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Title: Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: When a tiny secret convinced Yugyeom that you were going to break up with him. Yugyeom x Reader. An attempt at writing cute fluff (I was mildly successful….I think. Let me know!!)

“Aah noona I told you not to have that icy mocha latte. Of course this was going to happen!”, he heard Jaebum scold someone in almost a whisper, standing in the absolute corner of the room as if hiding something.

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Ok so i have this idea or Stafou where lefou wants to prove he deserves to be part of the castle staff (even though everyone but him knows he does) so he just starts taking people’s work for them and overworking himself and Stanley can’t sleep one night and so he passes LeFou’s room and its like 3 in the morning and a light is on and so he goes to investigate and LeFou is working on idk something and stanley’s like its 3 in the morning you should be asleep he says i just need to finish some stuff so they don’t see me as the fool who blindly followed Gaston. His words are slurred and he’s swaying and exhausted out of his mind. Stanley’s like you need sleep and LeFou starts mumbling about how he has to prove he’s good enough and he’s not just Gaston’s idiot sidekick. Stanley’s reassuring him that no one thinks that and forces Lefou to sleep and explain the situation to all the people LeFou’s helping and wraps up his boyfriend and protects him.

Ok so quick information this is where Gaston didn’t fall when he shot the beast, instead he was restrained and eventually taken to court and hung for attempted murder, yup, my imagination yay!

Ngl i was listening to evermore through this whole thing and crying :’)

Warnings: self hate, hanging, descriptions of death

Aight, it’s here and queer, let’s get going shall me children

LeFou had never felt so disgusted with himself. The pure loathing of his own being was something that was foreign to him, who had always justified himself in one way or another.

The day of the hanging, he threw up.

It wasn’t that he had any pity for Gaston, he knew exactly what he did and how he had done it, the wrong which he had caused for so many people and how it had hurt them, but it was that it wasn’t quick.

LeFou didn’t know that if the neck wouldnt break, it he wasn’t dropped far enough, then it would take 20 minutes for the painfully elongated death to finally come to a halt. 20 minutes of jerking, choking and begging. 20 minutes of watching someone whom he had previously trusted watch him as the life faded from him. He would forever remember the look of fear that passed over Gaston’s face just as the life finally left his eyes.

The sickening thud as they him cut down didn’t help either, or that the villagers cheered.

When they returned to the castle, all he could do was put on a small smile, trying to blend in with the rest. Why wouldn’t he? The man who had manipulated him for years was finally gone from his life, yet he couldn’t seem to be happy.

The problem about being close with someone, is you only seem to stay because you have things which you believe to be similar with them, so of course, LeFou, being him, had somewhat seen himself in Gaston, and if they could cut him off, someone who had been involved with the village (albeit not positively) then what was stopping them from doing it to him?

Of course the first thing LeFou thought of was to work to show that he could help, that was why Gaston kept him around, he was a good worker, always had and always will be. If needs be, he would compromise his own health to get a job done, in some cases far too much, but a couple of day in bed would usually get him enough strength for the next job, and thus repeated the dangerous cycle over and over again. Not once had he broken it and he had the feeling that he wouldn’t ever again. This was evident when Mrs Potts came down his room with tea, seeming distracted.

“Is everything alright Mrs Potts?” She simply nodded and walked away hurriedly trying to get somewhere in a rush.

When he later saw her, she was in the library quickly stacking books. LeFou would sometimes come and try to read with Belle, he could now do it on his own so the library was a safe space for him, yet the din of books crashing to the floor and a horrified wail was not something that he was used to when going there.

Rushing in, he found Mrs Potts grappling for hundreds of leather bound pages that had scattered from one end of the room to the other, whilst trying to hold up a small bookcase which seemed to be trying to crush her.

After finally pulling the bookshelf back to its original position LeFou made the bold move of asking Mrs Potts what on earth was wrong.

“I can’t seem to do it!” she wailed, grabbing her tea towel which always hung on her apron and whipping it out, to rub at one of the tables for some reason.

“What can’t you do Mrs Potts?” Lefou inquired, taking a tentative step towards her.

