonic parking lot. It’s perfect anyway. (shoutout to @eggo-my-leggo for the conversation that inspired this)
  • Nancy’s a total genius in college and she loves what she studies, but Steve doesn’t actually understand any of the scientific stuff.  She’s always hesitant to talk about her classes because she knows he won’t get it, but after a bit he convinces her to explain it to him since she clearly wants to.  After that, she’ll always tell him about fascinating labs and interesting facts that she learned.  He loves to hear her talk, even if every second of it goes over his head, because she’s so happy.
  • They’re not the most compatible when it comes to sleeping.  Nancy sleeps cold and wakes up early, and Steve is constantly overheating and could sleep until 1 PM every day if it weren’t for his alarm clock.  They like to complain about each other’s habit constantly, but it’s nothing more than bickering
  • When they go out drinking together at parties, it’s a complete mess.  Steve will get hammered within the first half hour, and want to stay for the rest of the night.  Nancy’s never as bad, but she has a tendency to get drunk and then refuse to admit it and try to take care of Steve.  It never ends well, and someone (read: Jonathan) always has to get them home at the end of the night.  
  • Steve loves cooking and baking and basically anything in the kitchen.  People usually think he’d be terrible at it and burn things to a crisp (and yeah, there are some fires towards the beginning) but over time it becomes his main hobby, and he becomes really good at it.  Nancy’s his official taster and always gives honest feedback about his recipes.  When she has lazy days, Nancy will sit in the kitchen and just watch him– he says that he always makes his best meals when she’s there.
Come Find Me II

Since some of you seemed to like it, I wrote part two. You’ll have to wait to find out what’s going on with Anxiety though.

Roman sank back down into the mindscape feeling pleased with himself. Despite his troubles last week, he had rallied magnificently, and this next video was sure to be a hit! He appeared in the common area smiling, still riding high on his success.

“Well that sure went well, didn’t it?” Morality said cheerfully, appearing next to him.

“Indeed my fellow compatriot,” Roman replied, “We were unstoppable tonight. A creative force so great that all the world will be in awe of our talent.” Getting more entranced by his daydreams of the future, he continued, “They will laud us left and right, throwing flowers before our very feet and-“

“Okay, now you’re just being unrealistic” Logan cut in dryly, adjusting his glasses.

Roman lowered his arms from where they had been lifted in a dramatic pose, frowning a little, annoyed that his jubilant monologue had been cut off. But before he could reply, Morality spoke up.

“Well all that really matters is that we’re all proud of our accomplishments, right?”

“I suppose you are correct.” Logan conceded, "This video did seem to go rather smoothly, and Thomas is feeling confident about its reception.”

“Exactly” Morality cheered.

Roman decided to rejoin the conversation. “I concur, my friends, and I further propose that we celebrate this achievement. Perhaps with a Disney movie marathon!” He looked expectantly at the other two sides, sure that they would agree.

And just as he had predicted, they did.

“Well I suppose a move marathon could be enjoyable,” Logan said, “Although I must insist that we include Big Hero 6 in it.”

Morality was a little more open in his enthusiasm. “A movie marathon sounds great!” he gushed. “Tell you what, you guys pick the first movies and I’ll get the popcorn.”  And with that he rushed out of the room.

Roman smiled, and began debating with Logan over the first movie. Eventually he convinced the other to start with a classic, Cinderella, with the promise that Big Hero 6 would be next. By the time they finished talking and were putting in the DVD, Morality had returned.

“Got the popcorn,” he said, holding up two bowls. “I tried to make as much as possible.”

“And we appreciate your efforts,” Roman replied, taking one of the bowls. ‘Now come, let us begin!”

Morality went to sit down, but then hesitated. “Do you think we should ask Anxiety to join us?” he said uncertainly, looking back and forth between the other two sides.  “It’s just, I haven’t seen him around recently, so I thought maybe it’d be nice to invite him.”