“Greek!” she screamed, turning once more and almost catching LeFou with her towel.


“Greek! I don’t know greek and half of these cursed things are. Some ambassador lad from Greece is coming to meet the prince and of course i have to write between him and the Master, so of course i don’t know greek or what to do,” at this point, she had collapsed onto the floor with her head in her hands and tears falling down her face.

“I know greek.”

Mrs Potts looked up to LeFou with a questioning look.

“I know greek.” he replied.

It wasn’t a lie, LeFou really did know greek. He had a friend in the army who only knew the language and of course in his free time got lessons from others, wanting to understand more about the questionable gentleman. Naturally he had picked it up quite quickly, much like reading, and had even taken a couple of lessons with Belle every now and then.

Mrs Potts still looked confused.

“I could do the corresponding,” he sighed, knowing what was about to happen, “i could write what the master wants me to write and i could do it in greek.”

Mrs Potts gave a squeal of joy, and tackled LeFou in a hug, squeezing him close to her.

“Oh you are a darling aren’t you!”

From then on the jobs just grew.

Researching recipes in the library, helping out with the washing and cleaning the stables, even helping Lumiere with lighting the candles before any ball.

Between all of these jobs, LeFou never really had any time to eat, or sleep, or do anything for that matter. It had been weeks since he had met up with stanley, who was now serving as an apprentice for Madame Garderobe, and days since he had even had a moment to spare for himself, yet all to help the staff and get into their favor. Anytime he felt himself slacking, he remembered the rope around Gaston’s neck, the look of fear, then the emptiness, and that was motivation enough, on any day.

He wasn’t sure what time it was when Stanley stopped by, but it had definitely been past dinner, and even past midnight when he heard a familiar knock on the door, and a creak which he had grown used to.

He usually had warning when Stanley came to visit, maybe an ‘on va ce voir ce soire’ when they passed in the corridor, yet when the knock came, he found himself scrambling to remove the scraps of paper from his desk, sweeping them to one side and messily arranging them to be in some sort of an order which could be deemed presentable.

By the time the door had opened, LeFou had just realised that the mess in his room could not be fixed with a quick spruce up.

The food which Mrs Potts had brought to him that morning was sitting, cold and forgotten in one corner, ink had spilled all over the floor at some point and so many different pages were scattered around, in fact LeFou wasn’t completely sure how he had functioned in this mess until now.

Stanley stood at the door smiling to himself, until he turned and saw LeFou standing in the bombshell which had gone off around him.

“Mon dieux, mon amour what happened?” he looked appalled, and ran up to lefou, sweeping his hair from his face and bringing him closer.

“Are you ok?” he brought LeFou away to inspect him.

LeFou simply shrugged, unsure of how to answer him.

“I think so… why?” he looked up at stanley to see pure worry in his eyes, and felt himself melt slightly at the beautiful brown orbs which had captured his.

“Mon amour it looks like you’ve been awake for days,” stanley replied, still searching LeFou’s face for any sort of injury.

LeFou sighed, dropping his shoulders and shaking his head.

“I have.”

Stanley looked up.


LeFou closed his eyes as he felt the tears welling up behind his lids.

“I’ve been awake for days. I can’t sleep.”

He waited for it, the remark, the one that Gaston usually made about how he should stay up more to get work done, or how if he ate as much as he slept, everything would be balanced, or some sort of insult which made him feel worse and worse every time.

Instead he heard a soft sigh which sounded suspiciously like he was asking something.


LeFou felt one of the tears fall, then another, and another and one more, until they had begun a steady steam. He began sobbing and felt his knees give way, as he clung to Stanley who had knelt with him, holding tightly to his jacket and buried his face in the collar.

He had reached his limit.

All those nights of sleeplessness, the lack of food, even just the lack of human contact was enough to drive several men mad, yet it only seemed to hurt LeFou, never stop him, not once.

In all that time, Stanley stayed, rubbing his back as he cried into his shirt, whispering encouraging words to him and giving him small kisses to his cheeks, which only prompted him to cry more. In all his time he had never known such kindness until it was exposed to him in that moment.

He sniffled and sobbed, wailed and whined until he was too dehydrated to let any more water fall from his eyes, and yet still clung to stanley as if he were a lifeline, keeping him from joining Gaston in whatever afterlife may await him.

When LeFou finally calmed down, he sat back, and let his head drop slightly, wiping the snot from his nose.

Stanley simply sat, opposite him with a look of utmost sympathy framing his face, and what could have been seen as fear to what LeFou could possibly do to himself.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” He whispered tentatively, reaching out to hold onto LeFou’s hand gently.

LeFou sniffed.

“If they did it to him, why not do it to me?”

A look of confusion passed over Stanley’s face, before understanding settled in.


LeFou nodded.

Finally, Stanley knew why. He knew why LeFou was overworking himself to the bone, why he had let himself get so involved in the work which he had taken up, and why he didn’t care if he compromised his health and why he stayed up so late to finish it, because he thought that he was expected to. He thought that if he didn’t, people would see him as worthless. Because if he didn’t, he thought they would see that he thought he was similar to Gaston, and, god forbid, they believed he was like Gaston and did to him what they did to the villain.

Stanley reached out and grabbed LeFous other hand, and brought them to his lips. He placed a small kiss on each then pulled LeFou physically closer, and lay his chin upon his forehead.


LeFou nodded.

“If you were anything like him, would you have been offered a room in the châteaux?”

LeFou froze, contemplating the question asked.

“And would Mrs Potts have brought you breakfast every morning?”

LeFou shook his head.

“And would I be in this room letting you snot all over my jacket?”

At this, LeFou gave a giggle and shook his head again.

Looking up to Stanley, LeFou gently whispered out one word.


Stanley smiled.

“Now remember that word,” LeFou nodded, “and reply to my next question with it.”

LeFou, confused, complied.

“Now, mon amour, are you anything like Gaston.”

LeFou let out an enormous grin.


When It Rains, It Pours Part 5

Thorin paced before the company, his arms crossed over his chest and a heavy glare on his face. He couldn’t believe the words Gandalf spoke, even if the elf had said the same thing.

How could Thorin believe that the woman’s soul was attatched to his, and his soul attatched to yours? How could be believe What Gandalf said about the woman from another world? If Thorin died, you died, and if you died then he died. Was that actually true?

“Thorin, perhaps Gandalf is speaking the truth?” He turned and faced Balin, his cousin and wisest friend. If those words were true, and your soul was attatched to Thorin’s, than his fate was in your hands.

“Uncle I thought you’d be a little more excited. You have a One! And not just a One, but one that mahal brought into this world!” Thorin grit his teeth, his nephews excitement about the woman grinding Thorin’s gears.

“I have to agree with Kili, Uncle. Not only is she your One, she has your crest inked on your skin. That makes your bond special.” Thorin growled in his throat, wanting the conversation about the woman to end.

“If she dies, I die. That is what Gandalf said. She is not special, she is a curse meant to drive me to the brink of insanity.” Thorin clenched his hands into fists as the dwarves of his company began arguing around him.

“Enough!” Thorin slammed his fists on the railing of the balcony they were on, ending the arguments.

“Whether you like it or not Thorin, you’re attatched to her and she’s attatched to you.” Thorin knew there was no other choice but to bring you along, making sure you were in Thorin’s line of vision at all times.

“Fucking elves.”


You stared at the blank mark on your skin, glaring heatedly at it. You didn’t think you would ever end up like a Horcrux, except instead of your soul being attatched to an object, your soul is attatched to a dwarfs.

And if you die, the dwarf dies. And if the dwarf you dies, you die. Either way, you felt like an evil object out of Harry Potter, something everyone has set out to destroy.

“Well fuck…” You ran your hands through your hair, your curls getting tangled through your fingertips.

“This fucking sucks.” You sighed and turned towards the bed in your room you were given, a long tunic and black leggings laying on your bed.

Your furrowed your eyebrows and changed out of your dress into the tunic and leggings, feeling more comfortable than ever.