Roman frowned. It was true, Anxiety hadn’t been around recently. He hadn’t even shown up to nitpick or poke holes in Roman’s ideas today. Not that he was complaining of course, but it was odd. Come to think of, Roman wasn’t really sure when the last time he had seen the darker trait. Perhaps the video last week?

“I don’t know Morality,” Logan’s words broke his uneasy train of thought. “Group bonding doesn’t really seem like Anxiety’s thing, and neither does a Disney marathon.”

Well, that last part wasn’t true. Roman could easily remember the debate they’d had about Disney a while back. In truth, it had been rather fun, if a little frustrating at points. Still, Logic may have had a point about the group bonding aspect. Anxiety was a bit of a loner.

“Oh, I guess you may be right,” Morality said, looking a little crestfallen. “Still next time we see him, we should try inviting him to do something with us, just in case.”

“That sounds.. good.” Roman replied, hesitating over his words a little. “Now, let’s get on with the movie.”

And with that, they settled down, all comfortably sprawled out on the couches, watching as the opening credits rolled. But despite his love of Cinderella, Roman couldn’t quite focus on the movie, still unable dismiss the flicker of unease in the back of his mind.

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Hi! Your pins are really gorgeous and I'm hoping to make some enamel pins myself in the near future. Where do you get your foil backings printed and do you have any tips for someone just getting into making/selling pins?

Hi there! Thanks for the compliment! 

I get my foil backings printed through - they do a great job! 

As for tips, the best thing I think is to just make something you’d want to wear! I’m pretty obsessed with flowers (as evidenced by basically everything I do), so I wanted to make pins of the kinds of flowers I like. If there’s something you have a strong interest in, maybe other people will too!

And you didn’t ask, but just FYI - I get all of my pins made through Good luck!

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Concept: nyma and florona are dating and florona regularly searches for shells and pearls to make into a necklace for their gf who they don't see very often. Nyma finds gadgets and things from space, explaining to florona how they work as well as winding flowers in florona's hair, calling them pretty and telling them about all the stars that don't shine as beautifully or majestically as florona

anon you just saved my life…i am eternally indebted to you…thank you i am so blessed

haikyuu!! ot3+ week: spring edition is coming!

we are here to give you a head start!  join us in celebrating your favourite haikyuu!! poly ships with fan art, fan fiction, edits, headcanons, and more!  

  • ot3+ week will take place from may 1 - may 7!
  • anyone is allowed to participate!  you don’t need to ask, just join in.
  • all media is accepted!  fan art, fan fiction, graphics/gifs, videos, cosplay – anything!  mature content is allowed but please remember to tag all nsfw entries!!
  • •• that being said, we will not tolerate stolen works under any circumstances.

you can find more general information here!!

here are the prompts for the season!

  • may 1st - lust | spring has sprung | red
  • may 2nd - gluttony | flower in bloom | orange
  • may 3rd - greed | at camp | yellow
  • may 4th - sloth | movie marathon | green
  • may 5th - wrath | road trip | blue
  • may 6th - envy | any crossover/au | indigo
  • may 7th - pride | karaoke party | violet

you may take the prompts however you like, it is completely up to you!  there are no rules on how you want to interpret them.

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haii! can i request got7 2jae fanfic recommendation? thank you in advance ! <33

hi! of course :D here are some 2jae ff i really enjoy (all completed)

Blue - it doesn’t make sense at first few chapters and the grammar is not the best but slowly you’ll get what the story is. REALLY ANGSTY BY THE END i cried (chaptered)

Flowers - short fluff with florist!youngjae and tattoo parlour owner!jb so cute >< (oneshot)

Not the right kink - youngjae crossdressing for some smexy time jaebum but unthinkable situation happen! no sex scene if you’re wondering xD (oneshot)

Crash Course - HANDS DOWN MY MOST FAVOURITE 2JAE FF EVER. youngjae is a college student and has a crush on his own fucking hot biology professor - Professor Im. there’s some smut here and there! (chaptered)

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Alas it is done. I see so many mistakes, but I am too tired to care. I have to start getting ready for work in like 2 hours and I didn’t sleep at all because I’m afraid I’ll oversleep. Anyway here’s some long-needed skeleton dance. Enjoy. And also I am still offering commissions. 