You were supposed to be going to dinner with the elves and the dwarves, which meant you would have 13 sets of Dwarven eyes on you.

And you’d have to be in the same proximity as the dwarf who cursed you with his soul attaching to yours. And his ‘royal crest’ that was inked on your skin like a branding.

“Stupid hardass Dwarf.” You pulled your tunic over your body and managed to get your hair semi-controlled.

“Lady Y/N, Lord Elrond is insisting you join the dwarves for dinner.” Your eyes narrowed at the sound of Lindir’s voice from the other side of your door.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m coming.” You blew your hair out of your face and left your room, slamming the door behind you.

“Lady Y/N, perhaps you should antagonize the dwarves further.” You glared at Lindir out of the corner of your eyes, finding elrond’s sons and his daughter much better company.

However they were here for only a week and a half, before they travelled to another Elven city to visit their grandparents.

Which meant that Lindir was the only elf here, besides Lord Elrond, that wanted anything to do with you.

“If he says anything, I won’t sit there in silence.” You were not going to take his shit, and you didn’t care who the hell he thought he was.

“Lady Y/N…” You ignored Lindir as you walked beside him, finally coming to the lovely area you were supposed to be dining in.

As you stepped onto the last step, and then the stone floor, all eyes were on you. 13 dwarves were staring at you, different coloured eyes and different expressions on each one, but none more direct than Thorin’s.

His eyes would’ve burned a hole in your skull, if possible, by the glare he was shooting you. Not only was he shooting you a glare, he had a sneer on his face.

“Is that her?”

“It must be her.”

“She’s beautiful.”

“She’s human.” The voices of the dwarves, while they were trying to whisper, were clearly indistinguishable. You could hear every comment made, and paired with the looks, made you want to crawl into a hole.

“This is Lady Y/N. She has been in Lord Elrond’s charge for 3 weeks.” You looked at the Wizard, forgetting his name, and smiled slightly.

“3 weeks, 7 hours. To be exact.” You looked around the table of dwarves, wondering where in the hell you’d sit, when a man moved aside and motioned you over.

You shuffled your feet and walked to the table, the man inching over more.

“My name is Bilbo Baggins. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.” You liked him. You liked bilbo. He seemed nice, pleasant and charming. Plus he didn’t glare at you upon first sight, and he didn’t curse you.

“Thank you.” You say beside him and rest your elbows on the table, ignoring the eyes watching you.

“Where did you come from?” You felt hardass’s eyes on you, and when you turned, you gave him another sarcastic smile.

“I’m sorry..?” You turned back to Bilbo, forgetting his question.

“Where are you from?” Your pushes your curls behind your ear and sighed.

“How much time do you have? This may take a while.”

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in bloom.

Niles had found it quite amusing when small bean sprouts would form atop Leo’s head when he studied too hard, or when he left pink, possessive marks on the flushed skin of his thighs he swore he could smell peonies hanging in the air, like an aphrodisiac. It was a quirk he had come to adore, no matter what setting.

It wasn’t funny anymore.


a mainly leoniles drabble about a head canon in which flowers grow whenever leo’s upset.

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Femme Glissante Chapter 10

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: violence and mild language.

Words: A lot. I’m a wordy and descriptive writer. Sorry, not sorry.

Description: You are a “freelance acquisitions specialist,” basically a thief for hire and a master of misdirection and disguise. But what happens when a metal armed man crosses your path during a job? Can you escape? Will you ever see him again?

WAIT!! You have to start at the beginning!!
Chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

your writing is beautiful, omg. could I see some locker room sex with captain kuroo and reader please? if that's okay!! either way, keep up the magnificent work!!!

AN: I…. I have been waiting all my life for this…. and here it is…. I am…. I am blessed to have this request, I…. I can’t. Anon-san, please, I cannot. Too good…. Too good…. I had, uh, way too much fun with this one. Pls enjoy, I know I did. Ok, I’ll calm down now, LOL *fans self* The rest is under the cut! I hope you enjoy!