It just that every once in a while, I feel the universe loves me. That this earth adores me. When there’s a light breeze blowing, and a ray of sunshine falls on me. The leaves below my feet make a crunching sound and with a smile on my face I know it’s the transition season, spring. It’s when you have endless days of sunshine, and the flowers and trees are elated. There’s a sense of tranquility all around me. And somehow, the season lifts my mood up. From the cold bitter nights to the scorching heat, there’s this in-between time like paradise. And with the coming of spring come new opportunities, new hope. We give ourselves hope by saying that maybe spring will turn it around for us, even though we know a season isn’t going to give it to us. But hey, whatever gets you there. So go on. Give yourself hope. Because optimism won’t harm, instead only do you good.

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sometimes the fanon interpretation of sabo is so weird to me like?? how did he become this soft small flower child.. have y'all seen the look in his eyes when he's fighting marines smh. I mean ofc sabo is adorable but I wonder why so much of the fandom likes to ignore everything else about him.

lol well i certainly haven’t done anything to stop the spread of that fanon interpretation, though that’s less because i actually interpret sabo as being that way and more bc…..i just like pastels and flowers… fave could be literally anyone and i’d still draw cutesy shit of them with pastels and flowers bc that’s just My Brand ™

tbh it often seems to me like the fandom likes to split into two sides when it comes to interpreting sabo: either he’s an ultra nice goody two shoes sweetheart or he’s a sadistic murderous rage monster, when in reality…….both and neither are true, at least imo.  

sabo’s a good person who’s fighting for what’s right and what he believes in and is deeply loyal to the people he cares about, but he’s also rude and blunt and dorky.  he seems to take pleasure in fighting and threatening people and is quick to anger, but he also doesn’t needlessly kill people and is always ready to help those in peril.  

that’s kinda just… is always is with fanon, though.  people will take one aspect of a character’s personality and exaggerate it to meet their personal tastes.  i’ve talked about it before, but there’s also a level with both ace and sabo where people tend to interpret them as still being like their child selves (sabo is the ~nice smart~ one, ace is the  ~angry rude tsundere~ one) regardless of whether or not they’re actually like that as adults.

I am a deadly garden 
where my veins bleed poison
and my bones ache from 
not being understood.
My thoughts sink into my skin
like teeth,
chewing me up
until there is nothing left to feel;
I want to rip them out of me 
and lay them to rest 
in the palms of your hands 
as if my mind is a collection 
of lifeless flowers
and my tears alone 
aren’t enough for them to grow into 
something that you would love

Perhaps I’m Not Worth Knowing At All // h.w

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1, 15, 23?

  • 1: A song you like with a color in the title

BLUE by Troye Sivan,, i love it

  • 15: A song that is a cover by another artist

Safe and Sound by Alex Goot (originally performed by Taylor Swift). i know it from a friend i don’t talk to anymore so it brings me back memories :(

  • 23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Your Best American Girl by Mitski (+ Supermarket flowers for real… it’s my blog title)


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“@of-sevenseas: that‘s dark meg: YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE”

yuri with a comfey flower crown,,,

it’s from Phichit! it also sort of dislikes Victor or at least keeps throwing flowers in his face 

gayfishwitch replied to your post “@of-sevenseas: that‘s dark meg: YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE”

do dark and ghost type pokemon lurk in his shadow and feed off his nervous energy im asking bc personally i think yuri would be realky cute w a mimikyu

he would! I keep waffling about his team but I think I’ve settled for sure on the Comfrey, an Espeon, either a Gengar or a Mimikyu and …. I dunno what else. My general idea was “friendship or affection evolves from Johto”. He probably doesn’t actually have any healing types on his team but they keep coming up and offering him eggs or singing at him. If he had a legendary it would be a Shaymin, I think.