You had been the manager for Nekoma’s Volleyball team for some time now, and you weren’t exactly sure how to describe it. You came in thinking it would be a relaxing job; give the boys some water, throw them some towels, maybe clean up the gym a little bit. Your assumptions weren’t wrong, just…. off.

You were more of a Mom than a manager. The boys would come to you with any bruises or injuries, you held Kenma’s Gameboy, and they even came to you for advice. It was indeed a lot of work, but you loved every second of it. The team had welcomed you with open arms, and you loved them dearly, and it was all thanks to Kuroo Tetsurou.

You and Kuroo shared the same college prep classes, which wasn’t the school’s smartest decision. You both would compete for the highest grades, especially in Chemistry, and the top grades would always alternate between the two of you. Because of your competitive nature, you always agreed to compete, but competing for the highest Chemistry midterm grade had changed your high school career forever.

“_____-san, _____-san, let’s up the stakes a little bit, hm?” Kuroo smirked at you.

You raised your eyebrow. “What did you have in mind?”

“Whoever gets the lower grade has to do whatever the higher grade wants.”

“You’re on.”

You started thinking of what kind of things you could have Kuroo do; wear a girl’s uniform all day, become your personal assistant, sing to a girl on top of the school roof, the possibilities were endless. But your dream ended when you received your grade the week after.

“What did you get?” Kuroo asked, peaking over your shoulder.

You laid your head on your desk as he took your exam.

“87%, huh? Guess you’re gonna have to do whatever this 93% says ~” he sang.

You took in a deep breath and turned to face him. “Ok, ok, you win, Kuroo-kun. Give me your worst!”

“Be our manager.”

“Huh?” you felt heat rise to your face.

“The volleyball team has been looking for a manger for a while now. It’s hard doing everything as a captain and Coach Nekomata needs to focus on coaching, not all of the little things. I tried looking before, but no one seems to meet my standards except you.”

“W-Why me?”

“You’re smart, kind, ambitious, and I know the team will love you. Normally I’d just ask you to be our manager, but since I got the highter score, you don’t seem to have a choice, huh?” he smirked.

“Jokes on you, I would have said yes either way!”

“Good, that’s what I wanted!”

“Good! I’ll see you at practice then!”



You turned around and pouted. Kuroo couldn’t help but smile.

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Accidental Meeting

Summary:  Steve disappears and the reader is left picking up the pieces.  Will you forgive him when he pops back into your life

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: cursing, cliffhanger (there will be a part 3) 

A/N:  This is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written.  I’m not sorry. 

Accidental Date Not So Accidental Meeting

Originally posted by bowie28

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2017.07.19 🏋 Jazzercise Strength60

A birthday class, although thankfully, the instructor did not put in my normal birthday song (which is killer!). Not much cardio today as it was all strength, we were in a different room without wood floors, so no jumping.  One of my co-class-managers made me a birthday hat that says ‘Happy Birthday Super Chick’ which is quite cute.  

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“What are you doing to that poor wrapping paper?” with Sammy B

(gif belongs to jonnyarcher)

Before Sam even put his hand on the doorknob, he could hear the sound of Christmas music.  That only meant one thing; you were wrapping presents.  It was the only way you could wrap Christmas presents.  Apparently it made the experience all that more enjoyable.

When Sam opened the door, he saw wrapping paper all over the floor.  There were a dozen pieces of different sizes.  There was even a couple of balled up mistakes.  He leaned his arms on the back of the couch, and chuckled at the sight of you patching one of the corners.

“What are you doing to that poor wrapping paper [Y/N],” Sam mused.  “It’s all over the place.”

“If you’d like to wrap Al’s gift, be my guest,” you said, lifting your head to look at Sam.  “This is the most frustrating thing I have ever wrapped.”  You huffed out a breath of frustration.  “I can’t tell you how much time I have spent on his gift alone.”

Sam fought the laughter that wanted to escape his lips.  “How about I help you out,” Sam offered as he came around the couch.  “That way you can go back to having fun.”

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Hanbin Angst/ Fluff

Request: I’m the anonymous from the Hanbin/B.I scenario. Maybe something like him being at the studio late working on choreo and the reader is there with him and telling him he needs to go home and rest but he kind of gets mad and flips out or something cause he’s so focused and getting it done and making it perfect? (sorry if this doesn’t make sense

Gifs are not mine, full credit to the owners

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Top 10 Faves of 2015- Song

Endless Forms Most Beautiful [Alternate] (Nightwish)

Pandas (Seungri Imagine)

Archived | Posted March 1, 2016

Requested by cassiewayne

When he surprises the other members with a room filled to the brim with pandas

Originally posted by summer-paradiseee

He’d invited the other members over, telling them that he had a surprise for them - something they had to see. Once they’d showed up, he took them to a room that soon enough had the older men’s eyes widen with genuine shock and surprise. The room was… Completely filled with pandas. Not only on the floor, but also the walls, ceiling and windows. There were pandas hanging and lying all over the floor in different sizes. There were more pandas than the panda population in China, it seemed. The reason for the ridiculous amount was that he’d been saving all the pandas fans had given him over the years. When the amount had become too big, they’d gotten their own room.

...and then it just happened.

Benji had woken up earlier than usual. He wasn’t a morning person at all– in fact, the only times he’d wake up earlier than nine, was when he had his daughter staying with him. He got up out of bed and the first thing he tried to do was tidy up the room ( which basically meant picking up both his and Sammy’s clothes that were scattered in different places all over the floor ). He then showered and changed into fresh clothes, trying to keep quiet so he didn’t wake Sammy up…which was a massive fail because he’d accidentally bumped into his dresser while passing it, the collision causing a loud thud. “Fuck.” the blonde’s hand moved to his leg, where the corner of the dresser had hit him. He then looked back at Sammy who was now awake. “I seem to make the most noise at the times when I’m trying my best to stay quiet…” he trailed off with a light chuckle. “Feel free to sleep in a little longer. Or I could make you a coffee– whatever works…” he shrugged his shoulders, putting away some of his clothes as he spoke. Last night had escalated very fast. What started out as a bitter silence while watching a movie, soon turned into Benji and Sammy crossing the one boundary he didn’t think he’d ever cross with her. He knew sleeping with Sammy was going to make this all the more harder for both of them, but that seemed to be the last thing on his mind last night. { @detectivexreyes }

Luke - Stupid Mistakes Part 2

Here’s the second part of the short series Stupid Mistakes. I’ve been really busy this week and tonight was the earliest I could finish writing it.


Part 1

Luke’s POV
Frozen I watched Y/N walk out of the room, but I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. I was unable to speak. That kiss had completely slipped my mind.
‘You’re a fucking idiot.’ Ashton said, which snapped my attention away from the closing door.
‘I know.’ I mumbled, glancing back at the door. I walked over to the couch and fell onto it, sinking my head into my hands.
‘How could you let a girl like Y/N go?’ Ashton asked with a hint of frustration in his tone.
'I’m not letting her go. It was nothing and it meant nothing.’ I said.
'Well clearly it meant something to her.’ Ashton pointed out. I looked up and we glared at each other.
'Luke I’ll give Y/N her phone back.’ Michael said who was stood in front of me with his hand stretched towards Y/N’s phone that I hadn’t realised I was still clutching.
'Oh yeah, okay.’ I muttered, handing him her phone. Michael walked towards the door that I had just watched my girlfriend walk out of and as he opened it I saw a glimpse of her waiting by the lift. I started to get up when a hand gripped my shoulder and pushed me down.
'No let Michael deal with it Luke.’ Calum said as his hand stayed resting on my shoulder until the door closed.
I leaned back and ran my hands through my hair. 'How could I be so stupid.’ I said more to myself than anyone else.
'Maybe you should text her.’ Calum suggested. He was right.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and stared blankly at it for a few minutes. Ashton shook his head, got up and walked to the kitchen.
I had no idea what to say to her and I ended up re-typing the text about ten times before I settled on, 'I love you Y/N, please just give me a chance to explain it.’

Michael had let me move into his room since I was supposed to be staying with Luke, but understandably I no longer wanted to do that. This meant that Michael was staying on the couch for the time being, which I felt awful about. So, tomorrow I was going to go downstairs and see if they had another room available.
I don’t know how long they had been here for, probably only a few days, but Michael had managed to mess it up completely. Clothes were strewn everywhere, various energy drink cans were littered on every surface and shoes were all over the floor. He had about five different versions for the same pair. I only thought he had like two pairs of shoes, but apparently not, just a plethora of the same two pairs.
I kept all of my stuff in my suitcase, waiting to get my own room before I unpacked, as I got dressed for the party. Even once I had finished I wasn’t in the mood for tonight.
Just as I collapsed on the bed there was a knock on Michael’s door.
'Come in.’ I raised my voice to be heard.
The door opened and Ashton tentatively walked in.
'Hey.’ He said, standing by the door.
'Hey.’ I said as I sat up, slightly shocked that it was Ashton who walked in.
'Michael said you were coming out with us tonight.’
'Yeah, I am.’ I said, pointing out my fancy dress, which made him laugh. 'If that’s alright that is?’ I asked.
'Of course it is Y/N.’ He smiled. 'Calum and Luke have already set off and our car is waiting for us so I just wanted to let you know.’ He said, opening the door.
'Oh right, yeah I’m ready.’ I said jumping off the bed and grabbed my clutch.
'About time.’ Michael said, pointing to his nonexistent watch in an overly dramatic way.
'Well I’m sorry but I had to wait forever for someone to finish getting ready in there before I could.’ I said smiling.
'Pfft I don’t know what you’re on about.’ He joked, putting his arm around my shoulders.
'Of course you don’t.’ I said as I rolled my eyes.
The crowd outside the gates of the hotel were crazy. No matter how many times I saw it I couldn’t believe that this was their life and that so many people followed them. They came right up to the window and hit it,screaming. It was pretty scary but Ashton and Michael were obviously used to it.
There were no fans when we got to the party venue so this must have been a secretive party or maybe they were all like this? I didn’t know as I had never been to one with them before since I always came when they were super busy and usually they were in a European country.
The music was loud, colored lights were flashing and people were dancing. Us three headed towards the bar where Michael bought me the drink that he owed me for coming to the party. I thanked him and we found ourself a table.
'Fuck.’ I heard Michael mutter under his breath.
'What?’ I looked at him and he was staring behind me.
'It’s nothing.’ He said as he grabbed my shoulder to try and prevent me from turning. Anger flared up inside me as I saw my boyfriend sat with the girl he had been caught kissing practically sat on his lap.
'Do you know what? I don’t even care. I’m here to have fun and that’s what I’m going to do.’ I said turning back around.
'Good.’ Michael smiled as he breathed out a sigh of relief.
'Would you like to dance Ash?’ I asked, but didn’t wait for a response as I downed my drink and grabbed his hand. I pulled him into the middle of the dance floor and we began to dance. Every so often we would leave the dance floor to cool down and grab another drink. At first it was very fun, but as my drink started to kick in my dancing started to become more flirtatious until I was practically grinding with him.
My back was pressed flush against his chest as his hands were on my waist and our hips grinded together to the beat of the song. I was smiling foolishly and looked around the room in a drunken haze. My gaze found Luke’s who was glaring in our direction. The girl was all over him but he wasn’t paying attention to her. His attention was taken by Ashton and I and our grinding hips. He did not look one bit happy so my gaze passed over him as my smile grew and my dancing got sexier. I was definitely doing this to get back at Luke. When I next glanced over her arms were around Luke’s neck but he still wasn’t paying attention to her. My anger flared up again and I turned around to face Ash. His eyes were cloudy and he was definitely tipsy, which was obvious by his goofy grin. I draped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through the back of his hair. Without thinking properly I pulled his head towards me and kissed him. His hands went to my waist. I tugged on his hair slightly, which caused him to moan and open his mouth. Quickly, my tongue slipped inside his mouth and ran over his, but he pulled away.
'Y/N, this is wrong.’ He said, resting his forehead on my own.
'You’re right.’ I mumbled, closing my eyes and instantly regretting my actions.
'I think I should take you home.’ He said, standing up straight and grabbed my hand.
I nodded and he began to weave me through the dance floor to the table where I had left my clutch.
'I’m taking Y/N back.’ Ashton shouted to Calum and nodded towards the exit.
Calum glanced between and then at our clasped hands. 'Are you sure you should?’ Calum replied looking seriously at Ashton.
'I’m not letting her go back alone.’ He said and glanced to the girl sat next to Calum and shrugged. Calum nodded and we headed to the exit. Ashton got out his phone and began to text and all while not letting go of my hand.
When we got outside a car was already waiting for us. We climbed in the back and instantly I began to feel drowsy.
I began to wake up as we were heading towards the lift. I just have fallen asleep and Ashton had carried me out of the car.
'Where are we?’ I asked drowsily.
'We’re back at the hotel.’ Ashton spoke softly.
'I’m really sorry Ash.’ I mumbled as my eyes fluttered shut.
'What for? Don’t be.’ He said in that gentle hushed tone.
I felt being placed on something soft and comfy and then being envelope don warmth as the bed cover was tucked around me. Slowly I opened my eyes to see Ashton tucking me in.
'Goodnight Y/N.’ He said, kissing me in my forehead.
'Please don’t leave me.’ My arm came out from under the cover and clumsily grabbed his arm.
'Y/N.’ He sighed.
'Please Ash.’ I mumbled, begging him to stay.
He sighed and I felt the other side of the mattress sink as Ash crawled into the bed. I rolled over and rested my head on his bare chest and wrapped my arms around his waist.
'Sweet dreams Y/N.’ Ash whispered into my ear.

Send a requests  for the third part where Luke possibly finds out about Y/N and Ashton’s night together…

Part 3

Bedside Confessions. Steve x Reader. (request)

Word Count: 2,344


“Captain Rogers,” you jumped back a little in the hallway and your files fell from your hands, “you scared me.” You caught your breath real quick and crouched down to the floor. Steve hurriedly did the same to grab the other files.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N! I wasn’t even paying attention around that corner. Here,” he handed you your files and you settled them back into the crook of your arm again, “and again, I’m sorry.” You both stood to your feet.
“It’s really okay, Captain. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be working this late anyway. I’m just looking over a few things before we leave tomorrow for the mission.” Steve brought his hands to hips and gave a slight look of disapproval.
“Now Y/N, you shouldn’t be up working this late before a big mission. Go get some sleep. We’ll all have time to review those files on the long flight. Can you do that for me?” You stuttered a little after staring at his arms and those hands at his hips.

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I need a second part of the prompt in which Killian dismantles the Jolly Roger to make a magic wardrobe. Specifically, I need to read Emma’s reaction when she discovers that he has destroyed his ship for her. Thanks! - miriamelle

(Alright, here we go. I hope you like the sequel! Also, the credit to the letters goes to hooksjournal, I hope you don’t mind!)



the first part can be found here:



Her eyes were wide when she discovered the shipwreck at the shore.

The mast was broken, some of the planks were shattered or missing. The once lively colors were dull, half washed off.

She knew the ship, has been on it many times but it has always looked beautiful, her captain taking great care of his vessel, but now it looked lost, wrecked.

With a sigh she stepped closer, reaching out one of her hands, letting it brush over the planks, her fingertips touching the rotten wood.

Emma bit her lower lip, slipping through a hole in the ship wall.

She walked down the familiar floor, to the captain’s cabin, opening the door and entering the small room.

She remembered the last time she had been in there, back when they had brought Henry back from Neverland.

The room neat but colorful, books stocked in the front of his bed. It had been beautiful, amazing even.

But now everything was different. There were papers all over the floor, a glass filled with ink laid shattered on the floor, the ink spilled over the floor, but it had dried a long time ago.

The table was flipped over, his bed undone, the blanket rotten.

Nobody has been there is a very long time.

She kneeled down and gathered some of his papers in her hands, her eyes scanning over his handwriting until one word caught her attention, skimming back in his papers she read the written words.

Dear Emma, the paper read. Her eyes widened, her heartbeat quickened.

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